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April 19, 2023



There are several types of astrological transits. There are transits that we all go through that represent astro-energetic climate of the time we live in. These transits are based on movement of planets at a certain speed through signs.

Since it is known how long it takes for a planet to go through entire zodiac, it is easy to figure out in which years of life certain changes may occur. This helps us understand transits we go through according to age. These transits are necessary because they help us develop, strengthen and affirm our true personality.

These transits can form aspects with other natal planets. These are individual transits that concern your personality. They do not depend on age, but on astro-energy signature at birth. Thus, depending on natal planets, one person may go through a certain transit as a baby, others in adulthood, old age or never. These transits are related to specific lessons that Soul has chosen to learn in this body.

Other unique life transits

There are also transits that are related to natal houses that are very important because they represent key character reconstruction. In this post, I will cover only several transits that we all go through according to age and key transits to houses.

Individual transits can only be determined based on natal chart and I will not cover them in this post. They will certainly provide context for all transits discussed here. Due to retrograde movement of planets, please take years mentioned here with a grain of salt. For you it may be about a year later or earlier compared to year mentioned.

As transits are cyclical, it is completely clear that if same problems keep appearing, we have not learned lessons that are important for us. This means that we do not accept responsibility and do not optimally use energy and resources we have. Unsolved problems from one transit carry over to another. Just because transit is over doesn’t mean karmic lesson has been learned.

Jupiter transits

These transits occur every 12 years. Which means you go through them at 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84 and 96 years old. These transits represent time of growth, enjoyment, success and wisdom. Then you may be given a new business opportunity. You may feel that you have support in your environment and through important people or you may achieve something valuable.

Jupiter signifies ease and growth, but it doesn’t entail success if we haven’t put in effort. Depending on age, context and house of natal Jupiter, this transit is a time of happiness and understanding of past events. We see that even the most unpleasant experience has helped us grow.

For example, a child at about 12 years of age acquires awareness and knowledge about life through school and various interests. Perhaps by travelling abroad for first time or achieving success in sport. Then we can develop knowledge about culture and time we live in. At age of 24, we can afford a car, start an important job or have a baby. At 60 it could be pension, grandchildren or inheritance.

Fruits of labor and joy are connected for a deeper understanding of life after painful situations. That’s why we don’t only associate beautiful things with Jupiter, but an increase in energetic quality found when this transit begins. At age of 84, we sum up our life lessons, passing them on to grandchildren approaching life with greater wisdom.

Saturn transits-squares

First important Saturn transit is a square around age of 7. It is time of growing up, new responsibilities and obligations at school and home. Someone gets a brother or a sister to take care of. Someone at that time witnesses challenging relationship of parents. Square will repeat itself around age of 21 when someone finishes school and faces new challenges. Person learns to be responsible for his actions constructively overcoming obstacles. Discipline, more responsibilities and maturity result from this transit.

Third square occurs around 35th-37th years of life. Person then begins to care more about health, accepts new work/family responsibilities. It is time when we confront real life that we may have ignored until then. Square asks for adjustment, which usually means that we will have to put in more effort and energy.

Person realizes that he has to stop with bad behavior/habits and use resources more wisely, especially time that will lead to success. Fourth square occurs around 51st-53rd years of life when we again have to solve challenges that make us uncomfortable. Priorities change impacting important life areas.

Fifth square occurs around 67th-68th years of life when we can again face some difficulty that requires greater effort, investment and different life attitude. Person gets new duties, takes care of sick parents or remains alone. Person can face other practical questions that teach him about limits and better time use…

Other important Saturn transits

At around 9th-10th and 19th-20th years, Saturn forms a trine that serves to strengthen self-awareness. Person has to devote to studies, school and duties. He seems to be getting better at it, too. Growing up and decisions about further education characterize this time. First job or discipline can be associated with this cycle as well. After that, we have another trine in third and fourth decade of life. This helps us understand experiences we have gained and fix areas we are not satisfied with. This is a time of building that makes us supported and confident in ourselves.

At about age of 14, tension arises under opposition and we may be faced with a challenge, need to work harder and stand up for what is important to us. Then many have a conflict with authority, lose interest in school and get into arguments with environment and parents. Second opposition takes place around 44th-45th years when we may be faced with new challenges and feel under pressure. We need to choose what is really worthwhile and what no longer supports us.

Third opposition takes place around 74th-76th years when we should take more care of physical body and health by making different life choices. Many then feel lonely or disillusioned with life. We have Saturn’s return for the first time at around 28-30 years and again at 58-60. It is the time when we are focused on achievements and career. During first transit, someone gets married, has children, takes out a loan, buys an apartment and starts building himself professionally.

Second transit may be more focused on redefining the self, deciding what is important and taking care of life’s priorities. Person can summarize life’s lessons and decide how to use past experience to improve life and build something that will support them. Many then realize that they need to deal with health, physical body, make major changes, set goals differently or more often say no. Someone will go through this transit for the third time…

Uranus transits

In early twenties, we go through a square where desire for freedom from obligations and greater independence appears. Person wants to make a change, but is faced with stress if that change doesn’t happen. This is the search for authenticity. In late twenties we have first trine when we understand ourselves better. We face opportunities to take risks to achieve something positive in life.

Uranus opposition takes place around 41th-44th years of life, which represents moment when we choose freedom leading a more conscious life. It is usually preceded by a crisis, shock, surprise and a huge change that destroys previous life foundation. In fifties, we have a trine, which represents new opportunities and chances for development. Easier materialization of goals is possible if we open up and boldly expresses our nature.

In early sixties we experience second square when we want change or rebel against circumstances that limit our freedom. We may face an unexpected situation that makes us feel disappointed and cut off from surroundings. Uranus’ return occurs around age of 84, bringing new “childhood” where we channel energy into deeper life understanding, spirituality and greater sense of freedom.

Neptune transits

Between 39th-42th year of life, we pass through Neptune square facing challenges we have ignored and opening up to greater life understanding. We can face disappointment, healing and illness in family for wiser energy use that is open to letting go and forgiveness.

We learn not to be rigid, to forgive and find deeper meaning in life events. Usually, most of us start looking at painful past experiences with different eyes. At age of 82, we go through opposition when we surrender seeing life’s lessons and important relationships more wisely. It is time for spirituality and sometimes saying goodbye to loved ones.

Pluto transits

In late thirties comes a transformative time of Pluto square. Person can make major life changes that will further mark his life. Person is facing end of life he has lived up to that point and is at a turning point. It is a time when we feel challenges in environment or may lose important people which shakes how we see ourselves and our sense of personal power.

Transits in natal houses

These are specific very important transits, especially when dealing with transcendental planets. Such transits happen only once in a lifetime and can change us permanently. At moment of birth, everyone has “chosen” which transit they will go through. These are lessons when we struggle between darkness and light. Then we can choose to continue living through false personality or let more light into aura.

Transits over ascendant are time of new beginnings visible on physical body and in material circumstances. Many people start a new job, create a family, move and feel greater personal power. Transit depends on events that took place during 12th house transit when we were healing ourselves coming to end of some important life lesson. It could have been time of powerlessness, karmic influences and darkness where we were unaware of path we should take. We make life-changing decisions when planet transits ascendant.

Transit over fourth house cusp is all about retreat, peace and introspection. We are growing, but in invisible ways feeling more comfortable alone. Foundation of our life is being redefined. We need silence and time when we will introvertly look at previous experiences. Person begins to strongly feel emotions that had been suppressed until then. Everything depends on what happened in third house when we were more extroverted, focused on communication with environment.

Noise can now be uncomfortable as we don’t want so many events or contacts with people and communication every day. Only intimate friends remain in our life unlike time during third house transit where a lot of time was spent on contact with others. We understand what is really important and necessary to us. Emotions will make it clear to us.

Other important life transits

Transit on seventh house cusp is time of significant change in relationships and contracts. We may have a desire to make new connections that show part of our personality in different light. We become aware of ‘mirrors’ that environment and partners provide us to see our shadow self. If we do not see this clearly, we will be unpleasantly surprised by behavior of important people.

Depending on what has happened during sixth house transit when we were worried about practical things, we are now more focused on people. Transit through sixth house could have asked for more attention focused on work, health, obligations and solving situation that now gives us more space for better relationships.

Transit on tenth house cusp is a time when we become focused on career. It can mean change, advancement, new beginning or materialization of invested effort. We are focused on our public persona, practical use of knowledge and personal power that wants to manifest outwardly more. This is very much shaped by events during ninth house transit when we may have changed our beliefs, life philosophy or had experience that deeply shook our outlook on life or concerning our reputation.

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