Maja Lazić
June 22, 2022


Natal Moon is a mirror activated by transiting Moon. It shows how much we are aware of what is happening inside of us. Yet we are mostly concerned with what is outside, avoiding dealing with what is inside. Consequently, all this has to do with energy quality of natal Moon and what future will “bring” us. Natal chart when we really understand it can help us start a new relationship with ourselves.

Before we dive deeper into this topic, here are a few introspective questions to assess current state of your natal Moon:
  • What is the course of your life? How much do you go out of it? Are you flowing with the Universe? Are you trying to avoid what needs to be learned? What makes you ignore your Soul? What does it mean for you to be OK? What is it that you think you have to do, but you no longer feel it is your path? What are you pushing aside because someone told you so? How do you feel during Full/New Moon or an eclipse? What is your natural life rhythm? How aware are you of what you want to create in your life?
  • What kind of energy have you not been aware of, so it must be shown to you from outside through emotional discomfort? How aware are you of the role you are playing in a relationship? Was it much more suitable to past than present? When did you separate from your nature? Are you looking for relief in food? What influences you not to be there for yourself? What part of your personality are you hiding due to fear of being abandoned? What do you spend your energy on? How do you recharge yourself? Do you notice a pattern in your reactions?

New and Full Moon

Time when transiting New Moon intensely activates natal Moon is very important. Then we see what we were not aware of and what we did not want to know. We accumulate our emotional energy over time, it is stored and multiplied in our energy body. Thus, Full Moon allows us to become aware of that hidden most intimate part of ourselves. This is clearly shown through events and relationships. It’s time to let go of old emotions if you seem to be losing yourself and it’s all too much for you.

When we have enough energy for ourselves, we can share it with others. But if we don’t have enough, we can’t give our energy away, which is what most women do. People who are on “last reserves” constantly giving or not open to receive and ask for help may have greater challenges during New Moon. If Full Moon is stressful, we need to let go of emotions about a painful past. Overwhelmed by feelings from the past, we interfere with our own sense of clarity.

Your Way!

You have your own path, but it does not mean that you have been brought up and taught to live in harmony with your nature. You might not recognize your needs or know how to fulfill them. One of first indicators of unmet needs is exhaustion and habits that do not support you. You stick to them because it is a habit. Childhood, relationship with parents and how emotionally fulfilled we were as kids hides secrets that prevent, but also lead to healing. If there were traumas, they can be activated in moments when life changes. For example, when you want to start your own family.

Being OK means being able to recognize all emotions and being able to express them in a healthy way. That’s why it’s important to understand behavior which is no longer healthy. As long as old emotional traumas are buried in you, they will have to come through important relationships which will be tense or suddenly break down.

Environment will give you an idea of your emotional body in order to integrate it. Other people and relationships are an indicator of natal Moon secrets that we do not see because it is too painful. Focus from outside should be shifted inwards. Below I will give you suggestions on how to do it.

Other factors

We get a glimpse of current condition of our Soul through external and internal energy currents that make up energy network of natal Moon. Past often has a much greater impact on how you feel now than what is currently “alarming”. Natal Moon is affected by aspects to natal planets, place where you live and quality of soil that reflects on food you eat. Attitude towards tradition, inauthentic behavior and period of life in which you find yourself at the moment are also important.

It is not the same when you are a child or an adult who knows what is needed for happiness. Behavioral conditioning due to some ancient trauma always puts us in victim’s role. That is why our reactions to environment can weaken energy amount of natal Moon. If we react to everything, we no longer know what is important. We lose emotional focus. Yet traumatic emotion hidden in us seeks attention. Emotion stays in energy body if we have become accustomed to unhealthy manifestation. When we have not healed old past experiences, we are not fully aware of present moment that “taste” like past.

Each of us creates our own future whose quality depends on how connected we are to ourselves. If we are not in contact with our intuition, there are usually challenges in relationship with children, in marriage, with parents or unfulfilled expectations. For women in particular, hormones must be taken into account. Attention must be paid to circadian rhythm, diet, digestion, sleep and physical activity. Your lifestyle may not serve to satisfy your emotional needs, which you need to be aware of. Natal Moon requires tenderness in every sense, not pushing and rushing.

What helps us unlock our natal Moon?

Silence, peace, intuitive care and self-love lead to creating the life you want. During this process, we learn patience and calmness, not repression of emotions. Energy exercises and rituals can help you with that. Soul messages received during meditation offer insight into your life path. Opening up to receive that inner knowledge initiated healing. Pay attention to thoughts, emotions, sensations and their relationship.

Healthy habits certainly help us maintain an optimal level of physical energy on a daily basis. Connecting with Moon during menstrual cycle will show you when and how you need more rest or time for yourself. It will show you when it is time for action and giving. Observing Moon at night and contact with the Earth during day are ways you can recharge your batteries. This is especially important if you want to connect with Higher Self.

Indicators that emotional body needs healing:

Our emotional energy runs out when we react to everything and when we are mentally absent. If we do not feel peace, we cannot hear our intuition. Often all this is accompanied by tinnitus and eye issues. There could be issues with taste and smell. We are overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions, physically stiff and tired. Hormonal changes, indigestion and various allergies show weak natal Moon. Pressure in some part of body, joint inflammation, skin and breathing problems indicate the same.

Staying in one emotion for a long time is not healthy. We could be unaware of emotions we are feeling. It seems that we do not feel anything. With Moon in fire signs we could be stuck in hatred and anger. With Moon in water signs we could be stuck in fear. Too many activities and events overwhelm us every day. Emotions signal it is time for a break and more peace. Moon in earth sign can be tormented by worry and in air sign by sorrow.

Fill your reserves, but first give yourself permission that there is no need to suppress, avoid and hold back emotions. Healing is only possible when we allow emotions to come to surface and when we do not hide them. But in order for natal Moon to regenerate, you will need to be persistent and find support in yourself. It will be necessary to build greater trust and to communicate emotions better. Your authentic expression of emotion is unlike any other.

What is your natal Moon house hiding?

House will show where there is tendency to satisfy your emotional needs. We have to take into account sign as well. We always see how secure we fell by analyzing natal Moon position. We will connect this with a theme I have started in “Moon & Emotional Imbalance” by analyzing natal houses.

Transiting Moon will pass through all houses of your natal chart during one month. In addition to better understanding your natal position, houses can be useful as a guide to areas where you can create more security by following movement of transiting Moon. Grounding is achieved through clarity and awareness of feelings, but only when we have freed ourselves from fear.

Moon in first house

It is very noticeable how we feel. It is clear to us which emotion is dominant. But emotions are constantly changing! We may identify too much with them. We may need to cover them up because they “unmask” us. We need support through touch and presence of people who understand us. It is important for us that others notice our feelings even when we try to deny or cover them up. In that way, we learn that we are important to others which results in making us feel safe.

Moon in second house

We experience our value through emotions. Are we worthy enough to feel happy? Depending on upbringing and habits, certain emotions make us feel out of comfort zone. We feel safe when our material and financial needs are met. We achieve stability by buying things and eating comfort food. We want to keep what we have. We need to ask ourselves whether by buying things we are masking something we do not want to feel. Money is a form of security. It is important to understand that fluctuations in emotions are an integral part of life and that nothing is forever.

Moon in third house

There is a strong need to communicate or write about our feelings. We often rationalize and explain what we feel by being emotionally numb. We want others to hear and understand us. We express ourselves easily through written word. We fantasize and dream to escape from reality. We have a strong need for something magical to happen and change everything. That is why friendships and close relationships go through various phases.

Emotional anxiety can be a threat to happiness combined with other people’s opinions that affect how we feel. Emotions depend on what we think. When we control our thoughts stress amount decreases. Mindfulness and deep breathing could be very useful. If there is no opportunity to say what we think and feel, we create emotional blockages that would be more easily released through saying ‘I am sorry’.

Moon in fourth house

Emotional expression that was encouraged by mother can continue through adulthood. We need to feel protected. It is important for us to feel safe to experience all emotions. Food can be a consolation, but real consolation is peace in our heart and home. Although we could still live in past, we need to be aware that we are creating our family life from within. It is important that we learn to meet our needs and not cling to habits we had as children. Especially if those habits do not bring us fulfillment anymore.

Moon in fifth house

We need to express our emotions through our creativity. We dramatically show emotions in need to give inner child opportunity to be happy. This can be done through various hobbies and entertainment. Love is so important. It is necessary to experience emotions by expressing them through acting, dancing or singing. In this way we can recharge our emotional body. We are very attached to our child. We want to be praised and supported in expressing our talents.

Moon in sixth house

We feel emotionally fulfilled through work and service to others. We want to create a steady routine, but emotions greatly affect everyday life. Cleaning, cooking, paying bills and work obligations give us opportunity to feel safe. When all is well, so are we. We are under a lot of stress when a change of routine happens or when we can’t solve something. Then we are emotionally overwhelmed, because we also realize that we cannot understand or control our feelings.

Occupational diseases and poor emotional health can be an indicator of deep anxiety. Excessive stress spoils life because we generally give too much to others and feel like we owe them something. We must learn to allow others to take care of themselves. We need to have a very good routine of sleeping, eating, exercising and time for joy.

Moon in seventh house

We have a great need for a partner, but his feelings strongly affect us. Relationship with others is turbulent, which is sometimes disguised through diplomatic expression of attitude. We expect our partner to fulfill our needs. Relationship imbalance is experienced emotionally. Emotions are unstable until we learn to find support in ourselves.

We are afraid of abandonment. It is hard for us when we do not see our partner showing us love which makes us feel insecure. However, it should be noted that a seemingly good relationship does not necessarily mean that it is secure. Emotions can be superficial, but for this we must look other factors. Partner will show our subconscious characteristics that we are not yet aware of.

Moon in eighth house

Feelings are very intense. We are going through crises that serve to transform us. However, a lot of it is related to personal darkness, sexuality, death and occult. We may need to control emotions manipulating environment if we do not trust them and when we are afraid of losing someone. We can be very secretive in relationships even though all we want is deep intimacy.

If relationship with mother was critical this will try to be resolved in other relationships. We must learn to channel our mysterious emotional nature. We are sensitive and often seen as difficult, but we have potential to love when we overcome trauma that has led to doubt and mistrust. Only a small percentage of people will have courage to really step there.

Moon in ninth house

We have our own philosophy of life that feeds on aspirations and ideals. We are very attached to our beliefs. As emotions change it also changes what we expect from life. We primarily seek freedom and movement in emotional life where self-exploration is nurtured. We need to embark on a life adventure, research and learn about various philosophies and religions. It is a way to get to know ourselves.

We can fall in love with a spiritual master. We stay true to a specific teaching as long as we feel emotionally good in our own skin. Foreign cultures are very attractive to us. It is possible that we would have a more emotionally fulfilled life abroad.

Moon in tenth house

We control our emotions because the least we want is to present ourselves too emotionally in public. This helps us to build a dignified image, but also to achieve business success. However, we can have difficulties in family life. Serious behavior in family is interpreted as coldness and lack of care.

We do not understand ourselves and our feelings. It is more important to us how we are seen by others compared to how we feel. We have learned that a calm and sober attitude allows for a better business reputation. We can experience changes at work that teach us emotional responsibility.

Moon in eleventh house

We need to be a part of society and feel accept and love by environment. We want everyone to like us. We seek to be popular because it allows us to feel safe. Friends are therefore very important to us, as is fitting into what is considered modern and what others value. We may feel disappointed if we cannot fulfill some of our great desires.

We have big dreams and it is vital to fulfill them in order to continue to believe in life because otherwise we lose faith. It is difficult to experience loss of friendship, changes in work team or close society. We are sensitive to others who are part of group and who are treated with injustice or have difficulties. We identify with them.

Moon in twelfth house

We dream and very often we feel lonely. We need peace, time for ourselves, for introspection, spirituality and meditation. In depths of Soul we want someone to save us. Unaware of our emotions, we try to escape from reality through film, music and books. We can be an addictive personality which is an unhealthy way to deal with emotions.

We are always looking for something that we lost a long time ago. We think it would bring us happiness now. We feel that no one understands us until we understand ourselves. Vulnerability is natural. We need to take time for ourselves and meditate in nature or near water.

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