“Difficult” natal chart

Maja Lazić
February 20, 2021

“Difficult” natal chart

There are many categorizations in astrology that help us analyze. However, categories of “difficult” and “easy” do not exist in the vocabulary of a professional astrologer. We are all born with something that we can improve or neglect during our lives. Everything in the natal chart can serve us.

Daytime natal charts (Sun in VII-XII) are focused on will, success and everything visible. Nighttime natal charts (Sun in I-VI) are about emotional balance, feelings and imagination. This simple categorization shows what we are developing and what is important to us. There is no question that one category is better than the other. However, in both categories we find examples of people who would say their natal chart is “difficult”.

Let’s break it down.

Natal chart is a circle. We can spin around or stay stuck in it. We can get out of it, too. It is true that natal chart is always being expressed, whether we know something about it or not. Do not get too attached to your chart, because it is more than a piece of paper and a group of symbols on it. But, there is something very interesting here! Your natal chart may be graphically different depending on the house system being used. We can calculate it with Placidus, Koch, equal houses or whole signs, to just name a few.

This helps us understand that if your natal chart is changeable graphically, then it can be altered ‘in life’ as well. Why couldn’t you change yourself and your life for the better when there are changeable factors? After all, what happens in life depends on your vibration. Your natal chart does not determine what you will be like. It is just a seed that you plant in a certain way. Depending on the circumstances, your environment, habits that affect your decisions, it all changes what you will get from that natal seed.

Behavior and its difficulties

But if we rely on the past in our behavior, then life is always predictable and mostly difficult. There is often a lack of faith that we can achieve what we want with our own abilities. When we live based on habits, it means that we function automatically. It is unconsciously creating situations and problems. Only if we take responsibility for ourselves and rely on the present moment we can create abundance.

For example, each natal degree has a special meaning based on the theory of degrees. With Sabian symbols for each degree we can solve any challenge by doing a special visualization. There is always a chance for transformation and healing of every natal position and conflict. If there is an issue in your chart there is also a solution.

Astrological evolution

Anyone who diligently studies astrology will understand that its theory evolves with time. Astrology studies trends and possibilities by which we create life and it constantly evolves. With every great transit humanity passes through it brings some new perspective on astrological knowledge and theory. There are books with interpretations, but without going into depths and layers of your personality. Of course, it can be very useful to read astrology books to help your understand your natal aspects.

It is very useful if they are written by different authors, too. This will make clear that no astrological factor gives same results. So, interpretations will vary in time and according to the astrologers analyzing your chart. For example, contemporary astrology emphasizes growth of an individual and how he can achieve it. We are naturally doing well in a given area represented by the position of Jupiter. Analyzing it can show us what is good to focus on in order to achieve happiness, success and wealth. When we nurture this, opportunities enter our lives. When we deny our nature, we feel blocked.

Cosmic patterns

In its original form, astrology tries to understand the connection between cosmic events and those on earth/in life . It helps us better understand ourselves and the environment if we are willing to evolve and hear our inner voice. If we change our way of thinking and deep beliefs about ourselves, astrology can very tangibly transform our lives. It will help us gain strength to prosper and thrive.

Still, intense emotions, trauma and pain sooner or later may enter our life. If we do not deal with this, we get stuck. Then belief that something is wrong with our natal chart comes to our mind. Truth is that everything is fine with your chart, but you might not be honest to yourself.

So can astrology help you?

Astrologer’s role is to provide you with a metaphorical mirror. During consultation I will create a story based on your natal chart to help you heal yourself. I will try to explain how you created certain problems and what you have suppressed. Suppressed energy in your is always having a suppressed manifestation in your life. This is what I will open up during consultation.

My goal is for astrological analysis to help you manifest your true self. But, it can have a therapeutic effect, too. I believe it should help you regain your power. Also, there are people who are already aware of their problems and with astrology they want to work on that. However, in some cases when we created a persona that masks our true self, it requires a certain discipline. Then, with the application of energy and spiritual techniques individually determined and applied independently during a certain period of time, we can ‘find’ our authentic self.

What if you still think your natal chart is “difficult”?

My suggestion is that you have natal chart analysis with several astrologers and compare information. This will give you clues of the variable interpretations which are defined by the type of astrologer and his style of analysis. But, you are the one who chooses your destiny and you can change it, too.

It will be useful to understand natal planetary aspects and to pay more attention to transits. And no, we’re not waiting for them to pass. Rather, we will learn to step out of our comfort zone and risk. We will change our behavior and how we speak. We will say sorry and please forgive me. We will say I love you and thank you. We will learn better communication skills. We will do physical exercises and meditations. We will write a diary and clean the past. This is at least what you can expect from working with me.

‘Ideal’ is a myth

From time to time clients inquire about the best date for an important event. Truth is that every day is great if we are in tune with our energy and open to the messages of the Universe. Do not live in the illusion that the ‘ideal period’ will come. If it does, it will certainly end. Such ideal periods are usually neither felt nor theoretically seen in astrology. Knowing this can also help you understand that you were born on a neutral day, but you might have made it difficult during your life. Of, course there are times when certain actions are not suggested and therefore I cover such topics in a transiting analysis in detail.

Can I change my chart?

People who moved abroad often ask me if their natal chart is still valid. There is a technique called ‘relocation’. This is a map calculated with the same data, but for the new place of residence. Depending on how far you have gone, more or less change becomes graphically visible. We can see relocation as a longer transit that will be applicable as long as we live there. Context also changes, but natal chart is always valid and must be considered.

You were born where you should be. However, your evolutionary cycle always continues. It can take you somewhere else if it is necessary for the parts of your personality to develop. Relocation will show that, but it is not a substitute for a natal chart. If you haven’t “learned” something in your hometown, it will be waiting for you when you return there. This happens in 95% of cases.

Considering a relocation chart can be useful when we feel blocked in the place of birth. Still relocation only makes sense when it is calculated after moving to a certain place and not in advance or by comparing where it would be better to go. If you have a solid astrology knowledge and experience you can play with astro-cartography. In that way you can easily see places where, for example, natal Venus will be on the descendent bringing greater chance for love.

Solar return chart

If relocation can be viewed as one chapter in the book of life with new opportunities arising, solar return chart for a given year shows specific lessons. It’s just that it’s valid from birthday to birthday. It of course only makes sense when combined with transits and natal chart. I’ve also noticed that Solar Return works much better for daytime charts and when natal Sun is strong. For nighttime births and a more pronounced Moon, lunar returns are much more important.

Some astrology books suggest traveling on your birthday which could ‘change a difficult solar chart’ for a given year. Then solar return chart is calculated for that new place, not for your place of residence. But, this is “astrological lottery” (as relocation charts) and practiced by people who are very spiritually underdeveloped. Your karma does not change by moving nor will it alter your past. Each solar and transit is an indicator of how far you have come and how honest you have been in the past. Everything must be seen as part of cycle. Nothing can be skipped.

Local houses

Finally, I will mention a complex technique, local houses chart, for a given place. Geographical climate influences, of course, but we ourselves change our personality. Local house chart and Huber system (applicable only to Koch) can show whether you are located where your personality is ‘energetically narrowed’ or where you evolve. It shows your connection to physical space in the horizontal system, using azimuth as a measure of the position of the planets. This technique will give you a special “astrocompass” and enable the “invocation of the planets”. It will show the direction in which you will meet your planets on earth in real life.

With this we can see circumstances necessary for your evolution visible on an astro-map. It will show where your Soul and your “natal seed” will begin to blossom. Changing place of residence will change circumstances, but not always your personality. If old mistakes are repeated, we stay stuck in karmic wheel once again.

Final remarks

When we recognize parts of ourselves in our environment, we get to know the ever-changing quality of our natal chart. We see then that environment is our mirror, too. Its influence will significantly change natal characteristics. It is true that place of birth was not always favorable for everyone. You would not exist now if you were not born in that specific place and time. But there is a direction in which if you continue to move, you can achieve success and happiness. Then what was ‘difficult’ becomes easy. You just have to align yourself better with the Universe.

I believe that astrology does not serve for manipulation. It is there to connect us with complex and beautiful parts of ourselves. When we reconcile such parts we gain strength to overcome everything. However, I will repeat once again the basic karmic rule: you have received no less and no more than you can bear.

I am here to help you write the best story of your life and live your true nature by understanding all of your natal ‘ingredients’. Thank you!

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