Maja Lazić
August 10, 2023


Let’s explore your natal chart!

What is a natal chart? If you have not had an astrological analysis until now and you are not familiar with your natal chart or even what it looks like, this is the place for you. Natal chart is a photograph of the sky at the time of birth. There are planets in the position and sign that symbolically describe your life and potentials you have in this incarnation.

Your natal chart is unique. Even if you know someone who was born at the same time, place and date, their natal chart will have a completely different astro-energy. Accordingly, different life situations and lessons will be part of their experience.

However, you may think that your natal chart is the main problem! That because of it you don’t have something you want or that Saturn is to blame for everything. The truth is that your natal chart is perfect. I know, no one told you that before! That astrological perfection is hidden in your natal symbols that always call you to love yourself more. That vibration supports your natal chart!

Hm, you don’t know your birth time?

If you don’t know your birth time, then we cannot accurately calculate your natal chart or get an insight into complete individual astro-energy. To find out birth time, ask your parents and relatives – maybe someone remembers. Important information is whether you were born in the morning, afternoon or evening, which can facilitate rectification or determination of the possible birth time.

In some cases, birth time is entered in birth register or information can be sought at maternity hospital. Rectification requires dates of important life moments (wedding, graduation, operations, purchase of real estate, etc.). So in some cases, if there are no such events, it is still not a solution.

Since astro-energy is primarily concerned with your unique energy, it is a good idea to check timing through muscle testing. You can do a kinesiological examination or a myostatic test because memory of everything that happened is stored in body. When someone contacts me who doesn’t know their birth time, usually 6 o’clock is taken. In that case Sun will be on ascendant. Ascendant, Moon and houses will not be correct, but degrees of planets will.

From there you can start with possible rectification. As it is a slow process it is not something we do during consultations. If you’re interested in healing, you don’t have to focus so much on data and astronomical facts, but on what’s underneath. The point of analysis is to understand yourself better. That’s what astrology is for, after all.

Birth at the end or at the beginning of sign

Useful technique is to pay attention to Mars when it transits ascendant. Is there an argument going on or are you initiating something? Mars transits are usually intensely felt, so they can help you assess your ascendant.

I often meet people who were born at the end or at the beginning of a sign. Each of us has Sun like every other planet in only one sign, so the exact time and place of birth will show if you are Aries at 29 degrees or Taurus at 0 degrees.

There is also question of whether time of birth changes if the birth was performed by caesarean section or induced and whether this makes it impossible to find exact birth time. Even before moment of birth, your astro-energies began to form, according to contracts made by Soul and lessons we need to learn in this incarnation.

Person is always born at a time when it is ideal to “get” planets and aspects that will help him learn lessons. You were born at the best moment for you, with the best alignment of planets for you! That is why I do not recommend that an astrologer determines when you will give birth!

Basics of analysis

Let’s now graphically analyse your natal chart. During this text, we will not deal with what certain position in sign and house means. We will discover astro-energy that helps in healing. The more aware we are of our energy, the easier it is for us to take action to heal ourselves. We know what we need to “go back to” in order to achieve balance.

Note first whether natal planets are concentrated up or down. If there are more planets above (just count them), it indicates extroverted energy. More planets below indicate introverted energy. People who are introverts will prefer anything that makes it easier to explore their inner world during healing. It will be necessary to include extrovert activities, too.

Since we all have all the signs and all the planets, there is no possibility that any sign or planet is bad. However, many planets may be in one sign. It may happen that you are Leo, but have no planets other than Sun in this sign and have four planets in Aries. Then Aries is much more prominent in your natal chart.

In any case, you are still Leo, but your astro-energy and its interpretation is much more related to Aries. Look in your natal chart for Sun and note whether it is up or down. Sun represents you as an individual. After that, find Moon, which represents emotional needs, home, family, mother and nutrition.

Other planets

Find Mercury that represents communication and determine whether you are an extrovert or an introvert. Look for Venus, which represents love and beauty and determine how you express love. Then find Mars that represents places of potential strife, as well as how you express anger, how active you are and how masculine your energy is.

Find Jupiter that represents what makes you happy and how you can access abundance. Saturn is the place of reality, life problems and harsh circumstances you may have experienced or lessons you have not yet learned. This planet is very important in healing because it represents your life lesson.

Find Uranus representing places that are related to need for change and excitement. Sudden situations and possible shock happen there. Find Neptune pointing to place where you seek to know perfection. After that find Pluto and determine if it is up or down because it is related to transformation and release of old wounds.

Other details

Pay attention if any of these planets are located at the corners of your chart, at the top of I, IV, VII and X house. That will significantly affect your astro-energy. You can be a Capricorn, but if Moon is in Cancer on top of X house, your emotionality will be noticed much more than your rationality and pragmatism.

Planets form aspects that are contrasting or complementary forces that make up your astro-energy and are activated by transits. Although your astro-energy is unique, it is not the same all the time. It is variable in relation to long-term transits that occur.

Person who has Pluto transit that usually lasts over twenty years in one sign, all the time in first house, will have a significantly different astro-energy than their initial energy. Pluto changes everything it touches and it does so from within. Everything therefore needs to be taken into account during analysis, which requires experience and great knowledge.

In certain cases, person cannot do an astro-energy assessment on their own. You can book a consultation so that an adequate healing approach can be applied.

Quality of planets

After determining whether astro-energy is extroverted or introverted, we pay attention to quality of planets. Programs will calculate for you percentage of planets in a particular element and modality. Of course you can do it by yourself just by counting the planets.

Quality can be cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) and mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). Calculate which quality is the most prominent according to number of planets in signs. If most planets are cardinal then you tend to initiate things and your energy is very direct.

If you have more fixed planets, then your astro-energy is stable. It is durable and others rely on you, but you are not very open to change. If you have more planets in mutable signs, you probably like change. You are adaptable and flexible. However, you can be easily influenced, so you often adapt to others. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to what kind of energies you are in contact with.

I noticed that it is easiest to do healing techniques with mutable signs, while fixed ones generally have resistance and wait for the situation to change. Cardinal signs are excited to begin healing, but they don’t do exercises regularly and are easily swayed by their initial enthusiasm.


We all have moments where we are all three energies because transits bring things into balance. It is important to emphasize that if one quality is not present at all or only in a small percentage (no planets in an air sign, for example) it can happen that you either try to compensate by overdoing that element or completely denying it.

Person who has no planets in air sign can talk all the time and be one of those people who don’t close their mouth. However, she will not be able to hear what she needs. It may happen that she goes to other extreme and rarely initiates communication. It could be someone who doesn’t like to speak in public. Or who finds it difficult to express their opinion in a new environment.

Once we have determined the quality, let’s pay attention to the element. Count how many planets you have in fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) signs.

The more planets you have in a certain element, the more your astro-energy is like that element. For example, if you have several planets in fire signs, then your astro-energy is very passionate. But it can affect others by “burning” or ”frying” them, due to dramatic expression.


Fire energy is aware of everything that is happening, stimulated with its enthusiasm and takes risks in order to achieve what it wants. Passionately reaches for goals without hesitation or waiting. However, imbalance of energy is seen through great and unnecessary risks, constant search for stimulation or struggle even when peace has been established.

Usually we can see inner restlessness that person tries to hide by a lot of movement. She learns how to use this active life force that triggers everything. If you have more planets in earth signs, your astro-energy is practical and stable, even conservative in expression, but with a tendency towards the physical and material.

This energy is very sensual, but also valuable, reasonable, supportive and oriented towards sustaining. Support in what is tangible and habitual is mixed with great patience, but optimism and lightness may be lacking.

If you have more planets in air element, your astro-energy is much more mental and verbal. It tends to exchange ideas with others, but intellectualizing feelings and turning to ideas rather than tangible world. Cooperative energy calls for relationships with others, awakening need for listening skills and balanced conversation. Here we need to get rid of insincerity. It is important to remain authentic even when others do not agree with us.

Closing words

If you have more planets in water signs, then your energy is very emotional and gentle, so your feelings guide you through life. You are also strong and sensitive if your emotions are threatened. Compassion, intuition, romanticism, sensitivity should be channelled into creativity that relaxes. Person learns that he needs to also sometimes get angry and face what he has been hiding from himself. Embracing uncertainty is the opportunity to feel peace, love and trust.

Once you have an idea of what your astro-energy is, pay attention to what is missing as this can help you balance your energy. Discovering your individual astro-energy goes beyond this text and is only possible during natal chart analysis. No matter what your astro-energy is, you are capable of realizing your highest potential by working on yourself.

Write down what you see yourself being able to achieve and go for it. Think about what are the greatest achievements and successes that you allow yourself. Ask yourself what would happen if I allowed myself at least a little more. Everything is possible for you when you are aware of the limitations you set for yourself. And your natal chart and astrology are never that limitation – rather it is the human mind!

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