Ascendant and marriage partner

Maja Lazić
June 25, 2020

Ascendant and marriage partner

Marriage is one of the most common reasons why women go to an astrologer. Questions such as whether we will get married and when, what kind of marriage / husband we will have are common. Most of you think the answer to this is strictly determined and defined. What marriage will be like depends not only on your natal but also your partner’s natal chart. You would not go through the same things with different partner. There are also transits when marriage is going through transformation, a crisis and high turbulence.

This is connected to the individual and the way his own energy is being used. In this text I deal primarily with the seventh house.It is very important for us to understand that astrology is complex. The description of the seventh house written out here is not a description of your seventh house. It will very clearly give a description of the primary energy in which you will be able to identify yourself.

The seventh house

The 7th house, which is opposite the ascendant, and its sign speaks about the marriage partner. It describes physical appearance and his energy and the character. Partner comes first into our lives to teach us lessons that are crucial for us. It is far from giving us the full answer that has been determined by destiny. If you have a planet in the seventh house, it will significantly affect the analysis. Especially if there is more than one planet or if there are oppositions/squares on the seventh house and the planets in it.

If your sign is at the end of the third decade of the ascendant sign, the description for the next sign will describe your partner much more. There are also persons whose seventh house contains three signs so all three will affect the description. Your 7th house is an integral part of you, it’s just a matter of how much you have integrated it.

What is your ascendant sign?

Depending on that it manifests in the type of partner you attract. Many are known to go through the same problems all the time, albeit with different partners. They forget that everything comes from them and their personal energy. If the relationship with the partner is not satisfactory, or not progressing or the partner can’t be found, it is a sign that we deny the seventh home and its lessons. As long as we do not integrate this, we will come across the same old stories.

The negation of one part of the natal will affect all other areas that will feel incomplete.
The following is a description of the 7th house based on ascendant sign. If your seventh house is in Libra, it does not mean that the partner must be Libra. Sometimes it may have ascendant, Moon, Lunar nodes, Venus, or other planets in this sign. Very often none of this. Partner is our unconscious contrast. The quality and sustainability of a relationship/marriage will depend solely on how much both parties manage to find the balance between opposites.


Attracts people with Libra energy or Venus is emphasized. Charming partner enters your life to balance sudden reactions and impatience. Partner can be met at a social event, in a theater or museum. He teaches us etiquette, elegance, social behavior, diplomacy and relationships with others. His function is to teach us to be part of a couple and to see other people’s needs. Partner teaches you not to waste energy by yelling and arguing with others if it doesn’t go your way. We need to tactfully and gently find the middle ground where everyone will be happy.

The ultimate goal is to learn to be emotionally intelligent. Not just to listen to your instincts, but to see that there is always a different point of view when you come out of egocentric behavior. Depending on how aware you are of your nature and how energy is channeled it affects the quality of the marriage. Learning to respond instead of reacting to the events around you will greatly increase the chances of maintaining a fulfilling relationship.


Attracts people with Scorpio energy or Mars and Pluto emphasized. These are often tumultuous relationships with a lot of crises and an opportunity for transformation. Partner can be someone who is very sexually attractive, charismatic and charming. He is magnetically attracted to you. He hurts you a lot if you are not aware of your fears and when you have a need for him to give you security. Trust and intimacy issues, material worth and money will show how easy or challenging the relationship will be. Intensity is sought, so the partner must be psychologically very strong, passionate and with prominent financial and business powers.

Partner will be the reason why you feel anxious. He only reflects your subconscious fears of insecurity and the negative beliefs you have about yourself. Marriage can be mysterious, as if deep insight into his soul is never achieved. Often these relationships are repeatedly renewed. They go through many phases that serve to resolve your inner emotional crises. How easy it is for you to surrender to control, to release your sexual energy, to have confidence and open yourself up completely, affects the quality of the marriage. He is someone with whom you are connected by karma. He enters your life to forgive him. Only then will the stress, strife, anger, disagreement and dark secrets provide you with space for love that is stronger than death itself.


Attracts people with Sagittarius energy, Jupiter is emphasized, or those who appreciate freedom. Decision to marry often is traded for traveling, learning and exploration. The meaning of life is what drives a person to search for adventure. There is always something new, unexplored and interesting that interferes with the traditional flow of relationship. Partner can be from abroad, a teacher, from the faculty or is the embodiment of life’s wisdom. He brings to your life the need to develop your life philosophy. Basis for marriage is truth and a desire to ask questions, openness to something more that goes beyond everyday concerns and problems. Although these individuals have a hard time committing themselves, the way to not lose them is to be equally curious and honest with yourself.

Many books mention cheating and parallel relationships. They start from boredom and the lack of initiative to embark on the great journey of life and searching for meaning. He does not have to be everything in your life. The less you need to call him, communicate constantly and see him all the time, the greater the chance that he will be by your side. The way you communicate, lying and manipulation lead to divorce and the loss of a person who had something very important to convey to you. You can only learn this in silence, somewhere at the end of the world, in another culture. Or surrounded by those who speak some unknown language but know you much better than you think.


Attracts partner with Capricorn energy or emphasized Saturn. These are karmic bonds that aim to materialize what we have desired at the heart level. Although partner is often older and emotionally rough than we are, he is someone who leads us through life. Partner teaches us to have structure in the form of work, home, earnings. He balances our emotional nature. He teaches us to accomplish all this beyond marriage so that it isn’t the reason why you have entered into a relationship at the first place. Extremely long marriages are common. If marriage was started before Saturn’s return, it would most often fall apart if you did not learn to rely on yourself. Partner can be withdrawn, over-rational and stingy.

He is not wanting to share emotions, but will therefore show love in a tangible way by bringing money and providing security in the form of practical things. These relationships last for many years before entering marriage. The relationship is coupled with problems and difficult life situations. This distracts the partner and stir him to become independent. One way to lose him is to be too vulnerable, emotional or crying as if we don’t know how to take care of ourselves in the real world. Partner teaches us to calm emotions and depending on their quality, the quality of married life will depend. Too many emotions of sadness often lead to divorce and pain. Focus on being practical, reliable and to respect time ensures that the relationship will last.


We are attracted to the energy of Aquarius or an emphasized Uranus that is unusual and cooler than us. The more we are prone to the need to constantly be in the spotlight and always talk about ourselves, the more we will attract a person who will be more interested in everything else than us. Although these relationships can last for a long time, marriage is usually not in the cards. If it occurs, sooner or later it can end in divorce because the desire for freedom and new experiences is high. Partner can be divorced and we can get to know him online. He does not have to be unfaithful, but is much more interested in the world of science and innovation than in his emotional life. In order to avoid a divorce, it is important to learn to be your biggest fan and allow your partner to have his own world, beyond ourselves.

A partner can be from abroad, with atypical attitudes, beliefs and a different upbringing. Friends always come first. Dramatic display of feelings, the culmination of a relationship that often has the characteristics of some novel, forces a partner to want freedom because it is his primary need. Any overwhelming emotional suffocation will be reciprocated by the need for distance, coolness and avoiding. As partner always mirrors some of your features, you should be aware that you need him for some deeper reason and that you have chosen him. The lesson is to learn to meet your needs when you are not getting a round of applause from your partner and when he is not there, without feeling uncertainty about your own talents and values.


We are attracted to the person with the energy of Pisces or emphasized Neptune. He is a dreamer, in his world of stressful emotions. He can be very musical, hypersensitive, romantic and focused on feelings rather than practical life. This connection can have a mystical character of sweet soul mates. It be colored by a veil of secrets, doubts and disappointments if you are not in touch with your emotions or neglect intuition. He teaches you to have more confidence and not be overwhelmed with obligations, to get rid of the need for perfectionism. He may be someone we need to direct, who needs our advice so we look after him.

These relationships sometimes include marriages where one person is ill or struggling with addiction. How harmonious your life goals are, if you do not allow emotions to overwhelm you and make you stand firm on the ground, this is how strong this connection will be. Marriage can involve some form of infidelity and inability to achieve intimacy, as we are never happy in the current circumstances. He asks us to be emotionally close to him, but we seem to be unable to see it. Business and work are priority and then marriage ends.

We ask our partner to fulfill all our dreams as a fairy tale prince. If he does not have that aspiration then he feels disappointed. He feels the pressure and inadequacy that he awakens in us because he cannot meet our standards greatly affects him. How easy it is for us to let go, to forget about perfection and listen our inner self, if we are spiritual and open ourselves to a different world of metaphysics and invisible, this connection will easily flow. Faith and trust will lead to union or if lacking towards the separation.


We are attracted by a person who has the energy of Aries. He can bave an emphasized Mars with a very direct attitude towards his goals and desires. He can be very volatile, driving us crazy with his mood swings and the need to always be right. These are partners who find hard being in a couple. He is not able to approach the relationship diplomatically. Quarrels, stress, strong sexual energy and fast-moving anger will characterize this connection. It is maintained primarily by spontaneity and a dynamic approach to arousal.

If energy is not sexually consumed, it becomes a burden and stress, so the partner starts to annoy us. He can be busy with his goals/plans and completely forget about the needs of the relationship even though he loves us. As much as we are aware of our energy and reactions, the easier this relationship will be. He teaches us how to make a decision, to say when something is not right for us. We need to fulfill our desires, so he will come into our life to teach us just that.

Although this relationship can be very turbulent, it can have stable phases when we have learned to master our energy. We should become aware of an intention that has drawn us to enter into a relationship. Marriage is entered abruptly, suddenly. It can also lead to divorce. He is there to help us realize if we are really in balance or just a ticking bomb ready to blow up.


Partner has the qualities of a Taurus energy or an emphasized Venus. He helps us to materialize our greatest desires and dreams. He can be someone who cooks well, a hedonist and loves luxury and going out. He is focused on what he owns and strives to preserve that. It is not easily ready to get married and it takes a long time to decide. It is also slow to get divorced because it takes a lot to move out of the comfort zone. Partner teaches us to respect what we have gained, but also to enjoy it. Marriage is often made of money issues and the security we get with it. No money means no love.

He is someone who is loyal, but who hardly changes him habits. He does not like to be deprived of sensual pleasures. The way to destroy a relationship is precisely if there is no touch. These relationships are difficult to survive remotely as when one of the people is financially in trouble and leads an unstable and risky life. Partner ground us, connect us with nature and the senses. He releases us from stress so that we find solace not in food or spending money, but in a deep certainty in love where there is no place for possessiveness.


Partner has the energy of Gemini or emphasized Mercury and we can talk to him about everything. Marriage to a younger person, someone we know from high school, who is very lively and changeable. The level of honesty and openness and the awareness that communication in which one partner is constantly talking and focused on the trivial is not a sign of a healthy relationship. He is very intelligent, but also skilled in manipulating the truth. He could be playing with words. This position is characterized by parallel relationships and problems of faithfulness.

He is here to make us rethink our personal philosophy. He can help us find what we truly believe in when it comes to love and faithfulness. This position is characterized by a large amount of interesting journeys, going out and a fun approach to love and learning about communication not only in theory but in practice. Often more than one marriage and it will be analyzed through the position of Mercury. A relationship where there is age difference and which helps us to put our life philosophy into practice.


We are attracted to a partner who has Cancer energy or emphasized Moon and individuals who are focused on emotions, family and home. He is someone we want to protect, care for and who makes us feel at ease in our own skin if we have not fulfilled our emotional needs. As much as the way emotions are expressed will be important, so much will this marriage be easier or harder to sustain. Although these are love marriages, they are very colored by karma, especially if we enter into them very young and only want protection in love.

Emotional blackmail, manipulation, and withdrawal into oneself is a negative way of manifesting this energy. How intuitive we are will make it clear whether the connection gets stronger or cools down over time. He teaches us to strike a balance between work and structure, emotions and family. It is often associated with challenges that begin only when we get married. Love is great, but it is often only visible in tangible and material, and very little at the level of emotional experience. Vulnerability and sentimentality and blackmailing through children are often part of this combination, as long as the person does not master their emotions. We should integrate unmet needs regarding the relationship with the mother and protection in the family.


We are attracted to the person with the energy of the sign of the Leo or emphasized Sun. He is someone who brings rays of sunlight and joy into our lives. He helps us to always find hope and when things are not ideal. Partner teaches us to put ourselves and our needs at the center. We build confidence and trust our talents more. As much as we value ourselves, this relationship is progressing even though we may sometimes have a need to withdraw and hide. He is someone who is very social, in touch with a lot of people. He has a dynamic social life, with lots of going out which is often not our style. This connection serves to awaken dormant creativity. Sometimes partner is in our lives simply because the goal of the relationship is a child.

Marriage can occasionally be very dramatic and require us to clearly show emotions about which the position of Venus and the Moon will say more. He wants to be our first priority and to respect him above all, to be loyal. This kind of connection is possible only after 30th year of age when we know what we want and when we have built our life. he will be there to get us out of our room and take us exactly where the spotlight is pointing at us. This can be one marriage when we truly open our hearts and find the inner child. He may be like a father, but it is paramount that he should teach us to believe in ourselves.


We are attracted to a partner with Virgo energy or Mercury emphasized. Partner enters our lives through work or obligations. He can be very withdrawn and alert to whom he will give his love and share his deepest emotions. Partner teaches us that apart from love, everything that is needed on a daily basis is important. He directs us to complete our obligations. Partner is literally entering our lives to help us get settled, to develop healthy habits and our resistance together with openness to it will show how difficult or easy it will be for us to maintain this relationship. Partner takes care of us, but also asks us not to neglect commitments and promises.

He can be someone who criticizes us and who resents our bad decisions and choices. He helps us overcome some unhealthy habits. This marriage often rests on the principle of the victim archetype where he feels as though he is the only one keeping the relationship going. We could be living in the clouds. It helps us learn to be responsible for ourselves and not to trust that some higher power will help us if we do not want to help ourselves. This connection requires open communication and division of responsibilities. This is the only way to maintain the relationship and not be filled with emotions of guilt and remorse.

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