NATAL SUN your life’s work

Maja Lazić
June 17, 2023

NATAL SUN your life’s work

Truth is that your natal Sun wants to express itself. It wants to feel that its existence has a purpose and that it has created something visible. It is also true that your life’s work is your identity and its creation. Energetically healthy natal Sun is open to expansion, joyfulness and has a high level of vitality. Also, it is characterized by a strong ego, self-confidence, power to face challenges, clarity and persistence. Healthy natal Sun is strong, courageous and disciplined because it is aware that each day is only lived once.

How strong is your natal Sun? How bright and shiny does it feel like? What do you give yourself on a daily basis because you are worth it? What does your energy give to others? What do you want to create in your life? These and similar questions can help you become aware of what is alive inside of you and what wants to express itself outwardly in the world. If your natal Sun is contracted, never mind aspects or transits, you will hardly be ready to expand your unique rays and create the life that you want.

Does natal Sun require some sacrifice in order to shine?

Many believe that achievement in life in any area implies some kind of sacrifice or that something must disappear in order for something else to be born. However, the only sacrifice required to become who you are is to let go of limiting beliefs about yourself and what you can do.

Career and work, and above all, daily habits create your identity and this certainly affects your personality. We have all heard of occupational diseases. Also, it is clear that the most important thing in your life is to develop your natal Sun because everything else gets energy and power from it.

On an esoteric level, the Sun consists of an outer and an inner part, with the inner part also being linked to aspects with the natal Moon. According to the law, “as within, so without”, your life is a mirror of your inner aspirations and beliefs combined with the frequency that together make up your unique essence.

In order to develop your natal Sun and finally begin your magnificent life journey, you need to put your natal Sun in context. This is determined by sign, house, aspects and ruler. But it is also affected by the sign before and the sign after. What exactly does that mean?


If your natal Sun is in Aries, you need to be aware of energy of Pisces, but also of Taurus. Those two energies may not have to be openly expressed in your life. Energy of Pisces can represent your shadow and energy of Taurus a strong need to possess and have in material world. Translated into astrological symbols, Aries who does not have a strong will and faith will not materialize goals or build something stable.

Likewise, each Sun shines in its own special way, which is determined by karmic and family factors in addition to astrological indicators. Some of you were born in a family that does not listen to your talents, but strong Sun will not allow others to be influenced. Do you dare to live authentically? We certainly associate this with transits because in some periods this is the main test for your natal Sun and entire life.

First of all, energetically healthy natal Moon nourishes your natal Sun. Taking care of yourself on a daily basis is an integral part of being able to manifest the life that you want. Ask yourself: how visible is your natal Sun? How much do you believe in yourself and what you create?

Of course, person who understands himself and others can succeed and progress. Person who does not understand himself will stumble through life and lose a lot of energy. After all, you can also try an exercise of asking your natal Sun for help and you will see that it will gladly help you. (and no, I’m not kidding! It’s really possible.)


To work on your natal Sun the following affirmations can help you. You can choose one each day. You will see that your natal Sun will be reborn after a month!

  1. I accept my unique abilities.
  2. I enjoy loving thoughts towards myself.
  3. I find blessings and gifts in my life.
  4. I see a reflection of my energy in everything.
  5. I know I’m perfect.
  6. I express love to myself at all times.
  7. I believe in myself.
  8. I value my inner guidance.
  9. I see my worth.
  10. I enjoy a time for myself.
  11. I notice the beauty in myself and around me.
  12. I know that I live in abundant Universe.
  13. I have faith in myself.
  14. I gladly accept compliments.
  15. I follow my cosmic guidance.
  16. I trust my decisions.
  17. I feel the flow of my energy.
  18. I see beauty in myself.
  19. I root for myself.
  20. I know that other people are a reflection of me.
  21. My life is magical.
  22. I enjoy the beauty of simplicity.
  23. I spread love to everyone I meet.
  24. I let go of the past and I am fully present here and now.
  25. I know that I am a gift of joy.
  26. I surrender my worries to the Universe.
  27. I know that I am surrounded by love.
  28. I heal my body and my mind.
  29. I spread positive energy and joy.
  30. I enjoy my creativity.

Additional principles of working with natal Sun

To additionally work on your natal Sun in order to strengthen it, you can do Kundalini exercises to move energy through the spine. You need to pay attention to your diet and amount of energy you have after eating certain foods.

You can do visualization by focusing on the solar plexus and imagining the flow of crystal clear energy. Golden light meditation can also benefit you greatly. Certainly according to your natal Sun what would be most suitable and beneficial for you can be determined during consultation.

Some of you in order to strengthen your natal Sun need to forgive your ex-lovers. Some of you need to have more faith and patience. Some of you need to learn to appreciate every moment and let their light shine. For many, they need to learn to enjoy the abundance that already exists in their lives.

Maybe right now as you read this text you can lighten up and notice all the gifts in your life. Take the time to simplify your life as you do affirmations over the next month. Be aware when you start complaining because it weakens your natal Sun.

Is it possible to change the quality of the energy of the natal Sun?

The symbols in the birth chart cannot change, but their meaning and energetic quality is variable. Transits over time develop your natal chart revealing deeper and broader meanings. As you grow you begin to see yourself with different, brighter eyes. You always have that possibility at your disposal.

When you strengthen your natal Sun, you will always be open to encourage and thus see other people you come into contact with in the same way. When your natal Sun is strong, you not only live the true love that always comes from you, but you also become gentle with yourself. All this has effect that transformation also takes place at the level of natal Moon.

Then you can let go of the past and live life in a constant meditative state where it is easy to make wishes come true because you are in tune with quality of time. What I want to mention in the end: You should always expect the best from your natal Sun! Forget about regrets and celebrate your uniqueness. And then the answer to the question of what you really want in your life will be much easier to answer.

Your natal Sun will go through many changes during your lifetime. Every day, step by step, you will become aware that everything can always be solved and that dreams can become reality. And most of all, you will learn to build healthy boundaries, to value your compassionate heart and to stay focused on it regardless of weather conditions, transits or any other circumstance.

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