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January 2, 2024



Each transit happens exactly when it is needed for us, although it may seem to us that it is the worst thing that could happen. However, in Cosmos there is a perfect time for everyone and everything. It is not the same for every person.

Someone will experience a certain transit as a teenager and someone may never go through it. Have confidence that every transit always works for you. Challenging transits can manifest in various ways and this will be discussed in this post.

Transits in 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house of natal chart generally bring changes in key life areas. These transits can be stressful for everything else if person is not grounded and emotionally stable.

Transits in astrology by element

Transits of planets in fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) call for action and energy expression. If it is blocked, it leads to a decrease in joy, happiness and drop in self-confidence. These zodiac signs respond very well to energy healing that can help them during intense transits.

Transits of planets in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are felt on a physical level. This is mainly through fatigue and physical weakness, unproductiveness and failure in practical side of life which leads to destabilization. These zodiac signs respond very well to use of crystals during transits.

Transits of planets in air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) bring rush of thoughts and overloaded mind. There is a strong need to communicate about what is experienced. Then objectivity is reduced, relationships with others are over-intellectualized and thinking is depressed. These zodiac signs respond very well when they have opportunity to write or talk about how they feel during transits.

Transits of planets in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) bring us back to past and experiences that we need to let go of and forgive. There may be tendency to hold on to emotional pain and unconscious unsatisfied aspirations. Vulnerability is excessive and tendency to addiction is increased with a strong need for protection. Some people manage to find security in their inner world which further isolates them from others. These zodiac signs respond very well if astrology is combined with psychology and past life regression.

Transits in astrology by modality

Transits of planets in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) bring sudden conflicts and separation of energies afterwards.

Transits of planets in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) bring conflicts that linger as frustration grows. They stay that way for a longer period of time depleting resources.

Transits of planets in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) bring impossibility of resolution in practical sense. At mental level, it is constantly circulating in search of answers that seem possible in theory, but not in practice.

Especially for Virgos and Capricorns, sense of guilt can be awakened during most transits. It is difficult for them to focus on themselves and their needs which is necessary for conscious work with natal planets.

Transits of planets in astrology- examples

Transits involving Mercury with Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto bring great need to verbally explain or defend something. There is need to cover up, lie, manipulate and blackmail by what is said or written.

Transits involving Venus with Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto bring tension and disagreement with loved ones. This leads to great physical stress, inner restlessness and loss of meaning in life.

Transits involving Mars with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto bring rush of energy that tends towards internal/external destruction and wasted resources.

Transits of Saturn with Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus lead to difficult emotional circumstances and feeling that playfulness in life has been lost. We do not feel safe and loved and chronic physical pain is possible, too.

Transits of outer planets in astrology

Transits of Uranus with Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus lead to appearance of great stress, restlessness and nervousness. There is need to release energy suddenly, often very unexpectedly and rebelliously. Accidents and physical injuries are possible due to carelessness, lack of concentration and great haste.

​Transits of Neptune with Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus lead to emergence of large amount of vulnerable emotions, confusion and loss regarding life goals. It is possible to heal relationship with mother/father/inner child, but also poisoning, viruses, allergies and in extreme cases drug addiction.

Transits of Pluto with Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus lead to a strong desire to change. It is impossible on one level because it requires absolute separation from the past. It can manifest in extreme cases as dangerous incurable disease, psychopathy, murderous tendencies and strong desire to self-harm or revenge.

Other transits in astrology-examples

Retrograde transits mean that same theme appears more than once. In some cases, first transit clears the challenge. If you have a lot of fixed planets, it usually happens that you are constantly resisting adding in your life something new. In that case, transit lasts longer and makes it difficult to learn lessons, since person was in resistance all the time and “has stretched” this energy.

Invisible transits are those that have ended a long time ago, but we have not integrated and mastered them. Current transiting planets when they pass over those “invisible points” activate that problem again. This is virtuoso astrology.

Transits do not happen separately, but cumulatively. That is why transit in one house, if not mastered and integrated, hinders energy flow even when it moves to another house. Even when it forms positive aspects in that case they are less positive than it could have been.

Meaning of transits in evolutionary astrology

Meaning of a transit is always some kind of change that is healthy for us. Most often, it is the first change that comes to mind, but which we resist. All thoughts, beliefs, emotions, images, sounds and sights affect planets. They are always “on” and they receive what we send. That’s how we “feed” them.

Of course, some things are not in our control, but thoughts and emotions are. They can worsen or improve both transits and aspects. Whether we tend to view situations negatively or optimistically, chemical processes in the body alternate how we connect to planets, too.

​If you have experienced something in certain period of your life that has had a profound effect on you, useful exercise is to write about that situation during one lunar cycle. The way you describe it and words you use will clearly show how much you have truly overcome, healed and integrated past transits.

What we believe in becomes tangible and manifests through transits, but this also applies to past memories. Transits change the way we look at our past. Emotions during transit serve as fuel for what we imagine. Positive emotions and thoughts bring such situations, having health benefits as well.

Three levels of transit manifestation in astrology

Transits always take place on three levels: physical, emotional/mental and spiritual/energetic. The most important lessons are learned on a spiritual level. Astrology is great at explaining what we are going through and offering different outlet and wider perspective.

Emotional experience in certain cases is predictable, but we can also influence it as our awareness grows. However, transits do not aim to change events and situations on physical level. They teach us to create our everyday life so that it opens our heart and brings joy. For example, letting go of guilt is very important when transiting Saturn forms aspects to Venus and Neptune.

Each transit can mean a million things or bring different emotions/events. For example, person with Saturn transiting ascendant may feel that it is time to end some old stories they are telling themselves. These may be stories that tie us to family history which are painful. That is why during transits we can feel melancholy, sadness, fatigue and fear. We may also decide to make some major life changes. This can materialize in physical sense in many ways.

As our consciousness grows, future events are based on what is necessary for our evolution. Then we begin to co-create with Universe. Still there is always uncertainty due to free will. That’s why every transit is opportunity for growth and learning. People who are lazy to change their life, who are not persistent and do not take responsibility for their life will have problems “coming to terms” with transits or healing their natal chart. They only do what is easiest for them, repeating same stories every time.

Healing function of astrology

Astrology is focused on growth at its highest level. Daily time you set aside to heal your planets means not reading your horoscope, but doing something concrete, tangible and practical.

This work on planets should be an integral part of you. It has nothing to do with knowing your chart or needs astrological knowledge. Key when learning about your natal chart is to recognize feelings and to observe yourself. Remember that only you know yourself best no matter what astrologer says.

Also, it is possible that you do not have tense transits at this moment, but that planet squares a house, thus bringing unpleasant and painful experiences. One of ways to mitigate ‘negative’ aspects is to pay attention to who you spend most time with.

It often happens that you feel like you have a square even though you don’t have it either in your chart or in transits. Planets of person you spend a lot of time with square your natal chart and you feel it.

Examples of esoteric astrology in everyday life

When you go to an important business meeting, if you need to make a decision, or do a presentation, choose to be in company or contact with those who have planets in trine to your natal chart. All this affects final outcome. It might not turn out well for you if person you were in contact with squares your natal chart no matter how good transits are.

For example, before an exam, you usually had a habit of calling your mom to wish you luck. Synastric square of Jupiter and Mercury was formed, but you did not pass the exam. On one occasion, you called a friend before the exam. Your Jupiter formed conjunction with her Mercury, so you got a high mark.

Very often on an unconscious level we choose people with whom we will have communication before something important. On that unconscious level it has already been decided what the outcome will be. I think it is clear who/what decided.

For more sensitive people, empaths, those who have karmically burdened natal chart and due to other energetic reasons that will be discussed in my blog, challenging transits of Saturn and Uranus can trigger headaches, fatigue and irritability long before exact aspect. Neptune and Pluto can manifest as intense dreams, insomnia or need for peace and solitude, because everything seems too stressful.

​Stressful transits in astrology

Often transits prove to be critical at moments when several unfavorable situations have occurred. Especially in case of stellium of planets that are simultaneously squared or opposed by Saturn or Uranus. I have noticed that it happens that culmination of transit lasts only a short period as often as there is discomfort during entire duration of transit.

All this depends on each person and their astro-energetic composition. How we go through transits is determined by individual natal chart and use or lack of application of healing techniques.

Natal chart shows areas that mostly “break” regardless of transits in question. That’s why people always react stressfully to change until they become aware of that part of themselves. This is shown by squares while oppositions express tension that exists with another person. Often, in contact with that person, we might feel headache, anger that accumulates or strong physical tension.

For some people, cough shows that someone makes them anxious or need to go to toilet frequently during contact with them. All this shows fear or guilt and it is often accompanied by palpitations and change in blood pressure. For some people, mere thought of someone is enough to trigger an allergy or sneeze if they have intense Neptune transits. However, conflict is in us, not in the person who “irritates” us. Transit brings what is inside us to the surface through a person who is part of our reality.

How to work with transits in astrology?

Using Bach drops, doing yoga and physical exercises, meditating, chanting mantras, writing a journal and having consultations with an astrologer when necessary can help you a lot during challenging transits. It will help you even before an unfavourable transit happens. This should be continued even after transit is over. All of this helps you go through “cleaning” that transit requires of you much more easily.

However, even with all this, especially during Neptune’s transit, it may happen that at one point it becomes clear that everything was a deception. Person felt bad all the time, but tried not to see it. That’s why everything is very individual and person’s age and maturity level contribute to whether it will be easier or more difficult to go through a transit. This topic will be discussed in future articles on my blog.

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