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June 14, 2024



When you activate your natal Pluto, you are ready to see life through the eyes of an alchemist. However, your key life strategy is hidden in this planet. With Pluto everything is complex. And it’s usually about affairs we’ve been involved in that are connected to some deep wound. Pluto in aspects leads path to authentic self by committing to goals that transcend this incarnation, where we once made a mistake, but are now making it right.

Pluto at the point of polarity is the beginning and end of everything. In relationships, problems arise when Pluto aspecting Venus wants to satisfy his needs through the other. Goal is for him to learn to balance his energy, but he usually can’t do so, because he wants to protect himself keeping parts of his being locked.

In house where Pluto is, person may feel dirty, but hides it from himself and others. Pluto activated by planetary transits is an opportunity for a new birth. And because your truth is always visible in your energy field, Pluto goes beyond words. It is important to become aware how your energy is moving, which is always visible in eyes and gaze.

Generations according to Pluto and self mastery

Any desires that you are strongly attached to can also be understood through Pluto. Depending on how aware you are of Pluto, you will know where to focus and how to achieve your goals in healthy ways.

So how can you use Pluto’s energy wisely to master yourself? It depends on Pluto’s sign, which you can check below. Each person is specific and for exact position of natal Pluto, it is best to look in ephemeris book.

  • Pluto in Cancer born before 1939.
  • Pluto in Leo born between 1937-1958.
  • Pluto in Virgo born between 1956-1972.
  • Pluto in Libra born between 1971-1984.
  • Pluto in Scorpio born between 1983-1995.
  • Pluto in Sagittarius born between 1995-2008.
  • Pluto in Capricorn 2008-2024.
  • Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044.

Sign in which Pluto is shows quality of deep water that you have been in throughout your life. It is connected to why you can’t achieve goals. How I got here is another question that could be answered through Pluto.

Pluto and self mastery (heart chakra)

When heart is open it is what allows true activation of Pluto’s power. There is a deep feeling that all is well. However, most people despair over Pluto-related problems. At the same time, they don’t want to see the truth and accept that they have to change. Often true trust in Life is lacking.

In order to activate Pluto, you first need to understand that you don’t have to suffer so much or go through trauma and pain. Pluto requires high level of awareness to integrate its meaning. Person learns to appreciate Life being grateful for everything that happened to him. Only then can he finally venture into life and that means feeling everything.

Often creative principle of Life is replaced by destructive forces if not manifesting energy of Pluto in healthy way. Over time, person learns to embrace his darkness, to let go and let others live their lives. When we understand that we are co-creators of all that is and that there is a cosmic (divine) nature within us, our life begins to transform in a magical way.

Transiting Pluto and self mastery

However, we must connect natal Pluto with the transiting to understand what we need to realize now. Pluto is higher dimension of healing and now that it is in transit in Aquarius it is ruled by Uranus in Taurus. In two years it will be Uranus in Gemini so the quality of energy will change.

Also, each generation according to sign of Pluto has a subtype according to ruler. For example, Pluto in Libra according to sign of natal Venus can come in 12 different types. In astrology things should never be taken for granted because subtleties exist on many levels.

Pluto in Capricorn has Saturn as its ruler, which in astrology is concerned with social norms, institutions, conditions and structures we rely on. It is also connected to consciousness, which helps us to organize life and acquire position on important issues based on moral principles.

Pluto in Aquarius on the other hand through Uranus concerns cultural factors among like-minded groups. It is super-consciousness of collective. Through it we can free ourselves from conditioning of Saturn in Aquarius. This leads us all to path of dharma and innovation of life when we open to FLOW.

Pluto and self mastery connected to Uranus & Chiron

Uranus in Taurus asks you what is holding you back from living an authentic life. Pluto in Aquarius wants to enable higher consciousness. Therefore deep wounds are opened for healing of humanity to happen. Evolution and creation of new life is possible only through raising to higher frequencies.

When a person wakes up from a dream, his healing begins. She then sees that her life has meaning. Quality of her energy changes drastically. She realizes that her Life is perfect as it is. That it is neither better nor worse, but optimal for her to activate the supreme power of her energy field.

Pluto does this with help of Chiron in Aries where gifts are hidden in wounds on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Pluto and Chiron are about desires that separate us, but also bring us back to ourselves. Transits activate process of individuation that person embarks on when expressing his true self and his essence of being. It is when we feel connected to everyone and everything. We have finally found our place because Pluto is deep energy in core of the Earth.

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto in Capricorn with ruler Saturn will show for the last time in fall where structure of your life is not stable. And Pluto in Aquarius with Uranus after that breaks down limiting beliefs in order to expand our horizons because much more than we thought is possible for us.

Existing restrictions and overcome structure are connected with limited beliefs and parts of personality which are shadow self. These are all those banished and blocked parts of our personality. It is about our wounds.

Uranus in Taurus is here to help by finding solution when we listen to the impulse of life. It invites you to find those like you and thus activate the synergy of the collective. Pluto always offers an opportunity to dissolve conditions that do not support you because they inhibit your true nature.

Pluto transits in Aquarius

Transits of Pluto to natal planets unlock blockages that are holding you back if you have not yet mastered yourself and your energy. That is why person experiences breakups, shocks, interruptions, collapse… She despairs because parts of her life are being destroyed and she doesn’t see that it serves her.

Pluto during such life crises teaches you to be as vulnerable as possible when the fences are removed and heart chakra barrier is broken. Then the metamorphosis of personality begins, but truth is that not every individual has strength to go through it. Many remain stuck in “neither here nor there” tunnel.

Transits of Pluto touching personal planets can affect health. Person may be faced with an illness if he has been repressing parts of himself for a long time. It is always some very deep problem in natal Pluto visible in broken aura. Experience of working with clients has shown me that it mainly concerns dysfunctional attitude towards life and past emotional mess that has not been “cleaned up”.

Pluto in opposition/conjunction

When transiting Pluto makes an opposition to natal planets person may face challenges as wounds unexpectedly open. She can no longer hide the pain and old toxic emotions. She must resolve them in her body. Problems are illuminated because she has to learn to deal with challenges in a different way. However, it is felt most intensely during transiting Pluto conjunctions.

Person has to get out of comfort zone, but it seems to him that he cannot do so and make a change. If he continues to do as he has been doing, wounds remain open and hurt even more. Why do we run away from problems? Why is it difficult to deal with the truth? Usually because Pluto “loves” crisis and person thus “controls” life and their environment.

Often a person really does not have capacity to act on a higher level of consciousness, but can only continue in the old way. This inevitably destroys him sooner or later. Many of us have become accustomed to pain and chaos in our lives. Sometimes it is so painful that the only possible escape from pain is always associated with some destructive behaviour and banging one’s head against the wall.

How to activate Pluto in a healthy way?

If we have strength to deal with pain that appears, especially in interactions with important people in our life, there is chance to open up to truth with help of Uranus in Taurus. We don’t have to stay stuck in nightmare. We don’t have to numb ourselves through food, alcohol, drugs, overwork or constant listening to music that promotes impoverished and debatable values.

If a person does not have strength to carry Pluto he was got at birth, he returns to Neptune running away even more from himself. And problems remain unresolved. If this lasts too long, body weakens and serious illness may appear. Person is accompanied by general bad feeling. It seems that life is all or nothing. She usually has impression that she got nothing.

Finally, Pluto teaches us to focus on what is essential in life, which cannot be avoided or escaped from. It will follow us for the rest of our lives if we don’t solve it. However, that is only up to us. Since Pluto is my chart ruler, I had to learn how to deal with this powerful energy inside of me, even when it was not easy. That is what led to the creation of Astrodetoks and my life path of dharma. I wish you the same!

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