Venus in houses

Maja Lazić
April 21, 2020

Venus in houses

Natal Venus and its house position indicates the way we receive and feel love. It is about partners we choose and how successful we will be in relationships. It is about how much we love and value ourselves. Natal Venus will describe us or the person we love, but the whole natal chart must be analyzed in order to understand the topic of love.

How natal Venus will manifest depends on its sign, too. Venus in Virgo will give a completely different quality of a relationship than Venus in Scorpio or Pisces.  Venus in Aries in the first house will manifest completely differently than Venus in Taurus in the first house. Aspects and the whole natal chart will give us a possible description of our love life. The following is an informative description of Venus in all houses that can help you get an idea how you express you natal Venus.

Venus in the first house

Many friends of the opposite sex who quickly enter your life. Relationships begin passionately. Magnetic and attractive physical appearance. You know how to highlight it with wardrobe. Prominent lips and eyes. There is an awareness of how attractive you are and the power to bring to life what you want. Lots of affairs and dynamic love life, great sexual energy. A strong desire to seduce and feel the power you have over your partner. How you treat your partner creates your own personal karma. Intense need to love and be loved. If Venus is very near ascendant, love life will be very important and it may manifest in hormonal imbalance or being prone to weight gain. Being aware of oneself will provide a sense of peace in the times of emotional change.

Venus in the second house

Attracts a wealthy partner who can provide a life full of security and luxury. She is aware of how important financial security is to the survival of a relationship. She has a sensual voice that seduces easily. Uses food as an aphrodisiac. Attracts partners who have a traditional view of the relationship and whose charm manages to settle disagreements. Partner is reliable and loyal, but often lazy and prone to excessive sensory enjoyment. Touch keeps the spark going. Food and shopping can heal a broken heart. A need to look good and be attractive to others. Possessive behavior, generosity in love to gain attention. Possibility to invest money in real estate. Powerful relationships teaching you about regeneration and transformation.

Venus in the third house

Partner is younger than you, very communicative and skilled to get what he wants. She attracts people who love to study and travel. She has lots of contacts and is always open to something new. Infidelity, indecision and parallel relationships, with those who have a lot of interests and who can talk about everything. High school love or with someone from the neighborhood. Love out of pure curiosity to try something new that caught your imagination. Love novels and letters are a comfort when you suffer. Love is analyzed and problems are discussed with friends. Book about relationships and friends who talk about their love life. Clarity and wisdom in love.

Venus in the fourth house

Partner provides you with a home. Such relationships are aimed at family and striving for marriage. Partner has qualities of a parent. Relationship with the mother/father influences the course of marriage. Karmic partners teach you lessons about vulnerability and showing emotions. Closure after a love breakdown. An emphasized need for security in a relationship make us strive for stabilization in love. Need for a partner who has the capacity to love at the deepest level. Love as protection against the harsh world of reality. Relationship with mother influences the marriage. Beautiful home full of love. Relationships with family members give us a sense of wholeness.

Venus in the fifth house

Love life is important for feeling joy and enjoyment. Partner asks you to show him love all the time. You need to express your feelings in a dramatic way. Love has to be fun. Lots of going out, partying, with a lot of romantic gestures, like in a movie. You are attracted to those who are attractive to others. Lots of connections. Adventures with those who pay enough attention to you. Love for children and the belief that you have found the love of your life. Artistic trait and creativity is prominent. Risk in love and a lot of fun. Being individual and learning to cooperate.

Venus in the sixth house

Unequal relationships and love with those who have problems or health challenges. You need to worry about your partner, but then you feel like a victim. This is often a challenging position if you have not realized your value. If you believe that the partner is the one who gives you value it is also difficult. Challenges to make the relationship stable and reach towards marriage. Love is like hard work. You constantly worry that something will go wrong. Position of Mercury determines the development of the relationship. Anxiety and the need to ‘fix’ the partner. Being too critical of yourself prevents you from fulfilling your heart’s desires. Work first and then emotions. Problems with thyroid gland and slow metabolism. Criticism in love. Connection to the world of nature. Taking care of those we love.

Venus in the seventh house

Relationships that lead to marriage, but seem more of a form and have little substance. Partner who has a good reputation in society. He has difficulty in making decisions. Love must be fair. As much as you give, you must receive. Lots of relationships, but also disappointments in marriage. The sign of Venus provides more details. Partner tends to compromise. Avoid diplomatically expressing his position, telling white lies. Everyone loves your partner and friends stand by his side when the relationship is over. The need for an attractive and impressionable partner. A partner is yours and through him you find yourself. You don’t like stress and strife, but avoiding this erodes the balance of relationships. Partner is reflecting the unconscious part of our personality. Giving strength to those who are not feeling connected to others.

Venus in the eighth house

Fear of completely surrendering to a partner. Partner is financially secure and through him you may receive an apartment or inheritance. Passionate relationships that have an occult character. Relationships that regenerate, culminate in obsessive feelings. Control as well as strong sexuality. Destructive dangerous relationships where love becomes hate. Betrayal is hard to be forgiven and forgotten. You are attracted to people who have a somewhat dark character. Prone to psychological crises, who are mysterious. Extramarital relationships, love frauds and forbidden fruit. Secret passion leads to later complications. Sexually transmitted diseases. Dominance over partner. Love on the edge with the law. Great placement for inheritance and intuitive understanding of the partner. Learning to be tolerance when you feel insecure.

Venus in the ninth house

A need for a partner to be someone who is knowledgeable. He is broad-minded, spiritual and adventurous. Your partner becomes a life teacher to you. This position is about happiness in marriage. Love with someone abroad. Partner teaches you a new life philosophy. Religious attitudes, a different moral and law system of belief. This can lead to differences when there is great mutual love. Beliefs you have about relationships, partnerships and love influence the materialization of your love story. Changing your life after a love break and going abroad. Spirituality with yoga and meditation as a substitute for unrequited love. We love to travel and believe that everything will run smoothly. Being positive in difficult situations.

Venus in the tenth house

Career is priority. You need your partner to be successful and valued in society. Reputation brings the feeling that you are worthy and that you deserve love. Partner is older, more serious. He has a realistic view of relationships. Practical connections that provide for your material needs. Family and relationships that grow into marriage. Partner supports your career. Connection with him opens the doors and you often get to know him through work. Striving for traditional connections and security. One life partner and a relationship with those who do not meet your emotional needs. Partner will encourage us to be better at work. Finding self-confidence and learning to do the right thing.

Venus in the eleventh house

Friends easily become partners. You remain in good relationship even after breakup. Partner is innovative. He is interested in new technologies, from abroad. Has a lot of contact with people with different interests. Big plans and wishes with a partner. The same outlook on the future will sustain this relationship. Good communication and mutual goals with partner will make the relationship last. Partner is someone who knows you best. He understands your need to always move on and find modern ways to solve potential problems. Partner can be met online, at a party or a seminar. Very good position that can bring great success in all other areas of life. Love for those who are fighting for some good cause. For the benefit of the whole world. Meditation can teach us unconditional love.

Venus in the twelfth house

Love having a sad end, like in novels. Connections with those who are in some danger, who have health issues and you want to save them. Partner is your soul mate, but in this life you ​​fail to create unity because something always affects your happiness. Secret ties further complicate this position. Extramarital partners, infidelity as well as the need to idealize a partner and not see reality. Your are unconsciously attracted to these experiences. It is first and foremost important to be very realistic. Be aware of the problems you have within yourself. Partner inspires you and reads your thoughts. Relationships that leave a destructive feeling of being fooled. Inhibition and shyness. Inability to express one’s feeling. Love fantasies and isolation. Too much indulgence in unhealthy and self-destructive habits. Wisdom when to be active and when to be passive needs to be learned.

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