Second house & financial abundance

Maja Lazić
July 18, 2020

Second house & financial abundance

This post is about the second house and financial abundance.

The sign on the cusp of the second house, the planets in this house and the ruler will describe the financial opportunities, how we make money and what is our attitude towards it. Mental beliefs that prevent us from achieving financial abundance are also stored here with the overall quality of life. If you have at least one planet in the second house then the meaning through the sign on the cusp will be slightly changed.

The sign at the cusp of the second house makes up one level of interpretation, especially if there is an intercepted sign that we have to learn to “unlock” and activate. If there are planets in the eighth house, then the topic of money could initiate fear and seek greater trust.

If in a comparative analysis someone’s Sun, Jupiter or Venus fall into your second house, these people will help you raise the level of earnings. They could bring new opportunities for financial prosperity in your life. Money is directly related to the quality of our energy and the chakras, but also the life values ​​we have. Removing beliefs that do not support us is an energetic way to improve our financial situation is here very important.

Second house in Aries

It is crucial to react at the right time and take risks when the opportunity arises. As long as we hesitate and wait, opportunities do not appear. We have to find a job on our own that mostly involves some kind of physical work or movement to make money. Usually, these are new jobs that help us to be first in something and that require a high level of activity and engagement. It will rarely be a passive or mental job and requires spending physical energy.

We have to try to make money, but impatience and conflicts in values, with our associates lead to quarrels and money is lost. If we want to make money in a certain way, we should start this immediately. Otherwise we can be known for having hundreds of plans without achieving any of them. Jobs that bring money are all those that are related to sports and children, but which are above all original. We have to earn a living on our own and realize that no one will give it to us. This creates anger and rage against male family members.

A lot of ideas and impatience should be channeled into concrete work and persisting long enough until the results appear. Otherwise we can change job after job without staying long enough to see results. If we find ourselves in financial problems, we should start something new that does not yet exist in our environment. Earnings go through jobs that are done for others. The more physical energy we have the more money we will have. Depression, lethargy, spine problems and decreased immunity will clearly show the blockages at the financial level.

Second house in Taurus

We need to learn to be careful how much we spend and to appreciate and keep what we have. The key lesson is learning to keep what we have, to save and to ensure ourselves. Pragmatism and not quickly deciding to instinctively buy, sell or invest something is learned over the years. Then money accumulates on its own. Practical use of money and stable financial construction and improvement of the material situation is a challenge. Even when we make a lot of money, we can quickly lose it if we do not know how to keep it and if we spend it on excessive enjoyment.

We learn to earn and take care of ourselves on our own. The sooner we achieve not to have to financially rely on others, the better for us. We learn a patient and calm attitude towards real estate and luxury items. Every thing we own must bring a sense of comfort. What will help us earn more is that we learn to think long term and not be driven by instincts. We need to learn to refrain from spending money unnecessarily on a daily basis and invest in quality rather than quantity.

Second house in Gemini

We need to learn to relax and try different types of earning money. New opportunities that are like some challenging game require us to have skills and dexterity. They require getting out of the comfort zone which helps us earn more. It is useful for us to receive money through various channels and even to keep it in several banks. It is necessary to connect with business partners and communicate with those who are engaged in a similar business as us. This will help reveal tricks and tips on how to be more financially successful.

Jobs related to communication skills, sales, collaboration with others and educational training can bring us earning opportunities. Sales and earnings that come through marketing, internet, writing or learning new skills give a wide choice of jobs. We often have several occupations that bring us money. It is necessary to be very flexible and react quickly to the opportunities that arise, thus turning the situation in our favor.  We often have a lot of ideas and naturally know how to use them to increase finances. If something doesn’t work, we need to find a different kind of job and talk to someone who has more experience than us.

Second house in Cancer

How we feel defines how much money we will have. We also learn not to lose our sense of security when the financial situation changes. Caring for money is learned in childhood and receptivity to being open to receiving money. Intuition clearly shows us what to invest in and what is not a good idea. With that comes learning to appreciate what we have acquired, especially inherited through the family. Fear of not having money on a subconscious level can attract unpleasant financial situations, but also excessive savings and refusal to spend money on enjoyment. That is why it is primary to realize when the fear that there will not be enough begins, and it mostly leads from childhood.

Mother can help us improve our finances and give us good advice. Limiting attitudes from the family are something we need to become aware of as soon as possible Then we have more chances to create financial support. This also depends on emotional stability. In moments of emotional turbulence or sadness, we often learn that money should not be a substitute for emotions. There is no real security from the inside. Investing in real estate can bring in earnings but also helping parents. This will have a healing effect if this area is blocked. Energy cleaning techniques where water is used and Bach remedies can activate our earning potential.

Second house in Leo

We need to learn to get rid of the fear of taking the initiative when it comes to new jobs. Level of self-confidence, self-belief and dignity helps us increase our ability to earn money, especially if we are engaged in creative occupations. Our talents are our means of increasing earnings. The more we learn to use them, the greater the potential for financial abundance. Often with this position we become experts in some field. This allows us to earn more by connecting with companies and brands which are powerful.

Improving skills is crucial, so you should primarily invest in yourself, which will always pay off. We can work with jewelry, famous brands or have a  store in a good location. If the business has stopped, it is necessary to make an attractive advertisement. The brand name and quality sell the service. We can create a business that will put ourselves in the forefront, offer services to others and help them develop their skills which will also bring money. The more we learn to empower others with our energy, the stronger our financial situation becomes. Our father can also help us with that.

Second house in Virgo

It is necessary to learn to be as organized as possible and to approach money practically. It is useful to make a spending plan, write down and delete everything that is not necessary. Savings are learned and the awareness that there is nothing for free and that everything costs. Usually this is a lesson we learn at the ego level through various jobs that often involve caring for someone. If we have a private business, we need to leave the care of money to experts and get advice how we could save more. Jobs related to service, restaurants or occupations related to health and daily routine can also bring us money.

It is necessary to learn that every job is good if it serves a purpose. Through it we develop skills that enable us to do it at a high level. Jobs that include some kind of cleaning, tidying up, structure or procedure can also bring us money. From a young age, we start working to earn a living or debt force us to do so. We need to learn to buy only what we need and not to spend on what we do not have. Helping others by teaching them to do something we know can open the doors to secure earnings for us. However, it is crucial to understand that connecting with others will open the doors to new types of income.

Second house in Libra

Financial situation improves through partnerships in business and association with others through contracts. The basis is to learn the balance between earning and spending. Often during life we ​​are faced with having money and then not having it. As soon as we learn to maintain this balance financial situation gets better. Jobs that include beauty, fashion, culture and the arts bring us profit. Business partnerships strengthen our earning potential especially if this cooperation includes the organization of cultural events.

It is advised to work in connection to the sale of artistic objects or find jobs that have an elite character and where we can work with clients who can afford a higher level of service. We need to learn to enjoy money and not just work for it and our partner can help us with advice, too. It often happens that if we are in a relationship, our sense of value grows. So does the level of earnings, but then the breakup affects us and a smaller amount of money is a result. We need to learn not to confuse money with personal value and realize that we are whole no matter what we have or what we still miss in some way.

Second house in Scorpio

If you have a good idea for earning money, keep it to yourself. That way you will not waste its energy in the beginning. There is a passionate need to make money, to focus on a specific goal through which we are helped by cooperation with those who are stronger than us. In the moments when we don’t have money, it is necessary to find inner strength and raise the energy level. Kundalini exercises are very useful fort that. Earnings can come through a spouse, but also by the activation of sexual energy. This awakens the desire in others to invest in us or to help us start a business. Throughout life we gain a lot of money and then we lose everything if we have not learned how to turn our energy into money.

Life crises such as divorce, love breakups and difficult situations can bring us money but also investments that we keep secret but are not always legal. Money can come in ways that collide with morality or that put us in danger. Caution with whom and what kind of business we enter is necessary. Consciousness will clearly show potential. The purer our energy the greater the chance to keep our earnings and use them for a deep transformation of life. We need to be open to accepting that real security and power have nothing to do with money but transformation in ourselves.

Second house in Sagittarius

The more we give to others and the more we feel free to spend money being aware that it will always be there, the more it enters our lives. Giving to others always comes back to us, especially if we give them quality and help them strengthen their life philosophy. We have a strong desire to acquire and achieve a high position and the best earnings in our profession. Education and lifelong learning help us in that. Faith and generosity will always unblock earnings that are not ideal, but also the belief that there will always be money and that we will find a way to earn it. Money can come through abroad, working with foreigners, law, and especially tourism and higher education.

If we are facing difficulties in earning, it can be useful for us to go through some kind of education and even to travel. This will teach us a positive life philosophy and spiritual principles of attracting money. These people can achieve miracles by understanding the concept of the “law of attraction”, as long as they use their philosophy of life on a practical level and live accordingly. Morality and behavior in accordance with their life is the basis for big money. What we are learning is that bigger is not always better. Our life happiness must come through some other sources that are not financial in order to be long-lasting.

Second house in Capricorn

These people learn that through hard work and realistic use of what they have, they form a secure future. We cannot skip tradition or follow paths that deviate from what one is used to. Earnings come with age, with our effort and discipline. In old age we can have much more than in youth. Caution is needed when it comes to savings and the awareness that we have to invest a lot in order pay it off. Throughout life we ​​learn to respect money and support it gives us in life. Father or someone older can show us how we can save more. Jobs that are related to state institutions, insurance, construction, occupations that are vital in a society and that are always needed, open the doors to secure earnings.

We learn that regular but lower earnings are better than higher ones that come occasionally. As the law of karma works directly in this case, we get as much as as the effort we have invested. It is very important that all the rules are followed and that it is understood what the moral values ​​that bring money really mean. On a subconscious level, there can be a strong fear of poverty or loss of money. This can also be associated with some old property that makes us blocked because it is difficult to sell it. The more we care about tradition, we respect the advice of the elderly, especially our parents, and if we inherit a family business from them, we give ourselves a chance to provide security and learn to save.

Second house in Aquarius

These people can make money through large companies and connections with different groups of people. Usually they have their own companies that allow them to work through IT or innovative jobs. During their life, they can be the first in a new way of earning money. They take risks, especially through jobs that are connected to the Internet or unusual branches of work. However, they learn that money can come and go unexpectedly. The more they get used to not earning the traditional way, but trying different jobs with colleagues and friends, listening to the pulse of innovation, they give themselves a chance to raise their earnings.

Losses can come when we still have attitudes that subconsciously tell us that the investment will not pay off and when we try to impose our attitude on to others. Online business, working abroad and various innovations enable financial progress. It is necessary that our work enables everyone to improve their life. We need to be a part of a much bigger life philosophy that is liked by a larger number of people and that can improve their standard of living.

Second house in Pisces

For these people, the amount of income depends on their life vision and awareness that they can have everything they dreamed of. However, if there is a grain of doubt, they will not be able to materialize it. Jobs can be unusual or put them somewhere behind the scenes. This additionally asks them to strengthen the belief that the Universe is on their side. Money can disappear in miraculous ways or be associated with some kind of blockade through the law or a ban that has been violated.

If we are not very religious and spiritual, money will be in short supply as long as we do not turn to visualization and meditation. This will bring money in a magical way. These people struggle hard to make a living for a part of their lives. They often feel like victims of circumstances until they learn that making money must come easily and give in to trust. It is necessary for them to give to others, whatever they know how to do, but above all to be honest with themselves and the ways of earning.

If justice is violated in any way, if in any case they took more than they gave, it may take a long time for this to be “energetically washed away”. The money goes away or they can’t get it. In this case, we can get a large amount of money and then lose it. It could be legally taken away from us if one part of us does not believe that we deserve it and as long as we feel like a victim of circumstances. We should work in jobs that are “invisible” or online. Money seems to run away from us all our lives until we believe we are worth having it.

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