ASC, Sun & Moon

Maja Lazić
September 4, 2021

ASC, Sun & Moon

This post is about ASC, SUN and Moon in your natal chart.

All planets in a natal chart want to live. However, you may be among those who have been taught from an early age to suppress themselves, in order to be accepted, loved or simply to avoid problems. It is true that there are people with visible dissonance of ascendant, Sun and Moon. They may seem somewhat broken to others and external conflicts are common when we feel internal discord. Contradiction of these three important astrological points strongly defines the personality and speaks of potential problems in its expression.

But let’s take a step back. Your natal chart contains vital life forces, not just some ‘dead data’. It is a symbolic representation of how our energy manifests on the astral level (water), on the mental level (air), on the physical (earth) and etheric level (fire signs). Stephen Arroyo wrote about this in detail.

Zodiac signs represent the living energy and force within us that guides us through life. After all, all life is movement and how we will manifest this living force through natal planets is not firmly defined or predetermined. As we change ourselves, so does our life. However, if we refuse to change, problems arise.

Challenges on the path to self-awareness

Fortunately, astrology can help us understand cause of problems, but natal chart should not be the culprit. Causes of the problem are always in our behavior, not in astrological symbols or aspects. However, symbols help us explain what we are experiencing. We always have choice to manifest natal chart energy in a different way, because it depends on the use of free will.

How to connect Sun/Moon and the ascendant is the basis of astrological analysis and can reveal a lot about a person. It should be emphasized that there is a qualitative difference between aspects between planets and aspects of planets with houses. Planetary aspects with ascendant are the main pathways on your life map. These are primary energy flows, but they do not have to be blockages that we have to face.

Personal vibration and quality of our energy through signs will always be channeled through planets in the given sign. What we are not aware of within ourselves will be made known to us through external circumstances. We will experience what is accumulated in a natal planet through aspects or people who have planets in the same sign. We always get to know other people through our characteristics and that is largely defined by the ascendant.

Natal aspects

However, each of us generally has a number of aspects with ascendant and Sun/Moon that affect interpretation and expression of person’s character. You already have detailed details on my site. Energy of the sign and planet are intersected/intertwined through these aspects. That is why this post aims to present only an introduction to such a big topic.

Most people have Sun and Moon in aspects with fast planets that add a new quality of personality expression. If there are also aspects with Jupiter and Saturn, position in the house will be felt more than the sign and it will be an important area of ​​personal manifestation. In the case of aspects of Sun/Moon with transcendental planets, we are deeply moved and challenged to rearrange lives guided by higher goals. It is much better that aspects exist than not, because aspect is a direct connection that can be used to work on natal chart integration.

Women identify more with Moon aspects and men with Sun aspects. We take this as the first step in the analysis. Sun and Moon in sign speak of an archetypal role. It makes us alive and we need to express this part of our personality. House where Sun and Moon are located show the “stage” where this role is played and where the most important lessons lie.

Basics about Sun/Moon

Sun is the purest personal energy which is colored by aspirations and goals. This is an ego consciousness over which we have control. There are Sun characteristics that we have not yet developed, especially if person is younger than 36 years old. Through Sun position in relation to ascendant, we show our free will and in squares we can have the impression that we are failing to achieve our goals. However, we just have to strengthen our willpower. In that case, Kundalini yoga exercises focused on solar plexus, especially “breath of fire”, are very important.

Moon speaks of our emotional nature and emotional life. There may be strong Moon when we have not yet balanced our emotional reactions or learned to use them constructively. It is the astral aspect of personality and vibration that determines us. Moon sign shows our feelings whose vibrations are manifested through emotions and emotional contacts. It can be said that Moon defines main events in life by talking about unconscious habits and memories that are our “destiny”.

Ascendant and its exact position depend on the time of birth representing the most personal point. Ascendant shows level of assertiveness and self-confidence. It is always very tangible and visible, especially through physical body and life experiences through which we materialize this existence. Therefore, aspects that exist with ascendant will be strongly felt/seen on physical level.

More on aspects

Moon aspecting ascendant will intensively describe someone’s life/behavior. In the case of challenging natal Moon positions, transiting Moon cycles can help you a lot. Everything that takes place in Cosmos takes place in you as well.

If a person has challenging aspects of Sun and Moon, it indicates past, which seems to still hang over our head. I wrote about these aspects in detail in a post at this link. In behavior, parts of personality that originate from other incarnations stand out and it seems that we do not control ourselves. Person can often have opposing aspirations and feel torn due to lack of emotional intelligence.

It can be especially challenging when Moon is in opposition to Sun and at the same time square with ascendant. It can seem like we don’t know what we want and conflicts in relationships and at home can be common. Until we learn to control ourselves we can have problems in marriage and long-lasting relationships.

I need to emphasize that what we have in us we radiate from outside, so it will be shown through ascendant and physical body. With reduced vitality and decreased immunity, energy is blocked by Sun. Trines of Sun and Moon speak of easier expression of emotions and will.

I will briefly mention a few examples of aspects of ascendant with Sun/Moon:

  • Sun/Moon in a square to ascendant:

-Sun in square to ascendant seems to make difficult for us to follow the rhythm, because we hear different music.

– Moon in square to ascendant can deny even the best natal aspects with its behavior. We need to learn to transform this.

  • Sun/Moon in opposition to ascendant:

-opposition Sun/Moon with ascendant speaks of a conflict that is visible to others. These conflicts at the personality level will be projected onto other people.

– Sun opposition ascendant can indicate a conflict with father or husband, as well as behavior we project onto others. It is absolutely not obligatory and we decide how it will be played.

– Moon opposition ascendant may indicate a conflict with mother or difficulties with mother’s role. In this case, it is very important how person learned to express emotions in early childhood.

  • Sun/Moon conjunction to ascendant:

-person defines his behavior through fulfillment of emotions harmonized with his identity

  • Sun/Moon in sextile/trine ascendant:

-Sun in trine with ascendant speaks of personal strength to walk our path with self-confidence. Openness of heart motivates us to succeed and achieve our aspirations. In sextile, it seems that we dance to the rhythm of music.

-Moon in sextile/trine gives us opportunity to express emotions in a flowing way through our behavior and life movement.

Corner houses

Cardinal houses are very important specially if there is a planet there. We will feel them most strongly during conjunction transit. Relationship of ascendant sign with cardinal houses shows the basic living areas, work, family and partners. As energy of our ascendant changes ‘flavour’, which is visible in progressions, we can change these life areas. However, apart from ascendant, how others perceive us will be shown through MC and in the aspect to the ASC.

ASC can be in trine, square or sextile with MC. This connection explains behavior and ways of directing our energy. ASC will show physical activity at the level of our body and what closely describes us. MC shows what our personality projects and creates in the world over time, as a kind of non-physical public manifestation of our being.

In some cases, when these two points are in square, person did not harmonize his/her behavior. Behavior does not allow us to show our skills, which can create business problems and slow down progress. However, when this person heals squares in him, then he will heal them on the outside as well. It is simply an unconscious energy that is blocked and must be released.

Final words

If we pay attention to IC, person can be brought up in a way that prevents natural personal development, so we must certainly take that into account. Person may feel blocked and copy this conflict to partners or business relationships. Depending on natal Sun power, he will try to strengthen his personality and live authentically during his life. If Sun is weakened by aspects felt like a burden of family heritage, we may not be able to live its true nature. We will clearly feel that health-wise.

If MC and ASC are in same element, if there is trine/sextile, similar temperament of the sign is present. We have to pay attention only to exact aspects, with a maximum of two degrees orb. Trine will show behavior that leads to success directly by nurturing our talents. Square will show inappropriate and uncoordinated behavior and challenges with our boss, because we are not doing what we should do to achieve success. We need to learn that. Often all of this involves intercepted sign.

Of course, everything is also under influence of other natal planets and possible aspects, which changes the way of manifestation and interpretation for each individual. If you have other planets on the ASC/MC axis and current transits of transcendental planets this is even more emphasized.

Moments of activation

Cosmic changes through transits are never cause of emotional changes, but if there are problems and inconsistencies in individual behavior, speech and emotions, they will be brought to surface so that we can become aware of them. We are therefore most sensitive to transiting aspects that we also have in a natal chart. Even when these transits do not form aspects with our natal planets.

Eclipses on ASC and MC can bring major changes and opening of new life roads, but also extinction and collapse of areas that are shaky in order to rebuild them. We must observe both rulers and their relationship with Sun/Moon and their rulers.

Progressions and directions will offer ways to develop our behavior because during life we ​​learn from mistakes and can change our behavior. If we don’t do that, we find life problematic. Transits will definitely help us heal what we carry in our energy body.

Through the language of astrology, we can explain why something happens, but free will gives opportunity to change our behavior. It always offers possible ways to more easily unite all parts of your personality. It is a way to change patterns that no longer serve us. Although it takes a certain period of time to change some of these patterns, as with everything in life, results depend on effort invested.

Understanding your natal chart is never meant to keep your tied down, but to help you grow. That is my approach and the concept on which Astrodetoks is based. If you still think that your natal chart limits you, I invite you to contact me and see your natal chart from a fresh and liberating perspective.

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