Role of Transits

Maja Lazić
December 29, 2021

Role of Transits

Man who looks at his natal chart all the time and the transits that are coming does not live his life. Feel free to quote me. Unnecessary drama about every Full Moon or Eclipse is often seen in newspaper articles. Internet is flooded with headlines that “announce a catastrophe”. However, transits are not events which unfortunately mass astrology propagates and thus manipulates people. It makes them dependent on quasi-astrology and unable to live their life with trust.

Transits are about expanding awareness, intimate emotional experiences with your Self and developing a new life approach. I know you didn’t expect this and no one has told you so far … However, back in 1973 famous astrologer Dane Rudhyar wrote about it. And he wasn’t the only one.

What is the truth then?

It is true that not all transits are important nor will every person go through same transits in the same way. Everyone reacts differently to same stimulus, because context and life experiences are different. To understand that we must always pay attention to natal house that a certain planet rules. I can always give you advice to look inside yourself, in the part you avoid, push under the carpet and ignore. What you avoid will inevitably appear whatever transit is approaching. And no, it won’t be very pleasant.

Transits do not follow the same order for every person. For example, everyone enters puberty during a certain age, but it is different with transits. Some people go through a specific transit as children and others when old. Some people never go through that transit. Transits activate natal areas for a longer or a shorter time, which is also variable. However, when we are children, transits are much easier to “get through” than when we are adults. We have developed a specific response mechanism during our lives. This mechanism is not always compatible with our true nature, what we need to learn and incorporate into our experience.

What kind of transits can we have?

Quality of transits is seen through aspects, whether it is opposition, conjunction, square, trine, sextile or inconjunction. We also pay attention to signs and houses. We need to consider whether multiple transits happen at the same time. However, life is not intended to be known in advance, nor it is mechanical. We do not approach transits in that way. It is essential to recognize them in our lives, on an ordinary everyday level.  We can resist them or be flexible, too. The choice is ours.

Lower transits are about context with oneself. Upper transits deal with context outside oneself. This is related to natal chart quadrants. To understand lessons of a longer transit we need to look at a shorter transit and so on. Also, each symbol contains a psychological shadow. That is what is negatively manifested and what we mostly project on others. But it comes from us, not from the transit! Transit is a means of transportation and we are the drivers. I’ll underline this so you don’t miss it.

It makes no sense to observe Moon transit which is short-lived if we do not take into account everything that happens over a longer time period. For example, to understand Uranus we will look at Saturn. To understand Saturn we will look at Jupiter. This has nothing to do with planetary aspects, but with the natal chart synthesis that we analyze in a specific moment of time. Natal chart without transit is just a concept. Transits are what activate the chart. Also, we are not only looking ahead, or at the present moment, but also at transits we have gone through until then. They left something unfinished in us in one way or another.

What else do we take into consideration?

Some transits are more noticeable when they occur during direct or retrograde period. If a transit happens during retrograde period, it sometimes repeats itself three times. It does not mean a certain or same event each time. If we successfully solved a challenge when it first appeared, it does not mean that same situation will happen again. It is also known that people often do not learn what is needed from those three “attempts”. So the energy of that transit reappears through other following transits, until we integrate it. If we have “flowing” aspects, it will always be easier for us to overcome similar transiting aspects.

Exact transits to Sun, Moon and ascendant are especially intense if transit is longer. This will emphasize all natal aspects of that planet, too. Just one transit can thus activate several aspects that natal planet has with other planets. It takes a lot of experience to interpret this on your own.

Sun-activating transits are always about vitality and ego. Sun transits are about a shorter monthly period showing an area of focus and goals. We can notice some transits from outside. We can be OK and our friends are not, if retrograde Mercury is in challenging transit to our natal Mercury. It often happens that some change that we are unaware of in us is seen at home and in our house.

Changes related to family members are sometimes reflected in our transits and seen more clearly through them even though they are not go through that same transit. I learn a lot by observing my environment. That is only possible when you have a lot of theoretical knowledge and practice with astrology. After now more then a decade of active astrological experience, it is much easier for me to notice how my surroundings show my transits. I am open to insights that I can get about myself. They are all mirrors and not all mirrors are “beautiful and clean”. However, they are always honest and invite us to make a change.

Saturn and Jupiter

Jupiter transits through a house with or without planets is not the same. Every natal planet in a house where Jupiter is transiting is a new opportunity for growth that could at some later moment lead to manifestation. It’s just that nothing will happen if we don’t put some effort. With Jupiter, not everything has to be only positive. It is more about working hard and gaining results. If there are simultaneous aspects with Saturn these are usually challenges or lessons when it comes to conjunctions, oppositions and squares with natal planets.

Saturn is about slowing down, restriction, seriousness and responsibility. He “brings” what we have invested in past and not some punishment that has no reason to enter our life. If there is a problem and you are feeling burdened now, there is always something that happened in the past connected to it. Some things we cannot continue to do when this transit starts, but we can always improve our behavior and take responsibility. An individual may encounter difficulties which are also manifested in his energy drop. Saturn transits can also be seen on our parents or in someone older who is a part of our life. Saturn is in one sign for about two years and in some cases it can have a prolonged effect on one natal planet for a whole year, even when it is out of aspect.

Is every transit bound to be felt?

Many transits will not be felt at all, but Mars feels mostly intense because it is about energy and everything we do. This transit is most often experienced as stress, some kind of problem, injury, quarrel and irritation when transiting ascendant. It’s time to fix what’s wrong and not to spoil what’s good just because we’re too tired or frustrated.

If you react intensely to every transit or daily minor change in the sky, if something always happens to you, it means that your natal chart management is very weak. Simply put, it’s like you are not holding the steering wheel of your life in your hands. The only question is why and how you can change that? We will certainly explore this during consultations. Still, emotional reactivity always attracts “negative” vibration of manifestations. Those who worked with me can remember my example of a “wobbly table”.Whatever you put on it inevitably falls and breaks down.

Uranus in conjunction to Sun and especially involving large number of personal planets is not something that everyone goes through in their lifetime. This is about specific experiences, sudden unexpected changes and completely unpredictable energy. What seemed impossible is happening. Uranus will bring a great awakening, but does it have to be uncomfortable? Well, of course not! However, one Aquarius will “endure” Uranus transits much easier than a Cancer or a Taurus.

Neptune and Pluto

Transits of Neptune and Pluto are profound psychological changes that consequently change the way of life. They can’t be always registered easily and are usually projected externally onto other people. Neptune’s transits in contact with a natal planet can be felt for about two years. Neptune is very slow and of invisible quality. We associate it with confusing feelings, loss, disappointments, insanity and deception, but also with strengthening of faith and artistic pursuits.

Pluto’s transits on a natal planet are very powerful and last for more than two years. They are about big absolute changes where there is no going back. We can feel like we are suffocating, drowning or losing ourselves, because our old self is dying. If a transit lasts for two years, it does not mean that it will be “difficult” or active all the time. Shorter transits to a natal point will be important, but also individual’s level of consciousness. It is the same as for childbirth, which can endanger the life of mother and baby or be fast, easy and almost painless.

From other important transits, I would highlight Eclipses and transits that activate South and North Lunar Nodes. Transits of retrograde Venus and Mars are also important. You can find out more about this clicking on this link. I must emphasize that Venus transits absolutely do not have to bring love, especially if you are sitting at home and not being among people. Usually what they bring is laziness and weightgain.

How do we analyze transits?

Transits are simply an unlimited interpretation of symbols that is never definitive or final. There are many routes a transit can take you! They are not designed to provide answer such as what and when exactly will happen. Nor does anything has to happen at all!

Remember, it is all about consciousness, not about a specific event. We should focus on Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in aspect to natal planets when we talk about the quality of one year. Through Profections we can see which natal area is emphasized during each year. Transits of planets that activate that area will be important. This gives us opportunity to be more specific during an analysis.

All this together tells us about cycles and periods that help us understand what we are going through and to adequately respond to the “cosmic stimulus”. Transits take place primarily in us, because astrology is a symbolic interpretation of our inner world. They should be “noticed” there. What we resist will manifest often as a problem from the outside, even though it comes from within. Please understand that heavenly bodies do not do anything to you. They are not the cause of your misfortune and pain. The cause is ignorance of one’s true nature and insistence on something that Ego wants, not the Soul.

Natal chart and transits

As natal chart is the beginning of any interpretation, transits help us to develop our natal chart and get the most out of it. However, people still keep blaming their natal chart because they failed to do something. In fact they did not try hard enough nor they had the willpower. How much is enough for you to accomplish something? As much as it takes to achieve what you want! You haven’t accomplished something – you haven’t invested enough effort and discipline. You should never compare yourself to others, but only with yourself and what you used to be like.

Since transits activate natal areas, with oppositions, they are mostly felt through partnerships and certain difficulties to integrate two various principles if there is resistance. If there is a planet with a lot of natal aspects, transit to that planet will trigger all those aspects and rulers of planets, which is then transferred to many natal areas.

When we talk about squares, it is usually an obstacle that must be resolved. Situation is stuck and cannot develop further. It’s like you’ve entered a dead end. You can just turn around, go back and change your approach. If you do not have some type of a natal aspect, then transits making that type of aspects a very intense period of learning. In that way you will ‘add’ what you “miss”.

However, when we really understand our natal energy and how we use it authentically every day, then regardless of transits happening, we still remain who we really are and do not have big issues during transits. We do not change our true nature, but we stay open and flexible to learning. We have confidence and do not feel fear. A diamond is always a diamond, whether it is at ‘Tiffany’s’ or yet uncut and dusty somewhere in a mine. We are afraid of transits and find them difficult to bear only when we are not doing what we really need to do. This is always seen in people who are afraid to have their chart analyzed.

Misconceptions about transits

Transits have no exact and definite beginning or end, because everything happens on a very subtle level. Just because transit is exact does not mean that something has to happen that day. You are not a machine or a robot. Transits will bring to the surface everything that is in you and often that is dissatisfaction, sadness, harmful habits, bad relationships with yourself and others. If we do not achieve a result, we will not achieve it by persistent analysis of transits, but by changing our attitude, our way of life and core opinions. After all, transit is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is how you feel and what your life quality is.

Going to an astrologer once or twice a year if there is a problem or a challenge is enough. I do not propagate more than that. Every astrologer with integrity will tell you that. We can know as much as we are open to receive. We can never receive everything that has to be known at a given moment.

Is divorce always bad? Is losing a job always a catastrophe? In some cases, this is the best possible thing that can happen to a person. That is why you should stay away from fatalism. Whoever wants to analyze his chart by himself should better invest in learning and understand that cannot get all the answers to every question exclusively through natal chart alone. That’s why you need an astrologer, Uranus, who will give you insights from another perspective. But you can’t get some answers at once, because then the meaning of life would be lost. Some answers are not hidden in a chart, but your heart.

Forms of manifestation

Sometimes transit is seen through psychosomatic symptoms, health disorders or thoughts that haunt us, symbols of which you become aware through dreams or content that you read/listen to. Transits encourage us to introspection and seeking answers that we should always find in ourselves. If only we were taught that in school! Transits help us reach our full potential and we should always look at them that way.

Recurring natal aspects in transit will be very important as they activate your natal story in a different way. When this happens as an event in the sky, there does not have to form an aspect with your natal planets, but there is still a carrier of important lessons. Traditionally, challenging aspect does not have to bring something bad, but is necessary to push us to make a change. After all, everything consists of its positive and negative part. If there is no opposition and no square, nothing will happen, because there is no necessary pressure.

What most influences how transit is experienced?

Your attitude, emotions and beliefs about a transit are also deciding its “effect”. Previous transits, no matter how far away they happened and how you “passed” them are also important. If you have transits of outer planets to ascendant or its ruler, then there are changes in entire natal chart. You can think of it as some paint that you pour in glass of water. Soon the whole glass takes on a certain color.

You can have the most beautiful transits, but if your behavior is out of place, if there are no high moral values ​​and honesty, it’s all for nothing! I deeply believe that every transit is good. It is, after all, determined at the time of your birth. That’s why you were born then and not at some other time/day. Every transit you will go through is known in advance. It is not changeable as a fact, but its quality is what changes and what depends on you.

All transits as well as natal aspects are related to your purpose. You need them because of the experience you must to go through. But if you do not hear your inner voice, then pain will inevitably occur. Each transit will bring you more pain and difficulties. Also, it is much better when you meet someone to you know them by experience and ask questions in order to have an opinion on who they are, than to analyze their chart before you even met them or started a relationship with them. It is important to emphasize that astrology does not serve to manipulate and control other people, especially not life.

To sum up

Transits are just repetitive cycles and how we experience them depends only on our ability to change our behavior. Answer on how we will react to a transit is much better searched for in the past than in the future. Don’t give transits the power they don’t have! The calmer we are, the easier it is for us to get through each transit. After all, it will certainly pass, like seasons.

As a class in school that will end, the only question is what we learned in that class. In order for astrology to help you, you need to be open to one great awakening that, like any awakening, depends on the quality of sleep/lifestyle and inner peace. Feel free to contact me if you want my help.

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