Venus conjunct natal planets

Maja Lazić
October 29, 2020

Venus conjunct natal planets

This post is about Venus conjunct natal planets.

Aspects of Venus show the quality of partners’ exchange and the potential conflicts that exist in us that are manifested in the relationship. In this text, I will write about conjunctions of Venus to other planets. In the case of squares and opposition, the potential for conflict in a relationship is greater until this is resolved. Of course, each of the conjunctions that I will explain can appear in 12 versions, depending on the sign. Sextiles and trines are easier and more natural, so there are not so many problems in emotional relationships.

The separative aspects will have a different quality than the applying. Separative aspects talk about the conflict that have happened and need to be overcome. Applying aspects talk about the conflict that is in the process of creating and about merging male-female energy. Basic topic is value, so in proportion to how much we value ourselves, such connections happen to us throughout our lives.

Venus conjunct Moon

Venus conjunct Sun

Venus conjunction Mercury

Venus conjunct Mars

These are passionate love relationships. Loved one is immediately approached directly and the sexual energy is very strong. It also indicates quarrels, tension and various not always pleasant excitements that accompany our love life. Relationship is dynamic and something always happens. There is a strong need to be in a relationship since there is always someone who is attractive. Falling in love is fast, but also falling out of love and affairs and adultery.

Many people like us and there is always energy that, even when we are emotionally happy, seeks to conquer some new territory. Adventurism is in the blood and even when a breakup occurs the attraction exists with the ex-partner. The male-female principle tends to merge. That point then strongly separates them. It is very important that if we have this aspect, we spend energy on sports and daily activities that are physically demanding.Tension, impatience, complications and quarrels will be described by the dignity of the planet, the sign and the house.

Venus conjunct Jupiter

These are great love stories enjoyed by the whole being and that grow into even greater love over time.  In some cases, this position brings more marriages or longer relationships. Partners are similar to life teachers. Experience is gained in love with partners who come from a different culture. The more we believe that we deserve happiness in love, the stronger the law of attraction works. Jupiter will always increase the existing state in this aspect. It can also manifest as excess weight, large consumption of sweets or laziness.

We need to work on the spiritual aspect and not only on the material one. Otherwise beautiful things do not bring us pleasure, no matter how much they provide luxury and glamor. If this aspect is squared or part of the opposition, it happens that it is difficult for us to feel happiness, even though everything seems OK on the outside. There are times when we go through that phenomenal love and happiness, but we realize that it means nothing to us if we don’t believe that we deserve something like that at all. The question of value is very important and the quality of the relationship will depend on it.

Love and awareness

Loving ourselves the most in the world leads to happiness, not through some object or person that makes us feel loved. Love is in us and it cannot be bought. Until this is learned, we can exaggerate in giving gifts and expressing love, thinking that someone will love us more. This aspect also talks about the need for a person to build their value system and then upgrade it respecting even more everything they already have.

Awareness of love ideals and knowing that adventure and adultery only serve to fill our ego should pull us in the direction of realizing what we expect from a partner. There will never be enough love if we need something outside to convince us that we are worthy of it. These people are very talented for art and creative expression. They do everything on a large scale. One part of the integration of this aspect is to learn through their talents to value themselves more and thus choose who they will love, too.

Venus conjunct Saturn

This aspect describes a wound that occurred in an emotional relationship during youth or some form of rejection. For some of you, this applies to past lives in which you have given less. Now we learn the same through a person that we love who does not reciprocate. We may face situations when we feel unloved. Love for some practical reason is constantly postponed for a later period. Love is lost until we learn to let go of the painful relationships in which we have no room to fulfill desires.

We often have a need to behave in such a way that we do not deserve love, even though it is not our authentic behavior. We constantly feel that there is a lack in us, finding it as an excuse why we cannot be loved the way we want. We can try too hard to be loved, especially in a relationship with a partner who is older. He is more serious and we could be afraid of him. His cold-blooded attitude seems as if he doesn’t care about us. This relationship is not equal. Sometimes we feel that we don’t care about anything or we have no one to love.

Compensation for love

This is compensated as the need to achieve practical goals, but there is no such thing in love. Success in business or in something outside raises our self-confidence. In that way we realize that we are worthy of love like everyone else. While we are in a relationship, we feel like we are alone. Very often we have to be really alone in order to realize what it is something in us that creates relationships that are unhappy. This aspect teaches us through rejection and hurt, but only if we have chosen a person who does not return our love and with whom we still remain in a relationship. On a subconscious level, there may be a belief that goes back to a past life that we will always be hurt or left alone. What is required is realism, patience and sobriety.

If we accept love that does not give us enough, we will never be able to satisfy the needs of the heart. This sometimes leads to us intentionally denying ourselves love. We staying in a relationship that is not happy, but lasts for a long time. Emotions cool down if the relationship is not serious. This aspect is very common in people who have great potential for art. It is this sadness that makes them create works of art. In the case of squares, this will be primarily to move and heal the energies. Women can give more and more until they are completely exhausted, feeling even more unloved.

Aging aspects

In the second half of life, this aspect becomes easier if we learn that we need to approach love responsibly. This means that very often we have gone through pain, sadness and loss, followed by a relationship that can last a long time. If you have this aspect, the advice is not to rush into a relationship, living together or to marry soon. Firstly dedicate yourself very seriously to a person you like who is a part of yourself you need to embrace. Invest time to develop your talents and learn to love yourself even when there is no one around you. Learn from your mistakes. Choose someone who is mature and ready for love to really be something special in good and bad, and not only when everything is beautiful.

Venus conjunct Uranus

If there is no freedom and originality how can there be love? These people like unusual beauty and style. What they should learn is to be their own person even when they are a part of the couple. They are different in everything. This can be seen especially through movies, music and art they like. Although Uranus is a planet of rupture and unexpected, this can primarily be seen through a partner who is very unusual. He strongly attracts us by coming into our lives suddenly. This partner will want his space, time for himself and his friends. All that interests him he will not want to leave because we have appeared.

We like people who are very independent or who have gone through a divorce. This describes long distance relationships. If our partner has left us we should ask ourselves why we like a partner who is not there for us or who is emotionally unavailable. Relationships that are shocking or very unstable lead us from one partner to another. It seems that we want to try everything. Yet we still haven’t found what we are looking for. Uranus is a planet of sincerity, so we need to see why the desire to be rebellious is present in love life.

Partners we choose

Partner can be cold and need more time for himself just when we think it is time to get closer. He then wants to go out and be free. That is the first test that occurs in these relationships. Routine hardly leads to a stable relationship and friends quickly become lovers. The essence is to learn to be true to ourselves. We should learn that it is sometimes better to be alone and live authentically then be in a relationship that does not support our personality.

It seems as if sometimes we don’t even know if we want to be in this relationship or want to break up. Things are always undefined or we act as if we don’t care much even though we do. It can be very significant how they overcame a breakup with a person who was important to them. It is possible that at that moment they closed completely and began to run away from true love and intimacy. Indeed, these people show love in an extremely strange way. It seems as if they are pushing you away from them, even though they need you more.

If you are not someone who likes to take risks and if you are not ready to look the truth in the eye, then this partner is not for you. We must certainly be aware that we are attracted to an experience that comes from our energy. If we are constantly on the verge of breaking up, it should be understood whether we still want to be in a relationship with that person or not. On the other hand, the desire to be in a traditional relationship often leads to breakup.

Venus conjunct Neptune

This is a refined love, tender and romantic. Need for a soul mate is as strong as the desire to fully connect with a partner and become one. Idealization is very common. Even though the partner seemed to be like from our dream, suddenly he is no longer that beautiful. Love is our salvation, but it is not like in fairy tales. There is no prince. We have to face reality that is often not wonderful and a partner who will disappoint us even when he loves us very much. Long-distance relationships, or  platonic ones and fantasies of someone who can’t be with us is the way this aspect is expressed.

It is possible that we daydream a lot about love so later we face deception and betrayal. We do not want to see what is clear to everyone else. That is why it is crucial that we do not push problems under the carpet. We should be very practical in love. If we ask our partner to heal us and make all our dreams come true, we put ourselves in the position of a victim. We can feel deep down that true love is impossible but it certainly exists. We might miss the chance for a real love with someone who at first glance seems to not be what we want.

Love is a drug

People behind this aspect seem intoxicated with love, and even when their partner cheats on them, they still try to find the part that made them fall in love with him. Often that part was an illusion. That is why it is important for them to be honest. This will save them from pain and disappointment. They can be attracted to people who have strange beliefs, who are hiding something or have a vice. A partner can be someone who is already in a relationship or has not ended the marriage or is exploiting them in some other way. In some cases, we condemn ourselves to pain. We are not aware that our seduction in some cases exceeds the limit of what is OK.

It is important that we first be truly transparent in love and seek to embellish the truth. We may want to invest our inspiration in art or creative expression, too. These people are very talented with painting or music that will help them heal love disappointments. Unconditional love is something they are looking for. However, this time it can lead them to religion and  spirituality. They can attract a soul mate if they master the power of visualization and faith in magic that is available to them.

Venus conjunct Pluto

Love is all or nothing. Very often we can find ourselves in a secret relationship or faced with deception. Forbidden fruit is interesting to us. Any relationship that is passionate and intense often leads to obsession. Love and hate are on a thin line because the magnetic attraction of our partner hypnotizes us. That is why we are not aware at all that we have been manipulated. The partner controls us with his energy and the sexual drive is very strong. Power games destroy a relationship because someone always has to be defeated. We have a natural need to seduce and money must also be attracted because it allows us to feel the power we are so eager for.

If there is no money, love is not the same as before. It seems like love has vanished. We often like people who are financially independent. Control and punishment in love become the main topics because we do not understand that the partner rules our subconscious level. If we do not understand ourselves and our dark side, it will be presented to us through a relationship that does not allow us to sleep at night. These are crimes of passion and learning the painful lesson that love has nothing to do with money, power or sex. Charm helps us progress and conquer with it because our sexual energy is strong, especially if we are already in a relationship.

Love transformation

This person can go through surgeries to look more beautiful. She has the power to transform her appearance, which always coincides with the end or the beginning of a relationship. In the case of this aspect, we have to uncover which part of ourselves we do not like. It is very often connected with some experience when on a metaphorical level love died through loss in the family. Emotional relationships follow the transformations of the psyche. So we can find ourselves in a relationship with someone who does not have pure motives, if ours are not the most sincere either.

Partnerships are characterized by a need, which is very often karmic and has nothing to do with love. It seems that we need complicated love relationships that lead to the loss of great love because there is no trust. It is necessary for the connections to go through changes, for the relationship to progress. When it gets stuck then it becomes dramatic. However, these people seem to be even more alive and stronger after overcoming a major breakup or a loss. It is important to realize whether there is still a desire for a revenge on their partner for that pain. Forgiveness is the essence of integrating this aspect and leaving past behind.

Love and past trauma

In some cases, when there has been trauma or if there is a health problem that accompanies a relationship, it is necessary for the person to undergo psychological therapy. She can also in some other way resolve conflicting emotions through energy healing. As long as there is hatred or jealousy towards the ex-partner, problems become even bigger and each subsequent relationship is even more complicated.

If the connection does not progress, it begins to rot and turn to hatred. It is vital that we clarify and dig up the problem we have that prevents us from gaining trust. We need to understand that it is normal for the passion to cool down over time and go through natural cycles. The drama and psychological manipulation of the partner only leads to even more problems. This lead to a constant regeneration of the relationship that has served its purpose and that needed to be completed a long time ago.

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