What it means to be an astrologer?

Maja Lazić
May 13, 2019

What it means to be an astrologer?

What it means to be an astrologer?

Working in astrology field and being an astrologer is not always the same thing. Being an astrologer does not mean to tell someone exactly what will happen tomorrow. Is there something outside of us that we have no idea and that we can’t control at all?

If you are lucky enough to meet a great astrologer, you slowly come to an understanding that everything how astrology is presented in the media is not a realistic picture. All that you can find on the Internet about your natal chart is deceiving and a simplification of astrology. People generally think that interest in astrology comes, at best, with madness. They think that it is connected with witchcraft, black magic, and the like.

Consumers of astrology, especially with Instagram, generally have no idea what it really means to be an astrologer. This field of work seems to be unclear. When somebody says that is an artist or a painter, but has never ever painted a single painting and it’s far from art.


One thing is to have a lot of astrological knowledge  and completely something else be a good astrologer. It is still believed that astrology cannot be taught (which some of the “astrologers” propagate). People see astrology as something that falls from the sky like a mistake. Precisely because many who “deal with “astrology lack the basic astrological knowledge that is learned and perfected for years. It definitely does not fall from the sky, although it can be a gift from the sky depending on your natal chart.

Those who “like astrology” often think that intuition and “clairvoyance” is important for the work of an astrologer. This is not entirely true. Of course, intuition can help you a lot but you can’t base your reading on that and call it astrology. An astrologer who does not have a deep knowledge of the matter he is talking about or did not dive into Jung and Freud at least a little bit. He can’t say much only based on intuition except what is currently in your aura, which your sister or someone who lives with you might tell you as well.

Although an astrologer needs to have various skills and virtues as well, whose enumeration would exceed the space planned for this text, one of the key skills are communicative and linguistic skills. Skillful use of words, clarity in expression and compassion for what is said to the client is crucial.

Learning and knowing

An astrologer should first of all be well educated and cultured and show respect in communicating with you, to consider you as equal as well as point to a personality that you can easily open to. It is not to retain information from you, but not to overwhelm you with them. An astrologer who tells you that will give you the answer to a question next time you see him, abuses your relationship and is far from a person with integrity.

My life path of being an astrologer that I’ve called Astrodetoks is to teach everyone what astrology is and how they can improve their lives by understanding their natal chart. I am always delighted to see that a person after consultations and natal chart analysis, thanks to the deeper understanding of their astrology, has changed their life and has resolved what has bothered him and that now achieves better results in life.

I began to learn astrology for myself and it became my job and my career. Its highest quality is not to limit by predicting an event. It is to serve to explain how not to come again to the same situation and to understand ourselves and thus make better decisions.

Being an astrologer therefore means:

  • do astrology with your soul and body
  • daily invest energy in continuous improvement and raise the quality of interpretation of the astrological language
  • clearly set limits when and how to give some advice
  • respect and appreciate the client and have compassion for his problem or situation
  • provide efficient solutions and understanding and in no way do any harm
  • open topics even when it means that we will enter the terrain that arouses the emotions of the past. Also don’t open up too many issues if there is no way for them to be resolved
  • help the client to have more confidence and less fear
  • give the client the same freedom that I expect to be given to me
  • ask the right questions at the right time and help transform what is scary for us in what makes us calm and relaxed

Astrology credo

Being an astrologer in the 21st century means every day fighting the banalization of astrology and spending a lot of energy on educating people about what astrology is and what is not. Especially when there is still an emphasis on the fact that someone else should tell us something that is in us, when one does not understand the connection between what is outside and what is inside.

It’s not like that. An astrologer who claims that, has remained stuck in the Middle Ages and is not an astrologer. It is a charlatan and fatalist. It will not be written anywhere what will happen to you tomorrow. Such a book has not been written since you are writing it at this time.

Astrology at any moment works in this or that form, violently or gently, visibly or invisibly. Which shape and shade of gray or some other color will it be, depends on us. Unfortunately, the media (and some astrologers) continue to popularize what astrology is not. It separates the person from their core, enforcing the dependent relationship of the astrologer and the client who must ask to get the answer because he is unconscious in his life.

Being an astrologer means to be what I am, creatively express myself and live my purpose freely and completely every day. Astrology helped me find myself and I am thankful for that. She will always be my first and last love. Or perhaps it was enough to say only this so that we understand each other. To be an astrologer means to allow more room for magic and to look with eyes full of stars. They always shine brightly and are the lighthouse for all who seek the path or are lost.

What being an astrology means for you?

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