Weight Problems

Maja Lazić
May 24, 2019

Weight Problems

This post is about weight problems.

Weight problems (astro-energy perspective)

Times of stressful events often lead to imbalance in our energy, overeating and food addictions. Looking from the perspective of the energy system, gaining weight is a sign that second chakra is not in balance. Most often other chakras are not in balance. We miss true pleasure in our life and sacred energy does not run properly, which is often associated with blocked sexuality. Weight never has anything to do with the food we eat but with flowing or blocked energy and suppressed emotions.

Excessive self-control and self-discipline in certain areas of life can be manifested as the loss of control in the amount of food that we eat. Empaths turn to overeating, as Louise Hay says as that is a sense of relief for hypersensitive persons and  food serves to get rid of certain feeling and that they ‘don’t fly away’. The place where you gain weight will point to a concrete life problem and painful emotions related to it.

Empaths are sensitive to words, gestures, comments. Even when they get compliments they feel uncomfortable and second chakra closes, consumes all what is happening around and becomes exhausted, creating excess weight around the waist. So that we don’t get drown by strong emotions. Food slows down energy.

Calories are less wasted and metabolism slows down, making it harder to really feel our emotions and lose weight. Same is true when we feel jealous, obsess about something, embarrassed, guilty and then food becomes unconscious form of punishment for something that we have done or continue to do.

Energy-weight problems

Energy is always moving, but each of us have a tendency to try to block this flow in stressful periods of our lives. We do it through attaching to the old often painful emotions in hope that we will be safe. When we are being “fed by emotions” that we get from others. these emotions suddenly do not exist or we do not get them regularly and in the amount that we need their loss creates imbalance in our inner system. The state of our emotions will always be reflected in what and how much we eat.

At certain moments of our life it happens that this emotional imbalance lasts for too long and the fight with weight becomes stressful and exhausting, as if it will never stop. We lose control and we feel bad and then we eat even more. But why are we doing this to ourselves? The reason are poor personal boundaries and exhausted and stuffed aura.

The problem of intimacy and boundaries, fear that we will be abandoned, the inability to live the way we really want, poor communication with the environment, leads us to get stuck with unhealthy foods. When we have contact with people who we don’t really like,with whom we still spend a lot of time or they are our family members, our aura becomes “frightened”. It feels hungry for safety. It is necessary then to act towards ourselves like our parents and to ask ourselves how we can help this child in us. What would you tell this child? Would you just give him a candy bar and ignore everything else?


Doreen Virtue in her book “Constant Craving “says that poor diet reflects emotional hunger. Especially if we are focused on certain foods that we must eat. Extrovert people will eat more in the company and introverts when they are alone. It is a sign that relationship with others is ‘not feeding us’, so we must find consolation in food. She mentions that diet is connected in low self-esteem, which is a weak third chakra and inability to express our own will. The stomach is constantly looking for food, although what it requires is action towards our goal and not another sandwich.

Marianne Williamson in the “A Course in Weight loss” says that any relationship that is not based on love can affect our diet. That with healing our relationships we also correct the attitude toward food and get out of a relationship that does not suit us and which limiting. Donna Eden advises us to help emotionally feed ourselves.We should work on a sense of balancing our emotions because energy imbalance is possible only if emotions are not in balance. By focusing on energy, we will heal emotions.

Astrology and weight problems

From astrology’s perspective, Moon is our internal security and the need to feel protected, safe. Not attached to something that comes from outside because we already have it all inside of us. That is precisely why food represents what brings us security. Because at any moment we can reach for something that we will swallow and falsely fill the “internal security level”. Weight always serves to keep other people at distance- Even when we want them to approach us and we pile up the walls of the fortress that hurts us more and more.

Although love is needed to lose weight, it is this search for love that keeps us fat and all this comes from difficult childhood and complicated relationship with our mother (Moon in birth chart). If there is a problem with mother (often unconsciously), there will be a problem in our diet.

Some of the indicators of the problems with weight in the natal chart:

  • Moon in Pisces, Libra or Taurus,
  • sixth house in Sagittarius or Taurus,
  • Jupiter transit in 6th house,
  • stellium in Pisces,
  • Saturn square ascendant,
  • Uranus square or conjunction Moon,
  • transit Neptune or Uranus at ascendant or
  • in aspects to Sun, Moon as the main planet of a fixed T square. Not just one item will bring a problem but a combination of several.

Here are just a few examples of how the Imbalance of the Moon can manifest:

Moon in the first house – a tendency to get bloated
Moon in Scorpio – we easily lose but quickly return excess weight
Moon square or conjunction Uranus – we are hungry for the liberation and genuine experiences when we feel alive, if that is not present, if life is predictable. There will be anxiety and stress seeking comfort in food
Moon in Cancer or Pisces-emotional imbalance and when we do not know how to get control of it, either because of our fear or by blocking what we really feel, brings more weight

Here are some other examples:
Christina Aguilera- Moon in Taurus and a tendency to gain weight because of the foods rich in sugar in which she finds consolation for love injuries.
Janet Jackson – Moon in Aries conjunct Venus by exercise can quickly lose weight, but quickly return it when gets lazy
Adele-Moon in Sagittarius in opposition to Venus in Gemini in the XII house with the symbolism of Pisces, the tendency to gain weight due to unrequited love.

Full Moon and weight problems

Also, the phase of the Moon at the time of birth is important when we observe one’s attitude towards food and those born at the Full Moon often have an obsessively compulsive relationship with eating habits. The 29th degree also brings critical problems about the amount of food that we eat, digestive issues and extreme weight. Moon challenged in the natal chart in a large number of cases brings constant stress around our body. It is manifested in moments of life crises and major changes when everything is unstable.

If you have a problem with diet for a long time, this may be related not only to the poor setting of the natal Moon and challenging squares. Also to the current challenging transits happening now. So we need to work on a planet that has contact with Moon and heal energy system. An intuitive diet brings us all collectively with Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces to new levels of living, but we still struggle. The planets look for a change that we do not want to make, even though our soul wants to be finally free.

Transit Saturn to Moon in many cases I have noticed brings weight loss and sorrow. Jupiter conjunct Moon is joyful, but also prone easy to gain weight. Only when there are no real emotions and when we have to satisfy our emotional needs through food. At the same time, body fat keeps us from what we really want. That is love and security in relationships.

Emotions and food in connection to weight problems

We may be mentally aware that everything is fine but other thing is being really emotionally calm. Because even when we know that everything is fine, we often feel unconsciously stressed and feel fearful. The inner child wants attention and love however. As long as we do not get it, food represents a constant form of problem that we cannot get out of. Food becomes a consolation prize and addiction.

As Moon connects us with the subconscious parts of our personality, exit from this circle of bad eating is very difficult. If we do not influence the subconscious part and this can be done through Reconnective Healing, energetic regression and meditation. Moon changes signs every two days. So it is first of all necessary to move and be like a flowing river not only with our body but with our emotions, too.

Weight loss is best achieved when we create a safe atmosphere at home, in our family and with partner. The condition for this safe atmosphere is that we are at peace with ourselves. How can we combine natal Moon and cure our energy system to master our weight? Here are five steps you can follow and which can offer relief in times of crisis.

  1. Stay in the sun in order to balance the circadian rhythm. Especially during morning and if you spend a lot of time indoors or at a computer.
  2. Eat soothing foods-bananas, oats, rice … If Moon squares Sun, drink ginger tea. If Moon squares Jupiter eat food rich in tryptophan, fish, eggs … If Moon squares Uranus take magnesium.
  3. Do daily meditation for the Moon and heart chakra as well as the second chakra.
  4. Start doing Jin yoga.
  5. Practise visualization that you are in a pink cloud, completely safe and secure.

Of course, none of this will help if we do not exercise and do not make changes in our diet. If we do it all and still encounter difficulties with losing weight understanding natal Moon. Especially if now it has squares with some transcendental planets combined with aura cleansing may help you get to through it easily and with a smile on your face.

Weight problems can be a result of transits we did not learn from, too…

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