Skin Issues

Maja Lazić
April 24, 2019

Skin Issues

This post in about skin issues from astrological and energetic perspective.

Do you try to conceal redness but without much success? Do you have problems with dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, acne and blemish? Is your skin hypersensitive? Do you have allergies to sun, food, dust or stress? But also feel loneliness and emotional emptiness? Does your skin calm down and then suddenly explode? Where and when does your face show a sign of inner fire burning rapidly?

Are you getting acne because everything is too much? You are getting tired from the situation you are in? Do you have an inflamed face because your emotions are raging? You mustn’t say anything? Does your skin get dry? You have separated yourself from your emotional being and eliminated the opportunity to really feel any of your emotions?

Every important life event (positive / negative) leaves a mark on the skin and is visible on the face. If we think about the past, we can discover the response pattern when some important changes  took place in our lives. Especially transits of Saturn and Uranus to the Sun, Moon, and Venus. These changes were clearly displayed on the skin.

Saturn can cause breakups, endings and pain, and with it dry, dehydrated skin and wrinkles if you do not accept those breakups. Uranus can bring sudden disruptions of life situations and more stress. If there is internal resistance to change and inner irritation, acne, redness and completely unexplained skin issues can suddenly occur.

Holistic approach of skin issues

At one of the lectures I have went to, given by Ridiger Dalke, a few years ago, he said that everything is a visible reflection of the invisible. In today’s world we have a tendency to hide something we don’t want to see but then it suddenly becomes visible. Today, a person is fully exposed because of the social networks and Internet. In some way doesn’t have the opportunity for privacy, which is why allergies and skin problems are increasingly appearing. Make up is therefore becoming an acceptable way to hide our emotions. We protect ourselves, create an identity that is a barrier for the world that is essentially too much for us.

Nevertheless, everything on the skin has exclusive connections with emotions that are not expressed, fully experienced, accepted and recognized. But they become very visible through skin issues. Skin redness will be associated with the emotion of anger. The skin will lose its shine if we are faced with sorrow. If the skin itself cannot protect us, say no, be our guard, then the skin begins to produce more chronic problems. A large amount of emotional energy is blocked. This is also related to Neptune in Pisces that flows through all barriers, but also Uranus in Taurus, asking us what is really going on in body.

Skin problems for triggers have all or only one of the mentioned:

  • situations when we need to take life in our hands, but we believe that it requires to put emotions aside
  • doubt whether we are on the right track and if our decision was correct
  • a heart that is empty because we feel that we wasted time, resources, life
  • when it’s obvious that the change is necessary but is rejected in all ways (Change does not mean that we still have the same goals and plans but different means of their achievement. it means that we change goals).
  • when we do not touch the skin enough (if the skin does not get touched by the person we love)
  • when we lack human contact and we feel unloved
  • when the limits of our Self are violated and we cannot express ourselves in the world
  • when we feel that we do not have enough privacy and protection (then the skin begins to get thick and fight)

Although you may have never had skin problems before, when you decide to truly look at yourself and who you are in the depths of your soul through spiritual work and introspection, skin problems usually start to emerge. Neptune in I and VI house may bring food allergies, or allergies when faced with unpleasant situations, harsh conflicts, nosy people. The skin’s resistance could be weakened. Any external sensation in the form of wind, rain, and moisture can bother the skin.

Planets and the skin

Pluto may lead to hyperpigmentation, sores and degenerative changes if we refuse to accept the flow of life. If we experience the transit (or have it in natal chart) of Uranus in the VI house, skin problems are possible in the most unusual places on the body (on elbows, hips, behind the ear, etc.).

These changes will appear as a sign that it is necessary to bring freshness into your diet. I wrote about this in Uranus in Taurus-food revolution. The style of life as well as change our skin care routine, but also listen what your skin wants and needs. Through our skin, as our biggest organ, we breathe, but it also represents our borders. Still, how much do we allow ourselves to breathe in our lives? And what do we breathe (what is the energy around us)? Does what we “inhale” outweigh our “lung capacity”?

Help is here

That is why changing the diet, adding meditation, yoga, or doing some energy sessions will very often be followed in the beginning by unpleasant skin changes. This some metaphysics call  a ” signs of spiritual awakening”, in order to completely remove them. In books that deal with this topic, you can also find them as “spiritual exaltation’. However, we can wake from sleep only if we are aware that we are dreaming.

Basically everything comes from the imbalance in the meridian of the lungs and the closed heart chakra, which is associated with the imbalance of the second and third chakra (emotion of guilt, shame and suppression of anger) and accumulated energy in the throat chakra. That is why the healing of the skin is connected with the thoughts we have and the way we communicate. It is well known that our face gets red when we shout because all the blood is shrinking in our cheeks. However, it is also known that we are pale and gray when we are scared.

Famous people

You may have read about Kim Kardashian facing psoriasis. It happened after the entry of Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Kim has the Sun in Libra, so the skin is the basis that shows if her Sun is in balance. Along with Venus in Virgo seeking perfectionism in the care. Neptune in the first house that brings allergies, boundaries, but also great beauty. It’s no wonder that she has just gone through this skin problem because psoriasis can be connected to being over-exposed. We are not at all levels of our being completely fine, and so the skin creates an additional shield in the form of psoriasis.

Our skin can, through skin changes, say: “Hey, look at me! I exist! “And on the other hand, say,” Please, just do not notice me, because I’m not worth it, and this is all for me too much. ”

Face shows you all, and skin is a reflection of what is happening on an emotional level. No wonder the popularity of Alice Keys-Venus in the Capricorn. She wants to be detoxed by everything she does not need. Neptune in the first house no longer wearing makeup and starting a no makeup look. Christina Aguilera’s album (Venus in Sagittarius whose ruler Jupiter is in Libra), where she is without a make-up, called “Liberation”. The name and music itself are connected with the release of emotions and a new image without much makeup. Two brave and talented women show that they do not want to be someone else and hide themselves.

Ask yourself

Redness, rosacea, dermatitis and psoriasis are a sign that we want to be seen. At the level of solar plexsus (the confidence that comes from faith in ourselves and not what others think about us) is not right with that. When you notice that your skin on your face is changing up, ask yourself these questions:

Who or what is being brought into my face? Which part of me wants attention? Which part of me do I obviously neglect? What’s on my face? Restlessness in the heart, if there is no acceptance of self and inner trust, will be reflected in skin issues, through the acne and impurities. At the same time, skin problems will prevent the desire for contact with others, at the practical and metaphorical level.


In the books of Louise Hey it can be found that skin problems are associated with old emotional waste that we have not faced because we are scared. It at the same time prevents us from expressing our personality. It is therefore important that we understand that facial problems are not only treated on the face, but holistically. The face clearly shows the state of peace of the soul and of the heart, but also how honest we are in everything we do, we love, talk and feel.

When we are happy our skin shines and when we get sick, the skin loses its glow and it seems lifeless. The skin will very clearly be triggered when we are too isolated and separated from others, when we suppress the desire for meeting our needs. We isolate ourselves to unconsciously punish ourselves because we are ashamed of something we did or said.

Through experience in working with clients through reconnective healing, I noticed that the most skin issues occur when human contact is missed Or when, to those who are family and an important part of our lives, we can not show our true face and let them see as for what we truly are.

They somehow do not respect and recognize our needs. But we do not do it ourselves too. When you have little time to socialize with those who support you, and you do not feel well in your skin. This is the most important of all because it brings more serious problems at the level of skin, hair, nails, teeth and bone system.

Issues of the skin

Skin problems reflect the limit that we experience for other people to break through as well as the weak elimination system. It can be related to the liver and all that you can not detox, but also recycle emotions. All these topics will be emphasized through squares with the Sun. As well as planets in the sign of Capricorn and Saturn in Libra. The skin always says that something deep inside us is wrong and it never lies.

To determine which old emotional problem is hidden under your skin, it is useful to keep a diary by looking at the symptoms that are expressed as when they occur. Does the skin worsen after waking up (suppressing something important what subconscious is trying to tell us)? Or before sleep (exhaustion of energy and a break from too much sensation from the outside)? Is your face problematic at a certain time of the year? This happens when a large number of planets form opposition to the natal Sun and the Moon, as well as Venus or the stellium of planets.

The next thing you can do is to take a good look at your skin. And whatever it is you see, decide from this moment that you no longer want to conceal it and take responsibility for your own emotions. Your skin will thanks you. As you look at your skin, become aware of your inner dialogue. What do you say to yourself? What do you dislike? This process can be long but worth it. If you really want to see yourself, take off all the makeup and see what is your mirror at that time. But do not look in the face, but look into your eyes (crying is then more than welcome).

Move on

Your skin teaches you about the limits that are suitable for you. Take a good look at your skin, give her love and hear what she tells you. The healing of the skin starts from the diet, but first of all, that which keeps your soul, and the outcome and speed of healing depends on accepting everything that irritates you and which you do not want to admit that it exists in you.

Let your skin show emotions, don’t bury them constantly or push them under the carpet. Feed your skin with love because it is the strongest energy that exists. Release all the emotional waste that burdens you and which is too heavy to keep it further under your skin. And the truth is, some people get under our skin, but it does not mean that they also need to stay there…

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