Maja Lazić
October 5, 2023


Natal chart is not your destiny. I know. You thought it was.

Natal chart always generates energy and it is like a living organism. It takes and produces energy depending on dignity of planets, aspects and signs. We use that energy in different ways, in accordance with flow of natal aspects and whether they are easier or more challenging. Aspects show whether planets “talk” to each other with respect or are at odds.

We can rise above our natal chart when we have high energy levels. This is impossible to do when energy is low. We cannot exclude natal aspects, because they always act and “work” at some level. Energy generation is done through transiting aspects and people who have planets that activate houses of our natal chart.

Very often you will have friends who reinforce certain uncomfortable influences. These are the ones with whom we get even more in a bad mood after hanging out. Of course, there are also friends who reinforce pleasant aspects that we are comfortable with. When several people are together, they even occupy places so that relationship of planets is easily seen with naked eye.

For example, person with whom you have a conjunction will sit next to you while person with whom you have an opposition will sit across. Sometimes it is enough just to change places. In psychology, there is a technique with chairs, where each chair represents parts of personality, but sometimes it is not that simple.

Circle of life

Your natal chart is a circle. It is a perfect whole, but transiting aspects can tear that circle on an energetic level. It is creating opposing currents that physically represent conflicts.

If natal chart already has a large number of squares, then energy in it is weaker. It is not generated properly and energy of higher quality transits cannot flow easily. Examples of this are people who, when something good happens to them, always experience something bad as well. All external relationships are reflected in our relationship with ourselves.

Natal planets are powered by the energy of your emotions, experiences, thoughts and ways of reacting to situations. What we are able to imagine is what can happen to us in some form and bring creation of that experience into reality. Even when we sleep it happens through dreams. Healing involves seeing beyond what is possible and noticing emotions and thoughts that feed us and directly show that Universe is always supporting us.

Natal chart is not energized if we do not express our emotions. Because in that case they turn into frustration, skin irritations, addiction, fatigue and stress. Therefore, with unexpressed emotions, we can make chaos out of our natal chart and our life.

How do we know that our astro-energy is blocked?

Simply! If there is something you want to do, but you cannot achieve it, it is a basic sign that your astro-energy is blocked. Precisely because natal chart generates energy, it does so by receiving energy through certain transits that influence aspects of planets in your natal chart.

They are like pathways which are connected to squares and oppositions and bring more such experiences and opportunities to develop awareness. The more often we resort to a certain way of behaviour, the more deeply natal chart engraves paths through which energy moves. Many paths remain forever “hidden” and “not explored”.

This often closes us to positive aspects, because we don’t have strength for them. Changing habits is a process, but it is surely possible. That is why things that astrologer mentioned did not happen to you. He wasn’t wrong. You just don’t have the energy for it. In order for natal chart to circulate, emotions need to be expressed. That’s why it’s very useful to have a creative hobby that we really enjoy and that will serve us as a kind of exhaust valve.

Do you like to write or sing? Do you enjoy photographing nature or redesigning old clothes? All of these can help: dancing, embroidery, trying new recipes or playing musical instruments and even just playback singing.

Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts bring negative circumstances, so we enter domain of something called a self-fulfilling prophecy, which is voice of ego. What is it telling you? Mostly fears, negativity and beliefs on scarcity which obscures opportunities for prosperity. Distinguish what is positive in situation in which you have a problem now and find a minimum of five positive factors that will focus your attention on something new that you have not seen before.

Therefore, in order to start healing natal chart and opening to positive natal aspects to increase flow of energy through them, there are certain conditions that need to be met. It is essential that we have time for ourselves.

However, each of us constantly influences natal chart with our thoughts, actions, emotions and words by retaining or moving energy and thus circumstances of life. Often just one thought is enough to trigger an aspect and bring certain consequence, even if it was “just” physical discomfort. Negative aspects need least amount of energy.

At first, air energy is the thinnest, but if we constantly accumulate it, it becomes very material in form of headaches or nervousness, shoulder pain or stiff neck. Planets don’t want to hurt us, because they only represent symbols of certain experience anyway. Their role is to guide us more easily through experiences that we need in this life.

Natal chart is a living organism

Your natal chart is an organism that feeds off your energy and uses it to generate events in your life. More energy brings more magnificent events and experiences, while less energy brings pain, misfortune and illness or unchanging nature of life’s circumstances. Graphic representation of planets already says a lot about you, so it may be useful for you to see if you haven’t already what your natal chart looks like.

In some charts, you can clearly see conflict of planets standing opposite each other like two teams that want to defeat the opponent. As an astrologer, I can help you understand where you should start as far as healing is concerned. So if you have not had an astrological analysis of your chart through astrological consultations, I definitely recommend it.

Since you live your chart every day, it is so important that you understand it well. But understanding your chart has nothing to do with astrology. When we appreciate ourselves, more energy is automatically generated.

Appreciating ourselves means we make best decisions for ourselves and always strive to give best of ourselves to others. Most people value someone else more or their authority is some other person, so it’s no wonder that their astro-energy is blocked.

Forgive me

Forgiving a person who has hurt us by something they said or did releases a large amount of energy that is blocked in chart. That is why inability to forgive someone is often related to fact that we do not have enough energy. We are not efficient no matter how hard we try like something is simply blocking us.

Inability to forgive attracts even more situations that hurt us in order to learn from another perspective or with another person what it means to forgive. That’s why I invite you now to forgive the person who hurt you the most and who wasn’t there for you when you needed them.

This will not only benefit you (as well as that person) but will also affect all the other important areas that seem out of reach. Sometimes forgiveness is a much faster way to achieving goals than we think. The more you are able to forgive, the more you open yourself up to a much faster flow of energy and healing.

How to relieve tense aspects and transits?

One of the most accessible and easiest ways to relieve tense aspects between planets is to breathe deeply. At the moment when nervousness and anxiety appear, we need to remember to relax and calm down. By reacting we additionally burden the energy flow and make events and circumstances worse.

In order for something to survive, air is necessary. That’s why breathing is so important because it helps us to clean accumulated toxins, raise our energy level and be aware of natural rhythm in our body. Deep breath carries energy through the entire aura/energy body.

Deep breathing, especially in fresh air, in nature and at sea, allows additional energy of natal chart to be generated. Instead of reacting to create additional stress, we return to ourselves and seek a sense of peace and stability within ourselves. It means that we respect ourselves more.

Also, prayer is very useful, as a dialogue with Cosmos in which we convey our hopes, dreams and desires. Not in that “begging or whining” manner. Cosmos hears our wishes, but if we keep repeating in our head that we can do everything ourselves, then it also follows that signal and lets us do everything by ourselves. Let prayer be a time when you examine yourself and honestly admit what it is that you fear, want and how you really feel about it. This is a communication between your Higher Self and Cosmos where you receive light guidance through emotion and intuition.


Person who has natal Mars squared Moon when gets tired of too much work and physical labour, starts to be too emotionally sensitive and reacts aggressively. In order to mitigate this, they should rest much more and collect energy and not spend it additionally in quarrels with family members.

Someone with Mars trine Moon generates energy through work at home and family affairs and not through arguments and anger. That person experiences situations that could upset them much more easily, because initial energy flow is greater. Rest is especially necessary for some signs. However, during tense transits and when there are eclipses, everyone needs it.

Aspects are there for us to learn in a different way to use their energy, so overcoming square can be done by learning something new to replace all old habits with a new ones. Intellectual stimulation for air signs will bring better focus and different experiences.

Learning is a lifelong process, however, sometimes even just one small change, such as learning a foreign language, can help to overcome a certain planetary imbalance. This is beneficial for all aspects with Mercury and Uranus.


Relaxing to accumulate energy to restart our natal chart, for some of you can mean to stop doing anything. For someone else it will be an active relaxation. Relaxation for an Aries can be something he does just for himself, while for a Taurus it can be about preparing delicious food. Gemini can relax with a conversation and Cancer with a meal in the family circle. Leo relaxes through a fulfilling love relationship and Virgo through caring for someone.

Libra relax by enjoying visiting galleries and Scorpio by going to a night club. Sagittarius relaxes by going on a weekend trip and Capricorn through business tasks that they successfully complete. Aquarius relaxes by working on a new project and Pisces by listening to music.

However, most useful relaxation for healing challenging planetary positions is anything that includes moments when we are in peace and quiet with ourselves. That means no phone, internet, social networks, apps, TV which is completely unknown to some signs. That’s why it’s always best to go back to the simplest and most basic relaxation. Close your eyes, breathe and try to find a peaceful place within, which you will then feel around you.

This allows energy to be at a higher level and to be pure. Slowing down and forgetting about the clock helps us connect with what we’re feeling rather than constantly thinking about what we need to do next. Free up your schedule because it’s not true that you have to see everyone. Notice how your mood changes when you realize that you have more time for the things you love, instead of constantly rushing to get everything done. This is just one of the simple changes you can make that will have an effect on the energy of your chart.

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