Natal Moon & Emotional Imbalance

Maja Lazić
March 14, 2022

Natal Moon & Emotional Imbalance

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov’s words that people don’t notice if it is winter or summer when they are happy are more than ideal to start this topic. Natal Moon shows how we react, our habits and how we satisfy our emotional needs. Pay attention to position of your natal Moon. Is it ‘lonely’ or closely surrounded by other planets in your chart?

If there are no planets around Moon, everyday situations easily shake us. Support from the environment is weak. We need security, but life teaches us that relying on others brings problems. Moon on MC or ASC can be quite “irritated”. Over time, how you respond to emotional challenges in family and love life can result in energy blockages.

Aspects indicate that, but they are not an indication that it must happen. Squares and oppositions will describe reactions that need to be balanced. These aspects are a call for change that we are usually afraid of or have delayed for a long time. Moon imbalance is a consequence of habits showing if we have overcome past emotional pain. It is uncomfortable when we do not listen to our heart. Fortunately, habits can change!

Aspects of Moon

To better understand natal Moon attention must be paid to aspects. Moon in aspect to Venus can help us react calmly and with optimism. In aspect to Jupiter, we have faith that we will find a way to solve problems. We realize that all of this has some higher meaning to our lives. With Mars, we react violently or quarrel, but also can do something that will lead to progress in solving challenges. Physical activity is very important and can help neutralize problems that would otherwise arise.

With Saturn emotionally mature person has integrated peace. However, tendency to depression and deep need to find support are emphasized. Those who cannot do so face loss of important people, not allowing themselves opportunity to react because they feel fear. We know we need to take life into our hands, but something is holding us back. Absence of appropriate reaction additionally hurts us, but also our loved ones. Detached behavior is just a disguise, resulting from not being able to express feelings.

Emotions are as foreign as in alexithymia, so it is very important that we practice recognizing them. Nevertheless, mare presence of these people when they achieve equilibrium awakens awe and teaches us that inner peace is healing. Although reserved, silent and withdrawn, they have learned that Saturn brings necessary lessons in their lives. If this is your natal aspect it is very important to surround yourself with people you love and who love you and fill that void in your heart.

Eclipse as a trigger of imbalance

There are times when we are more likely to lose our balance. Eclipse can trigger painful childhood emotions. Many people relive traumatic experiences with their mother and family. Hypersensitive people with Moon in 12th house can feel sadness or even anger. Tears are a cure, but they will not always alleviate disappointments quickly. In addition to working with an astrologer, it is useful to work with a psychologist.

Astro-psychology analysis can help us find periods of big emotional triggers. It is important to be responsible and after consultations, heal emotional past and sadness from childhood. If we don’t do that, every transit and eclipse will reactivate it. Also, unresolved problems in relationship with mother is reflected in relationship with her child. Relationships with other people always describe us.

People with Moon in Capricorn, at zero degree or in aspect to Pluto must heal their emotional being no matter how painful it is. It’s not a quick process, but it’s worth it! The key is to regain their energy to stay in balance. With natal Moon in aspect to Pluto, we are going through path of dealing with old wounds through situations. tTurbulent dreams initiated by people who have left a significant energetic trigger in us could be triggered. Kundalini exercises can be useful for cleansing emotional body as a form of transformation.

Scorpios and Taurus may face activation of unpleasant memories due to current transit of lunar nodes and eclipses. They should remember to do EFT on topic of stopping negative thoughts or healing pain. Before eclipse, it is useful to avoid alcohol, intense spices and highly processed food.

Retrograde Mercury

Retrograde Mercury, although we primarily feel it on a mental level, activates emotions that we have to forgive or heal through memories of some past situations. If you are going through a breakup or divorce during retrograde period, dedicate yourself to opening your second chakra, which balances overactive mental body.

One can constantly push oneself into new jobs as chaotic thoughts pull us in many directions. It is as if everything has stopped or too much is happening and environment is unstable. We can have negative internal dialogue making us do/change something fast. Symptoms that never go away can then indicate gloomy and dark emotional level.

If your natal Mercury is also retrograde it calls for patience. Furthermore it ndicates heart imbalance stemming from thoughts that are “stuck in past.” Retrograde Mercury affects our emotions when we need to get rid of past, but it never goes away. I will give a suggestion on how to start solving it later in this article.

Moon & Mercury

Relationship between these two planets indicate mind-body connection. Every Moon imbalance starts primarily from thoughts. Moon in aspect to Mercury gives us opportunity to solve challenges through communication, but books can help us, too.  Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” is great for that purpose. I would also recommend it to those with Moon in Virgo.

Moon with Mercury gives us need to talk about our problems, which is similar to therapy. It is fascinating that especially if Mercury is emphasized in chart, we can joke and alleviate life’s misfortunes with humor. However, with Moon square to Mercury, it is necessary to become aware of vocabulary and unconscious words of sorrow or pain.

When words only serve to fill an emotional emptiness that is another indicator of Moon imbalance. It is especially important to find time for ourselves and listen to what Higher Self is telling you. Allow yourself to feel emotions you have long pushed under carpet with unnecessary chatter and meaningless conversations.

Indicators of internal balance

If a person is balanced, silence is enjoyable. Heart radiates warmth which is visible in close contacts. Whatever happens, we can still see light at the end of tunnel. Too many words and if we do what we say will also show how balanced we are. However, balance should not be confused with rigidity and inflexibility.

Body is a screen that will show everything exactly as it is. If our health is bad, it means that we are still not doing what we should. We do not hear our inner voice. Moon is not nourished. We detached ourselves from intuition. Women should always pay attention to menstrual cycle and symptoms during menopause that directly show natal Moon awareness.

Imbalance of elements in natal chart

Noise is what will activate Moon imbalance with overemphasized air energy. This will further manifest as superficiality and inability to commit in relationships. There may be tendency to gossip and react violently to outside world. Worrying can lead us to trust others and their opinions and not our own separating us from intuition. We realize that others have power over us. It is an opportunity to wake up from a false reality. Mental fatigue will further encourage heart imbalance.

Moon imbalance as a consequence of overemphasized water energy occurs if we cling to old memories. Your Soul remembers and controls unconscious part of mind if we have not overcome difficult childhood events. We are asked to make choices and decisions, but memories can pull us back. It is always up to us whether memories will hurt us or if we will use it as an opportunity to heal ourselves.

Moon imbalance as a consequence of overemphasized fire energy leads us into conflicts with others. New life philosophy and more sincerity are needed. Moon imbalance as a consequence of overemphasized earth energy requires assertiveness. However, peace and grounding will come only when we discover our true nature, which will materialize life we ​​want.

Extreme cases of lunar imbalance

Sometimes long-term Moon imbalance manifests as difficulty in getting pregnant. Such problems can be a consequence of subconscious energy challenges and separation from Soul desires. Emphasized fifth house with Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, for example, is a sign that pregnancy could easily occur. Energy carrier in such a chart is strong. In that case, fifth house of children is strongly activated with weaker transits. Although there is astrological literature emphasizing opportunity for pregnancy through aspects formed with transiting Moon, that in itself is not enough for it.

If fifth house is empty, it must be activated by long-term transits. If this person is healthy and does not have other aspects blocking fifth house matters, it must be checked if there is problematic synastry with partner. Sometimes reason why someone cannot get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy comes from partner’s chart, but indicates her emotional imbalance. Woman who feels insecure on energetic and emotional level will unconsciously prevent herself from getting pregnant and will choose such a partner/cirsumstance.

Saturn during fifth house transit, which activates natal Moon, can postpone pregnancy or show an older partner with whom we will not be able to have children. Maybe he doesn’t really want kids. Yet what lies behind all of this is deep emotional wound that exists due to emotional lacking. We must analyze other transits, as well. Mars can cause complications during pregnancy and childbirth, but not always. Uranus can be linked to abortions and unexpected pregnancy. Pluto brings obsessive desire for a child. All this gives additional details to interpretation.

Postpartum depression

Problems with Moon can also manifest as postpartum depression if our inner needs are not met. There are cases when a woman is literally a new person after giving birth. It feels like she lost that old self and she has to learn to find it again. This is a consequence of a hidden emotional imbalance that we thought would pass, but it did not. This could be seen in Moon opposing Venus in a woman’s natal chart. This imbalance occurs after marriage or child birth and before that it did not have to be noticeable at all.

Complete analysis of both persons’ natal charts will give us insights into atmosphere that leads to pregnancy. But if there is Moon imbalance, there is no transit that will easily bring pregnancy or keep it. Universe tends to protect, nurture and care so impossibility of pregnancy is sometimes a form of protection.

I would like to emphasize that experience in my astrology practice has shown me that pregnancy occurs both when it is indicated and when astrological factors do not indicate it. However, in all cases, most important factor was woman’s emotional nature. My belief is that pregnancy is related to something much bigger than astrology. It is related to Soul desire which cannot and should not fit into the narrow framework of control.

Full Moon and New Moon

Astrological rule is that pregnancy is possible when transiting Moon is in same phase as natal Moon. If a person was born on Full Moon, it shows highest probability to get pregnant. Emotional state before Full Moon indicates everything that was not solved. If ovulation is happening at that time, pregnancy is possible, but it will not be “peaceful” and “easy”. However, not all phases of Moon are fruitful! How much ovulation deviates from this phase or if your cycle begins at that time will show (im)possibility of conception. It is up to woman to listen to herself and adjust to Moon phases. I will explain later in this article how it could be done.

Moon is ruled by Cancer and those with planets in this sign are going through karmic cleansing encouraged by Pluto in Capricorn, even when they do not have challenging natal aspects. Marriages and relationships are going through a transformation that is driven by painful emotions. There is an unsolved past trigger hidden somewhere. Transiting Moon will show challenges that already exist, being the fastest planet constantly forming aspects with other planets. It’s like a flashlight indicating something is missing or there is too much of it.

Full Moon will show us whether emotions make it easier for us to function or they tend to disturb us. If we are emotionally exhausted New Moon will point it out. Body will communicate through fatigue, pain and pressure showing resistance, openness or readiness for change. Inna Segal’s book Secret Language of Your Body can help you understand these messages and create rituals to heal yourself on all levels.

Most common manifestation of imbalance

Imbalance of natal Moon can be seen through problems with weight and in relation to food, but could be ‘cured’ through cooking. People with challenging natal Moon should learn to intuitively feel what suits them to eat, in what amount and when. Pay attention to how you feel after consuming certain foods. Do you feel inert or suffer from indigestion? If food is not digested well,  stomach is still digesting old emotions. It is important to learn to listen to yourself and not punish yourself with food.

Transiting Moon can help us bring emotions and weight into balance, too. New Moon, for example, is ideal for fasting on water and diets helping toxins to be released. Then you can lose a lot of weight by consuming vegetable juices that contribute to detoxification of body.

On the other hand, most women experience Full Moon overwhelmingly, because emotional culmination takes place on many levels. Body reacts intensely and it is over 80% water, it is felt on both physical andemotional level. That is why we feel sluggish and legs and stomach are swollen. After Full Moon, it is ideal time to start dieting.

Transiting Moon for channeling emotions

If you have emotional challenges or want to lose weight, calendar of Moon phases can certainly help you. It enables you to learn to recognize quality of your emotions. When Moon is in fire signs, it is good to consume more protein and fruit. Increase intake of vitamins as you spend more energy. Moon in earth signs shows need for minerals, salt, salads, vegetables or wholegrain pasta.

When we analyze natal chart in order to help with weight loss, we observe natal Moon, second and sixth houses and planets in Virgo, Taurus and Cancer. For example, natal Moon in Aries indicates food that is quickly consumed and easily prepared. But it doesn’t have to be fast food. Choose food good for your brain. That is salmon, avocados, healthy fats and nuts.

Transiting Moon can also help you plan your weight loss training. With Moon in Taurus, neck exercises and slow strength exercises are useful. With Moon in Gemini, cycling, running and training in the company of your friends or outdoors are recommended.

Saturn’s return and retrograde Venus

Transiting cycle of Moon lasts 28-29 days and it’s very important, especially for women. But we are constantly going through different cycles of other planets. For example, Sun cycle starts for your birthday and six months after we face some challenge in that year. Remember that period last year and what happened to you. Transiting opposition to natal Sun will also reflect natal Moon. Oppositions have Full Moon quality.

Therefor in order to understand Moon, we must always pay attention to everything else that gives context. Cycles affect us, we are part of them, even when they are long gone. Flowing with cycles is natural for some people, but everyone can “master” it by creating different habits and paying attention to their feelings.

Transiting Moon is our means of transportation to keep up with Cosmic cycles. I have noticed that people who go through important transiting cycles, especially Saturn’s return around age of 29, as well as every seven years, learn an important life lesson. How they have mastered it will impact how they feel.

Moon imbalance especially comes to light during retrograde Venus. What we no longer enjoy or what used to bring us pleasure may not seem so enjoyable anymore. Then it is time to return to yourself and dedicate time to healing your heart and Soul. We need to understand that if we do not comply with natural laws that apply to everyone and are absolutely universal, life gets difficult.

How can you help yourself

Make changes that will keep you balanced by paying attention to your thoughts and words. Do they show the same emotion? Are they negative? Do you think badly of yourself? Do you have “dark” thoughts? Do you have low self-esteem? Have you been depressed for some time? If you have answered these questions with yes, imbalance results from thoughts. That is where it must be resolved.

If these thoughts do not change over time, they could manifest as a breakdown affecting entire natal chart/personality. As a consequence of long-term imbalance, weak immunity, acute inflammation or energy stagnation occurs and can lead to diseases. This is especially true when we go through transits of transcendental planets that activate natal Moon.

How you communicate with yourself always shows how much you love yourself. Pay attention to how you feel in places where you spend a lot of time and at your house. What is the energy like in your home? Working with natal Moon should not be another burden, but become part of your routine that supports and nurtures you.

Moon is showing us challenges that already exist in our energy, but also a way to overcome them. Moon changes sign every two and a half days and here are a few ideas on how to activate each of these 12 energies. It will be necessary to connect all this with natal house activated by this transit. Every day transiting Moon helps us bring our energy into balance!

Transiting Moon in signs

Moon in Aries – what action do your emotions direct you to? Use these days to release your emotions through physical movement. Start something new that arouses your curiosity.
Moon in Taurus – energy seeks grounding and stability. Sensual touch and massage will nourish your senses. Slow down and enjoy food, music and nature. How safe do you feel in your life? Do your best to strengthen it.
Moon in Gemini – Learn about emotions and emotional intelligence. Read books that help you understand yourself. Move your body and communicate with friends. Feelings should motivate you to write a diary, song or story.
Moon in Cancer – spend time at home. Call your mother. Listen to your intuition and allow yourself to feel your emotions. Take care of someone you love, but also provide yourself with care, favorite food and tenderness you need.
Moon in Leo – emotions require you to express them, through creativity or giving love. Emotions draw attention to you. What do they tell you about how you are feeling now? What does your heart feel? Do something to have fun.
Moon in Virgo – this is time for emotional cleansing. Your emotions communicate through health symptoms. This is time dedicated to health and introding healthy habits. Analyze yourself and purify emotions that do not serve you, but which you still retain.
Moon in Libra – what is the quality of your relationships? Introduce balance through beauty rituals and habits that help you feel better in your skin. Pay attention to what your clothes communicate about your emotional state.
Moon in Scorpio -provides an opportunity to deeply understand yourself and your psychological patterns. Now passion is awakening in you and emotions clearly indicate path you need to take. You feel need for intimacy.
Moon in Sagittarius – Emotions require you to embark on an adventure and bring fun into your life. This is an opportunity to see a broader perspective of life. What is it that you want to achieve? What has experience taught you so far?
Moon in Capricorn – pay attention to physical body and any kind of pain or discomfort. Body tells us what kind of emotional energy we have accumulated. This is an opportunity to introduce a new structure in your emotional relationship.
Moon in Aquarius – This is an opportunity to try something new and different. Express your emotions in unique way. Give yourself freedom and space. What must be liberated?
Moon in Pisces – this is a time for healing through dreams, music, dance and creativity. Indulge and allow yourself to find refuge in art and spirituality.

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