Saturn in Aquarius

Maja Lazić
December 8, 2020

Saturn in Aquarius

Life’s difficulties and misfortunes have always been attributed to Saturn since the early days of astrology. Modern astrology sees Saturn as a teacher of the most important life lessons. In a natal chart it shows us how we experience personal responsibility, how mature and grown we are.

It’s not that we have problems in life because of the natal Saturn position. They appear because we do not do or have not done what was needed. Our behavior and attitude vibrate in a certain way. This is in relation to the quality of transiting Saturn which depends on how much we have accepted and learned to trust ourselves.

Transiting Saturn in the air sign of Aquarius speaks of the knowledge that can still prevent us from achieving our goals. This belief come from an ancestor, an older family member, a teacher. It may come frm a karmic heritage based on place of birth. Life goals during this transit will be achievable when we change our attitudes, especially those we hold closely.

In which natal house is Saturn in Aquarius?

The natal house in which Saturn transits will show the area in which we limit ourselves. There we are convinced that we cannot or do not deserve something. It is where additional effort and discipline is needed. Now is the right time for that.

This transit should remind us to make an effort and not give up, lose motivation or feel defeated. Transiting Saturn requires patience from all of us, as well as optimism, which many lack. If we look back in time around March 23rd to July 1st, 2020 Saturn was briefly in Aquarius indicating the energy of this transit. More precisely it indicated our energy on a collective level.

Yet, with effort and changes on a material level, transiting Saturn alters its vibration. However, cosmic truth always holds true: “We get as much as we invest.” On an individual level how a person will experience this transit depends on the aspects of natal Saturn and those formed by transiting Saturn.

For those who have this transit through VIII, XII and I house challenges may be greater. They are starting a new life cycles. More examples include Saturn in conjunction with natal Sun / Moon, the ruler of the ascendant as well as Venus.

Big changes

Changes are now happening step by step, because Saturn is also talking about respecting the hierarchy. That is why it is directly related to the older figures in our life. In any case, this transit will show individually and collectively the blockages of the mind and the progress of technology that are not on the same level.

Saturn’s obstacles always serve to make us grow which is possible only when we accept our responsibility in them. Some astrologers emphasize the importance of rituals to which we engage for a long period of time in order to “please” the energy of Saturn. You can read more about it on the following link.

However, the biggest problem for some of you could be depression and pessimism. Then the rituals will not help either. The karmic test that Saturn brings to humanity is the result of unconscious actions of people, but every transit of Saturn always allows integration of the lesson that exists in a given area of ​​life. Generations that have natal Saturn in Aquarius carry within them the fears they felt during early childhood and the fear of growing up, so they are also called to take on more responsibility.

What can we do?

Better discipline, changes in your diet, fasting on Saturdays, regular physical exercise, awareness of what we think and what we say, keeping promises and doing what we committed to when we said we would finish it will allow for gradual progress. Success with Saturn can only be achieved like that. Either the individual will make an effort or that natal area will be blocked.

Saturn in Aquarius will also be connected to the transit of Jupiter in Aquarius from 19th of December, 2020 until 13th of May, 2021 and 29th of July until 29th of December, 2021. It could help us become wise enough and not blame others for our problems. Issues in life do not occur because of the planets as well, but because we have not taken life seriously enough.

As the first year of Saturn’s transit will go together with Jupiter in Aquarius, what we do not solve can now increase and become a bigger issue. Does the problem have to become so big that everyone can finally see it?

As Aquarius talks about the energy on a more subtle and finer, but also much faster level, during this transit it is very possible to feel this adjustment at the level of the spine. People with planets in Leo may have fears about health issues, impaired vitality, back stiffness or heart palpitations. It is a sign that they are not in control of their lives. The body shows that they have not harmonized with themselves with the Cosmos.

Saturn and Uranus

As Saturn will squares Uranus in Taurus in January, February, June and December 2021, increased stress and dramatic reactions will be another sign that we are failing to integrate Saturn’s messages. The need for freedom is increasing, but so is the realization that man in the 21st century has become a slave to technology and the various devices that govern his life.

For those who have planets in the sign of Scorpio, especially the generations with Pluto in Scorpio, Saturn can bring dramatic changes and problems on the reproductive level. The body can expel toxins with much difficulty. In a number of people there is a bigger tendency to overeat which is also a form of experiencing Saturn and becoming heavier in every sense.

First comes fear and sadness and then it manifests on the body if we do not resist the low vibrations and find strength. Saturn also has the quality of calcification, which falsely supports the body and actually interferes with its normal functioning. That is why exercising is so important!

Saturn’s return

If you are going through Saturn’s return the body can weaken and become prone to frequent colds, depression or problems with bones, teeth and dry skin. What thoughts are bothering you? What scares you still?

During this transit, it is useful to increase the intake of minerals, vitamin D and calcium, and through light exercises to get out of mental stiffness and melancholic vibe.  Aquarius rules the calves and ankles so it is very important that you move and be physically active. Warm up your body with regular brisk walking. Avoid cold drinks, but spend time in the air on a regular basis.

Use this time to see life from a new perspective and learn something unique. Open yourself to some ancient knowledge and writers who were new and innovative in their time, but willing to risk and bring change to the whole humanity.

Which sign should pay special attention?

Taurus, along with Uranus in their sigh, has already begun to adapt to this energy. Some of them have made big changes in their lives. We should not forget that Uranus will be the dispositor of Saturn! If you have planets in Taurus, you need to pay more attention to the thyroid gland, throat and neck. Nervousness in the shoulder area that can be felt in the voice and increased stress levels should be noticed in time.

In some cases, this can be a warning of an accident and a physical injury that strongly shakes your life, so that it can finally go on the right path. Everything that is problematic and has not been solved will be activated by the transit of Saturn and Jupiter. That is why it is crucial to see a broader perspective, to allow ourselves originality and freedom and to be authentic. Especially if we haven’t been that in the past!

A message for everyone

Saturn in Aquarius is a call for free will that respects laws that are equal for all. They must be universal for all people. Big changes will happen. We may not like some of them, but there will be many which will be very good for us, when we allow ourselves to get out of the overwhelmed mind, which is a metaphor for this transit.

Look at the sky and feel the joy. Then Saturn can’t do anything to you!

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