Natal inconjunctions & unlived life

Maja Lazić
May 2, 2024

Natal inconjunctions & unlived life

Natal inconjunctions

It would probably be appropriate to begin this text by quoting Rilke: ’’Let everything happen to you. Beauty and disaster. Just keep going. No feeling is final’’. However, so many times I have met people who thought that their natal chart was final. That it is an unchanging image in which all experiences, people, events are woven in advance…

“Maja, I’ve done my chart thirty years ago. So now we don’t have to talk about it – just what awaits me this year.’’ A sentence that every astrologer comes across at least once a day which if you are really into astrology does not make a lot of sense.

Prejudice number 1

Although it is impossible to “do” a natal chart, because it is not something that is a finished product that could ever be packed into any form, but a living energy, a large number of people live by how someone once “has done” their natal chart. Some even made decisions not according to their feelings, but according to what some “astrologer” told them to do. Whatever aspect, in this approach to your natal chart, you have will prove to be problematic for you.

Like when you were photographed for your graduation anniversary, but twenty years later, you look different. Your natal chart is growing, too. It’s you, but you may be completely unrecognizable right now. It’s the same with your birth chart. It changes and is always changing. As long as you live, it cannot be captured and immortalized for ever.

And if we somehow did that, which is completely unethical, like a butterfly in a net, where there is no possibility for freedom of transformation, death inevitably follows. And with dead energy, no aspect or house in natal chart can produce anything valuable and pleasant.

The famous quincunx (natal inconjunctions)

Especially if your natal chart contains quincunx or inconjunction or if you have two inconjunctions that form a yod. If we don’t know how to deal with energy of this aspect, our physical body and aggravating life circumstances will do it for us. Law of conservation says that energy cannot be destroyed but only transformed. Often a person does not want to see that something in his life is not right. Conflict that cannot be resolved within ourselves must be resolved on a material or physical level.

What is an inconjunction? It is an aspect that indicates tension, incompatibility of energies of planets involved and discomfort in houses in which they are located. Usually these houses have a higher dose of shame, inconvenience and complications. In this aspect, both planets are required to adjust, but this is mostly avoided. More precisely, the owner of natal chart will not change.

However, in order to change something, we must have energy for it. And in extreme cases, energy that has not been released becomes dangerous over time. Person can put himself in physical danger, which is always unconsciously motivated.

What to do with natal inconjunctions?

Solution for inconjunction lies in flexibility of mind and body and person’s ability to adapt. This is not every sign’s strong point. This aspect seeks creative solutions and understanding through introspection. Wisdom is gained when a person is solution-oriented, which usually involves humility and admitting one’s mistakes. Purpose of inconjunction in your natal chart is to overcome it and thereby become mentally stronge. This is not possible until inner energetic conflict is not resolved.

Let’s see some examples of how unconscious aspect of inconjunction can manifest through person’s critical health. Goal of everything in natal chart is to live. Health problems are always related to reduction of our ability to truly live life in health, joy and peace.

Unintegrated energy of planet in sign of Aries through inconjunction with sign of Virgo can manifest as an infection in moments when we have to be obedient, but it is in conflict with our values.

Aries also has an inconjunction with sign of Scorpio, which can manifest as aggression in contact with others. If it is not resolved, person may have traffic accidents that may put him in physical danger. In some cases pelvic infection occurs in women. This is a way to resolve some internal conflict related to marriage. This usually leads to gynecological surgery and longer recovery.

Examples-natal inconjunctions

Sign of Taurus has an inconjunction with sign of Libra, which can be manifested as avoiding conflicts that pile up. But through inconjunction with Sagittarius, person gains weight because energy that accumulates always has to be expressed somewhere. If spiritual truth and soul food are not found, person becomes voracious and gluttonous. Body expands because hunger for life is not satisfied.

Especially if a person does not have at least occasional life experiences in which he would feel free and powerful. Body expands to indicate need for inner growth and new structures of communication.

Inconjunction of sign of Gemini with sign of Scorpio and Capricorn can manifest as coldness of feet and hands. Or weak contact with earth if thoughts are inflexible. Bone fractures can occur if a person has become too rigid in their attitudes.

Sign of Cancer in inconjunction to Sagittarius can be manifested by skin burns through which a person learns to be emotionally vulnerable. Or at level of sign of Aquarius through spasms that indicate that person is emotionally overloaded and overwhelmed but cannot find relief.

Other examples-natal inconjunctions

Sign of Leo in inconjunction with Capricorn and Pisces can manifest as a problem with vertebrae and back pain, or as fungal problem, ingrown nails or bone deformities in feet. Person’s creative energy and potential is not used if he avoids taking responsibility for himself. Sometimes escape is excessive sleeping or not setting boundaries. Person “sleeps through his whole life” because he doesn’t have the courage to really live, so he finds solace in alcohol.

Sign of Virgo in inconjunction with sign of Aquarius and Aries can manifest itself as an overloaded nervous system and anxious tension. Person may be prone to rebellious behaviour that leads to risky situations and injuries that can occur during work due to carelessness.

Sign of Libra in inconjunction with Pisces and Taurus indicates that a person may have weak boundaries in relation to others. They often become co-dependent. But they still feel that no one understands them, which is accompanied by a weak sense of self-love.

More examples-natal inconjunctions

Sign of Scorpio in inconjunction to sign of Aries and Gemini relieves stress through intense relationships with others. However, when there is no trust, there is usually some inflammation or coughing. Person wants to tell the truth, but hides it or turns to secrets. His behaviour is unethical or would bring him into obvious conflict with someone.

This person thinks he lives, but only in secret that always ends up leading him to illness that controls him in way he has tried unsuccessfully to control life. This can be also manifested through problems with digestion, stomach, colon, migraines, skin inflammation, etc.

Sign of Sagittarius in inconjunction to Taurus and Cancer can manifest as stubbornness and refusal to see bigger picture or feel emotions associated with anger and rage. Diet and liver problems as well as excess fat are common.

Sign of Capricorn in inconjunction to Gemini and Leo can manifest in a person who has not integrated this aspect as a need to just talk, but not solve problems. Accumulated mental pressure tries to be released through speech. Inability to stand up for oneself can later result in osteoporosis as an indicator of lack of support or a dramatic bone fracture that “calls” this person to change mental patterns.

Natal inconjunctions-in the end …

Sign of Aquarius in inconjunction to Cancer and Virgo can manifest as a sensitive bladder. Person has to somehow get rid of pressure. He does not know how to deal with emotions of fear and sadness. Urinary system does stress relief for him. Irritable bowel can indicate stressful energy that can’t be released otherwise if the third chakra is weak. Tension is also related to food digestion and intolerance.

Sign of Pisces in inconjunction to Leo and Libra sometimes manifests as a runny nose throughout whole year indicating wounded feelings because person feels that they are not truly seen and noticed. Person’s illness can be an alibi for his own passivity and insufficient personality strength. Here we have a disturbance in reception of cosmic energy. Allergies will appear as an opportunity to express suppressed anger or aggression, behind which is hidden fear of life and non-participation in it.

However, as with every aspect, point of everything is to integrate it. This can be achieved when we are ready to see ourselves honestly and take responsibility for our own thoughts and energy.

Working on inconjunctions is a lifelong process, sometimes easier, sometimes more difficult. But it is definitely a process that brings light and peace into your life. Whatever inconjunction in your natal chart includes or denies, it can be used as a driving force for transformation and change in life! Ultimately, each aspect is just a means by which one’s goals in life are achieved. With this aspect or tool, you just need more patience and attention as well as empathy towards yourself.

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