Maja Lazić
October 21, 2022


This post is about Moon and Pluto aspects.

Natal chart energy is organized according to how often something is done, thought or felt. This is depicted by Moon and daily habits. Energy represented by Pluto moves through natal chart in a cloud-like manner. Some parts of it, if old emotions are not integrated, remain obscured by gloomy clouds.

Moon/Pluto aspects show great vulnerability and intimate injuries. Very often there is a loss of something that we consider essential for survival. Sense of security is threatened by past traumas. With natal aspect, we should think about what prevents us from having an intimate and loving relationship. For natal aspects, Moon/Pluto transit especially provides ways for repressed emotions to come to surface. There is a feeling of unhealthy attachment to a person, behavior or desire.

Synastry aspects can show betrayed trust or lack of it. If healing is blocked after unfortunate events, partner represented by Pluto might come to help us regenerate. When that person leaves our life, we equate it with inability to survive. We strongly attached ourselves to him without feeling secure in ourselves.

Relationships with important people in our life

We can also see relationship with mother and family through these aspects. Hidden family pain comes to surface initiated by this transit. If we have Moon/Pluto aspect in natal chart, we might suppress this discomfort even more. We have not learned necessary lessons. Although this is unconscious, what we buried Pluto digs up. That is why frequent crises are caused by need to control what cannot be controlled.

What we lack for emotional security becomes our addiction. Relationships can be accompanied by deception, disappointment and hurt if we do not know how to express feelings adequately. All turbulence, drama and fear reveal unhealed pain of traumatic experience that was repeated. When we finally face it, as there is no other way, pain leads to transformation.

Relationships can be traumatic, but we can’t live without them. People with whom synastry aspect is formed are indispensable for our development. Energy we receive from them gives us opportunity to experience our whole self. However, if we can’t trust them, why do we keep staying in such relationships? Two people who are in an unhealthy relationship sooner or later will always be painfully separated! In this post I will cover some of the most important natal, synastry and transiting aspects.

Moon sextile/trine Pluto

In natal chart it supports personality by giving power and strength to change and improve life. We can feel what it means to be truly loved and cared for by people who matter to us. We know that we are not alone when we face major life changes. More we emotionally invest, more we can build. However, we must learn how to use this aspect to draw power from it. Family provides important support.

We are capable of turning circumstances to our advantage even when it is difficult. We are inspired to change. Inner strength guides and directs us. Transit brings an opportunity to heal emotional wounds. These two principles align well allowing us to reach emotional fulfillment. Emotions support change and relationship development. There is heightened sense of security.

We can overcome challenges. We know how to deal with transformation in a healthy way. Over time, we boldly initiate big changes, even though we hesitated at first. Synastry indicates agreement and fulfillment of emotional needs. Partners grow together. Partner is interested in our emotional life and can understand us. Together, we can bring about changes that lead to safety.

Partner is our support. His love can give us strength to overcome life’s challenges and tensions. We feel whole and accepted. Even when there are other challenging aspects, it will always add a dose of relief. We accept our partner and his negative side completely. We know that he also accepts us in all our imperfection.

Moon inconjunct Pluto

In natal chart it manifests as feeling of insecurity and fear of change. We fear abandonment and emotional pain, We have intense anxiety from poverty and the unknown. We have unconsciously absorbed trauma from mother’s womb. We are doing everything we can to ensure we are not hurt again. There is a noticeable overcompensation of internal insecurity through acquisition of money, power and various skills.

We develop a strong hatred towards mother or our roots and sometimes also towards child. It is important to acquire what gives us sense of security. Still security eludes us all the time. Emotional peace depends on external circumstances. It seems that we can never compensate for inner emptiness with external success.

We haven’t integrated emotional wounds. We’re still living in the past. Until we learn to heal old wounds, we have problems. People with whom we disagree are there for special karmic reason. Discomfort in relationships should encourage us to develop and chage.

Uncomfortable experiences recorded in our Soul react to outside pressure and consume a lot of energy. We can be prone to disease. Soul is tired and wants rest, but it is denied. Old wounds for which we blame our mother, family background and important people must be healed. That is only possible when we forgive!

How is this aspect experienced during transit and in synastry?

Moon inconjunct Pluton during transit seems like we are not aware of what needs to change to make relationship or life more fulfilling. We don’t fully see what we need for emotional satisfaction. We demand from our partner something that he is not ready to give. In long-term relationships, it is often an indicator of whether or not relationship will further develop.

We want our partner to change in order to love him with all our heart. We simply do not feel secure in this relationship. We are not aware of problems deeply hidden in our psyche. Moon inconjunct Pluto in synastry is usually felt more intensely by person represented by Moon. She is not ready to step out of comfort zone. That is why she is attracted to someone who will reject her and with whom she will not be able to experience intimacy.

Partner just doesn’t understand us. However, we are not ready to change in ways our partner asks us to. If we want to change something, hewants things to stay the same. Changes scare us. Fear that Moon feels makes relationship uncomfortable. Real fear is connected to being emotionally intimate and in love.

We don’t know how to create trust, nor can we feel safe. We are not even close to ourselves. Problems in primary family can surface during transit when an important person enters our life. We are hesitant to even get into a relationship. Partner needs more than what we could or are willing to provide. We are not open to what Pluto wants to transform.

Moon opposition Pluto

In natal chart past prevents us from finding emotional security in present moment. Wounds could have occurred in important relationship. We have blamed others for this. Traumatized part of personality controls the amount of love we can receive. We are not aware of emotions, but we see them in our partner.

Love challenge is transferred to family and vice versa. We feel vulnerable very easily, but we run away from it. We are doing the opposite of what we would like to achieve. We project toxic energy onto parents or partner at the same time neglecting our inner child. There is fear of intimate relationships even though desire to unite with a soulmate is very strong.

Those who love us can hurt us, which is what we are used to. It has always happened. Unaware, we emotionally blackmail loved ones to experience abandonment again. Control of emotions is so strong. There is no trust to open up to others. In the end, we always get hurt. We don’t see that our partner is our mirror. Fears prevent us from connecting to others.

That’s why we can only attract someone who is “problematic” like we are. Things will not change until we come to terms with ourselves and heal old wound. We should become aware of limiting habits in relation to important people.

What is emphasized during this transit?

Moon opposition Pluto transit intensifies passionate and turbulent emotions. Partner may exhibit traits that we have buried deeply after some painful situations. Emotions that we do not express, we see exaggerated in important people. It seems that everything becomes toxic so fast. In this way, it is actually being purified. People we meet have strong emotional impact on us.

Manipulation accentuates pain. We tend to hurt others if we don’t get what we want. It seems that heart is ruled by negative tendencies. Partner can suppress emotions. It seems that we will not be able to survive without him. Hopelessness without our object of love leads to psychological crisis that both can alternately experience. There is huge fear of losing loved ones.

That eventually happens because we are working against ourselves. We need to be aware that partner is ‘broadcasting’ our unresolved emotions. Emotions have been bleeding and festering for years. Now it is necessary to pay attention to them. That’s why we’re going through this transit! Extreme behavior, emotional blackmail and demands that partner must fulfill do not give as what we want. What we desire does not contribute to love if rooted in fear.

If we learn how to connect feelings with circumstances that manifest externally during transit, we can achieve goals. It depends on willingness to solve cause of pain and make changes in behavior towards important people and in intimate life. Transit can be significantly more stressful if there are other unintegrated challenging natal aspects.

What is shown through synastry aspect?

Moon opposition Pluto in synastry emphasizes discordance of two energies. We need to learn to look at circumstances objectively. This is difficult when strong emotions are involved. One side violently expresses emotions always feeling internally threatened. Negation of deep emotions is possible. We are afraid of our partner and his exaggerated reaction.

Emotional bombs and poison are constantly hurting relationships as a way of control. Emotions are withheld and partner agrees to relationship with unsuitable dynamics. We attack partners who do not want to submit emotionally, psychologically and energetically. Obsessive emotional needs can only be fulfilled through manipulation. This will always cost us.

We are afraid of our partner’s emotions. We have been pushing emotions under rug for a long time. Crisis that is within us is the place from which we run. We have not learned otherwise. Change in behavior is required for relationship to survive. That’s why partner appeared as a form of “harassment”. This is exactly what our Soul suffers all the time from ourselves.

Moon conjunct Pluto

In natal chart it can indicate stressful family life. Emotions are dramatically controlled or even withheld, which is particularly typical in childhood and teenage period. Although this aspect can give us incredible inner power, it implies that we have to go through difficult and painful situations. This initiate us into change. Everything we strongly attach ourselves to is taken away from us to see where we are stuck in development of consciousness.

Life is all or nothing for us. Unconscious habit of expressing emotions direct our destiny. We repeat same experiences on and on. We carry wounds since birth and in relationship to mother. We’ll have to heal that first. We need to find what motivates us to move forward. If it is anger, we will have to learn constructive expression. We must release it from physical body. Only when we become aware of patterns which motivate us to stay in unhealthy relationships, we can break unsupportive behavior.

Strong emotions are accompanied by caution and control of environment. If emotions are painful, life experience will be the same. When we change this, we finally express our emotions. Life can change, too. We need to learn to trust. Usually others confide in us with dark secrets. Surrendering to life is difficult for us. We close ourselves off for good moments life has in store.

Is this the hardest aspect in the world as ancient astrology books suggest???

It seems that life is very complicated and harsh. Stressful emotions must not let us lose sight of our deep need for transformation. Although we can hurt ourselves and others by violently expressing feelings, at the same time emotions give us strength to overcome dramatic events. Pregnancy issues and childbirth can be frightening. Sometimes it can be traumatic showing how much we know or don’t understand this powerful energy.

Aspect teaches us to build relationships that will last by being honest with ourselves. This can be accompanied by obsessive need to find something that will give us power. It is usually food, money, sex, shopping, exercise, but in an obsessive-compulsive form. That’s why problems manifest as eating disorder or addictions. Need to control environment is strong.

When we find trust in ourselves and emotions learning to accept ourselves, we get rid of karmic burden. We should remember that controlling life and other people is impossible. It is a reflection of unhealthy relationship. We should use great power that aspect generates for good, not for evil and darkness. However, the latter is much more common. To use aspects in a negative way is always easier!

What is activated during transit?

Moon conjunct Pluton transit can uncover stormy emotions with strong attachment to loved ones and beginning of a fateful relationship. This is a time of emotional purification from everything that conditions behavior in intimate relationships. Through important emotional relationship, childhood traumas are reactivated. We have to heal them now before it is too late.

If we have trouble expressing our emotions, this can be an intense time for us. Partner is important to us, but he hurts us. Emotional relationship is a struggle. We are not sure whether to stay in it or not. Partner is there to change us. We experience everything in an extreme way since psyche is constantly provoked.

Fears and suppressed desires are awakened. Our behavior might get out of control. We repeat an unhealthy behavioral pattern. Relationships are filled with tension, pressure and strain. Until we find peace in Soul and face ourselves, we remain in arena of pain. This is an opportunity for spiritual growth and a chance to understand how to be more emotionally intelligent.

Those dedicated to spirituality will always experience transits with less tension. Many people start remembering old wounds from past lives or prenatal period. Mind has forgotten, but body remembers everything. People we meet during transit can change our life. Even when relationship breaks up, feeling of a strong connection remains.

What happens in synastry?

Moon conjunct Pluto in synastry is code for karmic relationship. Strong emotional bong fundamentally changes us. It’s usually very painful. However, we must first analyze Moon in both natal charts. This contact has an obsessive quality that is remembered from various lifetimes, for better or for worse. We need to be with that person. We consider him vital for emotional security.

If we don’t let go of control, manipulation and emotional blackmail, it will all come crashing down on us. Breakups are very painful. We keep getting hurt to get love we desire. It seems that partner controls our life. Nothing else exists without him. Sometimes magic and dark occult rituals are involved which will prove fatal.

Energy attacks and astral visits can be frequent. There is fear that we will be abandoned. We ‘feed’ like a vampire on partner’s emotional blood. We run from vulnerability. We can’t bear to be seen as weaks. Trying to keep control, it slips away from us. We attract difficult partners. We are not great partners either. Person shown by Moon will experience everything painfully.

There is fear in heart chakra. We constantly question partner’s actions believing that he will hurt us, which he eventually does. If they are spiritually enlightened, there is chance relationship might turn into a permanent one. If we are not ready to transform ourselves on a spiritual, emotional and energetic level, abandonment will happen. Passionate sexual tension can create impression that everything is fine. However, when passion disappears, it will be clear that there is nothing else. Relationship never fully started due to blocked healing of old wounds.

Moon square Pluto

In natal chart it indicates extreme change in emotional life. It is precisely this deep emotional nature that is our great strength. For most of life, we give it up and thus lose power. Great internal pressure continues until we explode. That’s why emotional life is stressful. We try even more to establish order and control through deadening of emotions.

It is difficult for us to commit to a close relationship as it requires opening up. That’s why we choose partners who are not emotionally available. Although we may very much want intimacy, we are not truly ready for it. We hesitate to show emotions and inhibit ourselves from natural spontaneous expression. Everything makes us feel exhausted.

Complicated inner life is constantly intensely experienced. Even when we sleep a lot, we are tired. Lot of energy is spent on maintaining external emotional untouchability and coldness. We carry a lot of unresolved situations regarding past relationships. Only when we solve problems and challenge, we can open up and talk about them. While problems persist, we keep silent and do not ask for help, pretending that everything is OK.

Emotional volcano in one moment destroys everything in our life. Constant worry that the worst will happen scares us even more. Unhealed wounds are difficult to digest. We are not ready to change, thinking that others should. We are not flexible. This manifests as marriage problems or regarding inheritance, money and real estate. We associate emotions with danger. Past pain can be motivational and fuel us to make changes if we forgive and stop being vindictive and jealous.

When does this natal aspect represent a problem?

Self-pity and negativity are dangerous for us. We want to protect ourselves from being hurt. We do so by attracting misfortune. It is when we learn to open up, while facing problems and talk about them that will help us learn trust. That’s when intimacy with oneself begins. Challenging relationship with mother can be carried to unaware conditioning blocking us progress, relocate, get married and go ahead. Change scares us as it implies no control.

There is often resistance to family formation and pregnancy due to bad childhood experiences. Child could have been afraid of mother and her anger. He tried to always please her by hiding emotions. Progressed Moon will help us become aware of this. Then past memories will cease to be so painful. Although we won’t always get what we want, it will give us time to isolate and recharge our batteries in solitude.

Meditation, kundalini exercises, EFT tapping or any kind of bodywork is recommended. This is how we heal this aspect which we must. Diet change, taking care of yourself and your emotional health affect overall state of your body. This is an external form of detoxification from what binds you to past. Remember there are always practical ways to make any aspect easier!

We understand others who are going through difficult times. We have suffered so much during life. That’s why we know how to help others who are going through crisis. Natal aspect will always initiate us into higher knowledge, but only when we have learned lessons. Most difficult and challenging aspects give greatest gifts if we deserve them!!!

What is activated during transit?

Moon square Pluto transit can initiate painful intimate relationships and open up our old wounds. We try unsuccessfully to control our emotions. Desire we have do not match real situation. Traumas surface intensifying psychological problems. We feel strong sexual tension. Relationship does not go in direction we want. True intimacy and surrender are prevented.

Unhealthy relationship usually break up. They can be filled with malice and hatred as we do not see love, but only pain. We are afraid of being hurt. That happens because we are too attached to this partner. We need to learn to stop reacting violently and become aware of our emotional state. We grasp what we can to keep relationship going. It falls apart if there is no trust.

Heavy emotions can fill our heart. We lack true intimacy, but above all with ourselves. We obsessively wonder what will happen to relationship which is important for our emotional survival. In our head, we turn over scenarios when love leaves us and breaks up with us.

What else can be there?

There is no inner peace. We simply cannot get what we want. We resort to emotional withdrawal, control and manipulation. What we wanted to hide emerges. Partner is aware that we never gave in to him, which hurts. Psychological drama continues and destroys potential for intimacy and happiness.

We go through dark night of Soul in order to heal trauma whose scars have not healed. Relationship with partner awakens these wounds. We don’t know how to reconcile unfulfilled parts of Soul with desire for power and control. We learn that partner cannot be controlled. Even when we manage to get him to change his behavior, he does so reluctantly.

In the end, out of fear, we lose everything. We are thinking that is due to partner leaving us. We wanted love that we didn’t know how to give. However, it seems to us that it is the other way around and that we are hurt.

We should learn to choose peace, not drama. This starts from releasing painful emotions in heart chart. Until then, relationships fall apart. Partners leave even though we don’t see the real reason. It comes down to fact that we left ourselves once upon a time…

How is this aspect perceived in synastry?

Moon square Pluto in synastry is an example of a karmic relationship where we can be hurt. We are irresistibly attracted to our partner precisely because we sense danger. We feel emotionally uncomfortable and confused. Constant wounds threaten to be opened. In relationship we hold back out of fear.

If we were open at first, over time it decreases. Partner does not meet our emotional needs. We are not fully aware of them either. Relationship might succeed when major inner transformation has taken place.

We fear change and thus lose power in relationship.  Partner constantly controls our behavior and emotional state. We agreed to something that does not suit us because we are afraid of losing him. This hurts us even more over time. Emotional violence can be clearly visible. Sometimes it is passive aggressive and covert.

What else can be there?

It is difficult to maintain this relationship. Partner is not completely honest. He does not want to be emotionally connected. This fact disturbs us. Relationship can be full of secrets. Partner constantly challenges us to change. We believe that it is he who needs to change.

This seems like a broken record. Song keeps breaking off at the same point where transformation in relationship is supposed to happen. Rest of the melody is never heard even though it was promising at start. Solution is to “play” some other record that won’t have this interference. Eventually both of them feel tired of trying unsuccessfully.

Although relationship can last a very long time, neither of them is fulfilled and happy. One person may pretend to love his partner. However, she is much more afraid of his reaction if she leaf him. Since we are not honest with ourselves, need for security turns into an unconscious habit.  Emotions are denied from both outside and inside.

Alternately, both people have problems that they haven’t solved stemming from other relationships. One side is more ready to deal with it, but not fully. That is why we chose a partner who will not enable us to change. Both people need to return to a point of past pain, heal childhood rejection and wounds from old important relationships.

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