Saturn in natal house

Maja Lazić
September 25, 2020

Saturn in natal house

This post is about Saturn in a natal house.

Position of natal Saturn in houses points to an area of ​​life in which, through delay and confrontation, we learn to overcome what limits us. At first, these limiting circumstances do not suit us. The level of difficulty depends on our willingness to take responsibility for our lives. Often there is an avoidance of dealing with that particular area of ​​life. Negating problems is making them more painful. The principle of polarity is the basis for understanding Saturn. We will either see the cause of the problem in others or accuse ourselves and be rigid in adopting a new way of more constructive behavior.

Our environment will always show us what we have failed to do, where we have not done enough and what is within ourselves still not good enough to pass the Saturn’s test. For this reason, external circumstances, and as long as we blame them for the situations in our lives, are only the context necessary to learn the essential lessons of life. As soon as we learn to accept our circumstances and open up to embrace them even when they are painful we are being offered a chance to evolve.

Still, the position of Saturn in natal houses indicates opportunities, especially around Saturn’s return. That could allow the integration of our personality. We are then provided a chance to stop blaming circumstances and other people. We can gain the integrity that will support us to build our life on solid grounds. Natal Saturn and its house position indicate an area where change is slower and difficult for us. However, when we overcome this, a new phase of life structure begins.


Saturn in I house

It seems like our life begins later compared to other people. Physical body requires greater attention, regular exercise, healthy diet and learning to respect the limits. Old astrological books emphasize the tendency for head injuries, muscle strains, problems with teeth and facial muscles. This is manifested in periods of life when we are far from learning a life lesson that is crucial for us. Throughout life, we are taught discipline, routine, keeping our promises to ourselves and controlling our personality. We always have a rule for ourselves that we have not followed. This austerity, sad look and seriousness are easily visible to others.

We need to learn to relax and show who we are. High goals we set ourselves always seem unattainable. We seem to need much more than others to achieve them. Youthful appearance lingers, but so do shyness, self-doubt and tendency to criticize. Self-righteousness undermines self-confidence and we meet the elderly we fear would punish us or say no. Family is demanding that we put a lot of effort into building integrity and stop playing games. Pedantry and giving maximum in every part of our life and being willing to open up to others and be who we are comes with maturity. We feel much better in our body and in our lives with age. Finally, we realize that we built ourselves and now stand firm on the ground by being an example to others.

Saturn in II house

Financial stability could be delayed. Even when we have money we feel that it is not enough. Responsible behavior towards income is vital although it is seen as a restriction in the first part of life. Efforts are being made to have a good education. The more we learn and the more experience we have we open ourselves to better profits. We have unconscious fear of not having money and that we will lose all what we have. Yet, as long money serves as a measure of our worth and confidence, it is never sufficiently present.

Quality of life is not at the level we would like. We are learning to save and to make rational use of what we already have. We often have real estate, old homes and land. Physical money is what we want, so great effort is made to improve our finances. Purpose of this position is to build confidence and change personal values ​​if they deprive us and limit us. It is necessary to control hormones and reduce the amount of food we consume. Periodic fasting is recommended. It is through food that we become aware of how to improve our quality of life.

Saving for some greater purpose helps to gain the strength and composure needed to repair our financial situation. Still, money may come with age. It can also be invested in buying real estate. When we realize that money cannot buy a sense of happiness and peace, when we can find that feeling in ourselves despite the circumstances, we are rewarded with more of everything we need. Management of resources, both personal and in form of sexual energy are key to learning to integrate this position.

Saturn in III house

Sad thoughts or difficulty to express what we think, fear of speaking publicly and making important decisions may be present. There is doubt about the amount of knowledge and intelligence, with the fear that we do not know enough. Throughout life, we learn to be flexible, to change our mind and communicate with others with ease. Studying is harder for us. We get mentally tired more easily. Relocations are usually rejected as they trigger the need for changing our behavior and communication with new people. Throughout life, we learn to connect with family members and the environment.

There is a tendency for friendships to last a long time. Communication is worse with them than we want it to be. We feel that we are not competent enough every time we learn a new skill. Investing energy into learning a foreign language or playing an instrument can help us a lot in forms of discipline. Rigid attitudes and expressiveness of hatred will not help us. Depressive thinking is common. Dry conversations, repetitions, delays, wrong decisions, resentful communication and issues with driving can mark the first part of life. It is all about learning not to be melancholy, to be less suspicious of others and not to worry so much.

What is the lesson here?

We need to make sense that our opinions lead to misconduct and repeated mistakes. We must take responsibility for our decisions. Old astrological books point out injuries to hands and arms. This can be a sign that we are beyond what we need to learn. Energy astrology says this indicates that we refuse to hear the other side. Most commonly this is manifested in pain in shoulders. During the second half of our lives, we are much more prepared to communicate with others. We are making those who have been enemies now our new friends.

We tend to see like-minded people and to overgrow friends that show our old view of life. This position can be channeled into writing, lecture preparation and teaching. This is one way to make this position our recognizable trait advancing to become an expert in a particular field. We should try hard to make communication something that is not stopping us in any area of our lives.

Saturn in IV house

Family and roots are a painful area through which we learn the most important lessons. There is great concern for parents and a desire for them to love us infinitely. Still, we didn’t get that in childhood in the way we wanted. In the first part of our life, it is difficult to find emotional closeness with parents. We do our best not to be at home, but something binds us to our place of birth. Family real estate burdens us. Its sales are complicated and slow. Real estate costs us too much as being in bad shape still binding us to keep it. We feel cold and sad when at home. We are remembering some old event that remained recorded at the level of family karma.

Yet, although home atmosphere is strict and restrictive, it teaches us responsibilities towards family members. The sooner we resolve our relationship with our parents, the easier it will be for us to start a family. Even when we create our own family if we have not integrated this position, there is sadness and loneliness in us because we were left in our childhood. We need to learn to give just what we didn’t have. We must forgive our parents building a more stable and responsible relationship with them.

The lack of warmth in the family and home may make us find reasons not to give that love and warmth to someone else. Parents’ illness and investment in estates burden us by teaching us to change our family habits. Although these habits are slow to change, we need to make an effort to fix and stabilize our family story. Only then we will truly know that our family has always been our support and support. We understand that they are an inseparable part of us.

Saturn in V house

Creative and artistic hobby could become our job if a great deal of effort, discipline and patience are invested. Often through creativity, acting, art or music, we find a way to soothe the weight of life. There is a tendency to improvise in relation to real learning and discipline is avoided, too. If there is no disciplined routine and regular practice and if we strive for free expression before gaining the necessary knowledge, the chance to succeed is lost. We feel a great need to be loved. When alone sadness becomes apparent because all the fun does not extinguish the feeling of sadness in heart.

We go from one relationship to the next relationship or completely avoid it. We go from one interest to another, all in order to be removed from pain. Life forces us to find love and learn discipline and responsibility for our own and others’ emotions. It happens that we are either cruel to others in love or we experience being hurt by someone. The more responsible we were in love during our youth, the easier we are to succeed in this area of ​​life later.

Lessons in love

If we play with others’ feelings, if we inflict pain to others, there will be difficulties in the realization of emotional desires until we have learned this lesson. Rejection is difficult to be experienced but we face it through life. Being rejected by others hurts us a lot. All of a sudden, that bunch of people who rooted for us doesn’t mean anything. Love stories break up. We are with those who don’t know how to love, who have some great sadness in them. However, it is always a mirror for that sadness in our heart that is still there, unforgotten. Serious relationships are denied until then and Saturn in this position is experienced as sadness and disappointment.

We need to learn to love ourselves and to express emotions freely. It is important that we heal a childhood event that is still a reason why we cannot feel love. Losing someone in childhood is a reason why we need to integrate this position. It will help us to have our own family. Until this is not done, this area is delayed. We very much want to have a child. It does not happen if we have not yet learned to be responsible to ourselves and respect our emotional boundaries. In some cases, we have no children because we perceive it as a loss of our freedom.

All the time we run away from ourselves and our own insufficiency to love with all being. Often we come into contact with karmic love, in which we clearly set boundaries by running away from that person. Even when there is no one around us who tells us that we are great, when we integrate this position we are ready to feel what responsible and mature love means. And then the real creativity starts to flow into our lives!

Saturn in VI house

Routine and discipline at work and responsible attitude towards health and daily habits is crucial. However, it is in this area that we can refuse to be disciplined. Health problems arise and we are asked to change old habits. Disease in some cases appears as an opportunity to take responsibility for our health and our relationship to the physical body. Regular physical exercises and health care are the basis for integration of this position. We can face problems at work and for long periods of time be without a job.

Our business is difficult to develop and painstaking at times. There may also be problems with work colleagues and employers. Difficulties arise in those areas that are fundamental to daily life. It seems that something is always blocking us, even though we have not actually taken responsibility for ourselves and our habits. Often, it takes a lot of effort and patience and respect for co-workers to get ahead at work. In order to make progress, it is important not to shy away from accepting the subordinate role that, when perfected helps us move to a higher level. We learn to heal karmic debts by caring for others. This should not be an excuse for neglecting our own healthy habits.

Chronic health problems will therefore be a manifestation that something is wrong. Health requires that we pause and take a realistic look at the situation and our habits. Decline in immunity and bone pain as a result of hard work, poor nutrition depleted of vitamins and disagreements with colleagues at work is possible as long as this position is not integrated. We do not love our job or it is too difficult. There is a reluctance to learn and change the way we are accustomed to work. All of that contributes to problems and makes it impossible for us to live a life where we stand firmly behind everything we do. We need to become aware of the consequences of everything we have done and what we have missed to do and accept it.

Saturn in VII house

Contracts must be taken very seriously, especially with regard to the promises made in the long run. Many astrological books point out that this position can manifest as a marriage with an older partner or a person who is more serious and stricter than we are. Marriage happens later, and if it occurs before the first Saturn return, it often leads to divorce. It is difficult to find a balance with spouse and problems are also common in long-term relationships. We feel lonely. It seems that the relationship is just a form or we cannot be in a relationship in a way that is easy and joyful.

However, everything starts from our attitude in relationships where it is necessary to take responsibility and invest a lot of energy in partnership itself. Throughout life, we learn that marriage on paper means nothing unless a great deal of effort is being made into emotional connection. We need to take more responsibly in terms for other people. Throughout life, we learn that relationships do not have to be difficult and leave a bitter taste. Fulfilling our duties strengthens the relationship. The most important lessons we learn through relationships with others. They represent our shadow side that afflicts us, not these people.

Relationship lessons

They only play the role that we gave them for us to see that the existing conflict on the outside is coming from the inside. There is a tendency to stay in the relationship even when things are not ideal. We are feeling like a victim and depriving ourselves of the opportunity to build a relationship with someone else that could bring satisfaction. Relationships are keeping us stuck for a long time because of the responsibility we feel for our partner and the fear of being alone.

Final break of a relationship is like the removal of a part of us that we still can’t let go even though it hurts us. In the second half of life, we gain awareness of behavior that leads us to stability in relationships. Our partner then complements us in a way that frees us by building a strong relationship that can win everything because we have found strength in ourselves not in a partner. Life will bring us situations that manifest as learning to live without our partner, as long as we build our integrity through him.

Saturn in VIII house

We need to learn to forgive instead of being in control by avoiding issues. Worrying about money can lead us to illness. This is another indication that we are not in balance with our energy. Women can have a great fear of pregnancy, which is more difficult or unexpected complications occur. Childbirth can be critical if we have not learned to let go of life’s changes. There is a great fear of death and everything that reminds us of to the mystique of a life. Life is impossible to be controlled and therefore frightens us. Sexuality and marital life carry with it disappointments as long as there is a personality trait in us that refuses to give up control.

Serious surgeries are possible that are a way to heal ourselves and are a sign of great blockages and imbalances in energy. Inheritance difficulties and loss and unfortunate real estate circumstances are another manifestation of these lessons. During the second half of life, we learn to maintain peace in times of crisis. We can be great psychologist while also trying to help ourselves. What we need to understand is that all life crises will serve as a framework to learn what is needed in this life. As long as we do not integrate that, crises will appear and thus bring new problems.

Shadow of our old self

All this is unknowingly chosen and comes from our psyche. It is necessary to completely reject the old personality and fears that continue to block us. Addictions and deep immersion in oneself with the inability to connect with others on a truly intimate level is present. Old emotional situations still leave wounds in us because we are not ready to change our behavioral patterns. It is difficult for us to establish true intimacy. We choose partners who refuse to change and the relationship stagnates and stands still as a result.

We are constantly looking for the reasons and causes of events in our lives that would be an excuse for why we couldn’t accomplish something. Painful losses teach us that we must go through metaphorical death of our ego. As long as we do not do that, financial losses and crises in marriage are possible. Trust is a problem. Finances make it clear how much we have learned to rely on ourselves and how far we have come in integrating natal Saturn.

Saturn in IX house

It is important, if we start with something new, to finish it and stick to the moral code we have formed throughout life. We need to respect our life philosophy and that it helps us to maintain integrity. Relationship to God and spirituality goes through questioning and doubt in the first part of life. We resist anything we cannot see or what we cannot control and measure. There is a difficulty in connecting to the Universe. We reject spiritual teachings in the first part of our lives, although they are crucial in order to heal this position.

We feel that certain life beliefs that we have inherited from our family bring us pain or we experience them as a burden. We need to put effort into learning, studying and spirituality. The difficulties abroad confront us with the different belief systems and cultures we have been a part of in our past lives. Life can be marked by a rigorous teacher whom we meet at a time when it is difficult for us to respect our life philosophy. We do not manage to use the knowledge we have been learning until then. Yet, depression and loss of life purpose we may face from time to time is to teach us that we do not feel abandoned but supported. Everything in our life works for us.

Saturn in X house

Obstacles lead us to success. Through them we learn to focus on dedication to work. There is conservative and traditional approach to business. Slow progress to the position we want in the first part of life lasts until this lessons is being adopted. Conflict with our father gives us the impression that we are never good enough. We are strict with ourselves. Others perceive us as serious and rigid and in some cases even cruel. It is only after the first half of life that success occurs if we have been able to learn to take responsibility for our actions. If we continue to produce conflict with superiors and do not respect the structure that exists at the level of our company or system to which we belong, we face losses and major problems.

Desire to control life is strong and is a sign of huge fear of failure. It is only in the second half of life that we realize that although our father has asked us a lot. He has taught us how to free ourselves from gaining authority in business. Although it may seem to us that business success is slow, once we achieve it, we have the ability to remain in a position of status and responsibility for a long time. Hard work is rewarded only if we were fair, disciplined on our way to the top and if we did not use shady means to reach that a higher position. If we were not very responsible or respectful we will be faced with problems. In that case everything is taken away from us. Then in the second half of our lives we need to start from scratch. 

Saturn in XI House

Few friends or problems with them, but those who are there remain friends for life. Losses through large groups of people /associations. There is a feeling that we have no right to reach our desires and dreams. We learn to achieve our goals through realistic action. The wrong goals distract us from what we want and still keep us to remain at the dream level. Still, dreams do not become tangible if we do not put the necessary work in them.

Progress and success are left for some better days. We choose to focus on money rather than letting go to the flow of life. When we are surrounded by others, we feel lonely and as if we cannot fit in. Caution is needed and to whom we talk about our plans. We feel that we do not have the support of our environment and are in the wrong place. We need to learn not to depend on someone else’s help and be independent.

Friendships with the elderly teach us that we need to relax and be who we are. That is difficult for us, so we lose the opportunity for our friends to fully know us. Behavioral rigidity and closure confronts us with mistakes we have made in the past. We need to focus on contributing and giving to the community and those who are disadvantaged. Work and sacrifice for those who do not have good life conditions make us aware that we have succeeded in taking responsibility for our lives. We have therefore helped not only ourselves, but others around us.

Saturn in XII house

Dedicated work and research is a way to integrate this position and make the most of it. There is a difficulty in letting go and a tendency to stay in relationships that do not serve us. We feel like we are blocked in some part of our life but we do not want to change. Denial of life truth if it cannot be measured or seen is a common manifestation of this position. Possible claustrophobia or obsessive disorders tends to invite vice into life. Being stuck in a situation we have outgrown that still hurts us even though we are powerless to reject it.

It seems to us like we are spinning in a circle, still feeling the burden of injuries that happened a long time ago. It’s hard for us to open ourselves emotionally. This is more difficult for us than for others, at least that is our attitude to life. There is a great desire to feel closeness, intimacy and deep connection. We do not succeed in that as long as we negate the spiritual aspects of life. We lack contact with creative, imaginative and unconscious. That is blocked with great resistance to meditation, because at first it pulls those blocks into the light.

It is difficult for us to commit to ourselves and be silent without having TV, music and devices that make us feel that we are not alone. This prevent us from hearing our true selves. Loneliness hurts us, even though we escape to it when our life is far from what we want. Loneliness heightens the burden we feel. We try to forget about it and look for ways to have fun, which briefly bring relief. Yet when we use this great energy for jobs in which we help and unconditionally give to others and which seek isolation, we manage to fill the sense of emptiness with purpose.

What life lesson does Saturn in your natal house have for you?

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