Sun conjunct natal planets

Maja Lazić
September 17, 2020

Sun conjunct natal planets

This post is about Sun conjunct natal planets.

Aspects of the Sun always speak of being blind with our own ego. Due to its strong radiance, false or true, we do not see others and the world around us. Conjunctions are more challenging than squares and oppositions, especially if the planet is very close to the Sun. This is when it is easily ‘burned’ or ‘combust’ and thus problematic in life. Combustion (when the planet is at the same degree or a few degrees from the Sun) has the effect as if the planet has completely disappeared.

During life we ​​must learn to become aware of its principle and develop that planet. This is especially true in the case of Mercury and Venus conjunct Sun, which are never too far from it anyway. Sun irritates the planet next to it or this planet hardly “survives next to the Sun”, so instead of cooperating, the two planets fight against each other. This leads to intense life situations that the ego experiences quite sensitively.

What are here the most important lessons?

If we open our eyes widely and if we are ready to take a look at ourselves, we will see that the Sun helped us to find what truly matters. We see that something magical, much bigger, has appeared in this process of “burning”. This allows us to discover the talents, skills and potentials that the natal Sun hides in itself.

The following are descriptions of conjunctions and insights about possible manifestations of the combustion of a planet that is in aspect with the Sun. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the sign of the conjunction, the house and all other aspects of the Sun.

For Moon conjunct Sun please see this link.

Mercury conjunct Sun

In the case of combustion, reduced objectivity and insistence that we are right comes to expression. There are possibilities when we hold back. We are afraid to express our opinion because that would anger the father, husband, or boss. Communication during life can be stressful with them. It seems that only one side can win and that there is no possibility of compromise. The biased way of expression, need to be listened to, respected and that our word has weight is strong. Communication affects the ego and what is said can hurt us a lot but also strengthen us.

We learn various skills and artistic talents can become visible very early. During childhood, it happens that every time we want to clearly express our opinion, we get a negative answer. That is why we are anxious when we need to speak in front of a larger group of people. We expect that no one will listen to us. Communication issues, fortunately, is something we can work on through books, seminars, workshops. My advice is to learn techniques that help you to present your ideas and express your personality through words. Essence is flexibility of thinking. We need to be aware when communication becomes one-sided.

Mercury is also retrograde?

In case Mercury is retrograde, then we have a chance to become aware, through writing and deep reflection, of the obstacles. They come from desire that remain from some ancient past. These are not a part of our personality in this incarnation. Friends can leave us over time in case they don’t support our goals. If these relationships make us feel insufficient or insecure in ourselves. Comparison with others does not help us here because we start from scratch and need to learn to communicate better at every level. Combustion may affect health, so allergies, coughs, and speech defects are sometimes possible. You need to be careful and take care of your lungs, arms, hands and shoulders. I must repeat that regular meditation is absolutely obligatory in this case.

Venus conjunct Sun

Although emotional life can be awkward especially in youth and when we first fall in love, the problem is not the aspect. The main problem is the ego. Our goals and ideals in business do not agree with our goals in love. Only later we will be ready to admit this to ourselves. It seems that if we want to have a successful career, we have to give up love. Reverse is also true when Venus is in Libra, Taurus or Pisces. Partner does not seem to accept our wishes. It is primary to find a way to balance these two areas of life. In case Venus is in Aquarius or Capricorn, sometimes this is more difficult, so the emotional relationship can suffer. Sacrifice of love for the sake of some goal leads to inner tension.

It seems that love is gone, or unattainable. It is difficult for us to find a person who will accept us as we really are and love us. This can be reflected as a partner who, at the moment when he enters our life, which coincides with some great success, seeks a little of our glory. His energy starts to blind us. We feel like we can’t express ourselves. Partner becomes the king, most important, most loved and we increasingly doubt our worth. Especially if it is a secret relationship or extramarital affair this can happen even when we are older.

Love makes us create, so through various sweet gestures we strive to express love, even though we would actually like to be treated like that ourselves. This aspect is often found in women who are extraordinary beautiful. Still no one notices them because they carry a sense of inadequacy. If Venus is retrograde, then the periods when transiting Venus is retrograde offer an opportunity for the love life to settle down. Then our talents and beauty come to the fore. We learn to shine even when that most important person is not around us, realizing that our value can never disappear.

Mars conjunct Sun

This aspect speaks of a strong desire to achieve goals and find out what behavior contributes to our success. We can be very active and without fear take actions that allow us to fight for ourselves. A lot of energy must be spent on something. If that is not the case, we enter into conflicts and “seek quarrels”. Women with this aspect can do anything on their own which irritates their partner. However, men with this aspect are the ones who will cope when it is really tense and do whatever it takes.

Combustion manifests as anger and frustration. That is why it is important that we are on the move. We should engage in physical activity on a daily basis. However, what counts the most is that we have a goal. It may seem impossible at first, but we are required to overcome many obstacles and develop a competitive spirit. Relationship with father, boss or colleagues does not suit us at all if they tell us what to do and if we have to listen to them. This triggers anger but makes us feel better.

We are explosive because from an early age we have to do what others tell us and not what we want. Quarrels which result from this can hurt us the most. We are called to ask ourselves whether we treat someone the same way. This aspect is common for those who are very noisy, loud and raise tension to around them. Fire energy can be directed into sports, because if it turns into aggression, it leads nowhere. In childhood, we get bruises and scratches due to rush and hurry. Later in life this can manifest as redness, heart problems, inflammation or high blood pressure. All this means that we need to learn how to slow down and cope with stress.

Jupiter conjunct Sun

Great wisdom and a lot of beliefs about life we ​​inherited from the family. We become aware that all this does not completely agree with our personality and what we feel in our soul. Combustion can be manifested as imprisonment for wisdom. That is why we do not want to see the truth. We do not see clearly what life sends us as signs along the way.

Wise decisions run out of our hands. We repeat the same mistakes several times until we learn the lesson. We learn to give more to others and that we can achieve our goals only when we learn to strengthen ourselves. The bigger goals we have, the more opportunities for growth we get. This can bring a wonderful career and business success. Still, it is necessary to learn throughout life and remain true to ourselves. Over the years, this aspect becomes stronger. It can also show the father who has great knowledge and is considered an educated person who is loved by many.

Belief system can help us a lot, but if we don’t push others to see things the same way as we do. By philosophizing, we can only compensate for some complex that remains unresolved deep within us. We can give wise advice because we see the bigger picture. This is great for a job that involves consulting others. Essential is to respect the laws of the Universe because by doing so we strengthen our Higher Self. We should pay attention to diet and avoid excessively strong, fatty and spicy foods. This can burden digestion, which, along with stomach problems, obesity and a large appetite, is one of the ways of combustion being manifested.

Saturn conjunct Sun

Insecurity, fear, marital difficulties and lack of self-confidence are the most common manifestations of this aspect. During our youth, it can be difficult for us. This is reflected through the relationship with father or some authority. It seems to us that in life, someone always has to lose or be hurt. We learn how to deal with problems, denials, difficulties. This seems to be there to torture us. It seems to be easier for everyone else. It also becomes easier for us the more we gain self-confidence, the more ready we are to get rid of the belief that we are not good enough.

Until then, it seems that life is against us and that something always prevents us from achieving our goal. Few years after Saturn Return, we realize that some problems are there for a reason. We are ready to accept responsibility and face difficulties bravely. Youth can be marked by giving up goals and feeling like there is no point in trying. This can also be reflected as finding flaws in others that encourage us to express ourselves and stand up for ourselves. Dealing with ourselves and taking responsibility helps to build something concrete.
It is not true that nothing is going our way.

Is this the most difficult aspect?

Combustion has the effect that it is difficult for us to accept that we can be successful and that we can achieve something without difficulties. It is important to be aware of whether we have a negative attitude that leads us through life. We need to see that when we look back, all these problems have strengthened us. In the end, the knowledge emerges that we have achieved everything ourselves. That was the point. At certain moments we still force others away from ourselves. That is why we learn to be someone who forgives what is not easy at first.

Especially as long as there is still a feeling that we are not worthy of respect and do not see ourselves completely realistically. This aspect can manifest as periods of despair or depression. Then we have to take responsibility and focus on some specific goal that can help us improve our personality. Sadness that we have not become aware of can manifest physically in the form of bone pain, problems with teeth, skin or as intense fatigue that does not pass even when we rest.

Uranus conjunct Sun

This is an unusual person whose life does not go the traditional way. Innovative genius has interests that are special and noticed through music, style, society and goals. These people do not fit into the group. Something in their energy can be nervous so others do not accept them. They feel that they can never fit in and the more they try to be a part of society, the more they realize that they have more problems with themselves. Combustion brings strange taste and weirdness. We have to follow our own path. Otherwise, this is expressed as eccentricity and rebellion. Unusual talent that surpasses everything that has been seen so far and doing everything in our own way, leads us to success.

We develop an innovative system for solving problems that suddenly appear in our lives. This may indicate a career change that leads us to understand who we are, but constant changes make the environment see us as unpredictable. Uncertainty as well as possible conflicts with the boss, father or husband because we do what we want and strive for freedom. This attracts unusual conditions that change even in marriage that requires great sincerity and inspiration in order for love to be given and received.

This specific outlook always accompanies a big change in life, which is a contrast to everything that has happened so far. From the extreme we go to another still unexplored extreme by which we search for our personal truth. Another effect of combustion can be hypersensitivity, which manifests as internal restlessness that leads to insecurity. Cramps also can occur. In order to change the world, we must first learn to spend our energy wisely and to release the charge that appears in us like thunder from a clear sky.

Neptune conjunct Sun

We can doubt ourselves or deceive ourselves throughout life, being very sensitive in nature. Gentle and dreamy, eager for romantic softness and holy dreams is what described this aspect. Combustion primarily speaks of weak personal boundaries. We easily sense what others around us feel. Fearful clairvoyance, but also susceptibility to stimuli can lead us to addiction as a form of self-defense. People can take advantage of us until we learn to honestly channel our nature. Art, healing and all activities allow us to merge with others. Release and forgiveness help the soul find its unique path.

Throughout life, we encounter disappointments and illusions. We feel like a victim and we have to realize that we might still be dishonest in some part of our lives. This will become clear through dreams. We need to learn how to strengthen our aura. Strong intuition and precognition can help us heal others. If we are not grounded, then it is difficult to manifest a specific goal, too. Our energy is soft and fleeing so the environment perceives us as empathetic. Strange relationship with the father who is either not there or may be facing some addiction problem illuminates the part of us that we still hide or deny.

How can we begin to integrate this aspect?

Religion, spirituality, fasting, peace and a strong connection with the universe allow us to overcome all challenges. Then we can see that there must be a boundary between us and others. This refined nature can speak of a weak ego. Strengthening of the will is necessary in order to achieve goals and dedicate ourselves to something bigger than us. Others can hurt us until we learn to step out of the victim archetype. It requires us to undo the ego, but to see who of people around us is not really there for us.

We save others until we realize that we must first save ourselves. First we try to do this by fleeing from reality and ignoring symbols around us. Ease of life is achieved through nurturing talents, artistic impulses and a strong self-belief. It is necessary to learn to be practical, to understand who we are. This can allow us to turn to the spirituality that leads us to ourselves, along with yoga and meditation. This aspect can manifest as foot problems and allergies or as an addiction.

Pluto conjunct Sun

Magnetic personality with an intense mystical energy can initially be manifested through the dark side. Challenging relationship with father, need for domination and control through power is common. We provoke fear in others and seem “too difficult” and “complicated”. It is as if we are always looking for a problem, a conflict, an issue. All this leads us to the roots that are in us and our energy that seeks liberation and transformation. We seek to experience all our strength and reveal secrets of the darkness.

Strong energy should be directed to some great goal and to be ready to find those answers. Combustion can be reflected as psychological crises and life traumas. It is often associated with the death of loved ones and the ambiguity of life. These problems empower us and are necessary because that is how we grow. Past lives and the deep nature of man is taken very seriously. True power of a person is seen only when we learn to control ourselves and use our personal energy not to destroy others.

Is there any light?

Fear creates a feeling of guilt, jealousy and the need to manipulate. Others could perceive us as mysterious and cunning. Everything that is dramatic and hidden attracts us. We provoke so people either hate us or are fascinated by us. Dishonesty and power games and manipulation can severely damage our energy which thereby loses its intensity. All of this could be used to help others make the necessary change in life instead.

Blackmail, paranoia, addiction and strong sexual energy can lead to karmic relationships with people who put a big task in front of us. We can additionally create a problem until we heal the emotions of anger and hatred. When we do so, we will be ready to show other people the way to change. These people are excellent as Kundalini yoga teachers. Exploring past lives can help them finally get rid of what is hindering their transformation.

North Node conjunct Sun

Exaggeration of the ego, great self-confidence and a strong need to fight for ourselves bring situations when we can overestimate our capabilities. That is why we learn through problems whose overcoming opens a new chapter in our lives. Men with this aspect may have some dark secret that they try to cover up with their behavior. However, root of everything is that they do not really believe in themselves. We can be incredibly ambitious and eager to prove ourselves. That success is only on the external level, while in our eyes we still see ourselves as losers. Throughout life, we learn to build integrity and see how honest we really are with ourselves.

It’s as if life shows us that nothing on the outside is worth much and that it’s short-lived. In the second half of life, we are ready to work on ourselves and remove the blockages from the past that we pushed under the carpet. We change goals and plans depending on what the environment will say. If their praise is still more important to us than our personal values, then we lose the opportunity to really develop our potentials. We learn to know what our purpose really is. It depends on how faithful we are to ourselves and how much we really see ourselves realistically.

These people change themselves radically and can suddenly turn to spirituality and a new philosophy of life. This helps them remove the layers of personality that they have outgrown. Although in the first half of life we may want others to see us as powerful and successful, if we continue to do so, we attract people into our lives that will be an obstacle to our lasting financial success. Insatiability in goals and how much we will have in the second half of life is replaced by the realization that pure gold is always in us. That is also what will remain after us.

South Node conjunct Sun

This position may indicate dissatisfaction with appearance or lifestyle. Very low self-esteem if we doubt ourselves. Ego is constantly playing with us. We are learning to develop ourselves throughout our life, but we are constantly confused where to go. We may have memories of situations from the past (life) in the moments when we are tired and on the wrong path. We go back to the past before some decision has to be made which we had already made earlier and it did not turn out well for us.
As long as we feel in ourselves that we are not worthy, it manifests as a weakness.

We must learn to overcome this. Until then, we may be dissatisfied with our life. It always seems to us that there is never enough money, opportunity, chance, time. We gain all that when we learn to invest in ourselves. In the second half of life, we must overcome all the bad habits that still sabotage us. If we don’t, disappointments can follow us forcing us to get back on track.

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