ASCENDANT SIGN your personal brand

Maja Lazić
June 24, 2023

ASCENDANT SIGN your personal brand

Ascendant sign, in simplest terms, represents doors to your personality and your life. But what is hidden behind them? Ascendant is like a mask or a persona that doesn’t have to be fake. However, many of you will agree that they are not always ready for others to see them exactly as they are.

I could say that ascendant sign is your window to the world and a filter of everyday experience. It is a facade that is easily visible to people receptive to subtle energies through aura and your energy quality. Ascendant is not really you, but represents a survival modality and what is most easily expressed through you.

How to calculate the ascendant sign?

In order to calculate your ascendant sign, the exact time of birth is necessary because ascendant changes every two hours. On the Internet you can find many free programs to calculate this. Ascendant will give insights into the circumstances of your delivery and what happened during the birth.

Also, every event in your life is formed according to that pattern. Whatever you want to initiate can be seen through ascendant. That is why people who have Mars, Saturn, Uranus or Pluto on ascendant should uncover traumas that occurred at birth. This can be done through regression, Akashic records as well as Rebirthing.

Traditionally, ascendant sign represents the way you communicate with environment, your physical appearance and emphasized character traits. These will also be visible throughout your entire natal chart. How others perceive you will also be explained through ascendant. Everything in your natal chart triggered by transits must pass through ascendant. That’s why the same transit can look completely different for each of you!

Your current incarnation

This part of your natal chart determines your experience, direction and movement on the Life Path you will have in this incarnation. That is why energy quality throughout your life always manifests your natal chart differently. By changing the energy of ascendant, which is possible through various energy exercises, you can consciously open yourself up to a better life quality.

To understand your ascendant you can think about the following questions:

  • How self-aware are you?

  • What do you hide behind the door of your personality?

  • What goals are you still not allowing to materialize?

  • What past baggage do you still carry even though it is difficult?

  • Do you always hide behind your ascendant?

  • Does it allow you to show yourself in a better way?

  • How does ascendant protect you or hurt you?

  • What do you absolutely not want to be seen by others?

You can also try exercise of visualizing the doors of your ascendant. How do they look? What colour are they? What material? What does it say on them? Are they freshly painted, new or old? Would you go through that door? What is behind them?

In order to learn to appreciate ourselves and our uniqueness, to always believe in ourselves and thus find new ways to express our creative urge and recharge our energy batteries, we can use affirmations. They aim to remind you to appreciate yourself and manifest what you want.

Affirmations to work on the ascendant sign:

  • ARIES I am learning patience and I finish everything I start.
  • TAURUS I am learning to let go of things and people who are no longer part of my life.
  • GEMINI I am learning to unite different sides of my personality.
  • CANCER I am learning to express painful emotions of sadness and grief for the purpose of better health.
  • LEO I am learning to forgive those who did not respect my personality.
  • VIRGO I am learning to digest resentment in situations where I have denied myself.
  • LIBRA I am learning to find order in moments of chaos.
  • SCORPIO I am learning to let go of jealousy and hatred.
  • SAGITTARIUS I am learning to commit to something greater than myself in order to achieve true freedom.
  • CAPRICORN I am learning to replace criticality, pessimism and coldness with trust in life.
  • AQUARIUS I am learning to allow expression of feelings and letting go of need to rationalize everything and distance myself.
  • PISCES I am learning to set boundaries and let go of need to identify with those who are suffering.

These affirmations should be done after waking up every day.

Why is all this so important?

By better understanding your ascendant, you discover a beautiful truth about yourself that can lead you to the path of self-actualization. Understanding the energy of your ascendant will make you aware of what you need to change to be healthier and live more passionately.

Through your ascendant, abundance is constantly coming into your life. However, many of you block it because you are in resistance with yourself and life. When ascendant is functioning at the highest vibration and with the greatest amount of energy possible for you then it attracts the best in other people.

In moments when you feel lonely, remember that you are never alone. Your ascendant has powerful planets on its side. And if it’s hard for you, it won’t hurt to finally start believing that the Cosmos loves you!

Meditation to fill your ascendant with the emotion of happiness and joy with a focus on the heart chakra, which is the strongest electromagnetic field, can help in this. Imagine yourself as completely loved. Believe in yourself and that the Universe is on your side. Feel the healing light around your body. This is an easy and effective exercise that can be done at any time.

How to regenerate your ascendant sign?

Give yourself the opportunity to have some private time and care for your body. Find time for yourself and devote yourself to something that energizes you. Ascendant represents the key to a vast treasure chest that is yours to unlock. This is possible only when you find balance within yourself and when you accept responsibility for everything in your life.

Also, it is necessary to understand that what you see in your experience is something you do not see within you. If you have chronic health conditions, spend more time feeding on the healing power of nature. Become aware of how you communicate and what words, thoughts and actions come out of your ascendant. What is born from it on a daily level?

During this healing process aromatherapy and essential oils can help. For some of you, as ascendant grows stronger, your sense of smell may change dramatically or intensify so that you become receptive to smell that you will be able to clearly identify. It is also possible that your body odour will change.

When you become aware of subtle energies of your ascendant it will lead you to right people, better decisions and a more secure feeling in your body and your life. During healing, you will enjoy bathing with scented salts and oils, as well as wearing crystal jewellery. These are all ways to cleanse and heal. However, deepest work will be invisible and the most powerful cleansing will bring changes on all levels. My attitude is that you don’t need anything from the outside to find balance – it’s all within you.

How do transits help to activate the ascendant sign?

Planets are always moving, but how many of us can say that we do so on every level of our being?! Standing still only brings a large amount of energy that is not generated, but often turns into toxicity that will have to be manifested somewhere. Usually that ‘somewhere’ is your health, important relationships, family or career.

Transits activating ascendant help you know which direction to go. Sometimes we need to be where we are, but with permission to notice signs from the Cosmos that we are on the right path.

Also, I noticed that a person who is ready to make decisions and clearly communicate them to environment initiates planets that are in aspect with ascendant to materialize desires. According to the first law of physics through synastry, natal planets or transits we experience friction if we are stuck.

Ascendant always manifests something, but let that be what you want and what is for your highest good as well as the good of all people connected to you, through visible and invisible bonds. Person who is currently having transiting Saturn on ascendant will certainly express energy in a completely changed way compared to when there was no such transit.

What burdens your ascendant sign?

Many of you have a lot to let go of. Give yourself permission to do so. If the amount of energy of ascendant is very weak on the physical and psychological level, then the flow of energy into your natal chart is also very weak.

Weak energy gives small results. That’s why healing your ascendant means letting go of everything that is holding you back and burdening you in order to have a lot of energy and thereby uncover magic that exist in your natal chart. The next step will be to forgive yourself.

First of all, your natal chart and nothing in it should ever scare you. This is also true for any transit you have to go through. Become aware of your beliefs that make you doubt your future is safe. Life is constantly changing and unpredictable anyway, but a lot is under your control. There is no reason to fear because that emotion only blocks your ascendant.

Ruler of the ascendant sign

Someone with ascendant in Libra or Taurus and whose Venus as ascendant ruler is in an “energetically low state” will also have to work on that planet, because everything is connected. Ascendant ruler is your key helper, but only when you are a team player cooperating with energies within and without you. Also, transiting planets can always help you if you are open to receiving their gifts.

Healing ascendant may seem easy, but it takes commitment. It’s even easier when you rely on ascendant ruler, because it’s the help you need to learn to fully accept yourself. Remember that what you have in your natal chart is like everything you have in your closet. You don’t wear all the clothes at once! Some days you are elegant and some days you are sporty.

Sometimes you wear the same jeans all the time and sometimes you try on new clothes. Some clothes you have never worn. Likewise, all parts of your natal chart exist at all times, but not all of them manifest all the time. What manifests is defined by the energy of your ascendant.

During your life, certain parts of your personality may have become overemphasized and most often these are the challenging personality parts. Some phenomenal parts of your personality become rudimentary because you never use them, so your potential remains forever lost. You don’t make the same impression in a red dress or a beige tunic. Think about it, become aware of your ascendant and set out on the path of healing. I’m here to support you!

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