Maja Lazić
November 29, 2022


Venus is about our inner sense of balance. Uranus speaks of freedom and unconventionality. Venus wants to enjoy love and have her wishes come true. Uranus wants to be impulsive, rebellious and unique. Their aspects include an element of risk, change and unconventionality in love relationships.

Venus is sociable and oriented towards others, while Uranus is a loner who lives in his own world. Are relationships doomed or is there a chance for true love? In the post, I will cover some of the most important aspects in birth chart, synastry and transits.

Venus sextile/trine Uranus

Venus sextile/trine Uranus in synastry it is about falling in love in unexpected ways. Relationship usually starts very quickly and suddenly. Sparks are also felt when it comes to friendship. They have fun and interesting experiences together.

They are interested in each other. They feel excitement that they have not felt with other partners before. The more determined they are to start this relationship the more partner will be willing to show initiative. Expect surprises but allow for a lot of freedom!

They can also fall in love in a working atmosphere, during team building or seminars. Informal setting encourages enjoyment. Although they are very different, their personal differences resonate, so they remain friends even if relationship ends. This aspect is seen in relationship with people abroad that they met in a club or at a party.

Sometimes it’s just a fling that lasts for a short time to induce getting out of the comfort zone. This union can help us decide about a relationship that has been suffocating for a long time. Aspect will shake things up allowing us to breathe again. That’s exactly what we need!

Venus opposition Uranus

Venus opposition Uranus in synastry it shows an unconventional relationship that is exciting, but tense. Like a thunderbolt, it causes anxiety. Sudden love is born in an unusual way. This partner has innovative ideas. Nothing is certain with him. Everything becomes possible, but attraction is not as stable as we would like.

Although partner may be interested in us, he has numerous other interests, too. Relationship is not his priority. He finds it interesting that one day he is here and the next day he is unavailable. We can’t stand that. Relationship is a big step into unknown. We feel anxious because we haven’t had such experiences before. It is teaching as to think outside the box for solutions.

Relationship goes from warm to cold. Partner irritates us and throws us out of sync with his erratic behavior. It shows us that there is room to open up to something different and innovative in a relationship. Although attraction is strong, it can easily turn into repulsion and intolerance.

They need to learn to find balance between relationship identity and their own. Otherwise relationship is difficult to sustain. One side wants more freedom, which leads to imbalance.

What does this transit look like?

Venus opposition Uranus in transit is about fun and excitement we suddenly feel in a relationship. Partner wants completely different things from us which brings stress. Suddenly we meet someone who is very attracted to us. There is something we are missing in our life which we do not have courage to express. There may be age difference or lifestyle that brings instability. Relationship requires stepping out of our comfort zone.

We are trying to restore balance during this transit. If it was difficult before, connection breaks easily. Problem arises if we feel that we are the only one making effort in relationship. If there is no equality, we catch ourselves in rebellious behavior. Suddenly partner no longer knows what to expect from us!

If birth chart shows a tendency towards new and shocking that we have not had opportunity to follow, transit offers chances to fulfill such wishes. Partner may have a completely different view of what relationship entails. He has just divorced or lives abroad. He is a rebel with(out) a cause. Transit brings to us what has been simmering within us and threatening to disrupt our life for some time now. Unexpected attraction arises. There is something forbidden that fascinates us.

Excitement is powerful and it can really seem it will be like that forever. With Uranus “restrictions of love current” go hand in hand. If you are looking for opportunities to have fun, this can bring such people. During two years or so that transit can last, opportunities for what we want to express, for the sake of our inner balance, can manifest breakdown of patterns preventing us from being our true selves. At the same time, it helps us to be who we are and to be loved just like that.

Venus square Uranus

Venus square Uranus in natal chart can add to destabilizing excitement that comes from deep inner instability. We deviate from the environment being attracted to those who cause us unpleasant emotions. Others encourage us to (re)act as if the whole world is against us, even we are rebelling against our true nature. We are not ready to sacrifice freedom. We are provoked to fight for love in an atypical way. Takes risks in relationships will be required.

Breakup, divorce, relationships without obligations, extramarital and undefined relationships. Everything can happen and a lot will be happening at the same time! All these experiences can give us opportunity to experience relationships that teach us to integrate inner imbalance. Other people with whom we do not get along encourage us to release stress that prevents us from loving. Although we have impulsive nature, we do not like it when we have to step out of our comfort zone for someone else’s sake. We want freedom and always put it first.

Partner feels neglected. We often shock environment with our love choice, even though we do not understand that we are doing it. We choose partners who do not go along with us and with whom relationship will be turbulent. Our problem is to open up and be intimate. It seems that if we do that, we will no longer be true to ourselves. We have to learn to be honest, not stick to tradition or agree to something that really doesn’t suit us just to preserve relationship.

We do not like it when others expect something from us because it doesn’t give us space to do what we want. Our love is unique and elusive. We need to learn to love ourselves. Only then others will love us. We are struggling to stay in a stressful relationship that is not what we wanted. It seems we can’t live without stress.

What else can this aspect show?

It seems to others that it is a big risk to be with us in a relationship. They just don’t know if we are there or not. It’s easy to emotionally detach and switch off. It’s as if our interest is elsewhere and it really is. We do what we want. We don’t follow trends and go our own way. That’s all great, but it’s counterproductive to relationship’s stability. We don’t remember what “our path” really looks like. Unconsciously, we choose to oppose those we love.

Sometimes we need so much space that we push away everyone who would approach and love us. Having various hobbies and interests, there is no time for a partner. That’s why we invest in friendships and superficial associations. Behavior is not aligned with desire to be in a relationship based on communion.

Detached attitude and imbalances are not easy when it comes to being in a serious relationship. That’s why we unconsciously ensure that love is not something we are going to have. Relationships work better when there is freedom and unexpectedness. As soon as relationship turns into routine, no amount of infusion of eccentric behavior and experimentation will help.

By choosing ourselves, we seem to deny our partner. We do not realize that he is a part of us already. Part that has to be heard and raised to a higher energy level. Once we learn to accept our rebellious nature it will be much easier for us. We learn to get used to “ordinary love” and everyday life. However, this can destroy many relationships. We are blaming our partner for it, until we learn that inner balance leads to a healthy relationship.

How does this aspect show up in synastry?

Venus square Uranus in synastry can show enormous excitement that exists in meeting of these persons. These are relationships in which we suddenly found ourselves caught on seesaw of passion and resignation. Aspect especially “works” when it comes to extramarital relationships and relationships aimed at enjoying ‘forbidden fruit’. For one person, this will be too much of a departure from comfort zone.

We can’t sleep, eat or think. Stress is too much. There is no way we can find peace by staying in a relationship that doesn’t work for us. Hormonal imbalance is common for women. Current of passion is so strong that it threatens to burn everything. Usually one partner plays the role of the one who cools it down and seeks freedom. More freedom allows this connection to work. They will not be able to define this relationship and have expectations.

It will seem, even when relationship ends, that one party has never felt so excited. No other love can match this one. This is a storm that can destroy a lot, like a child who destroyed an electrical appliance because he didn’t know how to handle it safely. Like chaos after a big party, Venus has to tidy up and pick up the trash that disturbs her peace.

What else can this aspect in synastry show?

Relationship falls apart at thought of routine. Not enough of unknown always leads to end. Only what is new and what we cannot have is interesting. One side will try to bring balance into relationship. Uranus does not let anyone tell him which way to go and how to live his life.

Unusual partner shows our need for independence. We have different expectations of relationship and differ energetically in many ways. Advice is to not commit until we see if relationship can happen at all.

Ask yourself if you see yourself in relationship that even after a several years is undefined and can be called “nothing”. It’s just very sad that “nothing” was everything to one of these two people.

How do we feel this aspect during transit?

Venus square Uranus in transit is time when unusual friends can enter our life, encouraging us to behave out of form, bringing something new into our life. There is instability and unpredictability in love relationships during transit. We can feel tense. Although everything is very exciting at first and love happens unexpectedly. This partner does not fit into our life.

Fireworks are over. Transit can bring deception, falling in love at first sight and loss of interest. Partner does not want a traditional relationship. Relationships that were uncertain and undefined even before this transit are most likely to break down. Emotions can be volatile. We are tormented by inner discord. Partner’s hot-cold behavior makes us worry even more.

One side becomes disinterested. As if electricity went out, heart does not beat as hard as before with this partner. We are in the dark. It is very difficult to achieve balance in a relationship if we do not have it in ourselves. We seek peace through sweets and chocolates or rebellious behavior. By trying to be cool we abandon ourselves even more.

Sudden change of personal image shocks our environment. Partner likes what we consider to be too much of departure from the comfort zone. Transit shakes up cocooned relationships. Although there may be many moments to enjoy, security disappears. In long-term relationships, since transit can last up to two years, we will not know where we are heading. During transit we don’t get what we want or need, but we are free and liberated!

Venus conjunct Uranus

Venus conjunct Uranus in natal chart can show heightened artistic creativity and a progressive loving nature. We live for new experiences that make us even more in need of freedom. We must be free to choose whom we will love. We attract quirky and free-spirited relationships. Sometimes we are cold and reserved, but definitely intrigued by diversity.

Divorce, although mentioned in many astrological books, is not the fate for all people with this aspect. We do not lack excitement. If there is none, inevitable comes. Breakups in relationships serve to allow us to breathe. In process of falling in and out of love, we realize who we are and what we (don’t) like. Variability brings us closer. Love is felt more easily with someone we met at the airport instead of with someone we’ve known all our life.

Our own Soul is unknown to us. Its discovery is followed by intense interruptions of important relationships. Some would call us a freak when it comes to love life. All relationships and partners serve to bring us back to ourselves. We must accept what we find strange or different as special and magical in us. We are not interested in being with “ordinary people”.

We are attracted to people of a different race, of unusual appearance and rebels. They give us feeling that we do not have to change in order to be loved. Stress implies relationships. Environment usually reacts strangely to us. We are not familiar with ourselves. Others try to make us ordinary, which leads to revolt and defiance. Something new and unusual is possible even if it lasts only for a moment!

What else does this aspect show?

We are not like others in any way. Jumping into unknown is scary. Sometimes we realize that we don’t have that much capacity. We want calmer things. During love relationship, stress grows and adds to tension.

We must experience imbalance and what is unacceptable to majority. We are a progressive initiator in our environment. We must not compare ourselves to others because it can cost us beauty and joy. We should learn to love those who are not accepted by society, not to ask for permission to be who we are or sacrifice friendships for the sake of love.

Those friendships will have greatest possible value for us. Concept of love intrigues us because we see relationships in a different way. Problems arise if we try to keep up with environment. Getting married and living together is not something to strive for or rush into.

What does this aspect in synastry say?

Venus conjunct Uranus in synastry love may (not) last. Certainly, relationship is full of surprises. Be ready for anything. Love like this shakes your life. We have never experienced such a relationship. Partner encourages us to step out of our comfort zone. In return he asks for a lot of freedom. Maybe we just need freedom to be ourselves!

This is an opportunity to try something new and unusual. Different is not always better. Partner may try to disrupt our love habits which will result in stress. It’s just that relationship asks us to open up and accept different forms of intimacy. There will be no rules or order. Instability over a longer period of time does not come easily to everyone.

Partner asks us to accept him in a way that we have not risked before. Extramarital relationships, adultery and breakups usually accompany this relationship. This is the love we would give up anything for. Sometimes there is so much stress that we think happiness will run away from us. Relationship requires different routine that is spontaneous and more natural. Love fosters a sense of freedom. If we are honest, we will wonder if partner is unusual or if it is just us.

In him we see deep aspirations that we did not have opportunity to live and that we would like to express now. We are invited to do so! This is love where we have opportunity to be rebellious and unusual. This is a relationship where partner accepts us for who we are. If we want to be just beautiful and attractive, but not authentic, partner will quickly lose interest. We caught his eye precisely because of being different.

How is this transit perceived?

Venus conjunct Uranus in transit initiates non-standard relationships that defy norms. We can fall in and out of love quickly. Everything happens too fast and love relationship is characterized by impulsiveness. Life-changing connections take stage. It’s time for our life to change for the better.

Transit can mean that something old is being broken as it does not support us. We need to get out of our comfort zone. We are not aware that certain decisions are not best for us. It is important that we do not hurry. It seems that we are afraid that happiness will run away. We rush into relationship that has no potential to last, but to change our life by 180 degrees. Especially if natal Venus or Uranus is in square.

Breakups are possible, but we feel it’s best for both of us. Sometimes relationship is accompanied by stress, excitement, unexpected twists and turns. Routine is not attractive because we want freedom. Some people are fine with this transit. For many it characterizes love that comes and goes. First of all, it throws us out of our routine, which was necessary.

Venus inconjunct Uranus

Venus inconjunct Uranus in synastry represents a form of mismatch of expectations in relationships. People don’t understand each other very well. Partner is cold or reserved. His attention is elsewhere. There is always something interesting that fascinates him. Such behavior is disturbing. Over time incompatibility becomes more and more apparent. It’s like we speak different love languages.

While one party likes everything unusual, the other tries to maintain balance in relationship, but does not like it. Similar to when you eat three meals a day at a certain time and your partner eats at night or when he’s hungry. Woman begins to gain weight by adapting to his lack of routine feeling misunderstood and unbalanced.

Partner is shocking in some way. Although it seems exciting at first, it is not easy to maintain in the long run. People have different musical tastes. They like different movies and go out to places that have nothing in common. We love traditional cuisine and our partner chooses exotic flavors from unusual parts of world. Partner can have unusual appearance, tattoos all over body or simply seem avant-garde.

We won’t easily introduce him to our father. I guarantee that he won’t even like our partner and will worry about you. But something in you wants to get out of comfort zone and “live” a little. Only some risks are overestimated and can later cost us a lot. Often this can be a relationship with a foreigner that is over when vacation ends. It wouldn’t even last because of differences in expectations and attitudes in love and dating.

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