Neptune in house

Maja Lazić
September 18, 2021

Neptune in house

The goal of astrology is not to fulfill our desires or to just help us get what we want. The goal is to help us find ourselves and personally evolve. We can only do that when we heal the parts of ourselves that sacrifice a part of us. Often what we do not see is a reason for fear. Now exactly what we see, which inevitably exists regardless of the openness of the observer’s eye, is the path to healing.

And it is said just believe and the truth will be shown to you. Or do not believe and seek proof, be a victim, suffer and have fear of your bitter fate. Neptune in its illusions can be cruel, but you only figure that out after many, many years when you wake up from a dream. Fortunately, in the natal chart of each person, the position of Neptune shows how to help ourselves. This in turn brings inspiration and true faith, as well as a life that we can call “magical”. Dream or reality always intertwine with Neptune. It is up to the astrologer to unravel these secrets and hidden paths and help us find the right one.

In the analysis of the natal Neptune, it is necessary to take into account its sign, as well as the aspects and position of the dispositor. Transiting Neptune will also be very important because it shows new ways that help and lead to healing. The following are informative analyses for the twelve positions according to the house where Neptune is located. I will only address one of the most common topics that this planet initiates in each house. Certainly, if there is lack of fate, the problem does not come from Neptune, but from ourselves and the etheric level of the personality.

Neptune in the first house

This is a subtle artistic nature and ecstasy. We act towards others as if we are lost in some story of our own that has no points of contact with reality. Aura is subtle and easily hurt by all. The impressions of the day are too powerful for us, but we feel exhausted because our energy is leaking. We don’t know who we are and as if we are weakened by parts of other people’s characters. There is a need to indulge, but we often seem so lost that this indulgence shows as if we are letting life slip through our hands. There is sadness in us that is drowning us. Others do not have a strong impression of us. We may seem mentally unstable and swaying in our behavior. Crying eyes, tears, runny nose, sneezing and allergies often characterize us. There is something in us that we are intolerant of.

Clothes we wear can be described as curtain-like, resembling of a ball gown or a fairytale costume. We just want to “drown” in the environment and be invisible because of the pain we feel. Of course, there are also those whose ego does not have issues to such an extent and whose personal boundaries are not so unconscious, which significantly depends on the sign. These people have learned how to let others near but not to be hurt by them. However, for most, it is necessary to learn how to say no and at the same time remain empathetic. This person can be dishonest with himself. He has to find a way to channel his emotions because he could become ill of them.

Neptune in the second house

This position is often about possible money problems. Even if money is there, we can’t use it practically. Or it disappears and it is lost and sometimes theft happens. Money goes unnoticed, “flows away” and it seems that we do not have the strength to create or keep it. Something in us says that we are not worth it. Beliefs about money and personal value are very important here. It is often about shaky personal values ​​and lack of self-confidence. Energy is wasted and materially experienced lightly or irrelevantly. What we have is not noticed, and what we do not have, we miss very much.

Money doesn’t seem to matter to us because one part of our personality is not important to us. We learn to intuitively invest in what will bring us a better flow of money and energy. We can attract money through visualization or a magical ritual, but mostly through our faith. However, we must be prepared that money will be like the tide. We can be deceived which initiates us to change our attitude towards money. One should be aware that money or real estate that is dormant can easily be lost. We learn what we tend to spend in vain and how to satisfy financial aspirations in a practical way turning this into tangible support.

Neptune in the third house

This position indicates a person who may be confused and overwhelmed with thoughts. She feels inspired and writes songs or essays with much emphaty. But all this requires a rational approach which is too tiring for her. Clairvoyance is especially emphasized in those who meditate. She does not know how to find a solution mentally, but finds it through intuition. Meditation is useful, but above all it is important to learn how to focus and not overlook any important detail. Words are magical. Friends and the environment can be dishonest with us.

We don’t remember where we parked our car and we easily lose our phone, data and documents. One should be careful when driving, in bad weather and at night. We are forgetful and often feel that we do not understand the environment well, and neither do they understand us. We need to learn to express our thoughts more clearly. Sometimes it is easier to explain through a picture or drawing. We may feel guilty about a decision. Relatives demand some kind of sacrifice from us for their own interest. The more honest we are, the less complicated life becomes. Lying here leads to illusions, pain and suffering. And loss of a friend. We are like our friends, but we stay in illusions.

Neptune in the fourth house

There may be a problem with parents here. From home and family comes a large amount of insecurity associated with our childhood and some illusions about life. He does not solve problems at home, so they accumulate. Illness in the house, alcoholism, addiction and loss, but all in order for the person to be saved from this ‘sinking ship’. However, he chooses to be a victim because it is easier that way. And then he blames his parents for his lost life. One of the parents is unavailable emotionally or is never at home. Apartment is flooded or there is a water problem. He has challenges around maintaining the house and running the household.

Clutter, chaos and piled things from all epochs and several decades ago. Great-great-grandmother’s clothes are also kept, although we will never wear this. Until we throw out all of that and until we do a total cleansing, there is no room to breathe in our home or to create family in a healthy way. Healing through family, but also disappointment in it. We need to forgive our parents. Things in the house disappear without a trace. Mental illness is possible if we spend too much time at home. Someone in the family is a victim or makes us feel that way. And it could have been different if we only knew that those with whom we have the biggest problems are our soulmates and most important parts of us.

Neptune in the fifth house

This may indicate that we are disappointed in the partner even though we initially idealized him. He appeared to be our soulmate and it turned out that he was lying to us all the time. Creative impulses are a way to heal. The person is in love and often feels cheated in love which is suddenly gone. Like the scent of perfume, love disappears and we are alone again. We just wonder what happened to us and whether it was all just a dream. We don’t know how to get what we’re looking for because what we’re looking for is very deceptive. We have expectations that we do not know how to fulfill because we do not know the language of love. We just dream and fantasize.

Addiction to feelings of infatuation, gambling and getting drunk for fun. Risks because boundaries are easily lost as if to destroy ourselves. We should have artistic hobbies where he can let ourselves go, but in such a way that it is safe for us and that we help the healing of others with our creative impulses. Child inherits some of our talents, but may have allergies or health problems. Drawing and painting as well as dancing are recommended. We has to learn to start a relationship with a full heart and not to expect our partner to give it to us, because otherwise we will always feel like a victim. Give more and don’t be sorry, that is the way of life that we should follow, because our love is healing to all those we have “touched”.

Neptune in the sixth house

This position may or may not necessarily speak of illness, unemployment and depression. The person feels like a victim at work and is there because he really doesn’t even know what to do. Diseases are difficult to diagnose because they come from the mental part of the personality. Hypochondria and fear of illness. Allergies are present and the psyche is ‘soft’. That is why it is very important that we have healthy eating habits. We should be careful with medication. At work possible disappointment, oversight or theft. Carelessness brings problems and it is necessary to introduce habits regarding diet and exercise that regenerate the organism.

Forgetfulness for practical things. We get sick because of work when we arenot working in the field of our interest. We are not ready to change our job, even though it is useless. Meditation can heal symptoms. Our body is sensitive, alcoholism and smoking are very harmful to us. We are susceptible to illness and poisoning. Bad habits impair immunity. We are sometimes allergic to caffeine. Everything affects us more intensely than others. We are disappointed at work. We get sick because we can no longer withstand the everyday life and obligations we have. But one thing can heal us and that is work if we have dedicate ourselves to good habits and service to others.

Neptune in the seventh house

Disappointment in marriage and possible cheating only if we thought that partner could change because of love. We deceive ourselves, we just don’t see it, so we have to go through an experience where will see it clearly. Secret relationships disrupt what we have. Partner is not honest with us or is hiding something. Illusions accumulate and it is difficult for us to accept and see reality. We also go crazy at work and sometimes our co-workers are dishonest. In communication, some part is always missing and disturbs the balance. Legal issues may be present or drag on in court for a long time.

Frauds through contracts where in the end we always feel like victims, cheated and abandoned because of others. We need to think about why we present ourselves as a victim and what we ask of others that we should give ourselves. In which way we did not clearly communicate our expectations? This is especially important when the transit aspects also activate this position. They will bring people who will help us heal our relationships, but also the part of ourselves that we have neglected and that we deny. There is no one but us. The sooner we recognize that the outside partner is only a small part of what has been inside us for centuries we will open up for healed relationships. We just need to open our eyes. The one who let us down is in the mirror.

Neptune in the eighth house

There are great fears that prevent us from making a change and everything else depends on this healing. The old traumas are still like bleeding wounds inside us. We need to forgive someone. It is especially beneficial here if we go through energy therapy and healing of the psyche. The energy is pulled inward and stuck in some old event. There are problems with inheritance and money. That is also a physical manifestation of a relationship in which our trust has been broken. Partner can deceive us and we can lose some real estate. In both cases, it is as if we have lost a part of ourselves. Occult knowledge attracts us, but caution and higher awareness are needed.

As long as we are not free from lower vibrations and as long as there is still a need in us for someone to save us, we can do more damage and sink even deeper until we heal the wounded part of ourselves. All of this serves to transform parts of us. Healing is very subtle, so sometimes we miss it, because it’s too hard for us to forget what it’s like to be “light and easy”. We are possibly even clairvoyant but must be aware that we can attract events with our psyche that we do not want. Accidents at sea, in deep water and drowning in afflictions. Caution if there is an obsession with drugs, smoking, drinking or some phobia. Sexual problems and disappointments or loss of money. On the other hand, ocean of life is full of creativity and inspiration when we learn to be a “sailor of our ship” and our energy.

Neptune in the ninth house

There may be disappointments due to beliefs regarding faith and religion. We believe in something that turns out to be false. We are not sure what to believe in. Traveling can be problematic, but also healing. It serves us to lose ourselves and then to find ourselves again with expanded consciousness. It is like immersion in water during baptism. Conflicts with people who do not share our beliefs or do not have the same views, but always through some kind of veil or a fog.

We study but never graduate due to choosing a wrong university. Fraud in foreign countries or the feeling that we are invisible in a country and our beliefs do not matter. Teaching spiritualism and gurus can be both dangerous and phenomenal. Here a lot depends on education and broadness. We learn to take the veil off our eyes and look at a reality that is much more magical than illusion and deception.

Neptune in the tenth house

Scams at work are possible because we are not even sure what we want from our career. We feel that we gave our lives for the company, and we didn’t get much. Uncertainty about professional issues and direction. Sacrificing family and partners and all for the sake of job security or advancement. Disease appears at the moment when we give up one of our big dreams, which we had as a child. We try to heal the environment and others through our occupation, but in everything we do we seem to realize that we are not completely honest. Falling from a position due to some lie, sooner or later.

Bone pain because we wear a “cross” in the workplace through jobs that are not even in the description of our profession. The work should have a spiritual note and not be focused only on the artistic, because talents mean nothing if we do not pursue them. It needs to be a functional job and we need to be diligent at it to use these talents. It is not worth dreaming about something, as only hard work counts or we believe it is so. When we make dreams come true then we can fantasize of a better place. Until then we have to work. The psyche is unstable due to too much obligations. It is possible that the father is ill. Some of his frauds concerning the family and the house are uncovered, as well as his tendency to keep “building castles in the sky”.

Neptune in the eleventh house

Friends are empathetic and help us achieve our dreams, even in a material sense. However, some of them are not completely honest and can take advantage of us. Great disappointments because of the plans that failed and were not even defined to the last detail. We need to believe in something and connect with those who share our aspirations. Only then can membership and activities in an association heal us.

We sacrifice ourselves for friends or they sacrifice for us. Identifying with the needs of an association that strongly influences our unstable personal boundaries. Someone is deceived and desperate. It is important to learn how to be realistic and not sacrifice our identity for humanitarian activities in which we are used only as puppets. First check the facts and only then start with putting it into action.

Neptune in the twelfth house

Here are possible problems of the psyche that wake us up and help us heal in dreams. Insomnia or the loss of a part of oneself. We are like a victim fueled by some disappointment that we will not let go. We retreat into ourselves and have a need to sleep more or indulge in some vice. We find refuge in faith. The unconscious is in focus. It overshadows the whole life which does not seem to be exactly up to date with reality. Relaxation and surrender, but also personality crises. Insecurity and depression, searching for your way and your piece of the sky. We do not see a way out of any situation. The need to heal the deepest part of the personality exists, so we retreat in silence and peace, meditating by the water.

We are waiting for someone to save us, but we are too old for fairy tales. We don’t even believe that anyone could really understand us. Through faith, we can overcome our sensitivity, which manifests as a psychosomatic symptom or a chronic health problem. We enjoy jobs where we are completely isolated from others and then we are the most creative, too. Psychotherapy can be useful to us and everything that leads us back to ourselves and that helps us to finally know who we are. However, on this journey, we need to find the strength to seek help and not be ashamed of it. It is one thing to be blind in life when someone offers us help, but it is another to be closed to the help we need that comes from those who love us.

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