SYNASTRY: Sun in house

Maja Lazić
May 8, 2022

SYNASTRY: Sun in house

Before we start analyzing synastry of two people, we need to understand both natal charts. Natal Sun aspects will always show quality we bring to our partner in a certain area of ​​life, according to house position. Challenging and non-integrated aspects of natal Sun could create problems in every house no matter how benevolent it may be.

Sun represents the ego and how personality is expressed. It encourages expansion of partner’s natal house. Your natal Sun falling into your partner’s house will show you where you are bringing energy and vitality. Your partner will feel triggered by you in that area of life.

With your Sun, you create new arena for your partner to express his nature. Your Sun could help him see what he needs to improve. Natal house comes to life initiated by Sun. However, if there are other planets, it all gives additional layers of interpretation. As always, in synastry and natal astrology, we must take into account all factors in order to see the bigger picture.

How to use this:

Check out your natal Sun position in your partner’s house and vice versa. I’m sure you’ll see your relationship in a new light. Natal house will be energized by Sun. If we have a problem there, it could be solved with Sun’s help. We will see further story through aspects and planet/house ruler.

Compatibility of two people in a relationship is not interpreted in the same way for people who are in a relationship! When we analyze marriage, we will also analyze composite Sun. This will show us relationship’s identity. Composite Sun is calculated as a midpoint of your and your partner’s natal Sun.

In addition to synastry of both natal Sun showing important areas of interaction, composite Sun shows the theme of connection at a deeper level. If you have ever wondered why this particular person attracted you, especially if there are relationship problems, then composite Sun will provide important insights. Two natal charts can have phenomenal compatibility, but if composite chart is not activated by transits then a relationship will not even happen.

Natal Sun in partner’s first house

The first house emphasizes the acquisition of greater self-awareness. Our partner makes us feel attractive. We like that his attention is focused on us. He encourages us to stand out, to express our personality and changes how we see ourselves. It seems to us that this partner finally understands us compared to other people. Sun allows us to see ourselves clearly and discover what it takes to feel good in our skin.

These people get on well because they have opportunity to see themselves in each other’s behavior. Challenge is when we rely too much on our partner, when our happiness and love we feel for ourselves depend on his presence. We feel that we love ourselves more because we see that he accepts us as we are. With him we have the opportunity to shine!

Natal Sun in partner’s second house

This position illuminates our values ​​and material security. Partner helps us realize what we have and how to use it for maximum comfort. If we do not value ourselves or do not consider ourselves worthy of love, our partner will help us overcome that by encouraging us to develop talents and skills. Self-esteem will show relationship’s quality. Partner helps us improve our lives financially and teaches us to enjoy what we have.

These people can share similar values. If that is not the case, financial problems can arise. If love is ‘secured’ with money then this will definitely be challenging position. Sun brings some kind of help to us, but over time we feel used. Frequent position for marriage or business partnership. Sexuality is emphasized. There is tendency towards weight problems which will show energy imbalance.

Natal Sun in partner’s third house

Communication is especially important here. Partner thinks like us and shares similar life views. Relationship is characterized by conversations, charming correspondence and daily chat. Partner helps us become aware of how we communicate with our Inner Self. This is not an excessively loving position, but more suitable for a friendship. It can also be found in business synastry. Certainly these two people understand each other. They can achieve creative projects together or study and travel.

Natal Sun in partner’s fourth house

This position is especially strong. We let our partner into the most intimate and personal space. We feel safe to unlock our gentle side. These people feel complete when they are together. Relationship is serious and deep. It becomes clear to us that this is someone who is very important to us. Partner heals us emotionally.

In some cases, partner helps us heal our childhood or relationship with parents. Natal Sun nourishes us and satisfies our emotional needs. With Sun in fourth house, we feel protected and loved. We want to be together, create a family and have a home. Karmic connection. It is often seen in marriage and relationships that lead to starting a family.

Natal Sun in partner’s fifth house

Need for children is emphasized. Partner brings joy, enthusiasm, light and happiness into our lives. This is a very creative combination. We have opportunity to love fully and connect with our inner child. Partner makes us feel happy and alive. Love is very enjoyable and childlike. There is an opportunity to love without fear. Partner is teaching us how to stop worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Emphasized sexuality and magnetic attraction. This combination is common for relationships that lead to marriage.

Natal Sun in partner’s sixth house

Partner helps us understand what needs to be solved and settled in our life in a practical sense. It seems as if relationship is a hard work. There is no relaxation, little enjoyment and rare happiness. Partner criticizes our personality, our way of life and choice of occupation. He does this to help us. This is usually supported by tense aspects of both people’s natal Sun. This is often challenging position.

People who are not fully mature, who do not understand their personal drive, who desperately want love and support can find themselves in victim’s role. We change ourselves to satisfy our partner, but it is never good enough. Sun wants this relationship to have a routine. We feel that we cannot meet these expectations. We want something different from everyday life and our habits are erratic.


In this relationship, one partner will completely arrange his life, get a job, buy an apartment and a car. The other one will not be able to achieve anything. It is possible that the person who was previously successful during this relationship starts to feel exhausted. This person is unconsciously giving energy to his partner. This is an example of energy vampirism that leaves consequences long after relationship is over. We feel that our partner does not love or support us in the way that we can be who we really are.

With his objections and picky requests from us, we often get ill. We have to be absent in some way due to work, duties, obligations. Relationship is accompanied by insecurity, crisis and frequent psychosomatic symptoms on both sides. This combination is not great for a serious relationship or a marriage. We are stuck due to incompatible personal energy. We need to remember that we always choose! Such relationship sometimes is what is really needed to teach us what it means being a grown up.

Natal Sun in partner’s seventh house

With this partner we can fully express our personality. Until we met him it was as if we were missing something. There is sometimes a commitment issue depending on the sign. We could be expressing a projection of our partner’s shadow. We see our partner as if he is the best in the world. We see in him our qualities that we do not nurture enough.

Problems arise if our emotional state, balance and self-awareness depend on how he treats us or how much he loves us. Such relationships are experienced as great loss of self after a breakup. It usually can take a long time to rebalance and be open for a relationship again. That’s why we had to end this relationship to not lose ourselves. If we didn’t, we would have lost ourselves completely. This is a common combination for marriage.

Natal Sun in partner’s eighth house

This is a psychologically intense combination. Partner is obsessively attracted to us. We act as if we are hypnotized by his personality, too. In some cases that other factors must confirm, there is a ‘magic force’ that complicates this relationship. It puts one person in danger by invoking accidents and crises. Triggered by our partner, we have to deal with problems we have buried under the carpet. Now there is no more hiding because our partner wants to know everything about us.

Possessiveness, control and jealousy are emphasized. All this serves to bring about deep personal transformation. If it does not happen, over time relationship breaks down and becomes toxic. One person ‘kills’ another person with his ego. This connection is deep and we have an opportunity to see ourselves, especially those parts that we do not like. This is often the case with extramarital and secret relationships that constantly break up and get back together.

Natal Sun in partner’s ninth house

Partner helps us become aware of our life philosophy. We experience him as a life teacher. He helps us see if our beliefs support and fill us with optimism. Expanding horizons and changing our life, travelling and spiritual advancement characterize this relationship.

Partner is there to help us live life with enthusiasm. We understand that we should try to always see the bigger picture and recognize the Light that is guiding us. In some cases, this is a sign of a second marriage in a divorced person’s chart. Such a thing must be confirmed by several factors. Spiritual connection at the Soul level is emphasized.

Natal Sun in partner’s tenth house

This is a relationship where partner illuminates our career. He shows us what we want to create in business terms. Partner has something that reminds us of our father or how he treated us when we were little. Partner is behaving like an authority, but that is why this relationship is not very loving in a romantic sense. His expectations are not something we can easily fulfill. We could feel guilt and shame.

Partner is someone who is successful and accomplished in our eyes. He constantly tells us what we shouldn’t do, so we withdraw emotionally. We do not have the power to fight for ourselves as partner affects our self-esteem. Relationship can suffer because there is no true intimacy and tenderness. This is a work combination that only survives if both people have a healthy ego and share common goals.

Natal Sun in partner’s eleventh house

This combination is about a friendship and a supportive life ideals. These individuals can be part of the same society or organization. They share similar dreams and goals.  Sun helps us see what we want from life and how we can fulfill our plans if we join forces. As these people think similarly, they can achieve a lot together. Sun will encourage us and help us overcome challenges. This is a friendly and “brotherly” relationship.

Natal Sun in partner’s twelfth house

Relationship has a lot of karmic debt which silently manages lives of these two people. Often it involves “dying”, abandonment and disappearance. Sun can feel like it has no inner power to cope with life. He feels weak in the 12th house. He doesn’t know where to go and can’t achieve his goals.

Partner who has been successful and cheerful becomes frustrated, tormented by debt, loss and problems. Procrastination is common. It seems like everything should be postponed for another better time. Universe can show us that better time is sometime some other life, too. Partner shows our flaws and puts an end to actions that only consume our energy.

Relationship can last a lifetime, but its quality is debatable because a lot of it is unconscious. If these two people had never met, their lives would have been happier and easier. Still they needed to learn something important. That is why this relationship somehow endures. Karma is being repaid from the first day, which means that it must be repaid to the end.

Vitality, health and well-being of one person will be sacrificed. You don’t have to notice this at first, but one person slowly loses himself. At the same time, it means that the other person has to do everything for both of them, to pull his partner through life financially or energetically.


Resources are lacking and vital energy is weak or non-existent. This is inconvenient for pregnancy and securing a home. Partner manages to see himself through us. This is often accompanied by a chronic health condition that is an obstacle to continuation of this relationship.

Relationship is burdened by problems and issues. Through these issues we have opportunity to heal ourselves and understand what we need to fix. Sometimes this influence will be transferred to father’s Sun who could be in a life-threatening situation or debt.

Sometimes these two people stay together even when they are enemies. These are all unconscious patterns that are so strong in us that we may never even notice them. If one side feels like a victim then it is important that partner does not take on the savior’s role. They need to know where they are blocking each other. Solution lies in letting go and forgiveness. Both persons’ consciousness will help in healing of this old karmic debt or will form new ones.

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