Sun in houses

Maja Lazić
July 9, 2019

Sun in houses

This texts explores Sun in houses.

Evaluate how much you feel that you meet the aspirations of your Sun sign in the natal house it is located, acknowledge your nature and how you can express yourself. This is an essential part of you and your life. Also, read the text about the Energy of the natal Sun.

Then link it with all that has been said for your ascendant in the text Energy of the 12 ascendant signs.

First to fourth house

First house– big need to organize your own life according to your own rules. Your father is very important to you and you can resemble him. A great emphasis is put on personal needs and goals. It is necessary to learn assertive communication with others who also have the right to achieve what they want and to be at the center of attention.
Second house– big need to achieve material security. A person practically assesses circumstances of life, but depending on what and how much she has, her confidence can vary. A great accent is sometimes put on what we own instead of people around us who are the most important part of our lives. Stubborn beliefs.

Third house– a need for learning is enormous and never ending. Friendships make it clear to us how we are changing ourselves and who we are becoming. Friends are like family and very often closer than the real family. A person finds strength when he starts to think with his head no matter what others say.
Fourth house–  family and childhood are the basis and this stability or instability in the family affects everything else. A person finds the strength through the personality of the parent and even looks like them and shares similar beliefs. There is a need to express one’s personality but only after establishing his own family which will become the central meaning of his life.

Fifth to eight house

Fifth house– big wish is to love with all the heart and for our partner to be proud of us, as well as to keep a childish and optimistic view on life forever. Life must be like a game and such impression is imprinted into everything else. Otherwise a person loses his drive to succeed. A child looks like that person and expresses everything that we could not achieve during our lifetime.
Sixth house– big need to show our value through work and service to others, so the job becomes the meaning of a person’s life and everything is always about work. The worst thing is if the person has no job and no obligations. They will learn everything about life exclusively through work. Never working for themselves, always for others and their goals and benefits. Sacrifice of ideals.

Seventh house– other people, partners and contacts help us to get to know ourselves better. The partner represents our other half. Thus the relationship with him is a clear picture of how well we are in balance with ourselves. Emotional relationships provide an opportunity for growth and understanding of our character.
Eighth house– life brings challenging situations and the need to constantly overcome ourselves and never stop. The ego is transformed and the person constantly scraps the parts of herself which once were essential part of her life. Now no longer represent her. Conflicts with father show how much we really are in touch with ourselves and how much we do not really love ourselves.

Ninth to twelfth house

Ninth house- traveling is the way we find out who we are and discover what life is and what our mission is. Abroad, we uncover all the parts of us that are needed to spread wings, enlarge and grow. This is a part of our life philosophy that we will teach others with whom our paths may crossed. Exceptional moral principles govern our life.
Tenth house– overcoming obstacles and the pursuit of goals  makes this person to work forever, to be persevere and become better. A person finds it very important that others see her success and wants to be a role model and example for others, although she will never be good enough for herself and her own principles of success. A great opportunity for business success that exceeds all expectations.

Eleventh house– love for mankind and identification with everyone, yet at the same time with no one else. The desire for individual expression and the formation of friendships so that each friend represents one part of ourselves. Nevertheless, visionary plans and humanistic solutions are the basis of this personality.
Twelfth house-person searches all his life for himself and something what would clearly identify him. Father is a part that may be missing in this puzzle. The person has poor will and he should learn to clearly choose, precisely determine the goals, but this is easy only when he reconciles with the fact that one part of him will always be unknown and lost.

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