Uranus in Taurus in house (until 26th of April, 2026)

Maja Lazić
January 29, 2022

Uranus in Taurus in house (until 26th of April, 2026)

Uranus transit in Taurus began on March 7th, 2019 and many of you have already felt the changes. However, changes that Uranus initiates depend not only on house in which it transits, but also on aspects that it forms with natal planets. It is also important how much sign of Aquarius is expressed in your life. We also should check natal position of Uranus. It can happen that transiting Uranus is ‘resting’ all this time, but when exact aspect with natal planet or house cusp is formed, an event that is most often suppressed and avoided for a long time suddenly occurs. Then we usually face stress, but there is no going back. Best option is to embrace new, unknown and unusual. Below you can find out in which life area changes are needed and where you should find your authentic voice. I have already written about aspects and that post is on the blog. Here is the link.

Uranus in the first house

Everything that has burdened you in the past few years must begin to clear up. Stress that you have felt, but did not know how to deal with, as well as the psychosomatic symptoms that spoiled your days and burdened your nights, are now becoming clearer. It becomes visible to you exactly what needs to change and everything begins with you! You have initiated a great transition in how you see yourself and others. Now you need more freedom to feel stable and safe in your skin. Many of you could be surprised by your intense need to be different. You want to live your dreams, which does not have to immediately be understood by your friends and family.

Drastic change in diet, sudden weight loss/gain, change in hair color and personal style, or the kind of music you listen to, will be very noticeable. Everything you claimed you would never do is now very possible. The more you change yourself and the more you reject old beliefs, the more your life circumstances change for the better. Your unpredictable behavior can lead to disagreements with your partner and friends. Be careful not to push away those who love you. They will not always have an understanding for your frequent changes of opinion and attitudes. However, all this serves for you to gain confidence in your decisions, even when it seems that the outcome is uncertain. It is good to thrive for what is important to you and what you really need.

Uranus in the second house

In the last few years, there have been unexpected and turbulent changes in your personal expression. Changes have affected external and internal, bringing tensions in partnerships, home and work. If you have managed to overcome that, focus is shifting to how you see your personal value and financial issues. You know now that you need to open up to new types of earnings. It could only be a change of bank and for some of you, even investing in an interesting foreign project. You will distupt the way you save money and start with a new way of investing, which will directly affect the amount of cash you have at your disposal.

There is an opportunity to develop a successful business in next two or three years from a hobby you had growing up. If your money comes and goes in unexpected ways it could increase uncertainty. Using financial apps and online banking can help you feel more secure and define what you have. You need to enjoy spending money, but not if remorse follows later. Sense of inner security will bring you more enjoyment of what you have. It is important to work on this and find out what your values ​​are and how to make a tangible support system out of professional skills.

Uranus in the third house

Think about ideas you are ready to get rid of once and for all. Your mind is asking you to let go of everything that burdens you and find ways to calm your thoughts. This can precede a change in relationship with a friend or person you see at work. Someone from your company can introduce you to a completely new philosophy that will make your everyday life easier. Lack of focus and concentration is possible. That is why it is very important to be careful when driving and handling electrical appliances. Be careful when using mobile bank apps and pay more attention to how much you spend. Your mind is very distracted and confused. However, it could be useful for you to learn an exotic and unusual foreign language. Great benefits will come from practicing meditation techniques.

Music helps you dedicate yourself better to your obligations, but be careful not to miss something important. Agreements and plans go through a period of instability and change. So be prepared not to approach solutions stubbornly. Listen to both sides. Lies can get you into big trouble. Commit to telling truth, but also check what is really being promised you. Short trips abroad give you a chance to rest your mind. That way you will find mental energy for the future. Frequent change of opinion and disagreements are also very possible. Hunger for knowledge will help you discover the truth.

Uranus in the fourth house

If in previous years you have managed to change your world view and communication style with your environment, now it will be easier for you to overcome challenges. They are possible on the level of family and your relationship with parents. There are situations that seem always like an opportunity for quarrels and reactive behavior, but it is a test for you. You might get a chance to show a different side to your personality. Try to stop pushing your opinions onto others. Change of residence is possible, too. There could be some uncertainty regarding real estate. At home, your guests could be some old friends, which will be quite exhausting for you. You feel that you do not have enough privacy and that house you live in is not really yours.

Now is the time to renovate, change furniture and remodel existing space. However, this does not improve your relationship with family members. Your family in under impresseion that they don’t know you or you just have that feeling. That’s why it will be nice for you to be at home as little as possible! Unexpected pregnancy or illness of a family member will be an opportunity for everyone to reconcile. Be careful that time you spend with your family does not take control of your business life. Otherwise, problems may start to appear in this area as well. Connect family world with your true self.

Uranus in the fifth house

This transit offers you innovative ways to spend free time. You need to open up to new hobbies that may later prove to be important to your business. Your attitude towards children will change significantly. They are going through periods of greater need for freedom and independence, but it is difficult for you to give it to them. Family life seems more stable and there are no more challenges that have accompanied you in previous years. Reason for calming conflicts can also be related to your need to spend less time at home without your family. Emotional intelligence connects you to what seemed inaccessible to you despite all your knowledge.

You are attracted to everything new and unconventional, which gives you a break from busy everyday life. New love relationships or a cooling of existing ones are possible. Now you have opportunity to clarify what suits you and what doesn’t. Business goals change and bring you to know what you want to invest your energy in. You may still be tormented by worries and financial fears, but much less than in previous years. Originality and new ideas attract your attention, which leads you to try many interesting things. You want to combine traditional values ​​with alternative understandings and thus build a new support system. Just be careful not to start with a habit that is harmless at first glance, but when you look deeper, it is very destructive for you.

Uranus in the sixth house

You thought that main stress in your life is related to how much free time you have and your very exciting love life. In the last few years, you realized that there are more serious things in life than that. Health can be a cause of your discomfort, but also your need to adjust diet and add more exercise. It is possible that you have made decisions to completely stop eating certain kind of food. If you have not yet, now is the time. Your routine gets an element of irregularity. Unexpected situations enter your everyday life, which irritates you. Business opportunities can bring you stress because of your need to be different and desire to see your individuality through calling you have chosen.

You like the idea of ​​introducing a much greater use of modern technology into your business. However, it is important to be more flexible when it comes to priorities. If you have a health problem that persists, it will be useful for you to apply alternative therapies. One problem can be related to several different ailments. Keep a diary of your eating and fluid intake habits and pay attention to what the inner cause is. Something doesn’t suit you anymore and you have to change it because your awareness of your body has risen to a higher level. Be sure to try to spend more time outdoors and in nature. Listening to cycles of nature will strengthen your intuition and rebuild connection to your body.

Uranus in the seventh house

In the last few years, you have been tormented by health problems as a consequence of business stress. Challenging business situation had the power to affect your health. There was a tendency of unresolved business problems manifesting as an immunity decline or bone pain. If symptoms continue to appear, they are now a consequence of disruptions in your marriage. However, there is still possibility of termination or unexpected signing of a new contract. Marital life can suffer because of work or vice versa. New relationships are tempting and for those who are married, stressful and turbulent situations can arise. That will further decide the fate of your relationship. All of this is meant to teach you that you can’t control your partner.

Remember that your good mood should not depend on him, nor is he responsible for how you feel. No one but you can be responsible. However, now more than ever you may enjoy spending time apart from your partner. It will bring you closer no matter how contradictory it may seem. If you both have moments of freedom, you can do what fulfills you, but this will be a test of trust. Strong relationships can now be strengthened if pleasant surprises and fun are brought into relationship. All this can bring instability if there is a tendency to choose traditional and well-trodden paths that no longer suits you. Challenges will be a sign that you need to reduce tension. Remember what attracted you to this person when relationship started and try to develop that trait in yourself. You will be able to turn dreams into reality if you align with your loved one.

Uranus in the eighth house

In last few years, situation with your partner has been very uncertain and aimed to strengthen your independence and teach you assertive behavior. However, it was mostly difficult for you and you hoped that relationship would change/improve somehow. After all, you were attracted to people who brought unrest and a storm of emotions that you later had to deal with on your own. What you want now is to live together, but it will not happen if you continue to struggle with same relationship problems. You want to be one with the person you love and also see that through money and merging of your finances. This can be a big challenge for you, especially if your partner has financial difficulties that are definitely reflected in your relationship.

It would not be wise to go into debt and take loans, but approach situations pragmatically. All this goes hand in hand with a much deeper opening towards a loved one. You will be amazed at greater need for intimacy that you will strive for. You will want to learn how to get through problems together to finally bring you closer. Money, even when it is more than you expect, can trigger feelings of insecurity in you. In that case, you can use some kind of energy therapy. It would be very good to read books about connection of energy and money and apply what you have learned. There is a tendency for greater sexual freedom. You will manifest wisdom in everyday life through centering and better connection with yourself and your psyche/shadow.

Uranus in the ninth house

If you have had financial problems in the last few years, now it is finally being resolved. But because of that, your outlook on life and situations you went through will change a lot. Going abroad can become very stressful. Unexpected and frequent business trips and complications around documentation can prove to be too much for you. During vacation, you can get acquainted with a new skill or philosophical direction that will significantly affect you and what you are planning for your future. Some of you may even change religion or political beliefs.

Many of these changes will be significantly influenced by your partner who will open you up to a new perspective on old topics. He will initiate an analytical and philosophical trait in you. If for several years you have not been sure about your life direction and if you think that money is always something that hinders you from being happy or moving on, now it becomes clear that it is actually rooted in your beliefs. Therefore, listening to affirmations can be very useful. Simplicity and a sense of calm will be a sign that you are on the right path.

Uranus in the tenth house

Change in life philosophy that those close to you did not agree with or support you, in the next two or three years will be noticeable in your business world. It changes how the environment perceives your career so your job could get an unusual element. Job transition, an unstable direction of your career and an unexpected termination of a contract may be possible for some of you. However, it is all a reflection of your spiritual growth and your desire to stay true to your beliefs. You are increasingly stubborn during this period. Therefore, all these changes can be very difficult for your partner. He just doesn’t know what to expect from you anymore. Better option is for him to learn to really like this change, so that it brings you even closer.

You are certainly interested in the idea of ​​being at work one day and doing what you want the other. You might choose jobs that are based on freelance contracts. You will try to find right things for you. All techniques that teach you how to relieve stress at work can now prove to be more than useful. Take advantage of this transition period to enroll in an online course that will expand your knowledge of IT innovations. You will learn to do all office work remotely with more ease. Self-esteem and self-confidence should be the first thing others notice about you, not stress and burnout.

Uranus in the eleventh house

If you have experienced career changes in previous years, that is no longer a priority. However, if you still want to change your job, but you haven’t taken any action on that issue, that won’t happen now either. However, stress associated with workplace will begin to diminish. You can have an idea how to improve your earnings. You will be interested in learning what can further contribute to improve your life quality. However, with new plans will come a sudden change in circle of friends. Some of them may leave you, but new ones will appear that are more in line with how you see your life in future. You will enjoy a change in routine in the way you spend your free time.

It may seem like you want to get rid of all those who control how you need to organize your life and your activities. It is possible that your partner will have less time for you and that you will feel this transit in that way as well. His routine will change which could make you feel lonely. If so, then it is also a sign that you need to find some higher goal to which you will dedicate yourself. It will be very useful for you to connect with people who share same values ​​as you. Together you can form an online community of mutual support that will be similar to a family that has compatible life views. Independence will bring you a deeper understanding of your family history. You will finally be able to put an end to something that hurt you in the past. It no longer defines you.

Uranus in the twelfth house

This transit can trigger anything that has overwhelmed you and which you pushed under the rug. Influence might be noticed through torrent of thoughts and dreams that trigger stormy emotions. Restless sleep, insomnia or a surge of obsessive thoughts before bed despite fatigue is a sign that you are forgetting/suppressing something very important. As much as you like to rely on information, it is now very important to be open to insights that are elusive and factually inexplicable. It will be very useful for you to take time to dedicate to yourself. Turn off your phone and be inaccessible to others.

Writing, research and creative impulses move you deeply. Strong desire will awaken in you to embrace what your heart tells you, not your mind. This will give you relief during this transit. Pay attention to physical symptoms of stress that will be a sign that you are not using this energy properly or for your best. At work, you have opportunities to get a position that will give you more freedom. However, this requires you to give up your previous views. You can benefit greatly from deep meditation and working on yourself. Also, remember that love lessons are learned in solitude that allows deep contemplation.

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