Maja Lazić
January 3, 2023


Venus describes what we love. It is about material things and enjoyment. Neptune, on the other hand, describes fantasies and non-physical reality. It’s wonderful when Neptune allows us to have dreams and visions which we will materialize through Venus. However, if this is not possible, feeling of disappointment appears.

Venus is sensual pleasure and Neptune is ethereal and astral world. However, aspects of these two planets can be present in important friendships, not only in love relationships. In natal chart, they can show a dreamy attitude towards money, values ​​and material objects.

Transiting aspects can manifest through unclear self-worth, loss of expensive items, destruction of things. There is need to create a visual persona that does not reflect our true emotional state or self-love. Fairy tales, romantic films and ideals inherited from pop culture and world literature often lead us further away from reality straight into dependence on love.

Venus sextile/trine Neptune

Venus sextile/trine Neptune in synastry has a potential for a beautifully romantic relationship that fulfills our fantasies. Exactly what we dreamed of we manage to achieve and materialize. Relationship is sensual and love energy nourishes and heals the Soul.

Usually during this relationship, we can travel to glamorous places or receive luxurious gifts. However, sign and house and even more energetic state of both planets in individual natal charts will tell us more. This aspect will make everything look like a fairy tale!

Venus sextile/trine Neptune in transit can add amorous enjoyment with balance found between fantasy and reality. Mutual love is very tangible. During this transit partner fulfills our wishes. We are receptive to his needs, too. Transit does not have to refer only to love, but art and enjoyment at concerts, theater or cinema.

It can mark wonderful time of going to parties, masquerades or carnivals and channeling artistic talents stirred by love. Sometimes new partner is found in public places of entertainment. Someone can fall in love with you because of a painting, song or your creative talents.

Venus square Neptune

Venus square Neptune in natal chart indicates archetype of sacrifice in love. However, all our life we seem to be running away from real love that we could experience. We prefer to choose imagination or dreams then reality.

We want to change the world, heal our family and deny evil or negative traits we see in people we care about. Influences are often shown as lies, deception, disappointment and running away from truth. Relationship can be based on fantasies, but this is not love that will manage to help us overcome difficult moments.

Partner might leave us and completely disappear. We don’t love ourselves enough to recognize that someone else loves us in a healthy way. It is difficult for us to understand we have chosen the wrong person. This relationship is not for us because we see only illusions. We expect impossible from love. We are indecisive so not knowing what we want creates marriage doubt, too.

As long as we are not clear about what we need for happiness due to such a strong influence of dreams and imagination, there will be disappointments in love. These can be secret relationships and worry about love after wedding. Love in marriage is not what we imagined.

What else can be connected to this aspect?

We seek comfort by imagining that the right person for us must exist somewhere, but we don’t know how to find him. We are not ready to take responsibility for love mistakes during our youth. We are not aware that our choices and decisions were clouded by desire for sweetness of love that actually does not exist in such sense. True love is unknown to the heart. We would like this love to last forever by believing a colorful lie.

There will always be some old love that we haven’t got over and that denies us satisfaction and attention. This further leads us to continue to doubt our partner or choose unavailable ones. Person we are with does not fit into our dreams. Instead of love being a cure, it becomes a deep wound. No matter how big love is, this relationship is impractical and unsustainable.

We deceive ourselves and others instead of asking ourselves what it is that we (do not) have in love. When we become clear about what we really want and aware how to accept tangible love in a form that is not necessarily similar to imagination or dreams, healing in relationship will follow.

What happens during transit?

Venus square Neptune during transit indicates that we are not seeing our partner as he really is. Insincerity hides important parts of personality and it is as if we are aware that love will disappear soon. Each transit can be felt through ourselves or “glimpsed” through people around us who are “playing the roles written” by our unconsciousness. Transit can indicate unrequited love and too many dreams that do not translate into action.

We delude ourselves that wishes about this relationship will come true, but we do not see or hear the person in front of us. Transit often brings to surface delusion that there is something more to love, but we just do not see it. We overlook one important detail, because Neptune brings wave of illusions.

This is why transit is mentioned in many books as a time of fraud and dishonesty, but I have also noticed in practice that this often happens. Deafness to reality and intuition can be seen in houses where these two planets are located. This is where we need to get down to earth.

Transit is an opportunity to fix what is wrong. Only then we can say that we know what love is. However, more people choose a short-life illusion. During transit small problems can escalate as we stay idealizing. This is the time when dysfunctional relationships cease to exist. Long-distance relationship can survive, but when living together in four walls begins and dreams replace mere reality problems arise.

What is seen in synastry?

Venus square Neptune in synastry can be experienced as great relationship expectations. Everything starts so quickly that we don’t notice that we have entered into something where love is not at all what we would like it to be. We begin to see that our partner is different more we get to know him.

In imagination, love with him is more satisfying then the one we have in real life. Partner would not be able to fulfill our desires, but we deny it. Love aspirations lead to disappointment and expense. Women invest in visual beauty only to gain love of a certain man who disappears the next day like in a dream. Was it love at all? Well, that’s definitely a question to think about!

Venus conjunct Neptune

Venus conjunct Neptune in natal chart is about expecting something that is not there in a tangible sense. Love is boundless for us and we idealize it. Everything we expect in love resembles a fairy-tale being under great influence of imagination.

We feel taken advantage of because we give away a part of ourselves, but our partner doesn’t want to merge his Soul with us. We believe that love should save us and that partner must accept us in a way that we neither see nor love ourselves.

We can be musical and very talented for acting. Art leaves a strong impression on us. There have been examples of falling in love with an actor or singer whom a person has never met, but with whom she has an imaginary relationship. Fantasizing about a prince who will appear one day may be OK when we are a teenager, but in reality, it is hard to find. We dream of perfect love, wanting a soulmate who will heal our pain.

This love union exists in our head and imagination, but not in reality. We learn how to materialize love. Alas, none are as imagined! Influenced by romantic movies and music, we want a glamorous wedding and glow of love that will be a cure. We are not sure how to make it happen.

What else can be said for this aspect?

With a very loving nature, we do not see personality of the person we like. We do not know how to deepen this relationship. We are afraid of wounds that could be resulting from opening our heart up again if we are strong enough. It would be helpful to channel this aspect through art or learn creative visualization.

It is necessary to approach partnership relations practically. We need to learn how to give shape to what we dream about, because otherwise we will be very disappointed. We tend to get wounded in love, because our emotional nature is tender.

There can be problems with nutrition, excess weight, addiction to sweets, coffee and drugs. We can create a person who does not exist through makeup. Someone who has never seen us as we really are falls in love with us. Love is an illusion, beautiful or ugly – it will be determined by our level of consciousness.

What happens in synastry?

Venus conjunction Neptune in synastry is experienced as love of two people who have similar desires. Partner is just like as we imagined. We are a girl of his dreams, too. However, relationship may involve secrets, illusions and disappointments. Dreams can become reality, but sometimes things that hurt us happen, too. We lose our identity because of love in order to keep this partner.

We have desire to fulfill every wish he has. Our boundaries are weak and we cannot recognize his true face. He sees us with a “mask” and falls in love with it. Best thing that can happen is that we heal ourselves through this love.

Worst thing is that even when we feel good, we doubt whether love is just an illusion or if it really exists. And if it turns out that it was all a lie even when relationship ends, we will not forgive ourselves this dissapointment.

Venus inconjunct Neptune

Venus inconjunct Neptune in synastry is experienced as a sacrifice for someone we love and want to charm. We need that person to love us, but we lose ourselves more and more. We may want to pursue a creative hobby, artistic talent, or enjoy ourselves the way we used to, but our partner has other plans. He cannot understand what we see in music, literature or visual content.

It seems like only one person can be happy at a time. They can’t both meet their needs in a relationship because they don’t fit with each other. Relationship over time results in strong feelings of guilt and resentment. However, all this can be an initiation to learn how to give and receive love. It becomes clear to them what amount of sacrifice is sufficient and healthy in a relationship and when it goes into self-negation.

Venus opposition Neptune

Venus opposition Neptune in natal chart describes a broken heart due to betrayal. We can be prone to cheating in love. We don’t have clear boundaries and expectations in relationship. We would like our partner to love us unconditionally. For us, it’s an only way to feel loved, but when love stops being tangible problems arise. We see our partner with imagined traits. Insincerity exists teaching us to know limits of how much we can give, ask, take or receive.

We don’t like our partner as he is, wanting him to change. We are not ready to adapt, too so projection is common. Like someone who falls in love with an actor expecting him to be the same in real life as he is in that movie role, desires and possibilities are at odds. Disappointments happen because we cannot and do not know how to love what is there. We feel like a victim.

We see love as in a mirror that magnifies us by making us fatter than we are. We see a distorted picture of reality. For the sake of love, we get tattoos and write songs or paint. At most banal level, aspect can be expressed as buying beauty products that are in nice packaging, but have no beauty function.

It is necessary to remember that it was not your partner who disappointed you, but a part of your personality that was once hurt and separated. It must be integrated to feel love again. There is dissociation and flight into fantasy as protection from harsh reality. Such behavior hurts us even more. However, this aspect teaches us throughout life to recognize what it takes to heal ourselves.

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