Purpose of astrological analysis

Maja Lazić
May 23, 2024

Purpose of astrological analysis

Purpose of astrological analysis

This post is focused on purpose of astrological analysis during consultations with me. One of the questions with which I start almost every consultation with, especially if the person is working with me for the first time, is what is expected from analysis of their chart. Natal chart can be analysed in many way and styles. There are natal charts that seem very clear, but are not. There are also those that are complex and come in layers of metaphors and symbols. Yet it is easy to get to the core.

Not everything is important in natal chart. Honestly. There is a lot that is irrelevant. A lot of nonsense is there, too. Purpose of astrological analysis is to reach useful insights through information that enable transformation and empowerment now.

Life vs. Natal chart

Person’s life experience is one thing and an archetype in a natal chart can be something completely different. It is known that learning astrology through natal charts of famous people cannot help you if you want to gain real knowledge that will benefit you. Film and music stars live their planets in an oversized way. What we know about them may often not be true.

You may have something unusual or intriguing in your natal chart. However, this does not mean that you have experienced it yet. Or that it must be part of your future experience. Most people who contact me are scared, stressed, confused and in pain. Astrology is often their last refuge because they have tried everything else. Still it is not easy for them to be with themselves or engage with others.

Many who contact me have just broken up a long-term relationship or their partner has left them. Their world has been shattered into tiny pieces. They are now trying to put their life back together. They usually think that these are the little pieces that they have to find in the partner’s chart, while answer is always in theirs. They wonder what is happening with their lives trying to find light in great darkness.

Such astrological consultations often involve tears and resemble therapeutic work. However, an astrologer is not a therapist, who in many cases can help a lot, especially if combined with astrological consultations.

Purpose of astrological analysis: new identity

There are also those who, after vainly researching various books, blogs and videos on their own, came to me still driven by desire to understand their chart better. Some simply do not know how to deal with transits or life changes. Such consultations are like initiation and opening of a new path of self-development. Emotions are usually turbulent!

Some consultations are an opportunity to build a new identity. And maybe for the first time you can see yourself clearly because you let someone see you for who you are. And that’s beautiful! I am always touched by the stories that clients tell me – many of which they have never told anyone before. Such meetings of Souls are priceless and it is true that astrological work is mutual!

There are also those who have completely changed during long-term transits. The fact that someone interpreted their natal chart twenty years ago does not mean much now. Their being expresses itself completely differently. There is a new person in front of me and that old analysis falls apart. You are free to forget it.

Rules, rules…

One of the rules that always apply is that astrology is always right – not the astrologer. True, astrology (and of course an astrologer!) does not always have answers to everything. Or in the form that we would expect or be able to understand.

If there are challenges in your chart, there is a way to solve them, too. But your age is also important and affects every analysis. Age is related to life cycles and key transits. For example, consultation during Saturn return compared to the one before or many years after this transit can appear completely different. This person now has found their integrity. There is more selfawareness and knowlage of limits and needs.

Language used in astrology is crucial as a transmitter of planets’ stories. However, your chart is only a view of the world through the eyes of an astrologer, not what the way world really is. One should not confuse natal chart as an unchanging sheet of paper with its interpretation that is possible in so many ways. Purpose of consultation is to help you see what you need and discard what no longer serves you.

During consultations, I combine classical and modern astrology in my work with clients. Sometimes it’s psychological, evolutionary and karmic astrology that I include. There are also natal charts that cannot be analysed without karmic astrology. Karma is the key lesson for that person in this incarnation that needs to be integrated.

Purpose of astrological analysis & how astrology helped me

Astrology helped me accept parts of myself that I was ashamed of and gave me a greater sense of personal peace. It taught me to slow down, Now I look at life and my surroundings with gentler eyes with much more empathy. Body is a receiver for transits and environmental energy, so one of ways astrology helped me was that I opened myself up to answers coming through my body. Now I no longer just ‘consult’ my mind. More precisely, I can freely say that I now feel astrology in my bones.

Purpose of astrology is to give us tools to improve our life and reduce confusion, stress or resistance to change. For example, maybe Jupiter just changed sign and is now conjunct your ascendant. That is clearly a new growth cycle. Consultation in such a period might be focused on expansion because it is a cycle that begins for you and can be used in many beneficial ways.

Perhaps you are going through transits of Saturn and Pluto. You are facing metamorphosis of shattered and unstable personality structure, especially if you also have a nodal return. Consultation during or before such transits usually is very transformative and more serious in tone. Transits will dramatically change quality of natal energy. So no matter how many times someone comes to me, there is always a new person in front of me! You are changing! Nothing is taken for granted.


You may have a planet at 29th degree of cardinal signs. When Pluto returns to Capricorn for the last time this fall, it can be a time of karmic repercussions for you. Especially if you have not built a stable personal authority. It can be a time when your reputation is in focus or duties that require you to devote yourself more responsibly. It is certainly a maturity test.

Also, consultation might then be focused on this in order to build a new structure that will inspire you. However, it is important to emphasize that I am not the one who determines what the consultation will focus on. Your planets and your unconscious “dictate the rhythm”.

Uranus sextile Neptune in coming years is an opportunity for us all to wake up and live with a higher frequency. This transit is desire to merge with Source again by connecting with Earth. Goal here is to get rid of dualism and throw away differences that only exist in our mind anyway. When Uranus moves into Gemini, acceleration awaits us. Now with Uranus in Taurus, it is crucial to achieve grounding through mindfulness exercises.

Chiron in Aries

Chiron is in Aries from 2018 to 2026. Its location in your chart is where it is a critical place of stress that could even be activated every day. For some of you, it’s a chronic point of inflammation where you can’t find peace. Chiron teaches us a new form of self-expression and finding ways to heal. It is doing so by activating energy resources that have remained stuck in anger. Healing childhood wounds and overcoming obstacles through personal empowerment is crutial.

Chiron teaches patience, but asks for courage, action and awakening in part of life, that is, house in which it transits. That is a place where we are still wounded. During its return, and many people contact me for consultation when they are going through that transit, Chiron emphasizes struggle in life area where we are sabotaging ourselves. It unlocks old anger and violent reactions that often get us into new problems.

If you have Sun in Aries, stellium in this sign or Mercury in Aries as ascendant ruler in the first house, this is important for you. You may feel verbally attacked or do so unintentionally. You should also take care not to hurt your head and work more on physical endurance and strength. Adrenal glands can be a weak point.

For example, if you have Moon in Cancer, Chiron now teaches you to take better care of yourself. Nurture yourself to heal wounds through individuation and transformation of personal relationships. It is up to you to heal male warrior principle in your family, too. That topic could be something that will be discussed during your consultation with me.

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