Maja Lazić
October 4, 2019


This post is about transits for business change.

  • What are your qualities?
  • What makes you special?
  • What are you particularly good at so your friends always ask you for a favor?
  • Do you have a hobby that you want to turn into a business?

Although most people contact an astrologer to talk about a love problem, very often I have clients who want to change their profession. They are still unsure what to do for a living. Some people contact an astrologer after losing a job. Or even due to an illness caused by stress because of the hours they put into work they do not even like. There are those who wonder if there is one special occupation for them that they would surely be successful at. However, the answer to that question is negative.

There is not just one occupation or job for which you are destined. A natal chart shows into what your attention is focused, but far from determining just one direction in your career. Those who want to talk to an astrologer about changing jobs, or when to start a private business/change career, very often are going through Uranus transits to their natal Sun.


Others go through Neptune conjunct Sun which could bring uncertainty and confusion about the work. Also a healing of painful situations they have gone through in the past. I will give some examples that announce business changes for all those who are troubled by this topic. If Saturn transits the sixth house, existing work can feel heavy. Only if we have not yet learned what is needed at that workplace. Or if we are putting off business tasks and failing to meet deadlines, obligations and duties.

Saturn’s return and during periods when Saturn enters the 6th house, can usually be felt like a great deal of tiredness due to the amount of work. It bothers us to go to our job every day and we seem to be stuck in that place for good without a chance to try out something better.

We tend to make mistakes in everyday tasks, or even fall back. We say that we do not like our job, but we think we have to do it and that there is no other way. Going to work is a punishment and a huge burden, but we still cannot quit that job.
This often coincides with health problems that serve as a reminder that it is time to change something. That there should be no further delay. It may seem as if we are always giving more and getting less. Yet we get exactly as much as we have given in the past.


A person may go through cycles of hard work and dissatisfaction, which in the end is rewarded. The path to it is painstaking and long and the cost is greater than the one we have expected. Yet Saturn does bring stability in the end. But first we need to show that we are ready to really make the effort to achieve the goal and realistically look at the current business situation.

The transits of Pluto and Uranus in the sixth house always propel us to great changes. Pluto can bring you a complete transformation of the way you work, a troubled boss or manager. Uranus points to the possibility of a sudden and unexpected job loss, the need for retraining or freelancing.

Neither of these two planets is negative in itself and does not bring anything wrong. They are an opportunity for us to make a necessary change. If we refuse to do so and outgrow our area of ​​work or our way of working, then problems arise. It is good to remember that if some transit is experienced as uncomfortable feelings.

It is always because we ourselves need to change our thinking or emotions that we are not fully aware of. Occupational changes can be reflected by the intense aspects of the natal Sun, the tenth house. But also the transits of transcendental planets in the ninth house, which expands our view of life and worldview.

How it works

As the ninth house is the twelfth house out of the tenth house, everything that happens at the subconscious level and what is invisible. It affects our work and access to obligations, is very present in our business choices. We come to the knowledge that cannot leave us the same. For most people this is most often reflected in the area of ​​work that they need to change.
Transiting planets in the first housewill bring great changes in the way we present ourselves. The changes will have to be reflected in the world around us. Everything that we thought at the subconscious level now flows into our experience and after that we are no longer the same. Transits like this bring about an absolute change of interest and very often high contrasts. Someone who has been a banker suddenly decides to start wine production.

The conjunctions of Pluto, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune with the natal Sun can bring about great changes in our personality and different goals, desires and ways of expressing ourselves and a stronger will. Neptune can bring doubt and lack of confidence. All our visions can only hold on to dreams. Uranus often can be experienced as a great desire to take an unusual step into the unknown and risk.

Pluto will infuriate us and motivate us to take matters into our own hands while Saturn could put some more reason into our head or a wish to try to fight the system. But also make us fall into depression because of the lack of ability to accomplish goals in an easier and less painful way.
If Neptune is in the first house, you may be mystically influenced and a surge of imagination as well as a withdrawal into yourself. You have the need to hide, escape and experience loss. And not be as responsible as we think we are may be seen in our behavior.

Fantasies and dreams become much more interesting than the real life and the gap between the two sides becomes larger. Neptune seduces us, deceives us, subtly manipulating us. Yet the truth is that we do it all to ourselves. With this planet especially if it is in the first house or near the natal Sun, it is completely uncertain where we are going. Because it is as if everything is in the fog and we seem to be drowning or sinking. Neptune teaches us how to let go of old wounds and to have more understanding for those with whom we work (employers, clients).

Pluto aspects
If Pluto has entered the first house, suddenly our attention is directed to something completely new, something in us creates fear. Or we need to purify and discard the old parts of our personality that we have outgrown. It is very often necessary to destroy something in order to build something new and the achievement of the goal is important. Transiting planets conjunct Sun can act as if we are becoming another person. Overwhelming us with fears or anger, as well as dragging ourselves into dealing with old worries.

With Neptune, problems pile up and with Pluto they cut us with a knife. Yet both planets can bring healing and resolution if we dive and dig deep enough into our psychology. If Neptune enters your sixth house it is very possible to feel like you are suddenly getting a lot of new ideas. It is still completely unclear how to implement them. If Saturn transits through the sixth house fears and worries about finding or keeping a job are possible.

Neptune is connected to jobs related to liquids and alcohol, while Pluto is about building foundations or excavations, exploration of the sea and mines and oil. Neptune teaches us how to heal our losses, but it can manifest itself as mental fatigue and despair. Pluto teaches us about the importance of end and transformation as well as dealing with fears.
Of course, the sign of the planet will give us a clearer image and each of these transits will have to be combined with other transits and natal positions of fast planets that will complete the story.


For example, with the effects of some of the transcendental planets, transit/natal Mercury and planets in Gemini can bring business travel, transportation jobs, not just writing. With the influence of Neptune, writing a novel can be a hobby that becomes a business and a source of income. Gemini is a sign that represents the media, communication, buying and selling, the neighborhood, school, mobile phones. But what will be part of the experience, the whole natal chart will give us insight into and the level of energy of the person. The energy itself will decide how smoothly things will go.

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