SYNASTRY: Venus in house

Maja Lazić
May 25, 2022

SYNASTRY: Venus in house

I always remember the words of Francis Bacon that as soon as we start believing in ourselves, we know how to live. This is more than true when we talk about love and emotional relationships. Venus is about love, self-confidence, companionship, quality of life, money, gifts, sensuality and enjoyment. Venus in synastry shows relationship harmony. However, there must always be other indicators for a long-term partnership.

We need to look at the position of natal Venus first in both charts. Challenging individual aspects can often indicate a problem that can manifest in a relationship as well. Partner’s Venus position in your natal house shows what you want from this love. We must consider other factors too before drawing any conclusions. Venus in partner’s house will show how he reacts to us and which area of ​​life brings more enjoyment thanks to his energy.

Here I will deal with positive and negative polarity of manifestation in synastry. Which polarity will be manifested in your case, depends on how much you understand yourself. In some cases, house and sign of Venus do not get on well. We will certainly observe where Venus and natal house ruler are positioned and how they relate to your partner’s fifth and seventh houses. House shows the area where love grows, but like any love, it must be nurtured.

It is important to understand that there is no ideal partner and perfect synastry. My sincere advice is to always analyze your chart to find the reasons why something is wrong. It is not in your partner’s chart! Only in your natal chart can you solve and heal the problem.

Venus in partner’s first house

Partner strongly influences our life and personality. We have the impression that because of his love, we feel more beautiful in our skin and look more attractive. These two people are attracted to each other intensely on physical and psychological level. Partner shows ideal appearance of someone we would like to be with for a long time. This is what we see in him. He seems to be exactly what we need to feel complete.

We see ourselves in our partner. It feels that we can be with him who we really are. However, sometimes a conflict arises if Venus has challenging aspects or if there is a planet in the seventh house that forms aspects. Then we may feel a strong urge to be exactly what partner loves and values. This leads to a superficial relationship, because our true personality adapts in order to be loved.

Partner wants to show us love and praise us. We are inspired by him and we want to maintain a relationship full of love. These two people can enjoy wonderful time together. It is important that there are other indicators that would contribute to the development of a deeper relationship. We have to pay attention to whether Venus is close to ascendant. That will give an additional level of interpretation and is very important in love.

Venus in partner’s second house

This is a very good relationship if they share similar life values. They have almost the same view about money and material things. Venus is attracted by partner’s physical appearance and what he possesses. Partner influences increase of her self-esteem. Venus brings gifts to her partner with desire to win and keep his love. Stability and steadiness of this connection is very important.

Partner feels loved and constantly receives tangible indicators of attention. He also expects that most of the time. It is like comfort food or addiction. We are hooked. However, possessiveness and need to secure love with gifts is not an indicator of sincerity and deep emotions. At the end of this relationship, Venus feels that she has invested so much. She has also lost a lot, not only love, but money and self-esteem. Surely, it must have been a valuable lesson.

Venus in partner’s third house

It shows two people who enjoy communicating with each other. They can have a wonderful time traveling or shareing various interests. They always have something to talk about, be it music, movies or town events. Venus encourages partner to express himself through songs, stories and gentle words. These people can easily fall in love with each other. However, often this is a position for friendship, not for an emotional relationship. Relationship can last a long time and always contain curious elements because different topics are discussed. It is challenging how to make a relationship intimate and to develop deep love.

Venus in partner’s fourth house

It shows that Venus awakens great love in us and need to share our intimate world with her. If we are emotionally fullfilled from an early age, this can be a phenomenal relationship. It can also heal old wounds if we are emotionally mature.

Venus brings protection and enjoyment when we are together. We are comfortable with our partner when we are alone at home because we feel deeply protected. Venus is like a tender love from childhood or emotions of a dear family member. It seems like we’ve always known her. We feel tucked in softness.

Partner understands and loves us, which makes this very pleasant for living together. However, aspects of Venus and fourth house must be looked at to see how relationship will develop. As long as there is love, there will be peace. If there is no love or if we do not receive it from a loved one, then great emotional dissatisfaction can arise.

Venus in partner’s fifth house

It indicates great enjoyment, fun, love, creativity and happiness. Relationship is characterized by enthusiasm and strong sexuality. These two people have fun by raising awareness of emotional desires and needs of their inner child. Venus activates an urge for play. It seems like we can again be as happy as when we were little. This is a prominent position for pregnancy. It often shows first love or relationship when we are especially happy.

Positive side is that Venus contributes to expansion and opening of heart chakra of both persons. Challenge can be a strong need for constant unnecessary risks and excitement. We will enjoy going to concerts and theater or engaging in sports. This is one of the most common positions for a beautiful emotional relationship. You will certainly remember your partner if it ends. It seems like with others it was not as exciting and interesting as with him.

Venus in partner’s sixth house

Relationship is businesslike or we met in working circumstances. Venus helps us to improve life quality, but it burdens us, too. It imposes an “ideal” that is not so attractive to us. They can do a lot of creative things together. Venus makes work not hard, but a real pleasure. Venus helps us by giving advice on diet and exercise or health. Partner wants to help us in some practical way. This is not an overly passionate position, but more a useful and well-intentioned one.

Venus in partner’s seventh house

This position is common for long-term relationship or marriage and any kind of professional and contractual cooperation. However, it is much more often seen in romantic relationships. Partner seems ideal for us. That feeling Venus awakens in us. Relationship is public and opinion of others about it is very important, but not always helpful.

There is disagreement and imbalance. Partner might be used to help us raise confidence. We don’t love ourselves enough without him. We need a partner to learn to appreciate ourselves, which creates toxicity and stress in the long run. They can enjoy great times together, but there are a lot of expectations from both sides.

Although Venus can be an ideal partner this changes our attitude towards social life. When they are alone and at home, they do not always get along so well. One intimate part is never essentially connected. Venus wants to explore herself through this relationship and values herself on how much love she received from her partner. Without his love she could feel shacky and ungrounded. If both people are not balanced personalities there is a problem to create relationship structure.

Venus in partner’s eighth house

This is a very intense combination due to emphasized passion. Venus awakens in us a possessive need to be in a relationship. However, it can be very toxic and create various difficulties and challenges. In some cases, partner is married or relationship is a secret. Venus has entered our lives and her love should transform us. It doesn’t have to be pleasant if something unhealthy exists in our past.

It is that karmic part where relationship is full of secrets that will be revealed sooner or later. Venus feels that she can express her dark eroticism with this partner. He feels empowered by this love, but he wants to control her. Or she feels like that. That’s why it seems to her that she has to end it, because it’s all too much for her. He doesn’t want to put all the cards on the table. There is a strong attachment and mystery that serves to heal ourselves. Karmic connection with debt and complications.

Venus in partner’s ninth house

Position may indicate a second marriage if partner is divorced. Venus helps us find optimism for experiencing love in this life. It seems that since Venus came along, everything has made sense. They want to travel, learn, grow and thrive together. Position especially emphasizes mutual life philosophy and spiritual aspirations.

Partner is like a happy star shining for us. This asks for freedom because that is the only way love can last. With this partner we will learn a lot about ourselves. Venus feels that her partner supports her and gives her space to explore what she loves. They can have similar values due to upbringing or studies. Sometimes love is stirred by exotic differences that are attractive to us. Partner can be from abroad or we can meet him on a long trip or during studies/at a lecture.

Venus in partner’s tenth house

This is a position where Venus can bring us success at work or career advancement. Reputation and achievement of business goals are very important. Venus triggers business happiness. Challenges can arise in family that is neglected. Everything is too public and goal-oriented. There is no intimacy. This is not really a relationship you have been dreaming of. People can achieve a lot together if they use their connections and public relations for a goal that will raise their life quality. They are a powerful couple, but only if there is respect. We see our partner as a precious person. It is necessary for it to be a mutual belief.

Venus in partner’s eleventh house

This is a common position for friendships. Relationship is based on similar aspirations and ideals. Venus awakens in us a need to fulfill our desires. She can connect us with those who could help us. Some astrological books state that this is the best position. Experience has shown me that this could be love where partner represents realization of our dreams.

It does not necessarily mean that relationship is easy because other factors have to be analyzed. Partner can bring us success, money and progress. What is especially important for these two people is that they are best friends. They truly share similar ideals and goals. It is easier to maintain love and adoration. Partner brings prosperity into our lives.

Venus in partner’s twelfth house

This is a karmic relationship that takes place on an unconscious level. There is some hidden story or a secret. Love lives in dreams, fantasies or desires. Sometimes these dreams are almost real for very spiritual people. Much of it cannot be rationally explained. Connection is non-physical and immaterial. It still exists on an intangible level even when there is no real contact.

Partner awakens in us a need to experience boundless love. We feel supported. We have not felt that way in any relationship so far. We have opportunity to heal on a deep unconscious level. Partner helps us with advice and energy he gives us. He understands our needs as if he has known us all our life. Partner awakens everything that makes it impossible for us to love and be loved.

While we may consider this partner to be ideal, it is an illusion. In a relationship, one person is subordinate because of a past life connection. Partner will encourage us to bring to surface what we don’t need. He can help us see our old relationships for the first time in true light and enable us to feel love for ourselves.

Mystery and elusiveness make this relationship unusual and rare. There is something magical about it. Although love will be difficult to achieve on a physical level, idealization can last a lifetime. Irrational behavior is encouraged by one partner. It seems as if we are diving into an ocean of love that we did not even know existed. Secret connection of a magical character ultimately tastes like disappointment, deception, betrayal or a waste of time.

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