Maja Lazić
February 7, 2023


This post is about Saturn in Pisces.

I know… You have been feeling like a victim for a long time. You have been tormented by guilt. You have been feeling sorry for yourself. You have been blaming life circumstances, people, your past… Some days it feels like you would rather stay in your bed. And the truth is that vital life force has been leaking for ages, but you didn’t want to look at it and have ignored the facts.

Maybe the electricity bill is much higher than it should be. There is a leak in your bedroom or the pipes need to be repaired. Your life energy has been drained. If you are a responsible person, everything will be fine. You will fix the problem and repair what is necessary. However, if there is a lot of fear, it is likely that you are not doing what you need to do and you probably already know the answer yourself. Something in your life calls for a different and more responsible approach.

Material indicators of neglect certainly show that on spiritual level there is tendency to run away from truth. Therefore, if you have not felt the need for spiritual discipline until now, during this transit you will need it. Saturn entering Pisces is a time when everything slows down. Time stretches out and becomes sticky in order to collect karmic debt that spoils your life quality.

This transit will last from 7th of March 2023 until 24th of May 2025. Saturn will spend some time in Aries and return to Pisces on 1st of September 2025 until 14th of February 2026.

When was Saturn last in Pisces?

Many of you are experiencing this for the second time because Saturn was in Pisces during 93/94-96. Your Higher Self surely has some wise advice on how to get through this transit without so much grief and pain. It’s true, you need to take off the rose-tinted glasses. For some of you, it could be as simple as throwing out medicine and makeup that has expired. Or it will be throwing away food that you bought long time ago, but now the color and smell seem inedible.

Saturn’s transit requires more effort and long-term maintenance of standards. Saturn in no way tolerates if you are wasting time. It’s vital to finally be your own parent and take care of yourself and your needs. It is necessary to take responsibility for life area shown by natal house in Pisces. Healing is possible there, but also deepening of problems stemming from Jupiter in Pisces during 2021/22.

This natal house represents area where something is ending. It is necessary to invest energy in a different way, especially if you also have personal planets in Pisces. Something is gone forever, but we are left to consider if that experience helped us to understand life better. If not, we should realize why we are still clinging to the ship that is sinking. Why are we staying in a situation that makes us feel stranded somewhere far away where no one will hear our cry?

How to use this transit?

This is a period when more peace, quiet, calmness, depth and retreat will be needed. Procrastinating will only create new problems that will drag you down. Many of you will become aware of what is blocking you. It is an internal obstacle, not some external circumstance and it needs to be healed in order to make your vision come true.

It’s time to stop building castles in the sky and become aware of beliefs that are sabotaging you on your way to success. Many of you will try to forget about the pain and unfortunately look for comfort in drinking, tranquilizers, cigarettes and bingeing on series and video games. Denial of pain should be replaced by awareness of why we suffer so much. Now it is responsible and wise to let go of that burden.

Some of you will be brave and say no to bad habits and unhealthy living, aware that clinging to delusions must stop. Some of you will remember a long-forgotten wish and take first practical steps towards your goals. When we forgive those who have hurt us, energy will begin to increase. Initial stagnation will be replaced by sailing on new wavelengths.

However, there will be those of you who will feel overwhelmed by impressions and overburdened by obligations of everyday life. Whining, complaining and blaming others will only bring more pain. I know you did your best, but it’s still not fine. Now it’s time to say enough is enough. The train has left. The ship has sailed, but your life goes on.

Saturn Return and Sade Sati

If you are going through Saturn return, decisions will have to be made. Don’t stay floating in a cloud of disappointment if it didn’t turn out the way you thought it would. Also, grief and mourning over loss of loved ones doesn’t have to be a black hole you will disappear for the rest of your life. The only thing you owe anyone is to get better and heal yourself!

If you are going through Sade Sati, something that started, possibly thirty years ago, is ending in order to create a stronger personality that is more emotionally experienced. After all, the famous saying that if we help ourselves, God will also help us is very appropriate when we talk about this transit! Interestingly, not everyone will be ready to help themselves nor will they be open to accepting help from others.

But what was the purpose of all that effort and sacrifice if not to awaken in you more hope and faith for what is really important? Why on earth did you struggle so much if not to one day be happy and surrender to life with much less resistance? Your Soul knows the answer to these questions, but to hear them you need to immerse yourself in silence.

Remember to explore inspiring stories of people who, in many cases, have gone through much worse and more difficult things than any of us could imagine, and at the same time managed to achieve great success that changed humanity for the better.

Important guidelines during this transit

During this transit strength is in emotions, so don’t deprive yourself of it. Let sadness and pain encourage you to paint, be musical, write sad songs or record a film about the greatest love you lost. Doubt about a better tomorrow will spoil everything. Therefore it should be consciously rejected together with denial of what is beautiful in life, which is already there if you wipe away the tears.

You are not a victim, but you have to let go of the past and I promise you, something better will enter your life. This transit is the time to make your dreams come true because that means respecting yourself. It is the basis in order to be happy, healthy and successful. It asks for boundaries to be set by saying no to what no longer serves you. That’s a healthy sacrifice. If you have planets in mutable signs, especially in Pisces, you are on the path to healing karma which your Soul committed to at conception.

It’s time to become aware when your energy starts to drop. Exhaustion and depression will show you that you have not protected yourself. Energy restriction is a sign that we refuse to hear our inner voice of intuition. However, energy moves in waves and change happens most easily when we first accept where we are right now.

Don’t force yourself to laugh if you feel like crying, but cry your tears with the help of music and movies that will enable you to empathize with someone else’s pain that reminds you of your own suffering and loss. Dreams will become an essential guide through this transit. Especially those daydreams that you have blocked with beliefs that it is too late, that you will never be able to, that there is no hope for you, etc.

Tips for working with this energy

End of Saturn’s transiting cycle from Aries to Pisces will show that we have learned a lot, but a new school of life still awaits us. Indulge, dance and dream, but don’t shy away from duty. Creative visualization during this transit works miracles which we can only expect if we are disciplined. Also, crown chakra exercises with always paying attention to stay grounded, can help you during this time.

Many of you will see if bathroom full of cosmetic products helps or detracts from feeling beautiful and cared for. Others will question how much virtual world of new technology really adds to or worsens the quality of life. For some of you who also have problems with Neptune in Pisces, various forms of addiction and time spent in world of video games and social networks could show a dark side.

What we didn’t want to be aware of is now inevitable. That is why it is necessary to see things as they are and fix them without pushing problems under the carpet. What has failed the sustainability test? As you know what is not sustainable will eventually sink. Dreams that have no real basis will leave our life. Now facts are key because only by looking at the real situation we can benefit.

Where we feel weak, we sacrifice our dreams and apply “self-sabotage method” by being confused about life’s direction. Tendency to escapism, avoidance and wasting time will be punished. Wake up and open your eyes to see where you keep giving and literally getting nothing. More precisely, that slows down fulfillment of some other wish. Individual’s energy that is blocked cannot reach its full potential.

Introspective questions to consider at the end for Saturn in Pisces…

Where do you no longer need to continue investing energy and making sacrifice? Where do you deceive yourself by going into fatigue, burnout, mental illness, viruses and allergies not because Saturn entered Pisces, but because it is not healthy to continue living like this? Where in your life does it need to be dusted and cleaned because of ‘toxic mold and high humidity’?

Burden and sacrifice or strength and healing. You choose, but that choice always depends on spiritual maturity and willingness to set boundaries. The best advice is to take responsibility, especially where it seemed that it did not depend on you. And remember that you won’t be blocked by Saturn during this transit, but by your unwillingness to heal yourself!

What lesson does Saturn in Pisces have for you?

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