Is it written in the stars?

Maja Lazić
May 27, 2021

Is it written in the stars?

This post is about natal astrology and its use.

Do certain events have to happen? Is there a connection between life and position of the planets at the time of birth? Why are we unlucky in certain life areas? Why is it easier/ harder for us in love or work compared to others? Is it possible to predict destiny with the help of a natal chart? Can astrology give a precise answer to every question?

This is how it is:

When we are afraid and when we do not believe in ourselves, we turn to the famous “what will happen”. We start looking for comfort and security outside ourselves. We want to be told everything will be fine. But that never leads to lasting success or closer contact with oneself. Insecure people are always calculating, do not understand themselves or how their energy creates their life.

Modern astrology is focused on life quality and personality of an individual. It does not serve to be an external (false) sense of security. Through modern astrology, we can use natal chart to work on ourselves and not as an excuse. It teaches us that success and happiness are available to everyone. There is order in the Cosmos. Everything is happening in the order that is integrated in you. Examples of cosmic order are female cycle, day/night, tides, seasons, etc. Some people feel these cycles strongly. To analyze this cosmic order we use the natal chart.

Symbols in the natal chart

Your natal chart is a picture of symbols translated into mood, emotions, thoughts, atmosphere, context… It can be practical, abstract, graphic or watercolor-like. Sometimes it is easier to interpret it. It can be full of contradictions and beautiful images that exist as potential. Each natal chart analysis and various astrologers will tell you something more about you, in a different way, what you need to hear at that moment. It always seems that something useful can be “pulled out” of it. But how do astrologers do it?

In astrology, each symbol has a special meaning based on the zodiac. Each of these meanings changes and adapts for the individual in a unique way. You are a Taurus as well as your neighbor, but you don’t have much in common except that you both like cookies with morning coffee. Although you are both Taurus, you are also each of the other 11 zodiac signs. Expression and percentages of each zodiac sign make you who you are.

In the simplest way, we connect each sign with certain personality traits that are more or less noticeable according to position of the given sign in the chart. We all have almost the same traits, but some are pushed into the unconscious or expressed in a negative way. Often we do not live some sign features at all.

Personal evolution

Just as a person does not remain a child all his life, you change and develop. Natal chart goes through cycles, too. They do not happen to everybody at the same age nor are they of the same quality. Some of you will not go through cycles like your loved ones did. Each of these cycles will contribute to the transformation of your character.

Natal chart can show in great detail what the cosmic sky was like at the time of birth. However, all the transits after that ‘changed’ that sky and ‘blurred’ it with different character shades that shape your life right now. Natal chart analysis can offer you many possible life stories. There is definitely not just one because astrological factors are variable and “constantly breathing”. Your natal chart receives and transmits energy. As it receives it, it changes what will come into your experience.

What can be found out through natal chart is not the same for every person. In each case, all life topics (work, health, love, family, etc.) are presented. Some people will get insights about marriage or a glimpse of the path they can take on the “journey of life”. Someone will gain a deeper understanding of what is happening right now. This will help to understand old traumas and how to heal them. It is impossible to interpret the natal chart completely or to 100%. At least, it is not possible while you’re still alive. One day when you are no longer here it will be possible because your destiny will be written. Your “piece” of the sky will stop shining and existing in the way it exists now.

How do we use the natal chart?

In the natal chart, you can always see how life can be improved and how we influence and further deepen our problems. Everything is very simple and not at all “confusing” when we know astrological language. There are no mysteries, but we also need to understand transits. Astrology primarily studies these cycles and their nature. The more we are aware of them, the easier and better our life is. We live life to the fullest in accordance with our temperament and flexibly adopt what is needed. When we understand these life cycles, communication and relationship with the environment become more beautiful.

Do planets “affect” you all the time? Does it always affect you when it rains? It is not the same if you are at home, tucked in with a cup of tea, if you have an umbrella and a raincoat or you are in wilderness in pitch darkness. However, in such circumstances, metaphorically or literally, most people find themselves at least once in their lives. If you are “in the darkness”, astrology can help a lot.

Is it possible that every transit brings you a problem?

How many transits have you already gone through? What have they taught you? Do you feel like each of your organs is working at all times or is it happening unconsciously? I guess you would say that you are unaware of it, when everything is fine. When there is a problem, you become very aware of pain, discomfort or pressure in the body. This is what happens with transits as well. We feel them when we are not in balance.

Also, a person can carry ancestral energy as a form of karmic heritage that can block the chart. Ego can stand in the way of life being part of the “confusion” as well. This will lead to problems with environment, for example. Inflexibility will always be seen in the body and health. However, at one point, we become aware that everything always moves. Movement is the only way to make progress.

If there is a problem, at any level, a transit, which is always time limited, will put it on the top of the priority list. You will have to “deal with” this sooner or later. Through natal chart interpretation we can find our way and live better every day. We can also get answers about How and Why. Certainly, natal chart does not strictly determine what will happen or when.

Natal astrology: Example

We know when someone could finish college and graduate the moment they enroll, right? We can calculate this immediately, because there is a predetermined studying program that lasts for a defined time. And when graduation will really happen and this person passes the entire program depends on him. How has he used the time space between these two moments? How many times have you started and given up something in your life? And how many times have you given up on yourself? This question serves not to punish yourself, but to help you find out what is holding you back. Where are you running away from yourself? Why are you afraid of success?

We always choose our destiny. For example, through elective astrology we can choose the wedding day or the opening of the company. This choice of days implies an analysis of transits for the period when certain activity is planned. After this we have to compare transits with natal chart. If we are buying an apartment, we have to look at Moon, the 4th house ruler, the second and the eighth house. We should consider only major aspects. This is a painstaking process in some cases, though. Sometimes the date is found immediately, especially if there is a smaller period in which it is possible to do this action.

Aspects in the natal chart

Natal aspects will show patterns and behavior of each person. We are usually more or less aware of some parts of our behavior. This also creates certain life lessons and karma. Sometimes we know right away that our behavior is wrong and sometimes we would never admit this and blame others. There is something more and much bigger in life that cannot be translated into words or data. That often creates (unnecessary) fear. Astrology and insight into your natal chart are there to show you and bring you closer to everything that scares you so that you can solve it.

Therefore, natal chart interpretation does not define material events or invoke them. It provides useful tools on how to achieve desired changes with change in your behavior. At all times, your natal chart is ‘powered’ by your energy. Its quality determines which type of situation will eventually materialize. That way we can have an idea of ​​what can happen if the energy is of a certain quality for a long time.

The energy of the individual

Don’t expect miracles and changes for the better if your energy is at zero. Don’t expect that you can be afraid that your boyfriend will leave you and that it won’t happen. Your planets are magnets and people in your life just play the role you energetically assigned to them. It’s like trying to call someone when you battery is on 3%. Charge the phone first than make the call.

Can you remember when you first bought a cell phone? Did you know in the early 2000 that you will one day have an android? 95% of people did not even think about it nor could imagine this. It is always up to the person to cross the boundaries of what is possible. That is given to each of you. It takes willpower and motivation, strength and an open heart.

Evidence that astrology “works”

However, psychological research states that it is really possible to find out a lot with astrology. There is a pattern that could in some cases be used for prediction. One of the proofs of astrology is Gauquelin’s research. There are books that can be found on this topic for those who are interested in it.

This research calculated on the basis of natal charts of athletes states that Mars is on ascendant or in X house. Athletes often have several aspects of Mars and Jupiter and strong Sun. Still only with dedication and disciplined practice sportsmen will achieve success. From numerous births, if we take the date 2/17/1963, only one of them is Michael Jordan, whose success in basketball is still a role model. Did he succeed because of his natal chart or with hard work & discipline?

Saturn is emphasized in charts of scientists, but actors and painters will have Venus emphasized. This classification of people and professions makes sense, but one factor is not enough. There are even more people who also have emphasized Venus and are not engaged in art and more on the ‘lazy side’.

Natal astrology: Choice of occupation

Will someone become an actor or not, does not depend on the aspects. They are often there, but the wish stays a dream. Many artists have challenging aspects of Venus and Saturn which inspire them to create works of art. Many have Venus in challenging aspects so laziness and a tendency towards bad habits are much more noticeable than artistic and creative expression. We return again to the fact that we choose and heaven always gives!

Also, there may be aspects in your chart that indicate a certain mismatch. It’s like when you try to get somewhere and at every traffic light you go back. For example, a person with Mercury square Uranus may have difficulty knowing what her real authentic self thinks like. Decisions she makes can be stressful, drain her energy resulting in quarrels with the environment.

However, she can learn to integrate and “balance” this aspect by reacting differently. This requires discipline, but it is not impossible. It is a pleasure to work with people who have this aspect, especially when they experience that “aha moment”. They understand what they are running away from and what they are projecting on others.

Natal astrology: Difficult destinies

Does anyone become an alcoholic because it was a destiny? No, this person was just running away from something (some aspect). This person has missed the opportunities for change that were given. In both cases, there are subtleties, but there is always a chance for change. Your  destiny is based on your choice. That is what creates your life. Astrology will help you to be aware of that and notice in time when you have deviated from your path.

Nevertheless, there are advanced predictive techniques and mass astrology is aimed at that. Often astrologers who offer “such predictions” did not master these techniques, which are very complex. They are much more “accurate” in theory than in practice and when used backwards than forwards. There is always someone who, by changing his personality, went beyond the framework of the “possible” and “reversed” the predicted. Predictive techniques only make sense if the time of birth is correct (and in most cases it is not what is written in the registry book).

Predictive techniques

Let’s talk now about primary directions and secondary progressions. Primary directions are moving the natal chart by one degree having the meaning of one year of life. What does this mean in practice? If you have a planet on the seven degrees from the ascendant, when you are seven years old it will come to the ascendant. That year will be important for you. Primary directions only make sense if they are compared with the natal chart. They are an indication of years when certain personality changes will occur.

Like wine that changes its flavor over years, its taste is affected by where it is stored, how it is packaged, served etc. Also, distance between the planets in the primary directions always remains the same. Aspects are the same, but planets change signs. That is the quality that will be noticed as you get older. This technique will show change in the quality of the manifestation of the personality and its maturation than some event itself.

Progressed Moon

Technique of secondary progressions means that each day after the day of birth is taken for one year. The twentieth year of life is depicted on the twentieth day in the ephemeris book. Progressed Moon is important, which will show emotional growth over a period of 2-3 years. Thar area of ​​life will be in focus. Other planets don’t have to move much. Change from one sign to another and transition to R/D movement, will be a significant year. All this must be emphasized in transits as well. Secondary progressions are similar to Solar Return charts, just being moved in time.

Some programs provide a chronological list of these dates that vary according to calculation techniques. There are variations in the calculation, too. It can be helpful to think about what happened to you over the years and how you have changed. It remains debatable how these techniques can fully predict what will happen to you. That would mean that no matter how much effort you put in, nothing will happen if everything has already been decided in advance. It would also mean lack of ‘awareness’.

It would mean that those who achieved success did not even have to work so hard because they would get what the Cosmos “intended” for them anyway. But Cosmos is just and fair. It doesn’t love you more than your brother or vice versa. Everyone got the same ‘stars’, but not everyone knows how to “use them” and that’s why people go to astrologers. Certainly these techniques are useful if you like to explore the past, but not so much for the future. Future can’t be known in advance.

Understanding your natal chart

What can be most useful for the future is to understand your natal chart, to talk to an astrologer about yourself and your life. The more you understand yourself in your daily life fear of future will disappear. No, you were not born to be led and held by the hand. And I don’t support what mass astrology popularizes that an astrologer should be on speed dial.

“Stars” we got at birth always shine, but we may not feel that way when we have separated ourselves from our original energy. Astrology will answer questions of why this happened and offer a solution. My goal is to help you better understand how astrology works through working with your chart. You should know that there is something changeable and something fixed in every natal chart. Only moment of birth and death are fixed. Everything else is changeable, variable and fluid and didn’t have to happen, but you “chose” it.

What to expect from astrology and your natal chart

There are a number of “facts” that cannot be predicted in advance until they begin to happen. It is certainly possible with various very simple techniques to improve your life quality. Astrology can help you overcome some of the habits that activate parts of your character that do not bring desired results. This is possible when we understand aspects and symbols and their energy level of meaning.

Unsuccessful people ‘rely on the stars’. Successful people have learned how to understand them and interpret them, so that they can use this for their advantage. You are born to succeed in every part of life, bravely and powerfully! I know that many would like to “know what their future will be like”. I think it is much more important to understand how “we create our future at any moment”. Astrology can help a lot in that. This is the work I am dedicated in great amount.

What can your natal chart teach you through the eyes of astrology?

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