Maja Lazić
February 24, 2023


Signs represent a passive part of zodiac’s energy structure. Active part are the planets that touch us directly, helping us to write our life’s story. Each planet is an energetic carrier of a particular sign. In some signs we do not have planets, but transiting Moon, which changes sign every two and a half days, activates and awakens them, too.

Planet will show the way a sign will manifest and express itself in a natal chart. This naturally leads us to the topic of retrograde planets. It is believed that retrograde planets indicate a more difficult manifestation of sign’s energy. However, retrograde planets indicate that natal chart’s expression should guide energy backwards in order to move forward in life.

Retrograde planet, depending on its position in sign and house, may indicate that we lack self-confidence, assertiveness or we are driven by fear as a result of past life karma. Natal Sun and Moon cannot be retrograde, but can have an aspect to a retrograde planet. Stationary planet, the one that is about to go retrograde or direct again has a significantly greater impact.

Type of impact depends on planet’s characteristics and each symbolizes a part of human consciousness. Each of your natal planets represents a key guide to happiness and success. If we refuse to learn lessons offered to us through natal chart, our “astrological teachers” can be very harsh. Everything depends on our choices!

Natal Sun-light of your Life

Natal Sun represents perception of yourself, how you express your will and what choices you make. Sun describes personality, life’ organization and a healthy ego. Negative polarity of manifestation represents selfishness, vanity, tyranny, pompous behavior and inflexibility. In natal chart, Sun helps you to know who you are in order to see what life experiences will help you to accept yourself.

Through aspects, Sun talks about the way of manifesting energy, personal power and an unique outlook on life that can be associated with a person who has been ‘a light’ in your life. Although traditionally Sun represents one parent (father or a guardian), it can be anyone who has been a role model in your life, from whom you have adopted view of success and self-image.

Natal Moon-light of the Soul

Natal Moon indicates a sensitive nature, of a very subjective quality and changeable character. In negative polarity, it speaks of timidity, laziness, excessively vivid imagination, tendency to be indecisive and prone to irritable mood.

In natal chart, Moon will show what makes us happy and what leads to irrational behavior and reactions that take control of our life. Moon is our unconscious nature that is a motivator for action and thus associated with habits acquired in childhood. Traditionally, we associate Moon with mother and early childhood and how loved and protected we felt. My website has a really large number of posts about Moon and you can read more on this link.

Natal Mercury-light of Intelligence

Natal Mercury represents how we speak, learn and absorb information from environment. In negative polarity, it is expressed as nervousness, worry, talkativeness and hyperactivity. When it is close to natal Sun, it can be ‘combust’ and I have discussed that in linked post.

Nervous mind is especially seen in a person where Mercury is at the very end of the sign and is combust/conjunct Sun, which is at the beginning of the next sign. Speech problems can also be present when Mercury is at its maximum distance from Sun, which is 28 degrees. This could be expressed as inadequate communication and weak connection to Self.

In natal chart, Mercury will show qualities in terms of intellect and communication, but also difficulties in understanding ourselves. If it is retrograde, person may lack words to express themselves because they see world in blurry images.

Sometimes it seems that whatever this person says is always misunderstood. Of course, according to progressions, retrograde Mercury at one point acquires a direct quality. That year will be very significant for how this person perceives themself and how they communicate with environment. Meditation and journaling are very helpful, too.

Natal Venus-light of Balance

In natal chart, Venus describes relationships, art and love and in negative polarity it manifests itself as vanity and manipulativeness. Venus talks about what we need to find peace, what we are looking for in a partner and what our unique nature can give in an important relationship.

When retrograde, especially in childhood, it can be expressed as shyness or difficulty in making friends. Person may feel strange in company of people of the opposite sex or have doubts about their own attractiveness. This individual may not be sure about their appearance. However, their creativity is at a particularly high level, so it is important that they use natal position to channel this energy through art.

Venus can also be ‘combust’ which is covered in linked post. It can be found a maximum of 48 degrees away from Sun. These are people who can search for their Soul mate for most of their lives. Venus teaches us through beauty and balance to find peace and harmony seen in many finest world’s works of art. It is also true that the most grotesque works of art have their own value and beauty!

Natal Mars-light of Assertiveness

Natal Mars describes willpower and courage and in negative polarity it can be shown as selfishness, cruelty and sadism. Person with prominent Mars may be prone to quick irritation and anger. Mars teaches us how to deal with stress or resolve conflicts, what to invest our strength in and what life adventure to embark on.

Healthy aggressiveness, freedom to initiate what we want, independence and determination are contained in this planet’s quality. Mars awakens in us enthusiasm and desire to win life’s battles. This planet teaches us in which area of life we should be more assertive and get rid of irrelevant conflicts that drain energy. Strong Mars always indicates a strong will and willingness to thrive.

When it is retrograde, individual can be very physically durable, but passive-aggressive. During life, this person should learn how to demand their needs. It is primarily an energetic quality that we must learn to maintain and activate strength. Another phase of learning can be techniques for controlling anger and expressing it in a healthy way, rather than turning aggression towards yourself.

Natal Jupiter-light of the Spirit

In natal chart, Jupiter describes faith, self-confidence and vitality. In negative polarity, it manifests as exaggeration, excessive optimism, pomposity, extravagance, spreading negative beliefs, philosophizing that has no roots in real experience. Person with prominent Jupiter can be very generous, happy and joyful because they feel that they are being guided by something bigger than themselves.

Some books mention that this is protection of a Spirit Guide. Person should embark on experiences that will help in order to have more confidence and faith in life. However, it is necessary to become aware of what is taken for granted, because Cosmos will always stop such energy waste.

When it is retrograde, it describes a deeply-rooted faith and serious life attitudes. Person may be quiet, inhibited or have a pessimistic approach to life. Natal Jupiter is in an area of life where luck follows us, but it will materialize only if our efforts follow, too.

Natal Saturn-light of Self-esteem

Natal Saturn teaches us self-discipline, self-belief and finding peace in solitude. In negative polarity, it manifests as depression, melancholy, cynicism, coldness in family relationships, lack of imagination, suppression of emotions and materialism. People with accentuated Saturn are very hard in showing affection and love solitude, but feel very frustrated when they experience failure.

They should learn to focus on process that leads them to achievements of goals and not on goal itself. In natal chart, Saturn will show what we need to learn in order to rely on ourselves. Lack of self-discipline and conscientiousness will bring pain and sorrow. Person who only dreams and does little will be rudely awakened by Saturn, for their own good. Each of us learns important life lessons in this incarnation during Saturn’s return, which I already wrote about on this link.

Also, if it is retrograde then person can be very self-sufficient and have problems letting someone in. Although they are a loner by nature, they have a huge reservoir of inner strength, but need to learn to open up emotionally and “soften”. These people have trouble setting boundaries and saying no or are rigid, which leads to psychosomatic symptoms.

Natal Uranus – light of Individuality

This planet describes our unique capacities, relationship to authority, culture/society and need for freedom. In negative polarity, it can be manifested as opposing, stubbornness, irresponsibility, selfishness, insensitivity to other people’s feelings and inability to learn important life lessons.

Person with prominent Uranus is eccentric and very different from their surroundings and prone to rebellion. They don’t like rules, law and regulations, but they have to create them because otherwise they can make a mess of their life. In natal chart, it will show where it is necessary to get rid of need for environment’s support it and move forward on their own.

Very often Uranus indicates where we will break rules and follow our own path that it will illuminate for us. If we hesitate to take that path, we will constantly be met with turbulence and accidents. Goal of everything is self-actualization and awareness of who is (not) authority in our life. I think the answer is clear and I don’t need to write it.

When retrograde, we can have a special way of expressing our nature. We can have ingenious ideas, but do not know how to bring them from fantasy to concrete realization. We must learn to let go of what is currently modern and contemporary and find authentic voice.

Natal Neptune-light of Divine Consciousness

In natal chart, Neptune describes need for introspection and dreams, overcoming mind’s barriers and traveling into unconscious parts of human’s nature. In negative polarity, it manifests as confusion, laziness, daydreaming, escapism, addictions, glamorous decisions and weak awareness of real circumstances.

Person with prominent Neptune is drawn to religion, exploration of consciousness through meditation, mystical experiences, path of dreams and illusions. In natal chart, it indicates in which area of life logic should be ignored and intuition should be allowed to lead. Of course, in order to do that, we must first have all the previously mentioned planets strong and stable! Neptune indicates destruction that lurks and limitations that do not serve us.

This is the place in natal chart where we are most vulnerable and where we feel afraid to face the truth. When it is retrograde, we can be very psychologically sensitive and not completely in contact with reality. Person lacks logical approach to life or lives as a victim because of something that happened in the past.

One of the lessons is that we must learn to accept limitations of real world like a painter has a limited canvas. At the same time this artist paints with a brush what the Soul feels and hears which is always unlimited.

Natal Pluto-light of Truth

Natal Pluto describes our destiny and karmic lessons. In negative polarity, it can manifest as megalomania, grandiosity, violence, dogma, dictatorial behavior and hunger for power. Person may be fascinated by themes of death, sexuality and transformation, but with a strong fear of change.

In natal chart, it indicates what life can give us and what will make us feel authentic and empowered. Person with a strong Pluto can make big changes in environment and be a huge support for others. At the same time they must learn to overcome oppression and manipulation.

When it is retrograde, we may feel as if we do not know how to unlock personal power. We could be too humble or have issues in accepting things as they are and losing energy on things we cannot change.

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