Planets-directors of your life

Maja Lazić
January 24, 2023

Planets-directors of your life

Everyone has a planet that is particularly prominent. It is the brightest guiding star in your life’s story writing journey. Many of you have aspects of other planets that are in conflict with this planet, so finding your life path is often more complicated and even difficult.

Planets at critical degrees can be particularly energetically active as permanent hot points of consciousness. These are planets in cardinal signs at zero, 13th and 26th degrees, in fixed signs at the 9th and 21st and in mutable signs at the 4th and 17th degrees. We must also consider dispositor of planets. For example, dispositor of Mars in Gemini is planet Mercury which i this case rules Mars.

Astrological rules

Traditionally, planet in its own sign is considered to have great influence over all other planets even when it does not have aspects with them. It is easy to express its quality/traits. This planet is the most stable, hence its strength.

Planet that is in in rulership, for example, Sun in Leo or Moon in Cancer, has quality that is natural thus its energy is constantly channeled in direction of progress. If this planet is in a prominent house, it can help us achieve great success. Ruling planet is always in opposition to detriment planet, which will also be visible in transits.

Planet in detriment has a negative tendency because it does not easily navigate energy of sign such as Sun in Aquarius or Moon in Capricorn. One of lessons here is how to introduce harmony in expression of this nature, but it will require a lot of adjustment. It’s like it can’t express its nature and seems to be unlucky in life or something is blocking it.

Other dignities

Exalted planet is prominent and usually very favorable, such as Sun in Aries or Moon in Taurus. It expresses strong quality, so person enjoys using energy of this planet. Transits that activate it represent time when we can materialize desires. Exalted planet is always in opposition to planet in fall and this is visible in life’s atmosphere during transits.

Planet in fall is weak because it lacks strong identity that we must learn to find. An example can be Sun in Libra or Moon in Scorpio, so we cannot easily develop desired quality. Usually transits to this point can be associated with some life challenge or loss. Planet has weak energy flow and person has to work on it. Dignity of planets has turned out to be especially important in configurations, which I already wrote about in this link.

An example from practice

Planet will show the main topic, but sign will show how we deal with it. For example, Venus in Virgo has a picture in her head on how a relationship should look like. She will try to work on it paying attention to every detail. Person with this position might feel that is always criticized no matter what is being done to gain love- This means that there is never real satisfaction.

However, it is up to us to find ways to solve this “cosmic task”. There are many examples of people with Venus in Virgo who are in happy and beautiful long relationships and marriages. Dignity of planets only means where we start from, but not that it has to be like that forever if we don’t like it.

It will be necessary to connect everything to house that will show planet’s area of expression. For example, Venus in Virgo in the sixth house gets even more emphasized because sixth house is similar to Virgo quality. Person can then find true satisfaction in work, which can help them love themselves even more. Of course, work and love are not the same thing and cannot replace each other.

Someone falls in love with a colleague, other people cultivate love for themselves through work and service to others. Key challenge is that we do not approach love as a job. Very often, in order to reduce unpleasant energy quality, we can attract someone with Venus in sign of Pisces or with prominent Neptune. Everything in Universe always strives for balance!

Important aspects

Aspects will show interaction between planets and especially for planets with dignity, aspects to ascendant and Moon can be important. These are the most reactive points of natal chart. An “irritated” planet creates chaos everywhere, no matter how good aspect or position in house is.

Although aspect in the simplest terms represents geometric angle at which planets are located, it indicates interaction of planetary principles and how they agree with each other. You can see it as friends having a relationship that can be easy or challenging. Conjunction, when two planets are next to each other, brings on fusion of qualities and merging of principles. Think of it as egg whites and yolks that are beaten and become one mass from which you can make something else.

Opposition, aspect of planets facing each other, indicates pressure/tension. It is up to the individual to find balance between polarities. Person has certain contradiction in behavior that will be able to overcome with flexibility and adaptation.

Other main aspects

Square, like opposition, but representing a 90-degree angle, indicates conflict. Both aspects require us to change, grow and look at things realistically. Planets in square are in conflict that, if not resolved, creates more pressure. That pressure should be used to solve challenges that will make us stronger. People who achieved something always had a lot of squares! Planets in square are always planets in same modality.

In all these aspects, dignity will always be more prominent. Planets that are exalted always have strength, but if they find themselves in an aspect with a weak planet, weak planet usually becomes more prominent, unfortunately.

Aspect of trine shows alignment of planets that naturally cooperate. This is a harmonious, but not always noticeable aspect. It can certainly make it easier when there is a lot of opposition. It can enable us to resolve conflict in easier way by having broader perspective. Planets in trine are always planets in same element.

Sextile brings on stimulation that comes from contact of two planets, which brings dynamics. For this aspect to be useful, we must get moving. However, it often passes as invisible. Minor aspects exert strong energy when planets in detriment and fall are involved. Orb will also be significant.


Planet that is at 15 degrees Taurus will conjunct planets in Taurus. It will oppose planets in Scorpio and sextile planets in Pisces and Cancer. It will trine planets in Virgo and Capricorn and square planets in Aquarius and Leo. If a planet is at the first degree of Taurus it will conjunct planet in last degrees of Aries. Quality will be expressed in a modified way and these are finesse in interpretation where many other factors must be considered.

For each planet we must always observe ruler and aspects it forms. If a planet forms a lot of aspects, it will always be very important us, as well as transits of this planet! A planet that is in aspect with lunar nodes will always be emphasized and influence of past on individual’s life will be very great. It is up to us, with help of that planet, to overcome past trauma, which is described through South Node. We need to learn to orient towards future, which is seen through North Node.

What should you pay attention to?

Planets above horizon will always be more prominent and visible, while below horizon have a very subjective character. However, we are not always fully aware of them. Stelliums always have one planet that is in charge. This will also be the case with configurations.

Certainly, planet that is in the first house and near ascendant represents a very emphasized planet. For example, people who were born around dawn will have Sun conjunct ascendant. It will manifest completely differently when it is in the first compared to the 12th house.

Planet located close to MC is a culminating planet and always very significant in one’s life. Prominent planet can also be one that is at zero, 12th or 29th degree of a sign. Sun is strong in the fifth and tenth house. Moon is strong in the fourth house and Neptune in the twelfth. Venus is strong in the second, fifth, seventh and eleventh house.

Mars is strong in the first and eighth house and Jupiter in the second and ninth. Saturn is strong in the tenth house and Uranus in the eleventh. Mercury is strong in the third and sixth house. More planets in one house, the more diverse life’s dimension and our experience will be. We will have a lot of activities connected to this house. Planet that rules the ascendant is the ruler of the entire natal chart and its position is very important. Transits, too!


Planet that is in Sun sign will always be very important for our life. Planet near the ascendant has a prominent position in one’s behavior and will be physically visible in the appearance.

Multiple planets in one house or one sign bring on a prominent theme during our life. It is especially important if there are several planets around ascendant, Sun or Moon. Stelliums of personal planets are always more powerful than stelliums of transcendental planets which describe generational influences.

Houses with personal planets should always be considered in detail as well as angular planets and those connected to major aspect. Each natal chart can be an exception to every rule because each identity is unique and meaning of your life is not to fit into some description, but to truly live. The study of astrology should serve that purpose!

I hope this post has inspired you to see astrology in a different light and made you curious to explore more!

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