SOUL HEALING: Moon/Neptune

Maja Lazić
October 3, 2022

SOUL HEALING: Moon/Neptune

In this post I will cover several important aspects in natal chart, synastry and transits. Moon shows our need to feel safe and childhood habits. It is concerned to our past and relationship with mother. Neptune, on the other hand, describes ideals, elusive desires and dreams. Moon is the unconscious and Neptune is projections and unhealthy illusions. Neither of them can be seen with the naked eye, but can only be felt with the Soul.

When interpreting synastry, it will be important to first pay attention what aspects Moon and Neptune have in both natal charts. When it comes to love, Neptunian relationships can be as romantic as seen in movies. In real life they usually include escapism and deception.

Neptune weakens our boundaries by blurring them. It is like a perfume that will evaporate at some point. In order to understand transiting aspects of Moon and Neptune, it will be important to consider all natal aspects, too. They will further enhance “dreamy” feeling for the sake of healing.

Moon trine/sextile Neptune indicates possibility of achieving dreams and desires. During transit, we seem to have more hope and faith in love. That time can be marked by a healing emotional connection or idealization of a partner. Forgiveness and empathy are emphasized as partner heals our wounds. Trine will be less noticeable in everyday life and may pass as ‘invisible’. In synastry, partner can fulfill our emotional needs as we have always dreamed.

Moon opposition Neptune

Moon opposition Neptune in natal chart indicates that we do not understand our feelings. We do not want to hear truth that our senses point to. We want a partner like a prince even though we are a princess which is being neglected. Throughout life, we learn to listen to our higher self. When we deceive ourselves, others deceive us, too.

We may have an addiction problem or a family member may be prone to alcoholism. Insincere behavior of parents makes us prone to escapism from a very young age for the sake of protection as Self is weak.

Family hides something that in adulthood burdens us like an untangled secret. Spiritual quest is shaken under worldly impressions or the environment. We choose role of ‘love slave’ with a wounded heart. We search for ourselves, but we keep losing ourselves even more.

We recognize ourselves in pain of people around us. This overwhelms us like a wave beneath which we lose our breath. Everything affects us leading to psychological exhaustion and hypersensitivity. We should always ask ourselves how we really feel and not think how we would like to feel. That is where problems arise. Others can easily take advantage of us. We don’t have clear boundaries and can’t say no.

What else is connected to this natal aspect?

We need to learn to channel our vulnerable nature into art and creativity. That’s how we can heal. Heart wants to be reflected in paintings or words that come from Soul that we need to translate into a piece of art. We idealize people we love without trusting ourselves and our feelings.

We live in an illusion that we have created, but which is completely opposite to reality. We see things from our point of view. We will not be open to hearing that it is not so. Neptune is a mask that is hard to remove if there is a wounded heart underneath.

We don’t have strength to listen to intuition. We fool ourselves by giving others power to hurt/heal us. It is necessary to open up to different techniques of healing emotions instead of shutting down or denying our true feelings.

We ignore common sense by giving impression of a person desperate for love. This often drives people away from us. We don’t want to feel unpleasant emotions that lie in our heart. We run away from ourselves, seeking protection in others who sooner or later leave and abandon us.

What happens during this transit?

Moon opposition Neptune during transit indicates that we are not seeing our partner as he really. We are living too much in our dreams. Dreams become important as signs, but we don’t remember or think about them in that way. We delude ourselves that we have found someone who will fulfill our desires. We just want to heal old pain and stop suffering so much.

Disappointments can be common. We feel cheated or we deceive. Breakups are possible if years ago we were building castles in the sky. Sudden love and fascination with someone we don’t even know can happen. We have high expectations from our partner that cannot be easily fulfilled. We want what no one but ourselves can give us.

Transit should be used to ask ourselves why we are always disappointed in relationships. Why is it easier for us to deny emotions? We can become more aware of old wounds that have never healed. We want love from a fairy tale, which in reality is not so beautiful. Most people choose to believe in a dream that will burst like a soap bubble at some point.

We would rather live in a shaky reality than face the truth. We feel that we are not worthy of love. We go through loss of partners or loved ones, which hurts us even more. Every partner awakens same wounds. This is aimed at opening our heart chakra. We learn to listen to our true selves realizing that only love we feel for ourselves has power to heal our heart.

How else can we experience this transit?

We often have fantasies that we think a partner should or can fulfill for us. We are overwhelmed by emotions and lose ourselves in loved one, not ready to see them as they are. Disappointment can lead to breakups. It is also an opportunity to see truth that represents a chance for love. When we see our partner as he really is, we have opportunity to really love him. Vulnerability breeds intimacy.

Long distance love or separations during relationship may be possible. Sometimes this is a platonic relationship that hasn’t happened. It exists in our head and imagination, but in real life there is nothing. Love in imagination should lead us to help ourselves in integration of wounded parts of personality. However, what usually happens is projection of love onto partners who do not deserve so much fascination and delight, nor do they like it.

We must learn to love ourselves first. Sometimes there is astral connection or past life entity due to separation. Telepathic communication and feeling of psychic presence are common, but disturbing for most people. However, those with a lot of earth and water planets will generally not be able to feel subtle vibrations of these aspects or angelic presence.

What happens in synastry?

Moon opposition Neptune in synastry may show a desperate need for a soulmate. We feel insecure with our partner, but still see him as ideal. We don’t see him as he really is but in the way as we fantasized about as kids. Aspect is found in couples where woman immediately wants to marry her partner doing everything to make that happen.

Usually marriage is unsuccessful and she is not happy as she is not living her fantasy in real life. Her partner is not what she really wanted. She only sees that when she wakes up from her dream. We want a deep intimate relationship, to merge with our partner and be inseparable. T

Partner is not as determined as we are that this is love of his life, still searching for a soulmate. Love fantasies that have nothing to do with our true feelings are problematic. Partner does not know how to meet our expectations because he does not really know us. Yet we give him everything in our power to maintain love.

Sometimes we heal a relationship with a family member with whom we always wanted security, but were disappointed and neglected. These two people really don’t know each other on an emotional level. One side wants a fairytale love. No relationship can survive if it is not based on honesty and practicality.

Moon inconjunct Neptune

Moon inconjunct Neptune in synastry indicates possible emotional manipulation. Through partner we want to satisfy deep emotional needs without accepting responsibility for how we feel. In relationship we learn to achieve emotional security. Partner’s behavior confuses us because we sense that nothing is as it seems.

We want to believe that we can fulfill our aspirations and desires. Expectations are too high. Partner feels guilty about his behavior towards us. Although he could have consciously used us, problem is that we believed in a fairy tale that does not have a happy ending. It was never a fairy tale!

Moon inconjunct Neptune during transit indicates that we are blind when it comes to relationships with close people. We may feel disappointed. We perceive that partner is taking advantage of us. Actaully we may be prone to such behavior. We want our partner to save us even though we are not ready to heal ourselves.

What else is seen during this transit?

We sacrifice for the sake of love in order to satisfy partner we idealize. We feel connected to him in a way that goes beyond mental understanding. This is an opportunity for spiritual growth.

We are not flexible enough to really enjoy this relationship because it is not characterized by practicality. We deny our sensitive nature in order to fulfill our partner’s desires. Problem arises because we do not have healthy boundaries of what is OK and what is not.

We get lost in idealization of our partner until we find what needs to be healed. We could have denied that in other relationships. We should use this transit to reconcile neglected or ignored personality parts.

Moon square Neptune

Moon square Neptune in synastry indicates strong attraction. It seems like a relationship we’ve been dreaming of. However, deception exists from the start. Relationship is not what we think and want. Everything depends on our past emotional experiences.

There is a feeling that we have finally found a kindred spirit. We get disappointed because we have expectations that our partner can’t meet. He can help us finally see what is true and be honest with ourselves. Especially if we were hurt a long time ago and we didn’t manage to recover from pain.

We ignore partner’s personality traits that do not fit our vision of him. By his behavior, he shows us that he does not want relationship as we do which we ignore. Infatuation, dreams of shared future, wishes that will never be fulfilled, mutual insincerity and manipulation can characterize relationship.

We can be tormented by guilt and disappointment. We thought this was bed of roses! Person shown by Moon usually feels great enthusiasm for their partner. As time passes, his mood lowers as he can’t see ideal that was so great at start.

What else can be seen in synastry for this aspect?

Relationship is chaotic, intangible and wobbly which overwhelms them both. How is it that we are hurt again even though we wanted to avoid pain? We hurt ourselves because we believed in what was never there.

Honesty is necessary and partner can help us heal if he has also healed old pain. During relationship, we learn to accept ourselves and painful emotions. Uncomfortable feeling of vulnerability persisted when someone wasn’t there for us and we expected to be saved from pain.

When we see ourselves realistically, we can also see our partner in a different, more realistic light. No need to be a victim! You should use this aspect to get to know yourself better initiated by relationship with your partner. When you accept parts of yourself that you hid and which were hurt, you can finally love and be loved.

What does this transit represent?

Moon square Neptune in transit can be experienced as insincerity in emotional relationships. We feel like a victim and want to be saved. We don’t see clearly relationship we’re in, so we can’t achieve emotional goals. Reality is ignored. We see what we want to see.

Heart is empty and emotions are misinterpreted while constantly ignoring signs of imbalance in terms of emotional agreement with others. Transit can open wounds that we haven’t healed. Like a pill that was supposed to make us feel better, we face even worse contraindications.

We run away from reality. We don’t understand how we feel, afraid that we will be deceived, which we eventually are. Relationship we enter into cannot give us what we want. We cannot feel love until we have healed wounded part of personality.

It is necessary to face something that we are running away from through ignoring or denying. Until then, disappointments and betrayals dominate, waking us from dreams. “Wake up call” is exactly what is needed. Only in that way can we attract true love into life.

Moon conjunct Neptune

Moon conjunct Neptune in synastry shows need to experience love as fairy tale. This can occasionally be associated with disappointments. Partners are of a similar sensibility and both were hurt before. Relationship quality depends on whether they managed to heal those wounds. Partner fulfills our desires and we communicate telepathically. We feel that love can be what we have dreamed of.

Partner makes life easier for us. Relationship is magical, so we fall in love easily. We spend hours together creating a world that is comfortable when we are next to each other. When we leave these four walls, love doesn’t fit with reality. Sometimes love is a secret and partner triggers a part of personality that we have not had a chance to live before.

Partner is not completely honest as also afraid of getting hurt. Both people don’t want to see problems preferring to ignore them. Instinctively they cannot understand each other or interpret each other’s feelings. Lot is unclear even when this relationship is wonderful. It is very often undefined on emotional level.

We feel hurt if we made mistakes in evaluating partner who is still an enigma to us. He doesn’t show emotions in way we would like. He often denies our feelings, especially when he himself has been disappointed. While running away from reality, they cause each other pain. At some point they will have to see reality. That’s why biggest challenge is how to turn love into real life relationship where neither of them is a victim

How do we feel this transit?

Moon conjunct Neptune during transit can show relationships that have never started. We have a feeling that partner is communicating with us telepathically. Sometimes love comes through dreams. Intuitive connection arises with someone we don’t know very well. There is disappointment or healing that involves mother and feminine part of personality. Increased empathy and spirituality characterize this transit. We feel we will not survive if we lose the ones we love. We cannot even bear to think of it.

We live with blurred vision or in dreams not resting on real foundations. Transit can raise doubts of what is true. Emotions will always guide us. Love heals us. It seems that we are flying on wings of love. If we have been deeply hurt and abandoned, we could find consolation in an imaginary friend, spirit or guardian angel with whom we communicate. This helps us integrate pain.

This is time of healing or suffering driven by strong need to love and be loved. Our heart opens because Soul wants to dance with another Soul. For women, transit could represent marriage or beginning of relationship characterized by selfless love and mutual sacrifice. These are connections that are guided by higher meaning which cannot be “understood”. We feel that we have a guardian angel that heals our heart chakra.

This is also possible through a spiritual search or religion. Movies, music and books that deal with healing of emotional pain and disappointment can help, too. Dreams and imagination will indicate more than rational mind. We should not forget that love can be like drugs making us feel blind. First of all, we should fall in love with ourselves. Whatever we look at, we always see our reflection. Important people we love are our mirror.

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