Natal Mars

Maja Lazić
December 28, 2020

Natal Mars

This post is about natal Mars in signs.

Sign of natal Mars is one of the indicators of will and motivation. Through its sign we can get insight into the level of expressiveness and the way we achieve our goals. Emphasized natal Mars will always be clearly visible through behavior and felt in our energy. To fully understand your natal Mars please connect this with house position and aspects.


Natal Mars in Aries

This is a powerful energy that is expressed through will mixed with impatience. We are ready for action and start new things easily. It can be difficult for us to finish what we started. Interest is quickly lost. Passionate nature seeks direct expression. It is ready for a fight when things don’t go the way we would like. Especially this has been emphasized during Mars retrograde in this sign. Retrograde cycle should be used to restrict the initiation of new projects. It is there for a reason because something else demands our attention.

Frustration and anger are indicators of obstacles in our energy. These are negative manifestations of this position that need to be used in a different way. Strong anger, if suppressed, will be reflected in the form of depression. When we don’t listen to our instinct we start things out of boredom, not because we really have an interest in them. One of the lessons of this position is that it takes more time to achieve a goal. But it doesn’t mean giving up.

Natal Mars in Taurus

This slow energy is persistent, valuable and permanent in character. Before we start an action, we want to be sure of its purpose and result. Practical nature strives for a down-to-earth approach to problems. It is always motivated to complete tasks. Materialization and tangible result is what counts. Stability and security motivate us with the need to have long-term results. In that way we raise the quality of our lives.

Hurrying is something we don’t like. We’ll get angry if you ask us to get moving we’re not ready for that yet. This position shows a person who can endure a lot. It is really necessary to learn to verbalize anger as it can be physically manifested as stiffness. Transiting Uranus in this sign will certainly activate the need to speak out and express our opinion. If we do not do that, energetically problems can occur with the throat chakra and thyroid gland. Often there is tension in shoulders and neck.

Natal Mars in Gemini

Great excitement and curious nature is awoken every time something new happens. Changes are accepted with open arms and new desire fills the mind at every moment. We are encouraged to embark on many commitments at the same time. Energy is prone to wasting. Multitasking is not always the way to achieve goals. We need to learn to have a continuous pace of work. We must learn to remain as mentally stimulated halfway through the task as we were at the beginning. If we are bored, it should be understood as a sign that we are not motivated enough to achieve this goal.

We must find another way to explore achievement of the goals. Physical energy is not so strong. Communication is the main field of use of this energy. There is a need to come into conflict with others. Anger is expressed through words and quarrels. People with this position should learn how to channel this energy through physical activity and movement instead of using aggressive vocabulary. As much as we move mentally and it is a lot, we have to move physically as well.

Natal Mars in Cancer

Emotions are the motivation for everything we do in life. Unpleasant emotions make us react and wake up. Uncomfortable situations are not tolerated. They create a feeling of vulnerability that we do not like at all. As emotions are very changeable our energy falls and rises quickly. For this reason, motivation is not strong if we are not emotionally attached to the result. Many astrology books point out that this position means we give up easily if there is no emotion that makes us stand up and be active to achieve a goal. What is crucial is to be aware when our reaction is logical and when it is just the result of something we do not like.

Emotions and work don’t always go together. This can be a challenge in the workplace. Business can suffer because of problems in emotional life and vice versa. We learn to put the situation in context and only then we may react. Anger causes tears, an emotional storm or withdrawal. It is crucial to have a close person with whom we can talk and who will help us feel protected again. This position is most challenging during the teenage period. Basic lesson is to learn how to get rid of anger in situations when we are with people with whom we do not feel safe. We need to learn how to react that it leads to resolving situations and not adding new problems.

Natal Mars in Leo

Strong will and great energy leave an impression of a winner and much respect. Passionate character and fearlessness allows us to deal with any problem. Ambition is especially seen at work. There is a desire for career advancement and high position. Everything is done in a big, pompous and glamorous way. Applause is necessary and expected. Praise is like fuel. If there is nobody to see our success, then it is as if nothing happened. We need to be aware of the purpose that pulls us to act. This is clearly shown through the Sun sign.

It is necessary that our action is always manifested through outer expression. Even when something is difficult, it makes us get up and continue to move towards goal until victory. Pride is great and faith in oneself is as inexhaustible as optimism. If that is not the case, then through everything we do, we try to prove to others that we are worthy of respect. Yet it must come from within and our energy. It is crucial to strengthen the third chakra and do Kundalini exercises. A creative hobby and a fulfilled love life provide us with support.

Natal Mars in Virgo

Rationality, too much thinking and striving for perfection can prevent us from doing something if we are not sure that we will finish the job perfectly. If we go into it, we will certainly strive to do everything in the best way down to the smallest details. There is a fear of starting something new and of the unknown. We are not sure how we will manage. It is useful to have someone who will show us and help us step by step teaching us practically. Self-criticism can prevent us from fulfilling our desires.

There is not enough trust in others, so we do their tasks as well. We certainly like the rules and instructions that need to be followed. This energy is characterized by a lot of work, stress and nervousness. In some cases this is on the border of obsessive-compulsive disorder. For that reason, we must learn that we don’t always have to be diligent. Feeling burnt out is to remind us that everything doesn’t have to be top notch. We need to accept that there are those who can help us. They are right there for us to ask them for help. Two people will always achieve more than one person.

Natal Mars in Libra

We always take into account opinions of others before we take an action. This is why we can lose precious time. Basic lesson is to learn the famous “go with the flow”. We must take responsibility for the consequences of our decisions. Indecision and weighing what would be better to do can prevent us from learning from experience or initiating something new. Energy is wasted unnecessarily through thinking and taking other people’s opinions into account. This ends in goal not being achieved. Although everything is done with the aim of keeping the relationship with others fair, anger and rage can arise in us. We feel that what we want and what we have done is not in balance.

We need to learn how to fulfill our needs and not lose motivation if the door in front of us seems closed. Assertiveness needs to be emphasized. Responsibility must be taken for what we have done, but also for what we have not done and should do. We learn to take action even when the support is lacking or will make others angry. We need to plan steps that will lead us to success. We need to learn not to just stay on mental planning, but to really take concrete actions towards achieving the goal. End result is always proportional to will and determination. Although some opportunities should be missed, but some should be grabbed with both hands and without hesitation.

Natal Mars in Scorpio

Will combined with passion gives us the power and focus to achieve goals. We are motivated to win. Search for the truth and the deep reasons make us look for a solution to the toughest problems. We are strongly focused on solving what is bothering us. We will not stop until we succeed in this, even if it means that we will create enemies on that path. Plans are being achieved, because we are otherwise obsessed with them. We are focused on everything that would help us reach the ultimate goal. We take life and what we do very seriously. We do always what we want. Yet one part of our energy always remains a mystery, hidden from a public view.

We want control and power. We don’t like being helpless and left at the mercy of someone else. That is why anger arises if others oppose us. Especially if they block the path we want to take and when we feel we are losing control. This creates fear that manifests itself psychosomatically. Often in the form of a blockage of sexual energy. Psyche forces us to react. Vengefulness arises only if we have been holding back for a long time what we should have done much earlier. Then from extreme to extreme we explosively express our energy after a long period of silence and apparent peace.

Natal Mars in Sagittarius

Broader perspective and optimistic beliefs make us feel the need to embark on a life adventure. We don’t always have a plan on how to implement those wishes. There is always some higher knowledge and a reason why we take action. In our soul we are fighters for justice. We have high moral principles. Sometimes we just philosophize instead of really living what we say. This leads to frustration and depression if there is no vision. Meaning in life is what gives us a perspective to justify what we do. We need a lot of freedom and by no means like to be given orders.

Ethical rules encourage us to take action. We keep our promises if we are truly honest with ourselves and aware that our energy always shows itself outside. Directness in our actions and faith in what we do enable us to achieve big goals. They often seem unattainable to others. Yet, we only do what deep down we think is right. We fight for integrity and personal truth while learning that others also have the right for their truth and different beliefs. We learn to resolve the conflict of beliefs not only verbally, but through muscle relaxation. Doing sports is necessary in order to channel this energy, which always burns in us like fire.

Natal Mars in Capricorn

This is a strong natal position. It is an indicator that a person is born for great things. It is up to him what he will do with that energy. Practical nature, logical action and pragmatism guide us in everything we do. Ambition forces us to invest a lot of effort in achieving business goals. This position is often characterized by great sexual energy. Key is that we should set a goal and move towards its realization. Success, although it can be slower, comes with age and experience. If progress is blocked, it is necessary to re-examine motivation for the realization of desires. Did we really invest everything or have unrealistic expectations?

This position gives a resilient nature and serious action. We can achieve a lot at a very young age. What we do must provide us with security, status and improve our living conditions. It is necessary to take more care of the bones. If there is some kind of pain or health problems, it energetically indicates that one part of us refuses to go forward. Probably because it is not sure of the goal we once wanted. We should be aware that there is something much better in what more effort should be invested. Then the result will be much more valuable and lasting.

Natal Mars in Aquarius

We do everything in a unique way. We don’t like rules at all. If we do something we do it to show how special we are. Lack of freedom in us creates blocked energy. Although it seems that we love change, we love it only if we have chosen what will change. Thinking is prone to rationalization that excludes emotions. Our behavior seems irrational to others. We take actions that have no logic. We are motivated by a change that can help everyone. This will encourage us to take action.

We are independent, have revolutionary spirit and often feel under stress. Usually we spend a lot of energy to solve a problem at the level of the planet and humanity. That is why at the end of the day we have no energy for those who love us and whom we love. Then we often quarrel and get into disputes that lead to nothing. Interest is lost if others are not there to support us and if the workplace does not have a scientific or intellectual character. Injustice hurts us a lot. Because of this, we are ready to go to the end of the world. Even though it means that we will have to put those basic everyday tasks that are waiting for us on standby.

Natal Mars in Pisces

When we decide to do something, it is because we deeply recognize ourselves in a given problem or topic. Will is weak and a lot of energy can be wasted on fantasies that lack concrete steps that would lead to the achievement of ideas. We need to be more physically active. It is one of the ways to raise energy and not go into melancholy/depression. We learn how to put emotions aside. We need to set boundaries in our relationship with others. They can use our goodwill or skills to achieve their goals. The empathic character of this energy requires us to learn to make dreams a reality.

It teaches us to understand that we are all connected to everyone. But, everyone is responsible for themselves. We need to find a technique that will help us release the accumulated anger. We are often not even aware of this. It is deep in the unconscious and gets released through dreams. We can feel like we are a victim of circumstances feeling lost in what we need to do or what our desires are. Fatigue is a sign that we need a break, solitude and grounding. Our energy is very subtle, spiritual and seeks peace. When we discover the higher purpose of our existence, a new strength is born in us. This enables us to act with motivation and with vision which we can then materialize into something great.

What can your natal Mars teach you?

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