Venus in synastry

Maja Lazić
January 14, 2021

Venus in synastry

If the relationship has not even started, the existence of synastry aspects is no guarantee that anything will develop. Aspects of natal Venus with your partner’s planets will show love potential and the quality of happiness that could be achieved in this relationship. This is one of the factors that should be taken into account in synastry. Synastry aspects will always be shown in a way through your natal, too. The most important synastry aspects of Venus are with the Moon and Sun of the partner for relationships. The conjunction of his Venus with your ascendant or VII house cusp is important, too. Marital relationships will always have several indicators, never just one.

In my astrological practice I closely pay attention to see every synastry aspect through the individual natal chart, too. It is usually an indicator of how we block ourselves in order to receive and give love. For that reason, I noticed that when we understand our natal chart very well, then we have a greater potential to achieve the relationship we want. Love depends on us, not on our partner.

Synastry analysis

The exact aspects of Venus with the natal ascendant or VII house are important. There is a much stronger connection if there is an aspect with Venus in both charts. In this text, I will explain the conjunctions. For the opposition or square, there is a challenge that needs to be integrated, which I will write about in the future. Synastry encompasses much more than mutual aspects. Aspects of Venus alone are not enough for a relationship to develop, either. Long connections will have mutual aspects through nodes. You can read about that in the texts on the topic of karmic astrology on my blog, but also need transits that activate the relationship.

The following are informative descriptions of aspects of your natal Venus with your partner’s planets. Certainly each of these descriptions will vary in relation to the sign of Venus as well as the natal house. For this reason, the description of the conjunction of Venus is omitted in this text as it can happen in at least 12 versions according to the sign.

Venus in conjunction with the ascendant

There is a strong connection of character and behavior. These people are physically attracted. Partner looks like the love we have been dreaming of. He becomes very important in our life. Relationship with him is a condition for us to feel good. Love reflects on our appearance. We look more attractive and feel much more worthy of love. However, in order for the relationship to continue to develop, it is necessary that there are more astrological indicators of a strong connection.

Venus in conjunction with the VII house

Strong attraction and relationships immediately become serious. There is a certain tension in the relationship, but also a natural union and togetherness. The relationship is characterized by a fateful character. However, if there are no additional indicators and if the karmic challenges are not overcome (individually), this relationship does not have to be long-lasting.

If the following conjunctions occur in the seventh house, they will certainly be much stronger. It is important to understand this and pay special attention to them in the analysis, too.

Venus in conjunction to Moon

Emotional relationship and the habits of the partner make us feel safe and deeply connected. Partner wants to protect us. We feel like we want a family with him. Living together starts quickly. Time is spent at home together. This is certainly an aspect that in many ways facilitates marriage. It shows that this person is very important to us.

Venus in conjunction to Sun

This is a typical marriage combination. We know right away that this is it. We are aware that we have met someone who is very important in our life. Partner loves the same things as we do. His presence raises our self-confidence. However, it is necessary to learn how to become aware of our worth even when we are not with this partner. We must learn not to deprive ourselves of time for everything else we love just in order to be with him.

Venus in conjunction to Mercury

Communication leads to a relationship that begins with nice messages and gentle words. This is an aspect of love letters and songs. We feel that we are on the same wavelength with our partner. We enjoy being with him and engaging into creative activities. This is a common aspect in friendships, so it is not always an indicator of love relationship. We feel that there is a true understanding with this person. There is a lot of talk about love.

Venus in conjunction to Mars

This is a passionate relationship. There is strong sexual attraction. This is an aspect of deception and quarrel, too. Attraction and tension always exist. Partner awakens passion in us even after many years. If there is a square of your natal Mars with partner’s Mars, there is a possibility of blocked sexual energy and love problems.

Venus in conjunction to Jupiter

This is an indicator of the emotional connection that brings us happiness and success. When a partner enters our lives, we open ourselves to greater joy. Usually the beginning of a relationship starts with something else positive that is happening. Relationship grows naturally stronger with age. This aspect allows us to make wise love decisions that open us up to even greater enjoyment of love. Quality of Jupiter will definitely give us more information.

Venus in conjunction to Saturn

This is about karmic love and long relationships, but not necessarily beautiful and pleasant. There is usually some kind of difficulty that can prevent the relationship from continuing or there is pain. Love is unrequited. A bigger age difference is possible. These are connections that immediately strive for depth. That depth is the point of some previous emotional wound that still exists in our energy and memory. Relationship is emotionally limited, because partner cannot love as much as we need. And when love is the greatest, pain is there, too or some kind of deep disappointment. These are indicators of past life love and relationships in which the essence was learning an important lesson and not its longevity.

Venus in conjunction to Uranus

This is an unusual relationship characterized by instability. There is some kind of risk that attracts us. The relationship also cools down quickly and can become friendship. We don’t know what to expect. Certainly the relationship is not going the traditional way. The more freedom we give, greater guarantee we have that love will last a little longer. A friend becomes our lover, but we don’t know where this relationship is going. Usually, a person whose Venus forms a mutual aspect is under greater stress due to this connection. This may also be reflected in hormones. Breakups are frequent. It is difficult to maintain the excitement from the beginning. This relationship does not suit most people if they want a stable long-term relationship. It will definitely allow you to try something new. What is for sure you will have one more problem, but also a lot of excitement and fun.

Venus in conjunction to Neptune

Love is accompanied by illusions. We dream about this partner both in reality and in our dreams. We feel like we have to merge with him on every level. That is why the loss of this person is very difficult to bear. We feel that it is our soul mate. There is a great deal of idealization and the possibility of disappointment. We don’t know how to solve relationship problems. We push them under the rug. We don’t like some traits that our partner is becoming to show. But we go over them and sometimes infidelity may be common. Of course, this can be a wonderful aspect, but only if it is confirmed in your natal chart. Also if the transits of Neptune have been integrated.

Venus in conjunction to Pluto

Intense attraction and jealousy fueled by passion. From love it is easy to turn into hatred if it is not going as we want. The relationship is characterized by a secret. One side manipulates the other. We want to control our partner, but he does not allow it. These connections contain something dark and fatal. This is one of the indicators of karmic relationship as well. This relationship is difficult to break and reconciliations are common even when we think it has absolute ended. Certainly there is some kind of unhealthiness in this relationship. We easily lose our mind as soon as we feel the scent of our partner’s skin.

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