Purpose of astrology

Maja Lazić
August 21, 2021

Purpose of astrology

What is the purpose of astrology?

People have always been watching the sky. All cultures had astrological teachings that were used to bring order and find meaning in life. Over time, astrology became involved in all life spheres. Astrology could thus be defined as the connection between divine and human as part of the original world structure. Although there is Cosmic order, wheel of change is always spinning.

Astrology through the language of the Cosmos describes nature that is constantly moving. This is shown through Sun signs. Through them, astrologer assesses personal nature. Still, everyone is an unique combination of all 12 signs. Each sign is not a display of extreme features that can often be read on the Internet.

Categorizing or placing people in groups based on planetary signs is meaningless. No, Scorpios are not murderers or all Leos egocentric. Forget prejudices about the signs. Neither is better or worse than the other. Astrology does not serve to rank people. It serves to enable a deeper understanding of personality and life itself. It helps to bring order to the mind, emotions and goals. It is offering an opportunity to see ourselves from a different angle and a broader perspective without bias.

Human behavior

Human behavior shows an inter-relationship with signs and houses. Signs have similarities with houses, but same house in 12 different signs is interpreted differently. First house is always the first house and physical world of each person is a manifestation of archetypes. Planets are associated with signs and houses they rule. Aspects are very important because they show prominent life themes that are not seen through signs or houses. One aspect can take many forms.

No astrological factor is 100% conditioned nor will it always manifest in the same way. It will not be equally represented in every natal chart. Do not believe those who say that something must happen. Natal chart is never the source of problems. They stem from your reactions and behavior.

Venus in Libra is not the same for everyone who has Venus in Libra. Same is just the name of this astrological factor. Content of this symbol is what is deeply individual and specific. It depends on many things. We cannot exclude whole natal chart or context to analyze a part of it. More open we are to cosmic influences, easier our natal chart is for analyzing. It also depends on your involvement during the analysis.

Universal symbolism

Astrology is an expression of universal symbolism and geometry of the sky in life of every person. Just as we have different types of roses in the group of these flowers, no rose is the same. Some roses are similar to each other. The smell is never the same, neither how many thorns do they have nor how many days will it last in the vase. Nothing is a problem in your natal chart. Only you need to learn to hear and listen to yourself. Astrology can help you see that natal chart is very simple and natural. This is possible only when you express your authentic self.

Astrology does not serve to provide unchangeable, measurable facts and information about your personality and life. We navigate our natal chart all the time. It is certain that we will get from A to B. But the “streets and roads” between these two points will change as we “travel”. Like when you zoom in on Google map and as you move left or right new roads and streets appear. You notice new ways to get to your desired destination. Maybe you will also change point B into something else. Many paths and many possible futures always exist.

What can’t astrology do?

Astrologers are not psychics. OK, there are some who are, but they mostly lack astrological knowledge. Astrology does not offer a list of definite events and happenings. Your energy is moveable. What is really firmly defined in your life other than the body? And even the place where you live, what you have or job you do are not firmly defined. Circumstances in the outside world are unpredictable and astrology serves neither control nor fear.

Predicting what is simple is easy. We know that milk will boil if we heat it long enough and that water will freeze at a low temperature. It’s different with people. People are full of contradictions. Human nature is complex and reactions unexpected. Human life has a large number of dimensions, many of which are invisible and elusive. Parallel realities also exist, not to mention the dream world.

Free will and countless ways of reacting to stimulation change and condition your natal chart. It is possible to predict something when we understand all known variables, but that there is a lot of unknown in man. I’m sure you’ve managed to overcome yourself at least once and you thought you never would. Those who do not have the ability to change and develop are predictable. Some people have to go through constant crises in their lives. They chose this as a way to learn necessary lessons. Some people go through the same thing all the time because they are “stuck” and usually need an astrologer to “un-stuck” them.

Natal chart

Natal chart and personal life can be limited only by arbitrary intellectual beliefs that we have imposed on ourselves. It will never be definitive and final because you are creating it at this very moment. People cannot be understood by intellectual analysis slone or rigid holding onto a frame which simultaneously restrains and inhibits them. Analysis depends a lot on the astrologer’s words and his awareness of their weight. Natal chart analysis should therefore serve to help us learn to express our needs.

Natal chart interpretation through astrological language varies as humanity evolves. In that way, human consciousness and energy also become more refined. Everything that exists as a word can be categorized through astro-symbolics. Interpretations can be graphic, visual and even material or based on mythological heritage in traditional astrology.

It is easy to describe what is dead because it does not change. What is alive is impossible to fully describe and define in order to always be true. That is why you should not strive to fully understand your natal chart. I do not support constant analysis.  To completely describe your natal chart would mean that your psychological and spiritual growth has stopped.

An astrologer very often “reads” the images that exist in your auric field which direct you towards something. If I tell you what is not part of your experience yet you will not believe me. You will not even register it during the analysis. You will hear from me only what your energy encourages you to hear. I am here to convey Cosmic messages. A very remanding role but I am fully equipped for it.

Predictability and predictions

What happened to someone during a certain transit may not happen to you when you go through that transit. Conclusions about your transits can be made only on the basis of transits that have already happened to you. Not on the basis of how someone else experienced that transit. Of course, these conclusions can only be made on your own if you have extensive astrological knowledge and experience. It is usually impossible to analyze your own natal chart by yourself. What exactly one transit can bring is impossible to isolate. All transits happen together.

Many authors of astrology say that human predictability is about consciousness and karma. Unpredictability of life always exists as we tailor and co-create it. Some people have an unconscious need for definite and concrete events as a turning point for them. Then they call it destiny. In any case, karma is what we have given and is the only thing we can get. When we change the input, output will change, too.

The more humanity changes, the more it is reflected in the astrological techniques of interpretation. Certain techniques are so obsolete that they have no place in astrology for the 21st century. Authors who have mostly influenced my style of holistic interpretation and working with clients are Stephen Arroyo, Steven Forrest, Dane Rudhyar, Alan Leo and Tracy Marks, to name just a few. I owe my knowledge and astrological expertise primarily to my dedicated disciplined learning on my own that has lasted for more than a decade. I also had the opportunity to study and collaborate with many world-famous astrologers.

Do you want me to interpret your natal chart?

I will gladly interpret your astrological symbols, but it is up to you what you will do with that knowledge. Please understand that nothing happens because it had to and because it was “written in the stars”. My clients are ready to hear the truth, but they contributed to the realization of their goals themselves. My words only helped them find the strength to do their best and raise their life quality. My role was to remind them of who they are and thus initiate change.

Since I also do energy astrology, I use it in counseling to change the energy of the aspects (natal and transiting). This is based on working with chakra system.  Many of you have started to apply the techniques that I suggested, changed your attitude, your behaving and thus healing yourself, leading to the desired event in a given period of time and avoiding the unwanted. I am proud of you.

My approach and Astrodetoks

I use different systems during analysis. I choose this based on the natal chart because each needs a different approach. My use of astrology is unconventional and modern. It is based on hermetic philosophy, stoicism, scientific principles of quantum physics and energy, a mix of classical, evolutionary, esoteric and psychological astrology. Reincarnation and karmic astrology and occult teachings, which are nothing but secret teachings from the old books, are an area that I have also mastered.

My vocabulary during each analysis is visual, artistic and poetic. Above all, it is sincere and vivid. My wish is to conjure up the energies of the aspects and show connection between your outer and inner world. Astrology must be practical to be useful. How to express your natal energy in the most positive way, when problems will be solved, is my goal and I have dedicated my astrological teaching to it. Astrodetoks is an inter-disciplinarian astrology and that’s why you won’t get just ‘an analysis’ from me.

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