6th house cusp and health

Maja Lazić
August 4, 2020

6th house cusp and health

This post is about 6th house cusp in relation to your health.

In order to assess the topic of health in a natal chart, we need to analyze the sixth house and what sign is at the cusp of the sixth house. It is necessary to pay attention to the Sun, Moon and the ascendant sign that describes the physical body. My experience is that the ruler of the ascendant is very important. It should be considered together with the planets in the sixth house, transits of Saturn and transcendental planets. Sun will give us the level of vitality.

Moon is especially related to pregnancy. It will show the habits we have in our diet and the general attitude towards health. It is necessary that you know your exact time of birth to know the sign on the house cusp. In case of any health problems, it is important to consult your doctor. Astrology is intended in this case only to be used in order to maintain health and introduce habits that can improve your vitality.

The sixth house in Aries:

Headaches, migraines, problems with eyes and eye pressure are possible. Frequent redness of the skin, rosacea, inflammation and acute health problems can be associated with stress. Emotion of anger leads to a rise in temperature and the collapse of the whole organism, especially if anger is suppressed and no regular physical activity. Upper teeth problems, fever, bleeding gums and anemia are common challenges for this position. Disease appears suddenly, violently, and thus passes.

It can be associated with hormonal imbalance, infections and high blood pressure. It is necessary to do aerobic physical exercises regularly. Take into account the level of stress at work and in relation to colleagues. These people are much more susceptible to fractures and wounds due to carelessness and haste. It is important that they learn to slow down and be patient.

The sixth house in Taurus:

Thyroid gland, the lower part of the jaw and the neck are points that we need to take more care of. Problems with throat, voice and sinuses are associated with poor communication with oneself or the environment. Low immunity occurs when we are not satisfied with life or we have the feeling that we are giving up everything, especially enjoyment. Sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes and obesity are common with this position. We need to pay attention to the amount of food and eating habits.

It is recommended to eat what grows in our region and what is easy to prepare, tasty and healthy at the same time. The cervical vertebrae are under pressure. Stiff neck is a sign that we are not open to communication and that we insist on some mental attitude that does not contribute us. It is necessary to move and enjoy exercise. Learn that through the diet you will be satisfied and able to raise the quality of your life.

The sixth house in Gemini:

Sensitive points are arms, hands, fingers and shoulders. There is frequent pain in this part of the body or stiffness. Nervousness is often the result of too much mental effort. We pay attention to everything, but we also expose ourselves to information that is not important to us. Lungs are the most sensitive and allergies, bronchitis and cough are common. We talk too much and find it difficult to rest. Shortness of breath is often associated with the habit of multitasking and leading a stressful life.

Irregular eating habits and too many activities can lead to cold that never goes away, so it further weakens the body. Asthma and shortness of breath affect sleep when we have mental chaos in our head. Cycling, walking and learning to disconnect from the noise of everyday life will be very useful to us. Otherwise there may be a greater tendency to mental illness and hand injuries due to haste and insufficient attention.

The sixth house in Cancer:

Sensitive parts of the body are chest and abdomen. Health problems happen in situations when we are worried, feel fear or have problems with a family member. Expressing emotions is vital. In that way we cleanse the energy system of the body and get the opportunity to get rid of anxiety. Food can help us but also trigger issues and the atmosphere in which we eat, so intuitive eating is very important. Bloating and water retention occurs because we retain emotions. We continue to digest emotions that we are not ready to let go.

This position can be related to allergies to lactose and dairy products, candida and difficulty digesting food. It is useful to drink more tea and throw out processed foods. Be cautious with caffeine. Habits will be the key because they will make us aware of how we do not listen to the signals that our body sends us. Since the body always sends signals it is just a question of how ready we are to listen and do something when emotions seek security.

The sixth house in Leo:

We need to take care of the heart. This position is related to heart issues especially when we have not been able to express emotions in an adequate way. High cholesterol and blood pressure are linked to this position, along with the autoimmune diseases. Spine in this case shows the person’s health. Any back problems, since birth or developed later in life, disc hernia, pain or degeneration of the spine, show us the quality of energy of the natal Sun. Stomach problems are possible when the third chakra is weak.

Immunity can be strengthened when we spend more time outside, eat healthy, pay attention to posture. When above all there is creative expression that is needed to show your personality you become healthy again. It is necessary to take vitamins, practice yoga and eliminate unhealthy eating habits that please your taste buds, but which are harmful for you. The advice is to go to the best doctor and find the best specialists if there is an issues that is being experienced.

The sixth house in Virgo:

Possible diseases related to the low immunity due to too much work and lack of relaxation. Frequent allergies and chronic health problems require a change of habits and consultation with experts. Digestion can be weak, which is reflected on the skin. Raw food, fasting and cleansing the body through teas and herbs is recommended. It is useful to drink warm water and get acquainted with the principles of Ayurveda. Insufficient amount of sleep, worry and stress are triggers of reduced vitality. It is useful to find a way to pay enough attention to ourselves in addition to doing all the obligations.

Occupational diseases can be related to not liking our job. Hypochondria is often. Usually there is indeed some health challenge that needs to be addressed. These individuals represent a veritable treasury of health advice because they have had to learn how to help themselves. When guilt is released health problems will recede.

The sixth house in Libra:

The kidneys and the bladder are areas we need to take more care of. Unresolved conflict in a partnership will very often manifest itself through inflammation of the bladder or a kidney stone. Weight can be a problem, so light exercises are recommended, which will slowly encourage flexibility in the body. Diabetes is also associated with this condition and skin problems related to inflammation and hormonal imbalance.

It is necessary to find balance in all our habits. Loyal and loving partnership will certainly help to fix health. We must learn to find pleasure in taking care of our health. Here a large amount of energy is invested in appearance or “masking the problem”. We avoid dealing with the real root and avoid to find the cause of that pain. Usually it stems from an insufficient amount of self-love.

The sixth house in Scorpio:

Although we associate this position with a more frequent tendency to sexually transmitted disease that does not mean that it always has to happen. However, it is very important to take care of sexual health and sex hormones. The rectum, colon and glands are sensitive points. It is important to periodically undergo a detoxification program that is rigorous but effective. The psyche is sensitive so the issues can come simply from our fixation on them.

In life we ​​have to go through stages when we are very healthy along with stages when our health is declining. The physical body is strong, so it can withstand anything, but thus fails to react to the appearance of a symptom that would bother most people. Sexual energy has healing properties when we learn how to deal with it. Energy sessions, Kundalini exercises and bio-energy can greatly help us alleviate acute symptoms. It is important to learn not to overdo anything and to be gentler towards ourselves.

The sixth house in Sagittarius:

We need to take more care of the liver and pancreas and not overdo in consummation of fatty and heavy food. Immunity is weakened even when we do not move enough. It is important to take care of the hips, thighs and long muscles. Periodic cleansing of toxins and awareness of life beliefs that do not have optimistic quality is equally important.

It is necessary to take into account the habits that throw us off balance. They related to the need to enjoy and get rid of stress. We often associate alcoholism with this position. Life attitudes are very important and lead a person towards healing. Obesity and overweight are common when we fail to find fulfillment in everyday life, when life philosophy does not support us and when we do not have access to foreign cultures. It is also difficult if we cannot travel and experience the expansion of life throughout various cultures and energies.

The sixth house in Capricorn:

We need to take more care of bones, teeth and hair. Arthritis and joint problems, hair loss are coupled with immune systems. Disease often goes away slowly and becomes chronic. It happens that we get used to a health symptom and then all the other challenges arise from this. Disease can also be associated with the skin and various irritations, allergies, psoriasis. Stiffness, coldness of the legs and arms and weak immunity require us to introduce healthy habits and go for regular check-ups. In that way problems can be prevented.

The advice is to walk, hike as much as possible and to introduce fasting at least once a week. Too much work and too little rest is mostly related to a worsened health picture and poor personal discipline. Illnesses also come through karma, so there is always some action in the past that has led to current health problems and problems.

The sixth house in Aquarius:

Sensitive points are joints, circulation and veins. Muscle cramps can be frequent due to mental strain. Pain or problem appears suddenly and then passes. This position is characterized by some “strange diseases” whose symptoms we cannot easily connect to a certain diagnosis. Cold feet and poor circulation are solved by physical activity, acupuncture and chakra exercises. Damaged nerves are very common and occur in strange ways with sudden injuries due to carelessness. Increased mental stress requires taking magnesium and learning exercises that clear the aura.

Stress is associated with periods when we do not release our nervousness, so immunity lowers. I have noticed that ear problems may happen with this position until we start living authentically and listening to ourselves. Through the ears we adjust to our personal frequency. Health should be approached in its own way, but always in such a way that we build the foundations for the future, not break what serves us.

The sixth house in Pisces:

This position requires regular rest and peace. We can benefit magically from meditation, visualization and faith. Emotions are vital to the overall health. If we feel sadness and disappointment, health condition worsens and leads us to depression. Problems with the feet, nails and the excretion of toxins are common. Fatigue and a lot of stress make us ill. Alcohol and unhealthy habits have a stronger negative effect on us.

It is necessary to avoid the company of those who drain our energy because the organism is hypersensitive and easily strained. In these cases it is necessary to be alone, swim or try Bach drops and homeopathy. Alternative medicine helps a lot in this case, especially while transiting Neptune is in Pisces. Insomnia and nightmares are a sign that the body is overloaded with energy. It is needs to reset. It is useful to learn some technique similar to Reiki or reconnective healing in order to regenerate.

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