Maja Lazić
May 18, 2023


House in astrology-what is it all about?

This posts ia all about natal house. When interpreting a natal chart, the first thing we look at is the natal planet which represents a theme and a sign indicates why something is happening. Sign motivates a planet and how it uses energy we see through natal aspect. Some aspects indicate an easier or harder achievement of goals.

Negative and positive polarity is part of everyone’s experience and is not chosen for you. Natal houses will show where it all happens. In today’s post, I will cover all 12 houses that will help you better understand your natal chart and transits you are going through.

The first house-personal territory

Ascendant represents the first house degree and describes person’s identity. It has an Aries quality and natural ruler is Mars. Do not confuse the quality of ascendant with your true nature! Ascendant is like a mask and a chosen social identity that we need to achieve our goals. Planets in it have clarity and decisiveness in taking actions.

Person has a sense of greater control over life. With a stellium here, we are focused on ourselves and want to go in a certain direction. Identity will help us thrive in life. Like any mask, this one has to come off at some point in order for us to function effectively. Person who has not integrated this during transits of outer planets can feel fear, lack self-confidence and is not flexible. This person surrenders to the environment being pulled in various directions losing power.

What else is there?

With oppositions here, we can feel that we are always defeated by the environment. All of this is meant to teach us how to make our natal planets serve us. It house must always be useful for us. If there are more planets in it, those planets are given to us to use them well. Countless times I have seen situations where an individual renounces them, though. This is a sign of a person who lacks strong will and motivation.

Renunciation of natal gifts inevitably leads to all other life problems. Undifferentiated character, lack of focus in goals, unclear life direction and bad relations with the environment are consequences. They are not cause of problems when we have planets in the first house. Thus, a person who has not mastered their own traits tries to manipulate the environment, unaware that is going to be hurt, too.

The second house-financial territory

The second house describes challenges in terms of self-confidence, money and property. People with planets in the second house have a strong need to prove themselves. Venus helps them in this as natural ruler of the second house and sign of Taurus.

Longer transits in the second house bring periods when we need to overcome inner insecurity in order to achieve financial stability. Transits help us develop personal traits that will support us and that we will be able to thrive on with time and commitment.

People with a stellium in the second house can have a lot of confidence that is related to what they have, whether material or not. They are definitely talking about talents and skills here. Venus in the second house can indicate that the person will be financially secure by investing in skills.

Squares on the second house can manifest as materialism or identification of personal value with the amount of wealth and possessions acquired. People with Saturn in the second house may have a problem with lack of self-confidence or fear taking financial risks. Oppositions to the second house may indicate higher expenses or deep-rooted fear that affects material security.

The third house-communicational territory

The third house represents an area of life perception. It is associated with Gemini and Mercury as the natural ruler. People who have Sun in the third house are clear, accurate and organized. Sign will show quality and life’s attitude. Stellium in the third house is expressed in early childhood as love of learning and reading.

Emphasized third house describes communication style and writing talents. Saturn can indicate insecurity in intelligence and lack of courage to express opinion. Transits in the third house are a time when we are engaged in learning and communicating with environment. This is always colored by the way we see life. People with squares on the third house may have difficulties in communication or be prone to lies, exaggerations and distortions of facts.

Neptune in the third house can give distraction, lack of motivation or “invisible” waste of time and confusion. People who have a prominent third house energy should channel it through writing, teaching or talking about their experiences. Mercury strongly placed in the third house indicates gesticulation, while Moon describes receptive attitude to environment.

The fourth house-ancestral territory

This is the lowest area in the natal chart associated with sign of Cancer and Moon as natural ruler. It indicates vulnerability, unconscious influences, emotional life and intuitive nature. The fourth house is very subjective and usually hardly anyone gets to know this part of us. It is reserved only for intimate relationships and family members. Person with a prominent fourth house has a karmic attachment to home and everything related to roots and family.

Planets here help us see what motivates us and what fear lies within us being “picked up” in childhood. People with a stellium in this house hide a part of their personality from themselves. They cannot accept it because it would bring pain. Rejection of the most sensitive part of the self can lead to neurotic behavior, various obsessions and dissatisfaction with life.

What else is there?

Fourth house transits can feel like a greater need to distance ourselves from the world, which may have underlying shame about the past. Working with a psychologist is recommended for these people. Planets in this house are connected to imagination and past that we cannot easily forget. It is a key part of identity, so running away and not dealing with fear always costs a lot. Integrated fourth house gives greater opportunity to achieve potential in terms of partnership and work because it is foundation of balance.

The fourth house can give insight into our true identity, which we want to protect at all costs because it is sensitive and raw. Persons with transcendental planets and Saturn in the fourth house may have karmic challenges through family line. They are driven by worries about survival, chronic health problems due to unchanneled energy or fear of death of close people that paralyzes them. All this makes them always go back to the behavior characteristic of time when they were children.

The fifth house-joyful territory

This house describes experiences that are needed to create our true identity and are about emotional life. Traditionally this is the house of children. It is associated with Leo and Sun as natural ruler. The fifth house describes pleasure, creativity and expression of talents. It’s about love, everything we enjoy, hobbies, leisure and how we spend our free time.

People who have a prominent fifth house need to creatively channel energy in order to feel fullness of life. Saturn in the fifth house indicates painful love relationships during a long period of life. Person learns lessons about satisfying one’s own needs, but also correctly choosing those who can love them. Transits through this house can bring new unusual and exciting experiences.

Person who has squares and oppositions on the fifth house may be prone to taking risks without caution. They have a need to drift in and out of emotional relationships uncontrollably in search of sensory gratification. This is only an even greater reminder of emptiness in their soul. People who have lunar nodes in this house learn to relax and find reason for happiness, fun and play every day of their lives.

The sixth house -practical territory

This is the house where key themes are responsibility, business competence, ability to perform tasks with dedication, but also sacrifice during life. Sign of Virgo and Mercury will give us a description of the state of this house. People who have more planets in the sixth house can achieve their greatest potential through service to others because it contributes to their personal development. However, not all signs will do this with ease!

Person learns how to give value to others through work. It can often put themselves the role of victim when ruler of the sixth house squares the ruler of the ascendant. Stellium here describes lot of obligations and being enslaved by habits. Person can transfer this tendency from a business environment to love relationships.

If you have planets here it is crucial that you learn to be there for others if it helps you express yourself. This is the only way you can help without at the same time harming yourself. Otherwise health problems occur. Transits in the sixth house are a time when you should invest in skills, but also learn to say no.

Seven house-marital territory

This is the house that arouses the most attention because it is associated with feelings towards other people and what we are looking for in a long-term relationship. Sign of Libra and Venus will give us more information, but topic of fair play and balance is important here. If there is no such thing, an unequal relationship arises. Then one person depends on the other and loses identity over time, which happens to many people.

Long relationships are described by it, but it is primarily how we identify with others. This is your “better half”, but it is not in another person but in you. If we have found balance within ourselves, we will not have problems with this house, whatever transit “strikes” us. People who have Saturn in the seventh house may have experience of “not having” and losing a partner or being alone for a long time. Neptune can also bring loneliness or intoxication to people that are not healthy for us.

What else is there?

Person with natal planets in the seventh house gives to others thinking that they will love them, but in the end it doesn’t happen. Person should learn to see their traits in partner and perception of shortcomings as their own qualities. Oppositions from the first house can be the reason that a person cannot maintain a relationship, but it is fear of being intimate with ourselves and admitting our needs.

Through seventh house, we reveal something of our personality to the world. People with a timid nature may have a great fear of losing their partner. This leads to a dramatic addiction and toxic relationship.

The eighth house-instinctual territory

Although it is associated with the theme of death, its analysis will not tell us how and when it will happen, nor does astrology deal with it. Sign of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto will give us a description of the instinctive behavior and fears that we have pushed under carpet. This is a house that rules sex life, reproduction, real estate and occult topics.

Person who has a prominent eighth house can have an encounter with metaphysical that shakes their previous understanding of life and profoundly transforms their nature. Person who has integrated the eighth house lives healthy sexuality. They accept that people come and go from them and that we have no control over it.

What else is there?

Person with an eighth house stellium needs to invest time in integrating old emotional wounds and learning to open up to mystical experiences. Transcendental planets, both transiting and natal, in this house bring on energetic intensity. This gushes out of our life to wash away accumulated feelings which create toxic mold.

That is why we associate this house with serious illnesses and medical interventions that raise famous question of whether we will survive it or if this is really the end. People with Sun in the eighth house have strong energy. They need to learn to control it, but also allow themselves to lose control. This is the only way they can heal themselves and let someone important get closer to them, which requires trust and softness.

The ninth house – philosophical territory

Having a prominent ninth house does not necessarily mean that you will live abroad, but breadth of understanding in your experience will matter. Planets in Sagittarius and Jupiter will explain our aspirations and where we will encounter unknown and very interesting experiences. This is a house of change of routine that awakens need to create a new identity.

People with a stellium here are always searching for meaning and everything they’ve been through teaches them how to make lemonade out of lemons. Person can have talent for psychology, philosophy and special outlook on life based on ethical principles that are important. Transits through the ninth house ask us question of what we are looking for and how to find it in order to understand ourselves.

What else is there?

Squares and oppositions here sometimes seem as if our place is really somewhere far away where environment will understand us better. Person with Sun in the ninth house should be open to new experiences, read and study, travel and embrace opportunities that life brings. There are also those who hesitate and usually remember with a bitter taste in their mouth how it could have been better if they have taken the chances life had offered them.

Although traditionally it shows how we see life, with all those important themes that make it up, this has nothing to do with opinion, but life’s experience. We learn not to limit ourselves and that whole world can truly be ours if we open up to such life’s reality. Life will certainly bring us through such experiences that will tend to break high walls of cave from which we used to observe life and think that it was all there is…

The tenth house – professional territory

It is ruled by Saturn and associated with sign of Capricorn. It represents the highest point we can reach. It describes our reputation, place in society and business success. People with a prominent tenth house reach their goals much more easily. They are already in the right place to achieve what they want.

Person with Sun on the cusp has a need to be seen, praised, respected and to achieve something in the eyes of other people. It is their path that will allow them to feel fulfilled. Stellium in the tenth house sometimes indicates that we do not have enough time for other important things in life, so family and emotional life often suffer.

What else is there?

Over time, person may feel that external success means nothing to them. Transits, especially of Pluto in this part of natal chart, can indicate obsessiveness to succeed and achieve goals. We inevitably lose something else because that is the price. People with ascendant ruler or Sun on the cusp of the tenth house usually attain leadership position.

The tenth house is the identity that is being built and it is what follows us for the rest of our lives for better or worse. In order for the tenth house to give the maximum, we need to develop other three cardinal houses. These are people who have a specific and very prominent destiny and are usually known to the public.

The eleventh house-social territory

This house describes direction in life that is guided by future goals and associated with Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus. Big plans and wishes are stored in it. Through sign of the eleventh house we see a key theme in our life. We should give ourselves freedom to realize our greatest desire.

It concerns groups of people, associations, organizations and roles in various movements and institutions. If we know what we want to achieve and be, we can achieve it faster. It is important that goal is tangible and that it has steps that will guide it on that path. Person with a prominent eleventh house can be supported by friends and through their help achieve many goals.

What else is there?

People who have an opposition here may be more focused on wasting energy. They cannot commit to a big goal because they lack patience. Stellium in this house helps us become stronger and not be confused about what we want.

Transits through it are a time when we need to strategically position ourselves in life if we really want something and haven’t achieved it yet. This is a house of great possibilities. It will be visibly influenced by people, friends and acquaintances with which we “filled” it. We learn that if we have Sun in this house, we should always think about our future and channel conscious energy into what we want to create one day. We will definitely succeed in that!

The twelfth house- wise territory

It is true that there are various problems lurking in the twelfth house. They can be explained more by natal Neptune, Jupiter and sign of Pisces. This is a house where there is no structure. We are dealing with unconscious influences that bring events and experiences into life that aim to strengthen us. Most people experience this as a disturbance to their sense of self and sink even deeper into problems. Person with planets in the twelfth house learns to kill ego and stop seeing life as a loser.

They can only do this if they admit that there is something greater than themselves. They must learn to activate higher state of consciousness. People who have ascendant ruler in this house can be confused about who they are and what they want for a long time. Very often they do not see themselves clearly or are unsure of their abilities. Transits through the twelfth house can be experienced as an increased tendency towards escapism, destruction, addictions, seeking solace in alcohol, drugs and unhealthy toxic relationships.

What else is there?

Person ‘sleeps’ for a larger part of their life, which can be reflected as a tendency to worry about having desires and weak realization of goals. In childhood, we look for comfort in idols from music videos, movies heroes and novels characters who are closer to us than our family. All this leads to great hypersensitivity and mental imbalance. Squares on this house can be associated with schizophrenia, dissociation and various self-defense mechanisms. Person is under impression that there is no place for them in this world, so help of a psychologist is very important.

Saturn in this house can manifest as sadness, inability to express anger or destruction when we feel out of control. If we are open to change, if we consciously choose to think positively and work on ourselves, we have a chance to achieve success. If we avoid solving problems, if we deal with compulsiveness and are obsessed with others whom we consider more important than us, we put ourselves in victim’s role. Eclipses on the cusp of this house will confront us with karmic lessons in order to change habits and use energy more healthily.

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