Venus and fashion

Maja Lazić
June 11, 2020

Venus and fashion

Venus and Fashion

Every planet can be strengthened and weakened in the natal chart. This is very important during longer transits that involve conjunctions when we can lighten the difficult life circumstances in easy and simple way through colors and the way we dress. There are many ways to change the vibration of a planet, both practical and spiritual. In this post I will talk about Venus and the way we dress. We can also apply this concept to natal houses, thus activating their energy. For example, if we want to activate the ascendant sign or the 5th house we may dress more in the colors of their signs. Clothes can say a lot about us, so why not help us express the energy of our natal chart in a better way?


Venus in Aries and fashion

Energy can be enhanced through bright colors and red pieces of clothing. Individuality and the need to express our personality through style and choice of clothes. Sporty style with hats or tracksuits. Clothes that make us feel powerful. Suits give the impression of a strong capable person. Hats and glasses. Innovative contrasting colors with metallic details can be used to emphasize this energy.

Venus in Taurus and fashion

Energy can be enhanced through earth colors. Materials of high quality such as cashmere or silk. Sensuality, pleasant soft materials and luxury is emphasized. Scarves and expensive jewelry. Clothes that emphasize natural beauty which is comfortable. We can seek inspiration through colors in nature. Simplicity that gives the impression of femininity and enjoyment of one’s body.

Venus in Gemini and fashion

Energy can be enhanced through colorful patterns. Details in the forms of bracelets, rings and prints with tiny dots. The need for clothes to serve a variety of purposes and to combine it quickly. Impression of youthfulness is emphasized. T-shirts with messages on them. Simple jeans and striped patterns. Clothes that we make ourselves. Impression of an interesting and ever-changing personality is a good choice.

Venus in Cancer and fashion

Energy can be enhanced through gray, white and silver clothes. Clothes that makes us we feel safe. Jumpers, knitwear and soft materials. Navy style is a great choice. We often get attached to an old wardrobe that reminds us of beautiful moments. Romantic details in lace. Floral patterns and delicate colors will emphasize our instinctive nature. Clothes that highlight the chest area. Jewelry we inherited from our grandmother or family member gives us a sense of security.

Venus in Leo and fashion

Energy can be enhanced through clothes in warm yellow colors. Gold details and sequins. Clothes need to put us in the spotlight. Glamorous dresses, fur and diamond jewelry. Clothes gives confidence. It is important that we have a clear idea of ​​what kind of self-image we want to present. Animal print and red hues are also common combinations that emphasize this energy.

Venus in Virgo and fashion

Energy can be enhanced by wearing neutral colors. This is a very practical style that is primarily functional. Clothes look modest and simple but are of very high quality. Clothes ideal for all business ventures. Details are decent and everything is a perfectly fitting. Clothes that is allowing us to blend in with the environment and be almost invisible. White shirts and beige jackets look beautiful on us. Experimenting with unusual patterns and materials is very rare.

Venus in Libra and fashion

Energy can be enhanced through sophisticated and elegant clothes in delicate colors. Clothes that are timeless. Our style give the impression of classic beauty. Jewelry that perfectly complements the look and resembles fashion icons. Everything is perfectly balanced. Good quality materials and innate style awareness. We emphasize that we are in balance with great fashion combinations. A sudden change in style and lack of attention for our appearance will often indicate some hidden emotional problem and dissatisfaction with life.

Venus in Scorpio and fashion

Energy can be enhanced through wearing leather and black clothes. Clothes in burgundy and dark red. Lace and mystery characterize this style. Details that give the impression of a strong personality. Strong sexual energy and the power of incredible transformation give us the opportunity to play with our style. Transparent materials, corsets and clothes that give the impression of a strong and powerful character. Through fashion we clearly show our attitude towards life. After major life changes we generally have a need to completely change the way we look.

Venus in Sagittarius and fashion

Energy can be enhanced through clothes that express our beliefs or life ideology. Clothes associated with some foreign country, different culture. Clothes with symbols is a common choice. It is important that our clothes is comfortable, that it does not feel tight and to allow us to move around. Specific style, with rock and punk details. Experimentation with various fashion trends gives us a sense of freedom. Long dresses and lots of jewelry. Willingness to take risks clearly is evident through the fashion details.

Venus in Capricorn and fashion

Energy can be enhanced through clothes of good quality suitable for work. Position in society is emphasized through strict conservative cuts. Monochrome clothes of famous designers. Clothes as a status symbol. Suits, shirts, jackets and dark colors, from black to gray and dark blue are the most common choices. Combinations with a valuable watch or jewelry. Strict form of clothing indicates that the person does not have time to lose and that is focused on achieving goals. Clothes can help us to feel respected and appreciated.

Venus in Aquarius and fashion

Energy can be enhanced through modern clothes and innovative futuristic designs. Clothes that is asymmetrical. Glitter details, in electric blue and turquoise. Shocking combinations are a way to play with this energy. Our style separates us from the environment. Monochromatic clothes and rebellious twists of trendy pieces. Quite often clothes will not fit the occasion. Giving the attitude of a progressive person who wants to convey some important message for humanity. It’s never about the fashion but it’s always about the character that strikes the eye.

Venus in Pisces and fashion

Energy can be enhanced through transparent materials, lace or veil under which the outline of the body is visible. Layered clothes and hiding under clothing. Purple colors and breathable patterns are a common choice. The power of transformation is accentuated so pretty much anything can look great on us. Sunglasses, bathrobes, and pajamas. Clothes like from some fairy tale, similar to wedding dresses and costumes in the theater. We hide our vulnerable feelings. Particular attention is paid to shoes and socks, too.

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