Transiting Moon

Maja Lazić
November 12, 2020

Transiting Moon

This post is about transiting Moon.

How difficult or easy the natal chart will be for us and the experience of life itself, does not depend on any transit or natal aspect. It especially does not depend on the astrologer and his words. The quality of life depends exclusively on ourselves and the way we (un)consciously use the energy of the natal chart.

Life functions in recurring cycles, like day and night. We are not always aware of these repetitions when it comes to our emotional state. For that reason, instead of responding to events in the environment, we react to them. We thus create new problems and karmic challenges. As the Moon represents our memories therefore a good part of life is a repetition of something that was before. We face situations that come to us based on the information of our Soul. They are also related to the ancient past or even a past life.

Every reaction is an action, which means directly creating new karma. By harmonizing with the energy of the transiting Moon, we can learn to recognize what we (don’t) need in order to feel safe. This is the basic theme of the natal Moon.

How does transiting Moon help us?

Energy of the transiting Moon and especially eclipses, can serve us to overcome issues existing on the natal level. This is shown through challenging aspects, which firstly prevent us from being happy and satisfied. Many students of astrology often enter its study in order to understand themselves better, but they do it through logic. However, life in itself and your natal chart are not logical. There are many contradictory and opposite things in the natal chart. Nevertheless, it makes a perfect image. When you would see the image of the sky at the moment of your birth, you would see the magic and harmony that exists.

However, in real life, parts of our personality tend to “work” separately from each other. That is why I must emphasize that we will never be able to understand the essence by analyzing parts. In the natal chart everything overflows. There is no exact and absolute beginning and end to a certain astro-symbolism. The natal chart can only be experienced and you at the most basic daily level feel it through the Moon transits. Transiting Moon and its movement in our natal chart is the carrier of every other longer or shorter  aspect that exists in the sky or that is activated as part of our natal chart.

New and Full Moon

New Moon and the Full Moon therefore represent opportunities to make conscious change and work on ourselves. We can also become aware of the causes of subconscious processes that shape our lives from day to day. As almost every month Moon makes some aspect with your natal planets, it is the basic road towards Soul healing and thus transforming our whole life.

Healthy natal Moon contains an ideal dose of flexibility and a sense of security. Each of us has this at a certain level integrated in natal Moon through the experiences that marked the first four years of life. Habits and routines to which we are strongly attached guide us with our inner level of harmony can be a comfort zone. The only thing is that then there are still the same problems that can be seen through the natal aspects.

People born on the Full Moon or New Moon feel this more intensely. If  this also occurs on a birthday, then the year itself has the characteristics of this lunar phase. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the Moon sign, the ruler and his position, aspects and the natal house. We must check the long-term transits to the Moon and the prenatal eclipse, possible presence of stellium and the planet on the ascendant. All this will give us an insight into the way a person functions and his habits.

Emotional Disbalance

You may have noticed that you are emotionally vulnerable and sensitive when the Moon is full. Pregnant women, mothers who have just had a baby, infants and young children who are just learning when to fulfill their emotional needs react in particular. Full Moon and New Moon will intensify and make more visible what already exists in us. It cannot create something that does not already exist! It will also show the quality of our emotions. For these Moon phases the mere manifestation of emotions is more pronounced and very often it seems that it cannot be controlled.

It is important to understand that the Moon only illuminates what we are, amplifies what we are, what we have not noticed until then or we have tried to ignore. This is like a child who cries because it is hungry. It has to cry because otherwise it will not get what it needs. Emotional disbalance is the cry of a mature person and the inconsolable sob of her soul.

Yet we can consciously create a better life quality by energetically enhancing or diminishing what exists on an emotional level. We can do this through communication with ourselves and contact through the aspects that the transiting Moon activates.

Emotional Alignment

Connecting energy through the movement of the transiting Moon offers a chance to turn things around. We will see how we express or retain emotions. What you can do is write down the days when you didn’t feel the best during one month without paying attention to the sign of the transiting Moon. You can keep something like a diary of your emotions. This is one of the exercises that my clients love very much. It is useful for any other further astrological work.

After one month, you can try, if you have at least basic astrological knowledge, to determine which aspects were then and in what way you have reacted. In this way would will see what should be worked on. This text goes beyond the possibility of explaining the very concept of working with the Moon. It is, above all, very individual and what we do during consultations.

Rules for the Moon transits

The rules you can apply in your daily life are to avoid starting something new when the New Moon is on. Then we don’t see the Moon in the sky, so it’s easy to know when this is happening. It is a time for rest and regeneration, recharging your batteries, especially if you were born on the New Moon. If you have a lot of natal squares or oppositions or emphasized Moon it is also very important. On the New Moon, the energy is usually lower. It should be saved and we should rest more.

You will notice if you are not rested that you are much more reactive. Therefore you can create problems that you do not need. As the New Moon represents a conjunction with the Sun, only when that conjunction ends and the Moon changes sign can we start initiating a business or activity. As the Moon grows and becomes more visible, so will our goal. Of course, that beginning should be related to the sign and house of the transiting New Moon and Sun. And during one year, we have periods when we need to focus on work, or on health, marriage, etc.

Not every Moon is always favorable for everything. We do not plant the seeds of a plant at all times as well. There is an exact time to do it in order to get the desired fruit/result in the following period. Whether we will get it depends on many other external factors that we cannot always control, as with everything in nature. Everything we do after initiating an action or project is also important.

Transiting Moon quality

In addition, not every transiting New and Full Moon is completely flowing or completely difficult. Everyone has their own karmic challenge or lesson, but it can serve us just as well to heal our natal Moon. This is a process and requires conscious work and dedication.

When the Moon making no aspects something new should not be initiated either. What I mean by this is when it is in one sign and it no longer makes aspects with any other planet. The next aspect happens when Moon changes sign. Initiation during this time is considered to lead to the stagnation of the work itself or its obstacle. There is no aspect that would activate it, so the situation is in a sense stuck.

The first (about a week after the New Moon) and the last quarter (about a week after the Full Moon) are the times when adjustment is needed. The first quarter may present some challenge. There is a certain need for a change, taking some other action and arranging different conditions. That is the so-called active phase to achieve what we want. The last quarter can come with tension. It is not favorable for new beginnings either. It should be used for working on yourself, listening to your emotional being and resting. It is the passive phase.

Full Moon

Full Moon is a day when Moon and Sun are in opposition. Energy is especially emphasized the day before and after when we can be energetically and emotionally tense. This is the culmination of one lunar cycle. Moon is very strong then, so it clearly shows what we have done in the previous 28-29 days. It will illuminate our psyche. If there is a problem it will be more visible so we can solve it. Solving it always requires a change of behavior and emotional and mental adjustment.

Whatever we pushed under the rug will then appear. For most, something happens outside that draws them to deal with themselves. But for those who are introspective by nature, it will be vital to deal with their feelings and clarify some things from the past and let them go.

Since Moon moves the fastest and stays in one sign for about two and a half days, it will activate each natal point during its cycle. It will initiate a new view on the existing situations and life itself. In 28-29 days we can regenerate our psyche and our health. We can become aware of the psycho-somatic issues activated by external events and our emotional nature. Most importantly we can use it to learn to express our emotional nature more easily and spontaneously. I will explain the meaning of the Lunar and Solar eclipse in the following posts.

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