Jupiter in houses

Maja Lazić
August 11, 2020

Jupiter in houses

Natal Jupiter and its position in the natal chart show an area of ​​life where an optimistic attitude prevails. This attracts good opportunities into our lives through the law of attraction. This is an area where we gain knowledge and wisdom so that we can help others. If Jupiter is conjunct Pluto, Saturn or the South Node, expansion in that area can be blocked for a long period of time until true growth occurs deep within us. Jupiter in the fire and water signs is a much better position. However, no matter the sign natal Jupiter is located, it will talk about possible talents, abundance, happiness, wealth and good opportunities that come into our lives through education and expansion.

Jupiter in the first house

This is a great position that can bring us success. We have a feeling when to grab good opportunities. We are open to growth and expansion on a personal level. This reflects through all other areas of life. Traditionally, this position speaks of wealth and strong immunity. It is also about obesity and excess weight. Jupiter is like a wise guardian who helps us to develop tolerance towards others. We always see a broader perspective and  we can give others good advice.

Traveling, studying philosophy and higher education help us to achieve a prestigious business position. This position characterizes educated people, lawyers, professors and all those who make optimistic decisions that lead them to a better life. Advancing through connecting with those who have achieved the success we dream of combined with developing spirituality helps us to make the most out of this position

Jupiter in the second house

Traditionally this position is associated with a good financial situation. Through life savings we can gain additional benefits and secure even greater wealth. Money can come through houses, real estate and land. It can come through inheritance from a wealthy family which has always appreciated high quality. Our family home can be full of artistic and valuable objects.

This position highlights opportunities for wise investment decisions. Success comes through wisdom and patience. Nutrition needs to be carefully adjusted. This position can indicate excess weight. Good quality food is very important. The better moral compass we have, the longer we will have the wealth we acquired. We know how to recognize high quality.

Jupiter in the third house

This position can bring maximum benefit in the professions involving giving advice and which need great communication skills. The first part of life is more related to the knowledge we acquire. During the second half of our lives we can gain a great deal of material benefit from this knowledge, especially if we are working in area connected to writing, marketing, media, journalism, speaking and education.

Good relationships with our environment, neighborhood and friends allow us to reach our full potential. This position speaks of excellent collaboration in teams and projects. We have extensive knowledge of a variety of topics. There is love for books and lifelong learning. This person is interesting and persuasive in communication. During lifetime we can profit through travel especially as a tourist guide.

Jupiter in the fourth house

Through family we acquire home and inheritance. Investing in real estate and land can bring us great financial benefits. Family helps us make a fortune. Typically we have a large family and good relationships with them. This position speaks about having a lot of children and joyful and happy moments within the family.  Family home is of great value to us. Above all we attach to it an emotional memory during childhood and growing up that is full of experiences that are very heartwarming to us.

There is the gift of understanding others’ emotions on a deep level. We have strong intuition. Having a good relationship with our mother and her wise advice helps us to achieve happiness and success we desire within our own family. Parents have instilled in us a strong moral code and respect for traditional values. It can be said that family is what is our greatest asset in this life.

Jupiter in the fifth house

This position can indicate more children and certainly a great love for them. This person is artistically talented. Through creativity and stage performances he opens the door to expansion and growth in his life. It is very useful for musicians, actors and speakers and occupations that encourage creative work with children, like drawing or acting workshops. Many astrological books list a lot of emotional relationships and an abundant romantic love life.

It is through the world of fun and dating that we get to know a partner. There is faith in the positive outcomes of loving relationships. They naturally lead to marriage as we strive for expansion. Throughout life, we realize that the more we nurture the inner child who wants to embrace joy at all times and authentically express himself, thereby we are creating opportunities for true abundance. In the absence of this, love affairs are frequent, and especially if Jupiter is in an earthly sign. Then the manifestation of abundance can be of a restrained quality.

Jupiter in the sixth house

Old astrological books point out that this is not an ideal position. It can manifest itself as a health problem due to overeating and unhealthy habits and debt. However, modern astrology explains this position as an opportunity to choose professions that will be of help to those who are at risk or who have problems or difficulties. This is therefore a very good position for doctors, lawyers, veterinarians and all those who perform social activities that help the vulnerable and sick.

We have the gift of giving good advice. We can become experts in nutrition, fitness, pets grooming and solving practical daily challenges. We may develop a strong work ethic throughout life and optimistic observation of everyday issues, even when there is hardship. We can greatly benefit from the regular spiritual discipline that is repeated daily. It is only when we introduce healthy habits that we can be of use to others. Health disorder or a problem at work arises precisely to teach us how to overcome this and then based on our personal experience, we can help others.

Jupiter in the seventh house

We traditionally associate this position with marriage and favorable business cooperation. Contracts with others help us achieve abundance and success. Often a partner can be someone who opens the door to expansion. Partner is full of understanding and can give us good advice. In case Jupiter is in conjunction with Saturn then there could be a frequent need for marital counseling by experts.

Marital relationships and contracts with others teach us to find balance in giving and receiving. This leads us to a broader understanding of life. Success in partnerships is possible through cooperation with foreigners. Studying different philosophies can save our marriage. This position may indicate multiple marriages. Expansion through relationships with others, especially with educated people, is possible. The spouse may be a reputable physician or successful lawyer.

Jupiter in the eighth house

This position is about inheritance and money from divorce. There is a deep need to explore the occult, psychology, the mysteries of life and death itself. Spiritual life is an area that can bring us incredible esoteric experiences. It is as if we have a spiritual guide beside us who saves us even when we are in trouble or danger. There is a tremendous strength that helps us cope with crises that can come often in life. This position is useful for anyone in the profession that helps others overcome life traumas and losses. It is prominent for psychologists and energy therapists.

Money can come through secrets and even sometimes illegal ways. This can bring illness and many other life problems. Our partner can help us financially. Some old books state that this position can be explained in one sentence as ‘luck in an accident’. Losses of dear people develop in us the power to cope with all problems. Unhealthy habits and exaggeration can bring issues that are like a struggle with inner demons. This can overwhelm us so that we do not see opportunities ahead of us which are worth the investment. The more we refine our energy, the less likely it is that crisis will often follow us throughout our lives.

Jupiter in the ninth House

This position can manifest as friends from abroad who can give us good advice. Jupiter is feeling great in this house. Success at college, in abroad, concerning publishing and through travel and foreign countries is emphasized. The more we invest in our education this opens the door to better life opportunities and new chances for progress. There is a strong interest in foreign cultures, religion, philosophy and higher education.

We have a strong moral system that supports us. We want to persuade others around us that we are right, too. Spiritual teachers can make a significant mark on our lives. Teachings that will resonate deeply within us add value to everyday life. We know that we give good advice. Others often ask us for opinion and appreciate our optimism. This position is also tied to a second marriage. It can show a partner who is very spiritual and highly educated. He is initiating a new beginning of expansion for us. If Jupiter is in Sagittarius then this is especially prominent. Better life opportunities await us abroad.

Jupiter in the tenth house

Many astrological books emphasize that this position in a female natal chart is about a successful husband. It is primarily about business success and wise decisions that improve career advancement. Career can be prestigious or targeted at high positions. This allows rank and good reputation that comes with age. Management positions and chairmanship of associations can be established after the thirtieth year or life.

This position is about how much we invest in business and how much we are guided by moral guidance, thereby increasing our chances of success. Optimized in business and career that helps others through their activities is important. This can describe a boss who is well respected and appreciated by many. This is one of the best positions but will give its maximum compared to the knowledge and wisdom gained in a particular field. In the second half of life we can become a great expert, thus facilitating progress for others. Very often this position is seen in chart of judge and deans of faculty and all those who are prominent and well known in the society for their work.

Jupiter in the eleventh house

Social engagement and association with large organizations contribute to our success. We can benefit through various community memberships and activities. This is especially helpful at work when working in a larger team. Friends can help us achieve our dreams, through the finances they could invest in our project and the contacts they have. Money from work increases with age.

It is especially important that we believe in our dreams and that we stay in good relationships with others. They will help us achieve our goals. This position can manifest as high-ranking friends, attorneys, or professors. They give us advice or connect us with groups which help with our ideas. Everything we do that is aimed towards groups brings us expansion. This is the basis for getting the most out of this position. Online social networking is an area that can give us extra chances to make money.

Jupiter in the twelfth house

This position speaks of a grand vision and expressed spiritual values. It often manifests as a secret connection. Spiritual expansion is vital. We can empower ourselves through meditation and spirituality. There is a great need for silence and seclusion. Old astrological books point to the real success on an island or in some overseas country. The need to be on our own can be difficult at times. We could go astray if we have no goals, if we have nothing to devote ourselves to, if religion and philosophy are not interesting for us.

Throughout life, we learn to give to others. There can be a healing gift. Creative visualization, message channeling, talent for acting and clairvoyance all are connected to this position. These persons have an open connection with spiritual guides. Only when they achieve grounding this abundance brings joy to them and those around them. They need to commit to something bigger, to help others and have the opportunity to express themselves creatively through art. Intense dreams unlock messages at moments when everything seems lost. Still the light at the end of the tunnel always exists.

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