Natal Sun

Maja Lazić
June 8, 2019

Natal Sun

This post is all about natal Sun.

Sun is the basis of the personality, ambition and aspiration we have. It is the expression of our characteristic energy and the potential of the natal chart. The needs of Sun will always have to be satisfied and expressed. If one or more planets form a square/opposition to Sun or is challenging to the ascendant, the will, strength and persistence need to be developed. Sun in each sign has its own qualities and polarity that is required to experience over the course of life. It happens during long-term transits and progressions.

There is no bad or better sign for your Sun. You already have the one that is perfect for you to live your life learning everything that is needed. It is important that we love and strengthen it. How well do you express the energy of your natal Sun? Work with it and respect it. Become aware of where in life you cannot shine as much as you would like. Where your rays are too heavily heating leaving behind burns? Think about what is written below for your Sun sign. Honestly look at yourself, then make concrete and constructive changes.

Sun in Aries-big activity aimed at achieving goals and winning or opposing somebody. Passionate desire to skip life barriers and realize our potential. Every difficulty presents an opportunity for growth that we create ourselves.People who have different approach to life come into our lives. It brings an opportunity for new beginnings.

It is necessary to find a different way of relating, to strengthen not only physical but also our internal power. There is anger and rage if we do not have something for which we would be willing to fight. We would conquer and which would, in slow and sad days, force us to change the world. Always the first, independent and eager to face the challenges.

Sun in Taurus-pleasure brings happiness and grounds us with peace and tranquility, because life is beautiful. If it is pleasant, comfortable and easy. The desire that every moment is not without scented, magical, sensual feelings. That we have less of those moments of difficulties. Money and material comfort are the basis of life’s joy.

Keeping what we own and the desire to enjoy soft, fine, persistent emotions of joy. Possession is a confirmation of the inner will and success. This energy must always be confirmed by what can be touched, smelled and tasted. Dreams of love and luxury bring sadness and reinforce stubborn hunger, if we give them up.

Sun in Gemini-interest in the environment and increased mental process towards learning, conversation, communication and thinking. Playfulness and eternal youth, countless questions, incomplete sentences interrupted by calls, messages. Ideas are the basis for happiness. If there is no communication, movement and games, life becomes gloomy.

The variability and diversity of the needs of this intelligent person finds an outlet and possible solutions only when there is a chance to live completely joyfully. Like a butterfly freely flying. Duality in life choices, never limit for just one and always and forever open roads and a free heart.

Sun in Cancer-Silent heart is scared and feels terrified. The sanctuary is found only when it cares and loves. Energy is directed at others, on those we love and who we want to protect. Even though we are also protecting ourselves all the time. We are the one who cares, watches even when the night is calm. The need to find a refuge within the family. Live in a symbiosis of trust, love and protection is so important that nothing else can take that place.

Sometimes, even though this same family will not be told about it is a source of worry, suffering and sadness, like the ocean of tears. There is no such strong force as the heart. Even greater strengths, will and persistence to protect those who we love come when we realize that we should retreat. We should make a step back, for ourselves, for our soul, which is then the most powerful of all.

Sun in Leo-great life fate drives everything in us, like a king who wants to rule and be loved by all the people of this world. The desire for glory and success even when it does not recognize it is enormous, arousing passion and ambition. A heart full of love wants a bright stage, but above all dignity that he has the right to direct his life how he wants, to build it as he wants. Waiting for the morning when he will fulfill his goals and show his great power, not fear or sorrow.

This energy is directed at itself. Because it knows very well what it can and cannot, illuminating others, greeting with its warm rays hearts of those around it. He is proud when others see something the best, the most beautiful and the greatest in him. Light, not darkness is a life motto.

Sun in Virgo-Modesty, shame, service, silence, and order are the energies that, by reason, rule this person by performing tasks that others do not even consider doing. Annoying tasks, analyzing, innumerable tasks so that we strengthen our will. We learn, read, write and do everything in order to be better, without any error, making something ordinary into a masterpiece.

Only when we are proud of our work and when we are relieved of internal doubts, nervousness, indecision and excessive caution we free our Sun. The analytics of experience become main determinant of success when we do not doubt ourselves. When pessimism is erased from our vocabulary, although the letters still appear on paper.

Sun in Libra-need for balance and peace, caring relationships and tenderness. Sweetness and compassion show this energy as well as the occasional lack of action and perseverance because support is sought from others. But should be found within ourselves. There is nothing like the love of a person who weakens our inner power if it is not here and so the inability of inner peace now arises.

At one point we recognize that all that we have invested in others, we expect from them in return. But now we are missing it so much and we seek some peace in art. Beautiful words and songs that gently stroke our heart and give us strength, light and peace, at least for the moment. When we love ourselves and when we recognize in ourselves everything that this perfect person for us seems to have, a new sun, a new day. A perfect melody and a portrait of two lovers is born.

Sun in Scorpio-passionate inner power is inexhaustible. Continuously tortures us and does the same until he defeats himself and is born again, stronger and more powerful. And it seems that we control our life so well. Although it is very painful and much more severe than the path of someone else we know, intense and pervasive. And peace and tranquility seem far away because the fight takes place and when there is no one who would fight us.

But nothing stronger and more powerful does not exist than this strong enigma that we are. Only if we knew to use it properly, without ego, without fear. Nothing more powerful than a person who has inner enormous power and extreme strength to overcome everything, even death. And finally a tiny light at the end of such a long tunnel appears, overcoming all the unimaginable challenges and sufferings of a complex emotional life.

Sun in Sagittarius-great knowledge, cosmopolitan spirit and optimism in which this person finds joy, fun and charm, in everything. Thus a solution to the greatest life problems without losing a smile on his face. Moral principles, philosophical conversations and adventures into unclear areas just to find that part of wisdom that will explain everything to us and prove that we are right and that hope never dies.

This person is with his experience a life teacher and a student at the same time. Faith and dignity of this bohemian soul, but sometimes those beliefs and all that knowledge divide us from others, from our goals and victories. The same principles are now a gap between all that is important to us, when we don’t apply them in practice. They become a conflicting issue between what it is and what could have been. Freedom of the spirit, great possibilities, wide eyes open and the quest for a holy grail or something similar, feeds and strengthens the energy of this person.

Sun in Capricorn-Peace, strength, persistence and coldness are visible side of this person. He precisely plans conquering of the important goals and achieves what for others is too hard and far away. Plans, jobs, projects become the basis for seeing salvation in the work, not even waiting for a second to enjoy what has been built.

Power and will grow stronger from pain, misery, problems and challenges that need to be overcome.When we do it, we continue to work, going to some other task to be solved and the top of the mountain is so close. We are almost there, but alone, sad, tired, and cruel towards ourselves. Wondering if the amount of pain is equal to the satisfaction after the goal has been achieved. Resources are consumed and suffering moves us deeply. So nothing that we gain doesn’t bring a pleasure. Yet a heart, oh, that gentle heart, in the moments of suffering as if it gets a confirmation or insight. Although he can do everything himself, in love nothing is worth unless there are other people.

Sun in Aquarius-wondering who is this person so beautiful and dear, like from another planet and yet seems like a person we meet every day. Strange to the majority and breathing with a special rhythm called rebellion. Special life principles, alien ideas and humanity loved by this person. He is not aware of himself and denies everything that he is, looking for others who are not even for a second like him. Yet he seeks a confirmation that he is as same as he is different. So the paths, experiences and stories that fall from the heavens open up to us. And are a revolt to fight even more strongly everything that is permanent and that stands still in place.

Freedom is now the essence of this energy that is running when it has to put a full stop, decide or choose. But the pain arises because he understands that without others, those who are not as him, he will stand alone. Without stopping and deciding he will not be able to fly forever in the cosmos. The main test for him is whether he has overcome himself and created a better, ultrasonic personality. Not accepting the rules of others, forever looking for a taste of freedom.

Sun in Pisces-wandering so lost in the labyrinth of consciousness, painting with the life behind him being erased. Searching for ourselves or something that would remind us of us. Gentleness and compassion sometimes. Close to suffering and pain draws our strength that leads to mysteriously escapes and disappears in the night swimming in the unconscious paths. We wonder who we are, confused and sensitive to everything around us, realizing that by losing ourselves we only find what we really lack.

The depth of this personality and the vision of salvation. Only if he keeps his vows are the basis of this energy that is regenerated when it is alone. When it is in silence connected with something bigger, which is the will for life, whether it be love, faith or inner peace. Emotions drive us in a swinging boat, looking for a harbor and an eternal song, silent and mild sang by some fairies or sirens. Just as he is now, once were lost, in doubt when they lost faith.

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