Uranus in house

Maja Lazić
June 26, 2021

Uranus in house

Uranus and its position show an area of instability. It is a house where we will want to behave freely, to become independent, but at the same time we will feel a lack of support. Natal Uranus is activated around the age of 21, 42, 63 and 84 when it makes significant aspects with transiting Uranus. In those moments, free will determines a lot.  Life can suddenly take a new and unexpected path. Certainly, stress and problems stem from the refusal to live authentically.

Uranus is very prominent in some natal charts especially when it makes aspects with the ascendant, Moon or Sun. It is not a cause for fear, but an invite into life journey that seeks flexibility. During transits, it will be similarly activated. It will have to be connected with the position of natal Uranus in the house. Informative analysis on the position of Uranus in twelve houses is below. In this blogpost, I will deal only with some of the topics and the most common manifestations. Of course, sign of Uranus, position of its ruler and aspects will be equally important.

Uranus in the first house

Person has a tendency towards provocative behavior. It always seems that when he behaves authentically, in the end he feels even more isolated. His appearance is unusual. Others may perceive him as a freak. He defies what is traditional. This is clearly seen in his attitude and behavior. He learns how not to deny his personality, but to give equal freedom and rights to others who are a part of his life.

There is a great need for freedom that sometimes turns into eccentric behavior. It would be better to focus energy on what is useful. Inner rebellion seeks to innovate his life and personality. Otherwise, there are frequent energy breakdowns that destroy what he wants to build. This stems from his personality, which is additionally encouraged by sudden decisions that bring problems.

Relationships with others

In relationships, it can be especially problematic because this oddity is projected onto the partner. It feels that he can’t trust us, because we always surprise him with our behavior. We must learn to express our uniqueness and stop doing unpredictable things that are risky. When we make decisions, we should do it from a state of peace. And not from a state of increased stress, because we will not be able to build something permanent.

Although we seek stability, our stability can never be permanent. We have to try new things, to experience and go through different life stories. It is a way to find a lifepath that leads reach higher consciousness. Then we do not get on the nerves of others, but inspire them.

Uranus in the second house

There is something in her personality that wants to be unstable. She doubts herself and that is transferred to money. She has a feeling that she doesn’t deserve it. She didn’t get enough in her life. Impulsive decisions are a way for her to feel independent. It can bring many financial problems. All material becomes unstable, insecure and unpredictable. It seems that she can only rely on what is elusive and on the level of frequencies. But that does not bring money as long as she compares herself with others.

She wants her financial situation to allow her freedom. But often a material opportunity brings stress because money comes and goes unexpectedly. She goes through periods when she earns a lot. And then through periods when it is difficult for her to earn. She must learn how to make money continuously and save. Answers to that are in her attitude towards herself and level of self-evaluation. However, as money is energy, as long as she does not acquire a stable sense of personal value, she has problems to materialize her desires and be financially stable.

Uranus in the third house

Relationship with siblings, relatives and environment is unusual. There is no connection. We need to move and be among people who are different from us. We learn that everyone thinks with their head. Opinions about the same thing can be different, but still valid. Communication is honest and direct. But it brings us into trouble if we do not have enough tact and understanding for the environment. Mental energy is not stable and anxiety is present. It is possible that we have problems with faulty electrical devices or vehicles. Caution is required when driving.

We have a very innovative opinion. Others cannot always follow us because our thoughts do not have a methodical and causal flow. Shocking decisions or statements can cost us dearly. That should be channeled into some creative project. We can be successful in writing a blog or lecturing on contemporary topics and bringing a new stream of thoughts. Tact is what is being learned ans patience.

It is very good to study and direct the mind to a specific task and not multitask. Focus is needed when signing contracts. School years emphasize what can be both good and bad in our behavior. It depends of the friends we have. Words we use shape our destiny. They can give us freedom, but also abolish it. Level of consciousness will decide that.

Uranus in the fourth house

Relationships at home can be stressful. This person does not fit into his family. Parents may be divorced Their relationship is cold. There is no true intimacy. Freedom is sought. But it is always experienced as a rebellion against tradition and against one of the parents. He often and unexpectedly moves. This strongly destroys his sense of personal security, because the ground beneath him is constantly moving.

He feels that restlessness deep inside. It seems as if the roots do not exist. He is not strongly fixed in his personality. It disrupts everything he builds in life. He must heal that restlessness in himself and some situation from childhood. Especially if as an adult he still has challenges with his parents, which is passed on to marriage and family he creates.

Relationship with parents

One of the parents may have a very unusual outlook on life. We were not understood by parents. Dissatisfaction exists when we are at home. Stress is elevated there. This black sheep in the family wants to leave home as soon as possible. We should do that only when we have solved and healed wounds in relationship to parents. Otherwise it is just an escape. We learn to be independent and build a new personality root if this old one is not what supports us.

We need to remember that we bring chaos into home and house because it is our energy. We don’t change much when we move, because it’s just an external situation that is always a mirror of the internal one. Whatever it was, one should be aware that past does not have to shape every present moment of ours. Or it must, in spite of everyone, which is the most common but not very wise manifestation.

Uranus in the fifth house

Love is unusual and very volatile. Breakups are possible suddenly and everything happens unexpectedly. There is a conflict in our emotional expression. We always get exactly what we didn’t want and what we were afraid of. One of the lessons is to become aware of dissonance in heart chakra and reconcile with ourselves. Until we do that, love is scarce. We fall in love with those who are different. They are a risk to our peace and show instability that is getting louder in us. We have a need for freedom, but also for a full heart. We don’t know how to reconcile these two things. We think it’s somebody else’s fault who doesn’t see us clearly.

We feel abandoned, but we abandon ourselves. Casual relationships are a common choice. Instead of love, we dedicate ourselves to a hobby that is an unconscious substitute for love. Unexpected pregnancy and nervousness because of the child to whom it is tolerated something which was not tolerated to us. Child can be very talented and freely express his creativity. We are attracted by the risks. At moments when we need something badly, we lose everything. As soon as there is an attachment to something, it disappears. That attachment is just a “crutch”.

Heart chakra

When there is lightness, everything seems to come true. Heart chakra starts to magically attract love and praise. Only when we open our hearts letting in those who raise our pressure, westart talking about love. We love those that no one loves. In the depths of our souls we feel that we are the same. But now we have something to give them because our heart is full. Frequent breakups and reconciliations and still something is wrong. We learn that a closed heart is a dead heart. We learn to maintain a high emotion even though we experience frequent falls.

Uranus in the sixth house

Unexpected changes at work, stress and unemployment. Jobs that require independence and innovative thinking. Jobs in which we introduce new trends, but which do not always come to the full approval of the employer. We face unusual circumstances in terms of health. We may have symptoms that are acute and then disappear on their own. We need freedom. If we don’t have it, we run into disease ‘to buy’ freedom.We learn to maintain a routine and healthy habits when it comes to diet and exercise. However, everyday life brings situations and circumstances in which it is difficult for us to maintain these habits.

Something in us explodes from time to time under pressure. Psychosomatic symptoms teach us to recognize what body is telling us when we can still repair it. Health problems are always present when job is not a representation of our true nature. We must throw out everything that is not healthy for us and find an authentic lifestyle. We need to experiment, but in such a way that we benefits from it and do not cause even greater harm. As long as we do not feel cofortable with ourselves, we are attracted to circumstances that reduce our life quality. Now due to our health, we cannot do what we really want.

Uranus in the seventh house

Partnerships are incompatibile as long as we are not aware of ourselves. Divorces and breakups are possible due to disagreements in personality. Yet, often choosing a partner is what is problematic. Partner does not suit us at all. He is very unusual, older or younger and of different life values. For a while, we are all very attracted to him.

But then we discover that it is all just an unnecessary problem that suffocates us. Need for freedom in a relationship is great. This creates instability if there is insincerity. Unexpected events in marriage lead to divorce. It seems that we project a part of our personality onto our partner. Although we do not realize that immediately.


Freedom we are actually looking for is to live all parts of our personality. Since we don’t give it to ourselves, we won’t allow our spouse to do that either. Sudden falling in love, love with a divorcee or true love after a divorce are some of the typical descriptions. You should expect the unexpected and be flexible. Know that relationship cannot be the same all the time. Long-term does not always mean good. It is difficult to find a person with whom we might have a peaceful and stable relationship.

Partner has an unusual and very interesting job. His interests encourage us to get out of the comfort zone. When we realize that our partner is our mirror, but we close our eyes and shift responsibility somewhere else, it becomes easier. Opposites are attractive. But only those who are similar or who have created in themselves a space to accept even the unacceptable and often insane will remain together. I guess it’s called being crazy in love!

Uranus in the eighth house

Changing circumstances around inheritance, divorce that brings stress and awakening feelings of insecurity. He cannot achieve intimacy due to some trauma. He loses exactly what he needs and what should come or may have come from others. Still, they have betrayed us. Real truth is that we lie to ourselves all the time. We pretend it doesn’t hurt. That we can do just well without others. That we are strong. But then everything collapses in material sense to awaken strength in us or to break us. Choice is ours. All adversity and trouble are aimed at a transformation. We can resist, but should not. We risk losing it all.

It always seems that others are hiding something. They are the cause of problems, especially when it comes to money is are belief. Real question is what are we afraid of. How much trust do we have in ourselves and others? Borrowing money and taking out loans should be avoided. There can be large debts that can lead to loss of real estate. Fraud in marriage is possible if we are not completely honest in the relationship.

Or if we entered into relationship out of some other motivation such as money or a sense of power. Unforeseen and unrepentant emotional losses in us raise stress levels. This is what attracts energy of loss, to turn a new page. Death and occult themes attract us. Unnecessary risks should be avoided. Light should be sought instead of darkness.

Uranus in the ninth house

Travel and distant lands attract us. When we go there, only chaos, stress or losses await us. We are not aware that we always carry our energy with us, wherever we go. There are usually some unexpected situations, injuries, loss of money or a sudden event when we return home. We have strong beliefs, but life philosophy often defies tradition instead of authentically depicting us. Life abroad is always short-lived, so we return home. Relocation is not a change that is needed, but to broaden the horizons.

That is why every experience abroad does not serve for us to stay there. Because we will not until we change from the core. It serves to encourage some inconvenience to create new attitudes about religion, learning, culture. Opportunities in life and a strong need to experiment contribute to mental expansion. Strange people and radical attitudes emphasize the need for freedom.

We can attract around us those who think differently. They are our opponents, although we are the biggest opponent through beliefs we hold when we outgrew them. Spiritual search and learning is the true path that will bring change. Not superstitions and beliefs that are characteristic of a narrowed awareness of life and Universe. If we are honest with ourself, we will understand that life progresses while we are studying and when we are open. Not when we firmly adhere to our beliefs and defies the environment.

Uranus in the tenth house

Jobs can be unusual and turn to innovative fields of business. Career can suddenly take a different path. There is a rebellion at work precisely because of professional tendencies that are too unusual. Job requires authenticity and a desire to be seen as different and special. However, this can provoke anger of the environment. We are going against tradition and what we know has been proven to give results. We must find some measure because otherwise we go alone against everyone.

Falling from the position and problems with boss are possible because we do not like other people’s rules. All this puts our career in an unstable position. Root of the problem comes from disagreement with father. Or the need to continue to resist and disobey him for some reason. Jobs related to new technologies can be very useful for us. It is about how mature we are to rule something bigger than us. How much we can rule ourself when responsibility is on him? And when our reputation depends on how we govern…

Uranus in the eleventh house

Eccentric friendships, various associations and engagement in social networks characterize this position. He has free-thinking attitudes. He encourages other different groups to see things from a different angle. He is a revolutionary in his aspirations. He can attract those who would invest in his projects. Artistic, unusual goals and need to experiment is related to the new friends he makes. But also the sudden losses due to changing goals and plans.

It seems that the unknown and risky are always far more interesting than what he already knows well. He suddenly no longer believes in what he advocated. Abruptly he moves to the opposing side. He has a lot of interest. But in the end, he always feels lonely among people who share his beliefs. Only others seem to have personal goals in the first place, not the advancement of humanity or the necessary determination of the group and their ideals.

Uranus in the twelfth house

Unconscious is suddenly awoken. But also make as rebel against it. We still keep on dreaming and fight against ourselves. This position is most often experienced in this way. Strange people come into our lives. Unusual dream-like circumstances and losses that we don’t know how to get over stress us. We lose what we love. We need to give up desires and we face disappointments. All this is evoked by our subconscious, which is too loaded. We must break free. Nightmares, nervousness, insomnia, vices and loss of resources often occur. There is no way we can understand that all those resources and everything we want comes from the unconscious. Only we think we are losers and that life makes no sense.

We unknowingly sabotage ourselves and do not accept responsibility. We deny ourself and then our whole life is denied. We play with forces that are stronger than us. So we end up being broken. We need to realize that by being emotionally excluded, we will not gain anything. Everything that we have suppressed so far which makes us unhappy and that we are afraid of, possibly comes from past lives, we brings out in order to face reality. It is necessary to be alone and find peace. We should  surrender to internal leadership and have trust. We need to heal ourself. We should become aware of where our personality do not want to change the program. It leads us to break away with what we want so much.

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