Intro to Karmic Astrology

Maja Lazić
August 14, 2021

Intro to Karmic Astrology

Karma has always fascinated me as well as individual evolution and personal development. Do we keep repeating the same mistakes or did we overcome karmic tests? This is one of the questions to which karmic astrology offers an answer and a path towards healing and liberation. That path is not always easy and depends on the spiritual growth of the individual.

Solution to the biggest life problems lies in integration of the Lunar Nodes position. Certainly, this analysis will show life area that is an opportunity for personal transformation. It is true that we all meet absolutely fair life situations, but we do not consider them as such. It seems that life does not give us what belongs to us and what we think we deserve.

It all depends on how you navigate the Nodes. They do not determine destiny. Destiny is determined by the level of individual consciousness and his actions. And we can always change our life quality by changing ourselves. That is why we all go through transit-activated periods when one of the Nodes is emphasized by conjunction. South Node is what we have perfected so much in previous life that is natural for us now. North Node development is what will provide the necessary balance.

Key years

We need to unite both Nodes by mastering the lessons of the past. Certain moments and periods when we choose again the course of destiny and life direction are especially emphasized. These periods are every 18-19 years when the transiting Nodes return to natal position. At that time, we strongly re-examine life. Circumstances we face require adjustment to which we are not always ready. Sometimes there is a loss of a job, because we do not know what our purpose is. There is a need for a new career and fresh business start.

Dramatic changes can follow as new people enter our life. Loss of loved ones and psychological crisis are also possible. These are all opportunities for life reconstruction. In this analysis, attention is paid on sign, house position and aspects of the nodes. Aspects with personal planets will show the main learning area, with an orb less than three degrees. I cover this in detail in karmic analysis as well as during astro-psychological consultations.

Transiting eclipses on natal Nodes, transits of Nodes in aspect to natal planets and transcendental planets to natal Nodes are very important. These are periods of withdrawal, personal reconsideration and coping with accumulated karma. Those born before or during an eclipse, when Sun / Moon are conjunct Nodes should go through this type of analysis and apply energy techniques. This can help them release old energy they still carry with them, which hurts them.

Past lives

We can analyze a natal chart as much as we want to, but life is always a consequence of what we are doing and what we have done so far. Any analysis only makes sense if we are ready to step out of our comfort zone and really change something in our behavior and relationship to others. Past lives story and karma are completely meaningless without it.

North Node, Rahu or dragon’s head resonate with external, visible and material. It is connected with the ego. South Node, Ketu or dragon’s tail, resonates with internal, invisible and familiar. Evolutionary astrology emphasizes the North node, and karmic astrology the South node. Both are essential for the evolution of the individual and materialization. Both have positive and negative polarity.

How do we unite these two nodes that are always in opposition? What if there are no aspects with other planets that would give us a hint? These aspects are very important, indicating our past reactions that keep us constantly spinning in circles.

North Node

North Node hides in itself all our desires, goals or accomplishments without which we think we cannot live. It is associated with obsessive instincts that push us in a certain direction that we believe will enable us to fulfill our desires. Natal house location will tell us more about this. You can read about it in my previous posts where I cover that in detail. 

Stronger and greater our desire, stronger is the karmic tension and the course of learning this lesson. South Node will “wake up” to stop us make the change. This may not be pleasant. Some of you will not be able to achieve your goals because you did not get rid of the vices serving as compensation for failure or disappointment. That vice will cost them literally everything. The more we evolve from within, the less we will be willing to sacrifice everything to achieve some goal.

However, motives are often very impure, because they originate from past lives. We are unaware of the aspirations that motivate us and the only thing that matters to us is to feel the power driven by strong instincts. These people are never satisfied and they always want more. They are constantly missing something even when they have everything.

Obsessed with desires, they do not hesitate to lose everything else by putting themselves in a position where they can be severely hurt. They try to build success on unstable foundations driven by ego and immorality. That is why they need to be honest with themselves.

Negative polarity

Often this person is capable of cheating, lying or being dishonest just to achieve goals. He buys knowledge and reputation with money. That at some point leads to a fall from a position or a scandal. He becomes dependent on success and fame ‘losing its head ‘ having not resolved South Node conflicts. He didn’t really earn the success he achieved. Wrong motives will be clearly seen when we are impatient and do not follow ethical rules.

Often a person is driven by a desire that they are not up to. Immaturity is visible in his decisions. There is a reluctance to invest effort and discipline. He projects insatiable aspirations and immorality on others. He hurts family members with being dishonest. This is a sign that we are not on the path of dharma. Our decisions are a consequence of the old karma that directs all our actions.

North Node therefore, under the veil of negative polarity, can show healthy behavior that we should develop and unite opposites that are essentially complementary. This is especially emphasized in moments when we are facing external challenges and when we need to change how we react. This is a chance for healing. We learn new behavior by overcoming difficulties that lead us to our life mission at the same time.

South Node

On the other hand, South Node has a more spiritual quality. It is emphasized for people who do not have any material desires, even though they do not have much. Sometimes they fall into apathy or depression without a goal that would take them out of the “old energy of the past”. They are often lonely and withdraw from life, not knowing how to stand out, so they flee to their world. However, life brings them back to all that through North Node issues, which they feel as some strong need and obstacle to create material security.

They just don’t know how. They have no tools for it and can’t smell good opportunities. Then they usually fall into the circle of self-criticism. They have to learn to ground themselves through practical work. They seem confused, especially if there is a conjunction with ascendant ruler. Then the aspiration towards something bigger is emphasized, which constantly calls them. However, life is to be lived! That is why they are brought back to reality through external crises. They have to put roots, in every sense, even if they don’t want to.

South Node in sign and house determines natural and sometimes unconscious talents that originate from past lives. It shows deepest psychological patterns of behavior that keep us still trapped in the past life patterns when we have made a karmic imbalance. Sign will explain how we reacted and behaved and house in which area such behavior should be changed.


Of course, challenges always serve for growth. They are an opportunity to replace negative character traits and learned behavior that conditions us for installation of good and conscious habits. Relationship with others and our environment is important for North node integration. As for South Node integration, what matters is what kind of relationship we have with ourselves. We must understand that people who show the shadow of our personality will come to us through natal houses of the Nodes.

We need to understand South Node and its aspects, because it is a way of behaving that brings problems. Position of the Node rulers is very important and realization that South Node often has to do with dependencies we have to overcome. Also, aspects depict dynamics of the Nodes as seen in the karmic synastry. Rule that is applied is that the more we emphasize one polarity, the more people who other polarity more pronounced enter our lives and that irritates us a lot. This is the foundation of all relationship conflicts.

Our current circumstances are a consequence of previous actions that we do not understand, so we repeat them. Through North Node we learn from mistakes and it shows us like a compass how sincere our energy and motivation are. Meaning of our past is to remind us, but also to help us see problems of our behavior so that we can break away from what harms us. Only by understanding ourselves can we break this pattern. Astrology offers just that.

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