Zodiac Sign & Stress

Maja Lazić
November 11, 2021

Zodiac Sign & Stress

Many people turn to astrologers and seek help through astrology when life is not going the way they would like. Especially when they are facing problems and difficulties. That is why I have prepared this article in which you will find a short message for each sign. There are suggestions on how to change your energy and connect with the planets by raising your vibration. This is one of the ways to come into contact with your personal authentic vibration.

In the worst and most difficult periods, in case of any natal aspects and planetary positions, it is possible to achieve your goals and make dreams come true. Yes, you will feel some transits as aggravating circumstances, as gloomy and blocking energy (especially with Saturn and Pluto transits), but with strong will, faith and proper use of freedom to decide, there are no unconquerable mountain peaks and unfulfilled desires.

A few examples

If we resist change, and for example Uranus is on the ascendant, there is an acceleration of events, surprises, but also a release of tension. Saturn in aspect to natal Sun or Moon gives us a chance to discover the lowest point in our lives. That is why it serves us. Jupiter, instead of a good opportunity, can first bring about an increase of problems and exaggeration.

Nothing is bound to happen. Transits in earth signs can bring a slowdown, in both physical and metaphorical sense, in a certain area of ​​life, depending on the natal house. In the fifth house, we change our relationship with our partner or go through challenges. In the tenth house, which is about work and career, we can learn greater discipline by applying a different approach.

Each transit therefore brings not only what is symbolic of a planetary aspect in relation to your natal chart, but also the action and the lesson of previous aspects that you have not integrated. The past transit is not the same as the lesson learned. That place in a natal chart represents an energetic hotspot that brings experiences and events. An eclipse on your natal planet will intensify it even more.

Modern astrology

Modern astrology is based on several main principles, which I will briefly present here. After that I will offer some ‘words of wisdom’ for each zodiac sign:

  • You are responsible for yourself and everything that happens. Your natal chart vibrates in accordance to you and brings events chosen on an unconscious level.
  • Everything happens at a specific time which is not always visible in transits. They show an emotional atmosphere, not events. Everything happens in your time, and we can neither slow down nor speed it up.
  • After an in-depth natal analysis, we gain confidence in intuition. You should not form a habit that you need to consult as astrologer about every important thing or decision in your life. I always encourage your independence in making decisions. I cannot decide for you.
  • Expect changes in life and embrace them. Resistance to change is always shown as an inconvenience during transits. What you do is what you get, karma always works.
  • Natal chart is a whole. If one part of it does not work properly, everything else is also blocked. All people are planets in your natal chart. They clearly show which planet /energy you have a problem with inside and outside.

Free will or destiny?

The question therefore arises as to whether free will of the individual is stronger than destiny? Although I wrote about that in detail, which you can find on my blog, fateful events are brought about by unconscious free will. Some natal charts have a stronger influence of fate and inability to adequately use free will, so they constantly repeat the past mistakes. Number of houses occupied by planets on the left side of the chart will give us an insight into that. It must be supported by two more factors.

Below you can read ways to connect with your solar energy, although you can use this principle for all other natal planets. But don’t just read it, take the first step. Of course, in the case of major challenges, it is necessary to work at a deeper level. That is only possible during consultations. However, I wanted to write something that will be useful to everyone, especially to those who have yet not had the opportunity to work with me one on one. This is something that can be applied immediately. Because astrology must always be useful!

Aries: affirmations with I am…

Find support in yourself and value yourself more. Honor every obligation you have. Surprise someone you adore. Learn to be a team player. Work with those who are like you, but also those who are completely different personalities. Have patience with yourself and remember what you have achieved so far. Say thank you and I love you more often than usual. Give yourself something that will motivate you. Do stretching exercises. Pay attention to the sounds in nature. Learn to turn nervousness into something more useful. Forgive yourself and choose peace. If you know the sign of natal Mars, read the description for it as well.

Taurus: affirmations with I have…

Enjoy the perfect peace within you after all the work is done. Teach others by your positive example. Spend more time in nature and connect with it. Feel wealthy. Receive everything that comes into your life with gratitude. Know that you are worthy of love. Rest more often and enjoy touching your skin. Take better care of your physical body. Enjoy the scent of roses. Listen to what your body is telling you. It is much wiser than you think. Change your routine and slow down a bit. Feel the love and allow new experiences to enter your life. Sing. If you know the sign of natal Venus, read that description as well.

Gemini: affirmations with I think that…

Trust yourself and have more confidence in Cosmic Timing. Slow down and calm your mind. Keep the promises you made to yourself and others. Enjoy new friendships. Use only gentle and caring words with positive connotation. In that way think and talk about your future, too. Switch off and make time for silence and peace. Heal all misunderstandings with others and in one old very important relationship. Write about it and pay more attention to your thoughts. Take a walk. Listen to what others are telling you. Be fully present during the conversation. Be honest with others. Simplify your life. Call your friends and ask them if you need help. If you know the sign of natal Mercury, read about that sign as well.

Cancer: affirmations with I feel…

Release the worries you have for those you love. Notice joy around you. Speak with tenderness and love. Be softer towards yourself and more respectful of your sensitive nature. Don’t keep emotions to yourself. Tell yourself that you love every part of YOU. Enjoy true intimacy and feed yourself with nurturing feelings that make you safe. Buy a houseplant and take care of it. Breathe deeply and send love to your heart. Enjoy cooking and eating soups, stews and dishes you loved as a child. If you know in which sign natal Moon is, you can read that description as well.

Leo: affirmations with I want…

Explore new ways of creativity. Express your inner child. Create your own royal space. Separate yourself from the drama. Listen to the messages of your higher self. Allow your natal light to shine brighter. Know that you can do whatever you want. Nurture yourself more. Make a vision board. Stay honest with yourself. Let go of the need for approval. Remember you are phenomenal! Be creative and expressive with your style. Enjoy theater, movies and concerts. Pay attention to the house of your natal Sun and its aspects. You can find out more about that on my site.

Virgo: affirmations with I analyze…

Love yourself unconditionally. Leave all the details to the Universe. Smile more and heal your insecurities. Give yourself more time. Know that you are always loved. You do not have to be perfect. Recognize your value and honor yourself more. It is important to see yourself as successful. Say goodbye to guilt. Remember that you deserve abundance in your life. Forget about time and erase to do lists from your consciousness. Clean your body and your home. Fix what is needed, correct mistakes and supplement what is incomplete. Let other people as well as astrology help you. If you know the sign of natal Mercury, read that description as well.

Libra: affirmations with I bring balance to…

Open your arms wide and your heart. Learn to receive and give love. Enjoy your love relationship. Notice the beauty around you. Take the next step towards achieving an important goal and let go. Fix relationships with people you care about. Make more balance in your life. Beautify your home-space. Dedicate time to beauty and enjoying art. Do balancing exercises. Find sophisticated ways to enjoy more in your life. If you know the sign of natal Venus, read that description as well.

Scorpio: affirmations with I want to…

Feel the subtle energies around you. Notice sounds, colors, tastes and smells. Feel the intensity. Make a healthy change. Practice non-judgment. Enjoy real security. Find light in the darkness and gifts in the most painful situations. Notice love in every person in your life. Feel how your wishes are already being fulfilled. Release your fears and everything that hurts you. Decide finally on a transformation that you could never implement, but you know is necessary. If you know the sign of natal Pluto, read about it.

Sagittarius: affirmations with I aim to…

Raise your frequency. Be honest. Embark on a life adventure. Thank the Universe for everything you have. Know that you bring blessings to everyone’s life. Take risks and dream big. Live large. See innocence in everyone. Bring someone joy and laughter. Fulfill your needs. Realize your ideas and plans. Travel. Have a natal chart analysis. If you know what sign your natal Jupiter is in, read that description as well.

Capricorn: affirmations with I use my ability to…

Visualize a successful day. Finish what you planned. Appreciate your achievements. Take a break. Remember something beautiful from the past. Work with your natal planets. Stop worrying so much. Know that your future is secure. Set yourself to achieve high goals. Laugh and get rid of the burden. Pat yourself on the shoulder and send love to your muscles. Commit to your priorities. Repeat what you have already learned. Give yourself permission to just chill. Go step by step. Turn negativity into something positive. Be gentler with yourself. If you know what sign your natal Saturn is in, read that description as well.

Aquarius: affirmations with I know that…

Notice your frequency. Accept the love of the Universe. Connect with the Cosmos in everything you do. Imagine your greatest potential. Do something unusual. Know that the Universe understands you perfectly. Make others aware of your inner genius. Connect with your natal planets and take the time to understand your natal meaning. Send love in front of you wherever you go. Remember that others are there for you even when it doesn’t seem like that If you know the sign of natal Uranus, read that description as well.

Pisces: affirmations with I believe in…

Your natal chart always works for you, when you remember that you are a child of the Cosmos. Imagine angels, let them help you. Choose three wishes and believe in your dreams. Dance and paint. Open your heart and cry, but afterwards choose happiness. Feed homeless animals. Express your feelings in a creative way. Let your imagination wander freely. Meditate. Pray. Clean up all the mess in your rooms. Ask for help. Communicate with non-physical frequencies of color and light. If you know the sign of your natal Neptune, read that description as well.

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